Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 313
Evil Sword Sovereign King (XXI)

What is that Divine Sword?

That is a true Divine Sword! That is a Divine Sword that could overcome everything!

Su Yun looked at the body of the Seven Headed Spirit Demon General that was gradually collapsing, still in astonishment.

He turned to look at Ling Qing Yu and saw her crossing her arms, hugging her soft chest. Her delicate mouth was curving at the corners, and her completely crescent shaped eyes revealing a proud smile.

“Why is your sword suddenly so powerful?”

He turned his head and asked.

“Hehe, I broke through with my cultivation, and that is why my sword is so powerful! Furthermore, My Profound Spirit Qi suppresses Spirit Demon Qi, using my sword, much less the Seven Headed Spirit Demon, you can even slice off that Spirit Demon Emperor’s head.”

Ling Qing Yu said complacently, her face brimming with arrogance.

Su Yun did not doubt her, the Seven Headed Spirit Demon General had revealed his strongest defense technique, but the Contracted Victory Sword still cut through it like paper, as though there were no defense at all.

“Good! Good! Very Good! Ant! You actually killed my Seven Headed Spirit Demon General! It seems like I’ve looked down on you!”

With the death of his Seven Headed Spirit Demon General, the Spirit Demon Emperor’s anger had skyrocketed. He had already lost his patience! His eyes flickering with green light, the Spirit Demon Qi around his body had started to go berserk, revealing killing intent.

Seeing that, Su Yun’s face became serious.

Just then, Ling Qing Yu who was by the side spoke softly: “Su Yun! Be careful!”

When her words just reached him, a formless attractive force enveloped Su Yun, pulling his entire being directly straight towards the Spirit Demon Emperor.

Su Yun did his utmost to stop himself from moving, wanting to control his own body. However, the force was much too strong for him to resist, and no matter how he tried, he was unable to resist.

The Spirit Demon Emperor started to chant something, with a move of a finger, a square shaped seal array appeared in front of him, while Su Yun was forced straight into the formation.”

“Since you killed my General, then I will transform you into a Spirit Demon to replace him and be my servant forever.”

Spirit Demon Emperor growled.

“Go fuck yourself!”

Su Yun roared in anger, and slashed his sword at the seal array.

The snow white sword body looked like a rainbow cutting across the horizon as it nimbly and quickly slashed towards the seal array.

But the Spirit Demon Emperor seemed to be prepared, he waved his finger and caused a burst of strong Profound Spirit Qi that was not Spirit Demon Qi to erupt from the seal array, it transformed into the shape of a needle to stop the Contracted Victory Sword. Just as the sword body touched the needle, it was immediately flung back.


Su Yun’s arm went numb, Contracted Victory Sword’s light became slightly dimmer, while Ling Qing Yu received some damage as well, her throat suddenly had a strong taste as she spat blood out.

“Big Sister Qing Yu, are you ok?”

Qing’er immediately grabbed onto Ling Qing Yu and supported her as she wavered.

“I’m fine” Ling Qing Yu shook her head, then looked up in the sky and saw that Su Yun was still being pulled towards the seal array, and was about to be absorbed in.

“Su Yun! Be careful! The Spirit Demon Emperor has a dual element cultivation, and has the Chaste Rites Scripture Spirit Qi, the powerful attacks you deal against him, he will be able to return an attack equivalent to you! Do not use force against him!”

Those words reached Su Yun’s ears, causing him to clench his teeth. He controlled the thousand swords to stop in front of him, and also gave up using the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword to attack the seal array.

“Little Doll, you can actually recognize this Emperor’s Chaste Rites Scripture Spirit Qi! Knowledgeable! But today, no one can save this man!”

The Spirit Demon Emperor roared, producing a force that dispersed the thousand swords, and then increased the attractive pulling force on Su Yun, causing Su Yun to be sucked towards the seal array faster.

But just at that moment, Su Yun disappeared.


The Spirit Demon Emperor frowned, and immediately sent out Profound Spirit Qi to sense his surroundings, but to no avail. Su Yun had disappeared into thin air, without leaving a trace of himself!


Suddenly, the seal array in front of the Spirit Demon Emperor broke, and a person stepping on a red cloud emerged. Holding onto a long spear, he thrusted fiercely at the Spirit Demon Emperor.

