Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 312
Evil Sword Sovereign King (XX)

The Spirit Demon Emperor who was flying above Gu Qing Wu raised his head and stared at the sky, he had already sensed the bizarre Qi.
“Which divine being has come?”
The Spirit Demon Emperor shouted.
The burning light aura became more intense, as though it was the light of daybreak shining down onto the land. In the next moment, a deep and resounding voice boomed from the sky.

“Master Spirit Demon Emperor, all these people are my younger generation, on account of my face, can you not squabble with them?”

Hearing that, all the Qin Creek people became confused, while Ye Liao’s eyes glowed as he exhaled: “Could some Masters have come?”
“Some Master? Who?” Someone beside asked.
“The masters that protect Sky Martial Continent! Although I have not seen any of them, but to be able to cause the Spirit Demon Emperor to be fearful, it means that Qin Creek can be saved.” Ye Liao secretly heaved a sigh of relief.
But what he heard after that did not make him relaxed anymore.

“Who are you?” Spirit Demon Emperor questioned.
“Cross Fire Heaven Lord!” The voice contained some degree of might.

“Cross Fire Heaven Lord?” Spirit Demon Emperor thought for a while, then spoke: “This Emperor has heard of your name before, but I did not know that you have a relation with the Qin Creek humans. Heaven Lord, if you have the capability, come out and stop this Emperor, if you do not have the ability to do so, do not disturb this Emperor. Today, this Emperor must definitely make the Qin Creek humans regret what they have done, they need to accept the punishment this Emperor is bestowing them!”

“You mean that there is no space for discussion between us?”

“Maybe some force from you could help with that.”

“Spirit Demon Emperor, I truly hope to battle with you, but this is just a strand of thought form, I am personally unable to come to Sky Martial Continent, so we are unable to fight.”

“Hahahaha, doesn’t that mean, you are unable to stop this Emperor?”

Spirit Demon Emperor Laughed out, then continued: “It is a pity, Heaven Lord, you can only witness as I destroy Qin Creek!”

With that, Spirit Demon Emperor made his move.

When the Qin Creek People heard Heaven Lord’s words, all of their hearts dropped. It was the feeling of being on cloud nine and falling straight into the deepest ravine. Just a second ago they thought they would be saved, with an expert that could save them, but the next second later he said he was unable to save them. That kind of drop was so intense it made a few of them almost go insane.

Ye Liao’s face turned white, he looked at the scarlet light in the sky, his eyes hollowed as he muttered to himself: “Does the Heavens truly want my Qin Creek to die today?”

“Spirit Emperor Demon, although I am not able to fight a good bout with you, but maybe there is someone who will be able to give you a good fight.”

Just then, Cross Fire Heaven Lord spoke out again.

Spirit Demon Emperor frowned, as he swept across the skies, he asked: “Which divine being will it be?”

“You don’t have to look to the sky already, he is right below you!”
Cross Fire Heaven Lord said.

The Spirit Demon Emperor was startled.

Just then, a scarlet red light pillar shot down from the sky, straight into the Qin Creek people crowd, directly smashing towards Su Yun, or more accurately, shining onto the pitch black sword in his hand.

The Death Sword immediately started trembling as though lightning was flowing through its body, it shook frantically, and started to rise by itself, at the same time, it released a large quantity of pitch black Evil Spirits, who started to revolve frantically around the sword blade, and a bizarre
supreme sword might started to circulate with the Death Sword as the center.

The Evil Spirits released sharp and blood-curdling screams.

Su Yun watched blankly. All the Evil Spirits were the Evil Spirits that the Death Sword had devoured before!

“Such a dense Evil Qi, what terrifying Evil Spirits, Su Yun! What happened to the Death Sword? Why is it being like that?”

Qing Yu who was inside the Sword Sheath started to panic and question.

Qing’er walked over to Su Yun’s side and looked at him, holding onto her sword even tighter.

“You’re saying this man can give me a good fight?”

Spirit Demon Emperor looked at Su Yun, disdain spreading across his face while he frowned: “An ant wants to fight with me? Heaven Lord, if you personally came over, maybe we can have a few bouts as equals, but him? Humph! Any general of this emperor’s can easily destroy him!”

With that said, a huge seven headed Spirit Demon being rushed up.

Seven Headed Spirit Demon General, a second stage Spirit Star Realm cultivator, able to unleash seven different mystical techniques at the same time.

