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Mu Yi screamed out loud.

No one would have thought that the devastating battle would have such a turn of events.

How could the Spirit Demon Emperor have been defeated?

His heart was destroyed, and his arm cut off?

If not for them personally witnessing it, no one would believe their own eyes.

“Is this for real?”

“Tell me that I’m not dreaming, that… That man called Su Yun had actually defeated the Spirit Demon Emperor?”

“Who exactly is he?”

“Is that Spirit Demon Emperor the real Spirit Demon Emperor?”
Countless of questions popped, and even more people stared dumbstruck.

But in the next second, a stern and loud voice boomed.

“This is not a dream! Master Su Yun has defeated the Spirit Demon Emperor! Everyone, for Sky Martial Continent, for the billions of lives, kill, kill the Spirit Demon Emperor!”

Yuwen Xiao Lin flew in the air and shouted out loud, the fierce echoes reverberated, causing everyone to awaken from their stupor. One after another, they all woke up and rushed like maniacs towards the Spirit Demons.

Killing the Spirit Demon Emperor would gain supreme honor, countless wealth and unthinkable treasures. It was such a good thing, how could anyone let it go? Who wouldn’t want to seize the chance?

At this time, many powerful mystical techniques smashed towards the Spirit Demon Emperor simultaneously, covering the sky and ground, it was a spectacle.

“Retreat! Quickly retreat!”

The Spirit Demon Emperor had already lost all of his willpower. Although he was not dead yet, still, he was severely injured. Most of his strength was lost to Su Yun, how could he continue fighting?

‘But it’s weird, I have already taken much of his cultivation, and have even broken through to the third stage of the Spirit Star Realm, but why can’t I see through his cultivation with the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye? Could there be a treasure on him that conceals his cultivation?

Whatever, I won’t bother about that!’

Su Yun focused on the Spirit Demon Emperor’s body, holding the Sovereign King Sword in hand, he attacked.

[ED: Just in case you guys forgot, Sovereign King Sword is the Death Sword’s real name]

The Sovereign King Sword released a sharp sword cry when slashing, the Evil Spirits on its body burst out, producing a fierce pressure that killed its way over.

Root out and completely destroy his enemies; That had always been Su Yun’s style of doing things.


A moss green mirror like barrier suddenly appeared, protecting the Spirit Demon Emperor from the incoming Death Sword. The barrier kept on vibrating, its surface was being ripped apart by the Death Sword, seemingly unable to last for long.

And beneath the barrier, was a delicate figure.

It was Mu Yi.

Her face was pale white, she clenched her teeth as she struggled to maintain the barrier while staring at Su Yun with her emerald eyes.

“Father! Go!”

Mu Yi screamed.


The Spirit Demon Emperor was completely enraged, he anxiously waved his arm, and shouted: “Where are the Spirit Demon Guards and Generals?”

“Your subordinate is here!”

A large group of fierce Spirit Demons killed their way forward, and all rushed towards Su Yun with no regards to their life.

“Seeking death!”

Su Yun was furious, at the moment, he was at the peak of his condition. Like an unstoppable god of war, seeing that his Profound Spirit Qi was stable, he conjured the Evil Qi which quickly transformed into two large Evil Spirits which extended their claws out towards the Spirit Demon Generals.

The Evil Spirits were powerful, and were beings that none of the Spirit Star Realm beings could block, and after a few bouts, the group of Spirit Demon Generals were all flung to the side.


Just then, in the center of the Sacred Palace, a gargantuan moss green whirling gateway was formed, and once the portal appeared, many Spirit Demons rushed in.

“Yi’er, let’s leave!”

The Spirit Demon Emperor roared weakly, and then he swung his one hand, releasing a burst of energy that enveloped Mu Yi. With the protection of the Spirit Demon Generals, they rushed towards the whirling gateway portal.

“The Spirit Demons are escaping! Chase them! Do not let them leave Qin Creek!”

