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Evil Sword Sovereign King (X)

When Su You Rong found out about Su Yun and Qing’er’s identity after entering the Sacred Palace, her attention was always on them.

In the past, in the Su Family, Su Yun and Qing’er had spoiled her plans, so for the past few years, she had always remembered it and harbored the intention to seek vengeance. How could she not resolve it? Now that all hindrances were cleared, no one was able to disturb Su You Rong. Naturally, she saw it as the chance to settle the score with Su Yun and Qing’er.

Su You Rong brought her sinister smile, as she walked towards Su Yun.

Qing’er was afraid, since Su You Rong was someone who died once, to be able to revive from the dead, why wouldn’t she? It was like seeing a ghost.

“Don’t be afraid.”

Just then, a gentle voice came out from beside her, and then, a big hand gently held onto her ice cold hand.

Qing’er was startled, she turned to look, she did not notice when Su Yun had walked in front of her.

“That’s right, Young master is back, he is by my side now, why am I afraid?” Qing’er looked at the back view in a daze, her heart started to feel warm and fuzzy. It was a feeling of entrustment. In the world, Qing’er and Su Yun could trust no one, but their reliance and trust for each other, no one was able to replace that.

“Hehe, Su Yun, you think that I’ll be afraid of you just because you have the Heavenly Crystal? SInce I dared to come find you, I naturally have my own methods to dealing with you! Now, if you kneel down and obediently kowtow and admit your mistakes, I will let you live, and if you give me Qing’er, maybe after I burn your body, I won’t torture your soul, what about that? Do you agree to it?” Su You Rong laughed as she spoke.

“Are you an idiot?”

Su Yun could not hold back to scold her: “Su You Rong, I was able to kill you in the past, and just because you follow that Spirit Demon being, you think you’re a god now? Do you believe that I will kill you again right now?”

Upon hearing that, she was enraged: “Stop disputing verbally, Su Yun, it is on account that we are both of the Su Family, that is why I advised you, you better not take kindness for granted!”

“Are you even worthy to be called Su?” Su Yun snorted.


Su You Rong was unable to hold back any further, in the blink of an eye, she rushed forward, releasing 13 palm prints congealed by Spirit Demon Qi, the palms were fierce and powerful with the intent to harm.

Su Yun instantly unsheathed the Death Sword and released all the swords he could control from the sword sheath. The Death Sword pulled along its sub swords, as well as the Engraved Dragon Blade. All of the swords flew out and slashed at Su You Rong.

The swords were like a pack of ravenous wolves!

However, Su You Rong was not afraid, the green garments on her body suddenly flickered with a light aura, and then a dim layer of green light covered her entire body.

Boom boom boom boom!

The huge quantity of swords struck the green light, it was like smashing against a puddle, creating a large ripple but immediately ricocheted off. They could not enter no matter how hard they tried!

“It definitely is a treasure above the Core Level!” Su Yun thought in his mind.

Just then, a snow white figure suddenly shot forward and directly attacked Su You Rong.

Su Yun was startled, he looked closely to see it was Qing’er.

“Don’t even think of harming my Young Master!”

She bellowed, her sword was vertically straight, the sword tip released a snow white light aura. The moment she got close to Su You Rong, she thrusted her sword straight at the green Qi, where the cold intent on the sword tip rapidly spread across the entire Qi barrier, causing it to turn into ice, and even sealing Su You Rong inside.

It was an extremely strong freezing ability, could Qing’er actually be training in other attributes of Profound Spirit Qi?

Su Yun was shocked.

The freezing ability was perfect for destroying Su You Rong’s treasure.

How could he miss that perfect chance? He immediately controlled the white sword towards Su You Rong, at the same time he rushed forward, utilizing the Storm Sword Technique.

Sou sou sou sou!

In that moment, sword images filled the sky, with sharp auras flickering everywhere. Su You Rong’s entire person was trapped inside the storm of swords, the frozen green light was smashed into pieces, and Su You Rong’s body was sliced into even more pieces that landed on the ground.

Who knew if she was dead or not.

Su Yun did not dare dally, seeing that he had settled with Su You Rong, he immediately pulled Qing’er’s hand and rushed outwards.

“Qing’er, let’s go! We cannot stay here!”

Qing’er also knew that the situation was not something they could be involved in, and the best thing to do in their circumstance was to leave.

Then, as Su Yun and Qing’er were about to leave, many moss green figures rushed over.

“Young master, be careful!” Qing’er rushed in front of Su Yun instinctively, unsheathing her sword and thrusting towards the figures, piercing into one of them. However, the other Spirit Demon beings had already rushed over. One of them congealed a burst of Spirit Demon Qi, and directly struck Qing’er’s lower abdomen.

Qing’er was unable to defend and was forced to retreat a few steps before stabilising herself with much difficulty. A strain of blood had appeared at the corner of her mouth, she was injured.

“I will destroy all your 18 generations of ancestors!”

Su Yun was enraged, he immediately controlled the hundred flying swords to rush over, the torrential storm of swords ruthlessly struck the few Spirit Demon beings. Su Yun looked as though he had gone crazy.

