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Evil Sword Sovereign King (XIX)

“A False God Seal is an artificially created God Seal, don’t you know? Although the Profound Spirit Qi of this seal resembles one that is a lot like a god’s, when you scrutinize it carefully, it is now near the ‘Gu Hu point’ on your chest, there is only a wee bit difference between it and a God Seal, but speaking about it, Su Yun, is this False God Seal one that you set? Since when did you have this capability?”

Ling Qing Yu exclaimed in surprise.

But at that moment, Su Yun had no time to reply her. He anxiously sent his consciousness to the ‘Gu Hu Point’ and focused wholeheartedly.

Ling Qing Yu remained curious. Through the Sword Sheath, she carefully watched what was happening outside.

Previously, she had always been in closed door cultivation, if not for the many strong Profound Spirit Qi outside that awoke her, she would still be in deep sleep inside the Sword Sheath.

Without much of a hiccup, Su Yun truly found a drifting thread of fiery red Profound Spirit Qi inside the ‘Gu Hu point’. It wasn’t very strong, but it was extremely unique, as it was blazing at a very hot temperature.

Qing Yu was right, this should be the connection to the Cross Fire Heaven Lord, but why was Qing Yu able to see it?

In the end, Su Yun still knew very little about Qing Yu.

However, now wasn’t the time to think about it, he immediately rushed to send his consciousness into the seal, completely activating it. In that moment when he touched the seal, Su Yun felt as if the heat in his body had suddenly disappeared, all the boiling in his blood had ceased, the Scarlet Star Spirit Qi had calmed down, and all the pain around his body had also disappeared like smoke.

“What’s going on?”

This change made him confused.

He wanted to open his eyes and retract his consciousness, but realized his body had no strength, at the same time, his awareness went into a state that he had never felt before.

Chi chi chi chi chi

Suddenly, a gentle bout of sound exploded in his mind. Following that, in his consciousness, a strange scene occurred.

A gigantic blazing palace hovered above the empty layer of the clouds, which seemed to be emitting raging flames, releasing a brilliance that could be seen from miles away, and in front of the palace, floated a powerful existence dressed in flaming armor, holding a fire scepter in his hand. He was blurred, but he had an extremely imposing disposition, and his fiery eyes was staring straight at Su Yun.

“It’s been so many years! It’s been so many years since someone disturbed me! Human, for a thousand years, you’re the first to create a connection with me through the bogus seal I created!”

A deep and low oppressive voice that was similar to the pressure of a monolith sounded out.

Su Yun felt his Spirit and Soul wavering, the ringing in his ears did not stop, under the imposing brilliance, he actually had the urge to prostrate himself in worship!

He took a breath and calmed his senses, before looking at the imposing and powerful figure, and did his utmost to sound sincere: “Can this junior ask, is Senior the ‘Cross Fire Heaven Lord’?”

“Yes I am!”

The man nodded.

“Junior Su Yun, respectfully greets senior!” Su Yun was elated, and immediately bowed down respectfully.

“Your flesh body is still in Sky Martial Continent, but why are there so many different types of Qi around you? Are you in danger?” ‘Cross Fire Heaven Lord’ asked.

“I hope Senior will save me!” Su Yun did not dare to waste time, and immediately explained: “The land of Qin Creek is under attack, and was invaded by the Spirit Demon Dao. To save myself, I held the Spirit Demon Dao Princess as captive, to force the Spirit Demon Dao experts to leave Qin Creek, but this caused the Spirit Demon Emperor to come, and he wants to kill me. No one in Qin Creek can stop him, Su Yun has no way out, and can only seek help from Senior Cross Fire Heaven Lord!”

“Oh? Something like that is happening?”

Cross Fire Heaven Lord thought for a moment, then shook his head: “Human! There are somethings that you most probably will not understand, but since you are here, let me explain it to you.”

“What is it?”