The Spirit Demon Emperor could not react in time, and was immediately pierced by the spear at his chest, then the spear tip exploded, where a burst of devastating destructive force resonated out, terrifying all of the Qin Creek people as they witnessed the burst of shocking force. Everyone immediately went into a mess due to the trembling of the air and ground, developing into a scene of chaos.

The Spirit Demon Emperor was caught unprepared and was flung backwards, colliding into a tall mountain nearby. Due to the strong impact, the entire mountain immediately crumbled, and boulders were created which flew in all directions.

After the attack, the man on the red cloud holding the spear immediately disappeared, and Su Yun’s original person came back.

“Flame Immortal Monarch? That is the ‘Celestial Force’, This Emperor recognizes this mystical technique, upon activation, your entire body will transform into one strike, and is a mystical technique of Herculean Celestial Sect! But a pity, the Herculean Celestial Sect was obliterated by this Emperor 300 years ago! I thought no one would know of this technique, and never expected that you would have learned it!”

The Spirit Demon Emperor was surprised.

Su Yun did not bother replying, he did not know what ‘Celestial Force’ was, what he had done was a consummate skill of the Sprite’s Shadow. There would be nothing to see if he used his own mystical techniques against the Spirit Demon Emperor.

He retreated back a few steps he did not dare to force the Spirit Demon Emperor too tightly, and looked over to the Death Sword.

Why is the Cross Fire Heaven Lord’s unsealing of the sword taking so long?

Su Yun thought anxiously.


A strange burst of force appeared, and continued to become more intense, causing the Profound Spirit Qi inside his body to retreat like a receding tide, very quickly dropping and dropping. In that instant, Su Yun dropped from the first stage of the Spirit Star Realm to the sixth stage of the Spirit Soul Realm.

“Shit, the Heavenly Crystal’s power is used up!”

Su Yun cursed.

The Heavenly Crystal was his last treasure, if it was not able to help him, he definitely had no qualifications to fight against the Spirit Demon Emperor!


Just then, Cross Fire Heaven Lord’s voice came out from the sky, and then a scarlet light erupted out, causing the temperature of the air to rise, and the black Death Sword that was enveloped by the red light became extremely different.

Has the seal been removed?

Su Yun turned his head and looked towards the Death Sword, only to see the Death sword that was floating downwards suddenly falling to the ground. The Death Sword’s entire aura was gloomy, as if it had not recovered the name of Sovereign King.

“The seal has been removed, now it all depends on you! Though you are unable to completely display its true power with your current strength, but as long as it is here, even the Spirit Demon Emperor cannot kill you so easily! If you do pick this sword up, you would already be dead, so consider it carefully, and all the best to you!”

The words from Cross Fire Heaven Lord lingered on in the sky, after that the scarlet slowly disappeared, and the temperature returned to normal. In the next moment, all traces of the Cross Fire Heaven Lord ceased to exist.

Su Yun frowned, he did not know what the Cross Fire Heaven Lord meant, but at the moment, he had no extra time to think, so how could he hesitate? He immediately rushed forward, releasing the ‘Contracted Victory Sword’, and extended his right hand out to hold onto the Death Sword.


He took and picked the Death Sword up.

But, the so called ‘Sovereign King Sword’ did not have any movement, no change, and did not even bestow any absolute strength to Su Yun, it just remained as it was.

“That is a good sword! Good! A truly good sword! Hahaha, but it belongs to me now!”

The Spirit Demon Emperor laughed, as though he had sensed something. He flickered, and rushed towards Su Yun like a maniac.

He extended his right hand which grew extremely large, as large as a mountain.

Su Yun’s face tensed up, he wanted to escape, but the palm seemed to envelope the entire sky, he had nowhere to run. In that helplessness, he clenched his teeth, and used his might to slash with the Death Sword.

The moment he used the Death Sword to slash, its body released a burst of throbbing, following that, Su Yun felt that the palm holding the Death Sword became numb, as though something had linked onto his own palm, and his mental state was struck, his thoughts suddenly blanking for a moment, and only had one thought – to destroy the Spirit Demon Emperor!

What is this bizarre feeling?

He swore, he had never felt such a weird feeling in his entire two lives before.


The Death Sword released a fierce light, the dense Evil Qi converged into a mystical blade, and swept towards the Spirit Demon Emperor with an unstoppable momentum.