When he landed on the ground, a ‘boom’ sound came out, and the ground beneath him split, releasing a wave strong enough to topple mountains and break the sea towards Su Yun.
Seeing that the Seven Headed Spirit Demon General was rushing towards him, Su Yun immediately jumped and grabbed the Death Sword sword sheath, wanting to engage in battle.

But the Death Sword was as stuck as a mountain, rooted to the ground.

What’s going on?

Su Yun was startled.

“Human, how can it be so fast? Releasing the seals requires time!”

“Fuck! Then what were you doing ridiculing the Spirit Demon Emperor? Why didn’t you use the time before releasing the seals first?” Su Yun was baffled.

“Didn’t I tell you I haven’t talked to people in a long time? I wanted to chat a bit.”


“You just have to hold on for a while more, releasing the seal is very fast!”

Cross Fire Heaven Lord shouted.

Although he said that, the Seven Headed Spirit Demon general was already rushing over.

“Too late!”

Su Yun became focused, he did not bother speaking as he anxiously retreated, and retrieved Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword.

Before Heavenly Crystal’s power dissipates, I’ll fight with him!
Upon drawing the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, the Sword Sheath trembled, as many flying swords rushed out and formed a long tornado directed at the Seven Headed Spirit Demon General.

“Unbreakable Vajra!”

“Spirit Demon Turtle God Armor!”

“Spirit Demon Laceration!”

“Degeneration Palm!”
“Heaven Spirit Demon Qi!”

“Calamitous Suffering!”

“Roar of Fury!”

Just as Su Yun made his move, the Seven Headed Spirit Demon general suddenly roared in unison, every head of his summoned different mystical techniques, and at that moment, his entire body was enveloped with two different Profound Spirit Qi, one of gold and one green. The thousand swords struck his body, producing exploding ‘ding dang ding dang’ sounds, with sparks and Profound Spirit Qi resonating outwards, but none touched the Seven Headed Spirit Demon general’s body.

And he did not only concentrate on defense, when Su Yun released his attack, a burst of Spirit Demon Qi diffused towards him. Taking the chance when Su Yun was not prepared, it quickly transformed into a rope and entangled him, immediately unleashing many terrifying mystical techniques onto him.
Su Yun’s chest was inflicted with serious damage, his breastbone had cracked, he spat out blood. The direct impact had struck him down to the ground.
Seven Headed Spirit Demon General had the second stage Spirit Star Realm cultivation, with extremely thick Spirit Demon Force in him, even after utilizing seven mystical techniques, he looked as if he did not exhaust much strength.
Although Su Yun had the help of the Heavenly Crystal to have the cultivation of the first stage of the Spirit Star Realm, but as the opponent was higher than him by one whole stage, even if it was just one stage difference, in the Spirit Star Realm, a one stage difference was practically the difference between heaven and earth.

“Human, just with your strength, you dare challenge my almighty Master, the Spirit Demon Emperor? You truly do not want to live, let me extract your three immortal souls and seven mortal forms, and become my eighth head!”
The Seven Headed Spirit Demon General roared and then began a chant, seemingly to activate a divine skill.
The Seven Headed Spirit Demon General’s strength did not lie in the seven separated divine skills, but rather the combination of all his divine skills, which was directly going to be unleashed on Su Yun.
The turn of events was not encouraging!
Su Yun stared at the Seven Headed Spirit Demon General in the air.
Whoooosh. Just then, a set of white light burst out from the Sword Sheath, and Qing Yu suddenly appeared beside Su Yun.
“Qing Yu?” Su Yun was surprised.
She was holding onto a jade sword, her delicate and beautiful face was looking solemn, she quickly spoke: “Su Yun! Quick!”

With that, the jade sword in her hand flickered with a light aura.


The Seven Headed Spirit Demon General heads all roared in unison, their seven mouths spewing seven bursts of bewitching light. Upon leaving their mouths, they gathered together and formed a gigantic light ball which smashed towards Su Yun.

In that instant, all of the Qin Creek people could clearly feel the terrifying destruction force coming from the light ball.

But just as the light ball was about to explode onto Su Yun, Su Yun swung his arm, releasing a snow white long sword out, which struck the light ball.

The scene was like a bright moon smashing into the bewitching light ball. And when that happened, the light ball was actually sliced into two, and was instantly defeated.
Seven Headed Spirit Demon General was shocked.