“It is about me.” Cross Fire Heaven Lord said indifferently: “The place where I am residing now is not Sky Martial Continent, but I am not considered far from it as well, you do not know, but I did not willingly come here. I offended some mighty beings, and was imprisoned by them. So let me tell you honestly, I am unable to leave to come over to the Sky Martial Continent to aid you. The method to refine the ‘Great Broiled Immortal Blood Pill’ that is being spread in the Sky Martial Continent was actually spread by me. Of course, it is not only a method to refine the pill, but it also creates a False God Seal that connects to me. It is truly boring in here, so I did this as a way to find people to talk to. Therefore, if you hope that I can help you, that would be difficult.”


Su Yun was stunned.

Who would have thought that the communication method to this ‘Cross Fire Heaven Lord’, was just a simple method for him to overcome his boredom?

“Doesn’t that mean, I am bound to die?”

Su Yun clenched his fist, he was unwilling!

He never thought that the Cross Fire Heaven Lord would be undependable, will he really die in the hands of the Spirit Demon Emperor today?

Forget it! I don’t care! So be it if I die, at least I will die trying. If he wants to kill me, let’s see what he has to say after I bite off a chunk of meat off of him!

Su Yun thought fiercely.

“Oh? Can you let me take a look at that sword of yours?”

Just at that moment, the Cross Fire Heaven Lord sensed something, noticing the black sword in Su Yun’s hand, he suddenly asked.


Su Yun did not understand, looking at the Death Sword in his hand, he hesitated for a moment, then walked over and stabbed the Death Sword into the ground.

“This is an illusory space I created, although nothing here is real, but it is able to simulate objects using their spirit undulations, so it feels extremely real here.”

The Cross Fire Heaven lord explained, and walked over to the side of the Black Sword and looked. Suddenly, he chuckled.

“What are you laughing at?”

Su Yun asked in confusion.

“I’m laughing at your capability to save yourself, why bother running to me for help? Brat, do you truly not know or are you feigning it?”

Cross Fire Heaven Lord laughed straightforwardly.

“Save myself? How can I save myself?”

“Heh, with this sword, you can save yourself already!”

Cross Fire Heaven Lord threw the Death Sword back to Su Yun.

“Kid, do you know what this sword is called?”

“It’s name is ‘Death Sword’!” Su Yun caught the sword.

“Death Sword? No, that is not its original name, I caught a few seals inside its blade that was concealed extremely well, and if these seals are broken, it can be reinstated to its original state. Maybe your generation of youths might not be able to recognize its true appearance, but I do! Its original name is not ‘Death Sword’”

“But the Sovereign King Sword!”

“Sovereign King?”

Su Yun’s heart jumped: “Evil Sword Sect’s passed down treasure?”

“Evil Sword Sect? What’s that? I do not know about that, but I do know that it was created by an extremely powerful Evil Realm being! I had once crossed swords with an Evil Realm being, and it used this exact sword. However, that Evil Realm being was not able to control the strength of this sword, so he was severely injured by me, and escaped with his wounds. In the process of escaping, because he had insufficient strength and his mental state was not protected, the Sovereign King Sword took over its mind, and transformed into a zombie, completely under the control of the sword!”

“What?” Su Yun was startled: “Such a strange occurrence happened before? But why haven’t I been devoured”

“The reason why the Sovereign King Sword had not devoured you is because, somehow for some reason, it was sealed by people, so it has not displayed its terrifying power, and was unable to do anything to you. Once the seals have been abolished, the sword will be an enemy and a friend to you! It can help you kill any strong beings, but it can also take the chance when you are weak, and devour you, it is 100% an extremely evil sword!”

“The so called accompanying a sovereign can be like accompanying a tiger, it’s name might be the Sovereign King, but whether or not it will be the Sovereign King or you will be the Sovereign King, will only depend on you. Coming back to it, the person who was able to seal the Sovereign King Sword was truly a powerful person, I wonder what divine person would be able to do it.”

Cross Fire Heaven Lord said, but he did not inquire on how Su Yun obtained it.

Su Yun was always thinking about it.

No wonder, when the Evil Sword Sect was looking for the Sovereign King Sword, and when the Stone Lion said that the Sovereign King Sword was already taken by the Sword Ancestor into the Sword Sheath, he never thought that the Death Sword would be the Sovereign King Sword. If that was so, it explains why the Death Sword could become a Primal Sword, and its craftiness would be explainable.