The Spirit Demon Emperor’s face changed, he anxiously retracted his hand, but he was slightly too slow. The black light flickered, cutting through the sky, instantly breaking apart the gigantic palm.


A hand dropped onto the ground.

Spirit Demon Qi surged out frantically, causing the entirety of Qin Creek to be enveloped with it.

The Spirit Demon Emperor retreated a few steps back, his moss green eyes looked at the sword in shock, looking at it with an inconceivable expression.

“What a strange power that sword has! What exactly is that sword? This power does not belong to you! Human! What weapon are you controlling?”

“What do you care what weapon is it, as long as it can kill you, it is a good weapon!”

Su Yun clenched his teeth, he ignored the feeling that the Death Sword was giving him, and following up with his successive attack, he once again went towards the Spirit Demon Emperor.

Dense Evil Qi exploded out from the Death Sword. It was like a gigantic ferocious beasts’ mouth, wanting to devour Su Yun.

Su Yun only felt himself becoming unable to have rational thought, his mind becoming more and more blank, as though the Death Sword was already disrupting his thoughts. But the more he got from the feeling, the stronger the power the Death Sword released. It was as if it was using his body, to use it’s own technique, to kill with its mightiest attack!

‘At the rate it is going, I will definitely be devoured by Death Sword and becoming a walking zombie.

But, who cares!

SInce we are already here, what other choice do I have?’

Su Yun turned to look at Ling Qing Yu and Qing’er, resolution becoming more apparent in his eyes.

“Do you know what you are doing? This sword is devouring you! It will take control of you! Human! Don’t tell me you are willing to give up your life? Hurry up and stop!”

Spirit Demon Emperor roared.

But it was no use.

“Death Sword ah, Death Sword! Since you can use your own method to defeat the Spirit Demon Emperor, then dominate me, I can admit to dying by your hand!”

He roared softly, not resisting the Death Sword any further, allowing his body to be completely controlled by the sword.

If I give up the Death Sword, I will die. So why not take it and fight it out all the way!

In the next moment, Evil Spirit Qi was imparted into his body, it was like a never ending Evil Spirit Qi spring, frantically sending its Evil Spirit Force into Su Yun’s body.

The Spirit Demon Emperor was completely shocked, but also enraged, seeing that Su Yun was so suicidal, he became even angrier. He activated Spirit Demon Qi, then grew out another hand, clasped his palms together, and tried to cover Su Yun.

A great amount of Spirit Demon Qi leaked between the two palms, transforming into a tornado that whirled crazily, sweeping Su Yun inside. His entire body were being pulled and injured by the Spirit Demon Qi, and could be ripped apart at any moment.

But it did not last long before the Death Sword released an even more ferocious Evil Spirit Force that enveloped Su Yun’s body, immediately dispersing the Spirit Demon Force!

Power that was not inferior to the Spirit Demon Emperor!

It was definite that the Sovereign King Sword’s ranking was at least the same rank as the Spirit Demon Emperor, possibly even stronger!
Su Yun leaped out with the Death Sword in hand towards the Spirit Demon Emperor. At this time, the Death Sword released a light, erupting with Evil Qi, as though it was the opening of a volcano, it released wave after wave of Evil Spirit Force towards the Spirit Demon Emperor.


The violent sound exploded above Qin Creek.

Everyone below watched absolutely dumbstruck. In the sky, Su Yun who was wielding the Death Sword was slashing at the Spirit Demon Emperor, but the Spirit Demon Emperor had transformed Spirit Demon Qi into a shield to block his attacks.

The Spirit Demon Emperor’s expression was stern, doing his best to defend against the strange sword, while Su Yun’s pale white face was overloading with Evil Qi. Berserkly using his strength, with the Death Sword trembling in his hand, the sword edge slowly cut the shield of Qi up, slowly getting closer to the Spirit Demon Emperor.

He could hardly support himself, and secretly activated another chant, releasing a large quantity of Spirit Demon hands from his body, extending towards Su Yun.


Just then, a loud ripping sound came out, the Death Sword’s body released a terrifying Evil Spirit, its body was extremely pitch black with a sinister appearance, with the Death Sword as its base, it suddenly jumped out and revealed a pair of claws, instantly grabbing the Spirit Demon Emperor’s head.


The Spirit Demon Emperor’s heart tensed up.