What is that sword?

Everyone below all opened their eyes to see.

“This is a sword that I have personally created out of my own cultivation, and is not one that can be easily blocked by any mediocre person, go and die obediently!” Ling Qing Yu snorted, and then shouted at Su Yun: “Quickly kill him!”

Su Yun nodded his head, and then looked at Qing’er who was nearby: “Qing’er, protect her!” With that, he rushed towards the Seven headed Spirit Demon General.

Qing’er was stunned, as she looked at Ling Qing Yu in a daze.

What is going on?

Upon releasing the the Contracted Victory Sword, Su Yun was like a Heavenly Being. Swinging his arms frantically, the Contracted Victory Sword seemed to be like a whip that could extend infinitely, frantically cutting the Seven Headed Spirit Demon General. What bewildered the people was that the Contracted Victory Sword seemed to be unstoppable, even the Spirit Demon General’s ‘Unbreakable Vajra’ was unable to stop the onslaught from the Contracted Victory Sword, and was instantly cut apart!

“What is that sword?”
Ye Liao looked at Su Yun who was dancing frantically in the air, and asked in shock.

“That sword has an intense and powerful Swift Wind Spirit Qi, it seems to be a sword made completely from Profound Spirit Qi!”

Yuwen Xiao Lin who was at the side said.

A few people noticed Ling Qing Yu who was standing beside Qing’er. Everyone had witnessed that Su Yun had pulled out the sword from the lady’s hand.

“Formless Battle God Seal!”

Just then, Su Yun bellowed out loud, his finger moving at an extremely fast speed, flickering like light, and a Battle God Seal appeared in the sky, striking towards the Seven Headed Spirit Demon General.
The Seven Headed Spirit Demon General immediately activated a mystical technique and tried to block the Formless Battle God Seal, but Su Yun was already wielding the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword while rushing towards him.

The thousands of swords approached him, causing the Seven Headed Spirit Demon General to become anxious, he retrieved a stone bowl from his storage ring and threw it at Su Yun.

The Stone Bowl flew in the air and quickly became bigger, and in the blink of an eye, it had transformed into the size of a hill, flying ferociously straight at Su Yun.

“I’ll let you taste the power of the stone bowl I had refined! As long as you are suppressed inside it, I can refine you into my food in an instant, hahahaha”

The seven Headed Spirit Demon General laughed out loud as though he had won.

But in the next second, a white light swept through the refined stone bowl, splitting it into pieces, with Sword Qi disintegrating them.


The Seven Headed Spirit Demon General was stunned.

‘Even the stone bowl I had refined could be slashed through?

How is that possible?’
But, in the moment that he was stunned, the Formless Battle God Seal had struck onto his broad back.


The Seven Headed Spirit Demon General was struck, and his entire body was trembling furiously.


A light aura flashed past Su Yun’s eyes, wielding the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, he controlled the thousand swords to hack at the Spirit Demon General.

“Don’t look down on me! Watch my strongest defense! Sacrificial Spirit Demon Execution!” The Seven Headed Spirit Demon General was forced to a corner, and was forced to activate his trump card, his seven heads started to chant extremely quickly, his two thick arms moving along with his chants to form seals, in a moment, a gigantic Spirit Demon Qi apparition soared down from the sky, and completely isolated the Seven Headed Spirit Demon General.

The Thousand swords slashed on the apparition, and was immediately flung back. None of them were able to penetrate one bit.

“Go and die!”

Then, the Seven Headed Spirit Demon Being moved again, and the gigantic apparition raised its hand, grabbing a bunch of the flying swords and slapped towards Su Yun.

Su Yun was stunned.

“Su Yun! Don’t be afraid! Cut that bastard down!”

In that imminent peril, Ling Qing Yu who was below suddenly shouted.
Hearing that, Su Yun did not dare to hesitate any further. He activated the Monarch Occult force in his body, causing a tide of Profound Spirit Qi to surge from his body. He wielded his sword tightly while staring at the Seven Headed Spirit Demon General inside the apparition, and directly controlled the Contracted Victory Sword, slashing towards his head.

Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi! Puchi!

As though it was cutting through paper windows, the sharp Contracted Victory Sword slashed through the apparition and cut through the Seven Headed Spirit Demon General’s defense, and directly cut down his seven heads.

The entire Qin Creek battlefield went silent.