Behind, people shouted excitedly inside the Qin Creek Army. Seeing that the Spirit Demon Soldiers were falling, they seemed to be high on adrenaline. With their fighting spirit and morale raised, they started to become even more ferocious, and more and more Spirit Demons were falling in the hands Qin Creek’s people, causing the dense Spirit Demon Qi that pervaded the sky to gradually dissipate.

Su Yun slashed the Spirit Demon in front of him, and looked towards the whirling gateway, only to see that Spirit Demon Emperor, Mu Yi and the rest were already very close to the portal.

The Spirit Demon Emperor turned his head, revealing an ugly expression, his moss green eyes filled with viciousness: “Human! The matters of today is not over yet, you have humiliated my Spirit Demon Dao, in the coming days, I will return this humiliation multiple folds to Qin Creek! Remember that! I will find you!”

The Spirit Demon Emperor swore on his hatred, and then brought the Spirit Demons into the portal and disappeared.

The Spirit Demons anxiously ran into the portal, but when the Qin Creek army managed to catch up, the portal had already closed, leaving only a few tens of Spirit Demons as cannon fodder, who were all killed on the spot.

It finally ended!

Seeing the aftermath on the battlefield, Su Yun sighed, he held onto the Death Sword and flew down, slowly getting rid of the all the spirit force in his body while looking at the dilapidated Sacred Palace with a complicated look in his eyes.

‘What had happened was completely out of hand. I never thought that before I could resolve the issue with the Profound Sky Sect, I would have already provoked the Spirit Demon Dao. But to be able to preserve my life in front of these countless experts, my luck is truly good.’

“Young Master!”

“Su Yun!”

Just then, two sweet voices resounded in his ears, and he saw Ling Qing Yu and Qing’er running towards him together.

Qing’er, with her pale white face and teary eyes rushed over anxiously. When she reached him, she looked all over him carefully. After seeing that he was fine, she whimpered, then rushed into his embrace and hugged him tightly.

Ling Qing Yu who was at the side, looked at the two of them with a complicated look in her eyes, she secretly sighed, but then quickly covered up the look, and changed into a stern expression.

“Su Yun, stop delaying! We have to leave quickly!”


Su Yun was startled.

“Yes, we need to quickly leave Qin Creek! Quickly!”

Su Yun was perspiring all over as he looked at her with a strange look, but seeing that she was serious, he did not joke around, nodded his head and pulled the Death Sword back. He hugged onto Qing’er, then jumped onto the Death Sword.

Ling Qing Yu did not say anything and transformed into a white light and flew back into the Sword Sheath. The Death Sword then flew and they transformed into a black light, flying into the horizon.

“Su Yun! Master Su Yun!”
Yuwen Xiao Lin and the rest were shouting for him anxiously below.

But Su Yun could not hear them, and had already left Qin Creek.

“Why did Su Yun just leave?”

The rest were baffled.

“I never expected Su Yun to actually defeat the Spirit Demon Emperor! What exactly did he rely on to be able to do that?”

The people around were still in a daze and disbelief.

“He relied on treasures! And relied on that sword!”

Gu Qing Wu held onto her chest which was in pain and staggered over. She spoke while looking at the horizon.

“Master Gu, how is Master Ye Liao?”

“He is out of the danger zone, he was already sent away to be treated.

“That is good.”

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

“But what was that sword Su Yun was using, to actually be so powerful, and where did his Imperial Sword Technique truly come from? Is it from the Evil Realm?”

“Evil Realm? Various Masters present, today Su Yun had displayed power and Profound Spirit Qi of the Evil Techniques and Evil Spirit Qi, and that is without question, even if he is not an Evil Realm being, he is definitely closely linked to them, so forgive Xiao Chuo to brazenly ask, various Masters, what do you plan to do now, and how do you see Su Yun after this? Will you treat him as an Evil Realm being?”

Valkyrie Xiao Chuo walked out of the group and asked Yuwen Xiao Lin and the other experts.

“Is there a need to say? He is an Evil Realm being, evil beings need to be killed, the next time we meet Su Yun, we cannot let him go that easily!” One person immediately stated his stand.