“Senior, you said it can save me? What should I do for it to save me? To save my own life?”

Su Yun asked.

“It is very simple, I will help you remove the seal on the sword, and allow it to regain its strength into the world! With the power of the Sovereign King Sword, you will be able to contend against the Spirit Demon Emperor!” Cross Fire Heaven Lord replied: “But you are still too weak, and I am afraid you are not stable enough, and might be devoured by the Sovereign King Sword and be controlled by it, so you have to be particularly careful!”

Su Yun’s face darkened and his eyebrows sloped down, but he did not say a word.

“Human, the duration of the connection between us is almost up, considering that you and I have some fate, I am willing to aid you in this. But if you do not wish for me to do it, that will be on you, you better think hard about it!”

Cross Fire Heaven Lord said, then closed his eyes and waited quietly for Su Yun’s answer.

Not long later, Su Yun spoke.

“Senior! Please undo the seals on the Death Sword!”

“You’re not afraid of being controlled by the Sovereign King Sword?” Cross FIre Heaven Lord opened his eyes wide and asked.

“I would die if I do not do it, perhaps with me doing so, I will have an opportunity to live.” Su Yun took a deep breath and said.

“Are you sure?”



Cross Fire Heaven Lord raised his hand and waved: “Since you are so sure about it, then never regret for the things that you have to do! Human, tell me your name!”

“Su Yun!”

He said softly.

In the next second, a burst of heat wave smacked his face, causing him to become muddle headed. The scene before him darkened, and when he opened his eyes again, he was back in the current Qin Creek, where the intense and dilapidated battlefield image had replaced the image of the Fiery Palace.

A gigantic moss green hand that covered the sky appeared. Ye Liao was already unstable, after being struck, he smashed into the floor, causing the ground to split and the earth to shake.

Ye Liao climbed back up with much difficulty, but before he could stand up, he fell again. His chest was bloodied red, his Qi was weak and dissipating, he was in such a miserable state.

Yuwen Xiao Lin and Gu Qing Wu were also in bad conditions, the Spirit Demon Emperor fought against them with ease, while the two of them struggled with their lives to remain standing.

“Great Bewitching Heart Curse!”

Suddenly, the Spirit Demon Emperor bellowed, chanting out 13 weird words, causing the surrounding of the two persons to suddenly erupt with a great Spirit Demon illusion that struck the two of them while they were unprepared, and were immediately placed in a difficult situation!



Yuwen Xiao Lin and Gu Qing Wu were struck from the sky. They both fell downwards to the ground, Yuwen Xiao Lin was struck even more gravely, with a hole in his chest, his heart was struck and his body was severely injured, there was no positive signs to whether he could live or not.

“Master Yuwen!”

The Qin creek people were all in grief and anxiously ran up. Seeing the situation unfolding in front of them, some were in despair while some were in grief, the helplessness attacked their hearts.

The Spirit Demon Emperor had devastated and defeated three fourth stage Spirit Star cultivators in such an overbearing manner, showing his strength. He soared into the sky and looked down at all the living beings, as though he was a god.

At that moment, who was able to stand on the same level and fight against him? He was the God of Qin Creek! The god of the uncountable lives!

“Your Majesty Spirit Demon Emperor is unrivalled and unparalleled, And we wish you everlasting life!”

Just then, someone shouted excitedly.

In a moment, tsunami of shouts immediately erupted.

“Your Majesty Spirit Demon Emperor is unrivalled and unparalleled, And we wish you everlasting life!”

“Your Majesty Spirit Demon Emperor is unrivalled and unparalleled, And we wish you everlasting life!”

All of the Spirit Demon beings were excited, frantically shouting their voices out. It was not only fear that they had towards the Spirit Demon Emperor, but more like a zealot veneration.

It was the type of veneration that the weak had towards the strong, The Spirit Demon Emperor was the strongest!


Just then, a thunderous boom sounded out from the sky, following that, a scarlet red light ripped through the dense Spirit Demon Qi, and discharged down.