Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 306
Evil Sword Sovereign King (XIV)

To rip off his two own arms, isn’t that just basically crippling himself? Although his strength allowed him to replace his hands in a few days, but how could he fight if he had no arms during that period of time? Ignoring his cultivation level being at the fourth stage of the Spirit Star Realm, even if a fifth or sixth stage lost their arms, it was considered extremely enormous wounds.

“You’re not willing to?” Su Yun frowned, his eyes filled with killing intent, then said: “Fine, if you are not willing to offer your arms, then I will have to take your Dear Princess’ arms! Qing’er, cut off Mu Yi’s hands!”

“Yes!” Qing’er knew intuitively what he was aiming for, and immediately unsheathed her sword, displaying as though she was about to cut Mu Yi.


Pu Yao was finally not able to resist, he roared, and then ripped off both his arms, spirit demon blood spurted out, and he immediately looked extremely haggard.

Everyone’s heart trembled, that was definitely proof of Pu Yao’s loyalty!

Losing his arms, Pu Yao was no longer a threat.

“Not bad!”

Su Yun revealed a smile, and then he pulled Mu Yi’s arm, and pulled her along, whispering softly in her ears: “Get your men to open the big gate, and allow the Mountain River List participants and Qin Creek people out!”

Hearing that, Mu Yi frowned, and retorted coldly: “Su Yun, aren’t you a cunning, sly and selfish person bent on your own benefits? Why are you trying to act like a Buddha today?”

“Buddha? I dare not be one, just that I have used my Evil Sword Techniques today, and have revealed my identity as an Evil Realm being, while I use you as a pawn to get out, the Spirit Demon beings might not do anything to me, but the Qin Creek Experts will definitely kill me! I am now saving them, to at least have some insurance for myself, isn’t that good?”

Su Yun spoke softly.

Mu Yi frowned, and did not say anything.

“Open the door!”

Without waiting for her to initiate her orders, Su Yun shouted at the Spirit Demon beings.

They were stunned, they did not know whether to do it or not, but Pu Yao nodded his head, and they had no choice but to open the big gate.

“Everyone! What are you all waiting for? Quickly, follow me and leave this place!”

Su Yun took the lead, and shouted to the officials, Valkyrie, and the other people.

Everyone were startled, but quickly regained their senses. They quickly crawled up and ran towards Su Yun, even the seriously injured people, struggled to run.

They surrounded Su Yun, and under Su Yun’s lead, they slowly headed towards the big gate.

“Su Yun, do you know, you’re finished!”

Just then, Mu Yi suddenly said.

“Finished? Hehe, I only know that I am about to escape with my life!”

“Escape with your life?” Mu Yi sneered: “KIlling Su You Rong is fine, killing my two commanders, isn’t a problem. But you should never, ever had crippled Pu Yao’s hands, or took me as hostage!”

“What? Now I can’t even take you as hostage?” Su Yun replied coldly, he reached out to Mu Yi’s soft cheek and pinched her, he disliked seeing her aloof and ‘high status’ attitude, it made him want to destroy and trample on everything that she had.

Mu Yi was not angered by his actions, and did not burst into an uproar because of his rudeness, but instead spoke gently: “Su Yun, you do not understand. In the past, by going against me, you have only provoked me, but this time you are not only provoking me, but my father. Pu Yao is not my man, he is my father’s, and adding that you have taken my father’s precious daughter as hostage, I believe that not long from now, Father will personally come into Sky Martial Continent, and find you to settle the debt! If my father comes, Su Yun, I Mu Yi can say this with certainty. There is no one in Sky Martial Continent that can protect you!”

“Really?” Su Yun acted like he was afraid, and trembled: “Then, Your Highness, Princess, what should I do?”

Mu Yi hesitated for a moment, then said: “First release me, then swear your allegiance to me, and give me all your treasures, I will consider to leave you and Qing’er’s life.”

“If you’re only considering, then forget it.”

“Then I will not consider, I promise not to kill you!” Mu Yi immediately changed her words.

“No thanks!” Su Yun did not care, and laughed: “I am not afraid of your father, because there are people who will ensure that I will not die!”

“Are there still such beings in Sky Martial Continent?” Mu Yi obviously did not believe him.

“Who said there isn’t?” Su Yun tugged onto Mu Yi’s jade arms, and said: “Isn’t this one in front of me, able to promise me my life?”

“You want to take me as your shield?”

“I can’t?”

“Up to you!”

Mu Yi replied coldly.

“Then stop bullshitting! Move!”

With Mu Yi as their hostage and shield, Su Yun and the rest were able to leave safely.

Leaving the broken down Sacred Palace, the scene outside were filled with green figures, there were Spirit Demons flying, some crawling on the walls, all of their terrifying faces and sinister looking bodies, caused their hairs to stand.

They are all Spirit Demons!

Spirit Demon monsters! Spirit Demon beings! Spirit Demon beasts!

The entire Sacred Palace were completely invaded by them!

Many of the corpses of the Qin Creek people were being devoured by the Spirit Demon beings, fresh flesh and blood were scattered all over, with countless of explosions occurring in the distance, rays after rays of rainbow color auras exploded, they were the Qin Creek backup.

But, what made Su Yun startled was that the ones resisting the Qin Creek Backup were not Spirit Demon beings, but beings with blood Qi. They were reeking of Qi that was different from Spirit Demon Qi.

It seemed to be Demonic Qi.

“Are they your backup?”

Su Yun pulled Mu Yi’s arm and asked.

Mu Yi looked coldly, but did not say anything.

“Qing’er, help me cut our high and mighty Princess’ upper garments!”