“That’s right, Spirit Demons, Demons and Evil creatures are all bad stuff, they are always thinking of ways to obtain our Sky Martial Continent human’s power and souls, to aid in their training and cultivation, for them to enjoy! Humans will forever be enemies against those beings, so why should we give mercy to him?”

“Oh? Everyone, you cannot say that, if not for Master Su Yun single handedly taking down the Spirit Demon Emperor today, I am afraid Qin Creek will be flowing with rivers of blood already! In truth, he is everybody’s benefactor!”

“That’s right! Although Master Su Yun used Evil Spirit Force, but other than that, he did not state that he is an Evil Being, who said that to use Evil Spirit Force meant that he is an Evil Being? That is too far-fetched!”

“He saved all of you, yet you are all here discussing about killing him, hehe, truly, isn’t that kicking your benefactor in his teeth?”

“No matter what, if I meet Master Su Yun from now on, I will definitely not see him as an enemy!”

Everyone present started to give their own opinions, and started to argue.

Xiao Chuo’s expression turned cold, she turned her head, and looked at the people who planned to kill Su Yun in the name of protecting Sky Martial Continent, and said: “All of you, do you think you have the power to fight Su Yun?”


They looked at each other.

‘What a joke, He had just fought against the Spirit Demon Emperor, causing the Spirit Demon Emperor to flee, how could I fight against him?’

“If you do not have the power to, I hope that all of you do not speak such brazen words, today if not for Su Yun, not only would we be dead, but I am afraid the Sky Martial Continent would have even more deaths! I Xiao Chuo might be a fool for cultivation, but I do know the difference between grace and revenge.”

Finished, Xiao Chuo brought the blade, sword, the young Xiao Xue and left without saying any other words. She was very clear cut.

Everyone was petrified.

Yang Fire Yan Yu looked at Yuwen Xiao Lin, and asked after hesitating for a moment: “Master Yuwen, how do you see Su Yun?”

Yuwen Xiao Lin was obviously asked about this prior, after hesitating for a long while, he looked at Gu Qing Wu, and replied: “If Su Yun does not do anything that lets Sky Martial Continent down, I will not see him as an Evil Realm being, of course, other than that, If he has any difficulties, Qin Creek will definitely aid him!”

Yuwen Xiao Lin’s words were conservative, but everyone understood that Yuwen Xiao Lin was inclined to siding Su Yun.

If they were to provoke Su Yun again, Yuwen Xiao Lin knew that he could not go against him, and had to consider whether or not he could protect Qin Creek.

Near Qin Creek, the disciples of the Immortal Sword Sect had gathered.

Just then, a snow white figure flew out from the sky. It was Long Xian Li.

When the Spirit Demons appeared, the first thing she did was to arrange for her disciples to be sent out of Qin Creek, and then she turned back to join in the battle.

“This is an absolutely good opportunity, I will definitely kill Su Yun in the chaos! And seek vengeance for Clan Elder Shen Hong!”

Long Xian Li thought, but when she returned to the battlefield, she could not take action, and even when Su Yun was in difficulty, she had the urge to rush up to help him.

It must be because I am not willing to see him die in other people’s hands, so I have this feeling, It must be….

Long Xian Li kept imagining, her state of mind was in total mess.

And Su Yun’s display of absolute strength caused her to be stunned, as she thought about what Su Yun had to go through to have that, as she could still clearly remember back in the Su Family when Su Yun was just a meagre Spirit Intermediate Realm cultivator. But now, he was able to fight against the Spirit Demon Emperor.

Seeing Su Yun suddenly leaving, Long Xian Li’s mind became blank, and she became extreme lost.

She completely did not understand what she was doing, and did not know if she truly had hatred for Su Yun. She was not sure if she truly wanted to take revenge for Clan Elder Shen Hong.

“Clan Elder Long, what’s wrong?”

Bai Yan Shan who was by the side asked curiously.


Long Xian Li took a deep breath, she stabilized her thoughts and recovered her indifferent, graceful, and cold manner.

“Let us return to Immortal Sword Mountain!”


The disciples answered.

But no one knew that Long Xian Li’s state of mind had completely transformed.