Su Yun said indifferently: “I want her to shatter all her dignity in this public place with everyone here!”

“Su Yun, you dare” Mu Yi anxiously retorted.

“If you do not want me to do it, then you better be honest! Speak, who are they?”

“They are people of the Blood Demon Dao!” Mu Yi bit her lips and said.

“Blood Demon Dao?” Hearing that, Su Yun’s face changed slightly: “You actually colluded with the Blood Demon Dao?”

“What? You know about them?” Mu Yi was obviously surprised, she had never expected that this person in front of her would actually know of Demonic Continent’s extremely secret blood demon dao. Could he had gone through the Demonic Continent before?

“Who is the person leading them?” Su Yun spoke under his breath.

“The Blood Noble.”

“Blood Noble”

The light in Su Yun’s eyes flickered, no one knew what he was thinking, but at that moment, escaping from this precarious predicament was the most important matter at hand.

He anxiously pulled Mu Yi and got her to move. All the Spirit Demon beings dare not obstruct them, and automatically split apart, allowing the group to slowly move forward, all of their eyes harboring evil intent as they stared at the group of humans.

“Get lost! All of you get lost! If not I will kill you princess!”

Su Yun bellowed.

“Everyone make way, No one is to stop him! If not I will make sure you die a tragic death!”

Pu Yao who was behind, without his arms shouted out. All of the Spirit Demon beings trembled, and immediately made way.

The densely clustered Spirit Demon beings all split.

“What’s happening?”

Just at that moment, a figure quickly flew over, and blocked Su Yun and the rest.

Su Yun and Qing’er looked, and were stunned.

“Prince Fu Su!”

The both of them exclaimed out loud.

“Su Yun! Qing’er, what’re you guys doing here?” Fu Su was also surprised.

“You’ve defected to the Blood Demon Dao?”

Su Yun took a deep breath and looked at Fu Su with complications in his eyes.

“You’re wrong.” Fu Su shook his head: “I have always been a person from the Blood Demon Dao, the real Fu Su had died long ago. I am under cover, if not, did you truly think that Prince Fu Su’s talent would be so terrifying? No, the real Prince Fu Su was just an ordinary cultivator.”

“Why did you infiltrate the Su Family?” Qing’er asked.

“What does that matter to you? Both of you are already traitors of the Su Family, they have not given up on chasing and killing the two of you. From today on, you guys better take care and seek your own fortune.” Prince Fu Su replied calmly.

Qing’er bit her teeth, but did not reply him.

“Qing’er, ignore him, let’s go!”

Su Yun said softly.

“Fu Su is right, we no longer have any ties with the Su Family. To them, our lives are just transactional tools, to trade with Profound Sky Sect for other things.”

Qing’er nodded her head.

But, before they could advance, another blood red figure rushed over.

He was covered in a cloak, his face covered, but his entire body was reeking of Blood Qi. Upon landing, he raised his hand, and fiercely slashed at Su Yun’s direction, the dense and powerful Demonic Qi was like a cold blade that struck towards them!

The killing intent was immense.

“Be careful!”

Valkyrie who was behind was the first to react. She quickly rushed to the front, activated her treasure and rushed to defend against the attack.

However, the person’s cultivation was powerful. Even with her changing treasure that transformed into a huge shield, she was struck painfully and flew over 10m behind and fiercely smashed into the ground, spitting out blood.

“Young miss!”

Xiao Xue’s eyes were immediately filled with tears, screaming and running over.

“Quick, protect Valkyrie, do not let any Spirit Demon beings hurt her!” The old lady shouted anxiously.

A few of the wounded participants immediately ran over.

Su Yun’s face was extremely ugly, he could not use any more strength, Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword’s tip was practically almost in Mu Yi’s back, and had already immersed some of his Evil Spirit Qi into her.

“You want Mu Yi to die in front of you?” He stared at the blood red cloaked person, and said coldly.


The Blood Noble spoke indifferently: “You think that by taking Princess Mu Yi hostage, you can make us submit? Humph, we have planned and worked at this for so long, with such a long time refining and planning our moves, we will not fail because of Princess Mu Yi! Human, you can let go of Princess Mu Yi or kill her, but today, you will all stay here, and no one can leave!”

“Blood Noble, don’t tell me that you do not care about My Princess’ life?” Pu Yao who was at the back shouted in anger, he rushed forward and stood in front of Su Yun.

However, Su Yun cautiously stepped back and avoided Pu Yao. He was afraid that Pu Yao and the Blood Noble was acting, and trying to distract him.

“Pu Yao! Take a look! Look what’s behind you, all of these are all the top grade, fresh spirits of Sky Martial Continent! Their talents are special, and their spirits are pure! They are not infected in anyway, and there are exactly 10 of them! Adding the four Spirit Star Realm cultivators! Do you know what those spirits can refine? Do you know what they can give us?”

The Blood Noble bellowed in a low voice.

“I do not care about them!” Pu Yao replied in anger: “I only know that her highness’ life precedes all of them, if you are going to force your way through, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

With that said, the surrounding Spirit Demon beings all turned their blades and weapons towards the Blood Noble.

Internal strife?

That’s a good thing.

Su Yun was surprised, but immediately rejoiced.


Just at that moment, A powerful and ear shattering voice came out, after that, a few flows of light shot into the sky. The light swept across the entire place, dropping all of the Spirit Demon beings and Demonic beings down, not one could withstand the light.

The shocking might that appeared all of a sudden, shook the entire Sacred Palace!

Pu Yao suddenly sensed some powerful Qi, and his expression became extremely ugly.

“Your highness, it’s bad! The three Qin Creek Experts are out!”