The Spirit Demon beings used their Profound Spirit Qi to block the swords, but before they could hold for long, they were stabbed while in the air, immediately being struck and smashed into the ground, where the hundred swords started to do a cleansing, slicing all of them into pieces.


Just at that moment, an immense pressure suddenly appeared from above, directly forcing its way into the Sacred Palace.

The pressure was as heavy as a mountain, instantly enveloping the entire Sacred Palace, causing every single person inside to suddenly have difficulty breathing, causing all of their faces to turn red, even their arms had become much heavier.

Su Yun frowned, he glanced at his surroundings and saw that the Spirit Demon beings around were not affected by the pressure.

“Not good!”

His heart was instantly alarmed.

“An almighty being is here!”

Wan Zang Arian who was entangled with a few Spirit Demon beings suddenly shouted out, then activated a treasure, disappearing into thin air.

He escaped!

That’s right, although Wan Zang Tian had a high ranking on the Mountain River List, that did not mean that he was invincible, when meeting another strong cultivator, his priority was to survive, to last till the end.

Bai Feng Ye also did not want to continue fighting, he leaped up and soared into the air, rushing out of the big door.

Valkyrie also wanted to leave, but although she had the ability to do so, Xiao Xue was unable to leave safely like her, and under that helplessness, Valkyrie could only rely on her own techniques to kill and create a bloodied route out.

Seeing that the Mountain River List participants were planning to leave, why would Princess Mu Yi allow that? Her purpose in coming to Qin Creek was not only for the large quantity of resources, but all the talented geniuses whose spirits were what Princess Mu Yi was vying for the most.

Very quickly, the big door was obstructed and sealed by many strong Spirit Demon beings. Valkyrie was still preparing to launch an attack, but suddenly, the roof of the Sacred Palace was blasted with a hole, and a gigantic Spirit Demon being’s hand crashed downwards.

Seeing that, Valkyrie’s expression changed, she immediately activated her mystical technique to resist it, a gigantic sacred and pure orchid flew out, flashing with the Spirit Demon hand.

However, the Spirit Demon hand was extremely profound, instantly destroying the orchid.

The pungent hand destroyed the flower.

Valkyrie was struck by the Spirit Demon hand, and was flung out, crashing onto the ground heavily, she spat out blood twice, her face was now pale white.

“Young miss!”

Upon seeing that, the sword and blade young lady screamed out, she turned, looking at the Spirit Demon beings, she screamed in rage: “I will fight you all to the deaths!”

“Don’t, Xiao Xue!”

Valkyrie exclaimed: “They are all fourth stage Spirit Star cultivators, don’t be reckless! Come back!”

She was practically screaming her lungs out.

Xiao Xue’s entire body trembled, whether it was because of the fear or Valkyrie’s order, it was unknown, but she rushed out, and had no way to stop.

Valkyrie’s entire body was covered with treasures, and had a talent for battle sense, thus, her words were extremely weighty.

However, Valkyrie’s announcement of them being in the fourth stage of the Spirit Star Realm shocked everyone on the spot!

A green light aura covered the sky of the Sacred Palace, following that, a figure slowly soared down from the sky.

Spirit Demon Qi!

The dense Spirit Demon Qi continued to flow, allowing everyone to know that a Spirit Demon lord had arrived.

He was an old looking being, dressed in loose green robes, with a few strange Spirit Beastial markings, and what was stranger, something that astonished people even more, was that on his forehead, there was an additional vertical eye.

The Spirit Demon lord descended like a god.

With the arrival of the almighty being, adding that Wan Zang Tian, Bai Feng Ye and many others had fled, the Sacred Palace did not have much fighting strength anymore, Yang Fire Yan Yu, Lin Tian Yin and the rest were huddled together, trying to get closer to the four officials, everyone had put aside their prejudice and quarrels, backs facing each other, attempting their best for their last chance to survive.

Loud explosions and screaming could be heard from the outside, there was no question, even if the Qin Creek back up had rushed over, none of them had managed to fight their way into the Sacred Palace. From the looks of it, Mu Yi had support from other people as well.

With the almighty Spirit Demon being descending, all the Spirit Demon beings howled loudly.

“We prostrate ourselves to Master Pu Yao!”

The voices together was earth shattering.

However, the almighty being did not care about the Spirit Demon beings, but instead went respectfully in front of Mu Yi, and knelt down, claiming out: “I greet Your Highness, Princess.”

“Please rise.” Mu Yi barely glanced at him. The person’s cultivation was much higher than hers, but she still did not seem to care.

“Master worries that your highness is in danger, so he had sent this slave to help your Highness!”

“Whether you are here or not doesn’t matter, everything here is almost done.”

Mu Yi said indifferently.

“When this slave arrived here, I found three extremely strong Qi inside Qin Creek, all these Qi are relatively as powerful as mine, this slave is able to stop one, but would have difficulty against three. However, the owners of these three Qi have been in a state of closed door cultivation, and will be difficult for them to come here in half an hour, Your Highness, we must work faster, if they come out, we would be in danger.”

Pu Yao spoke out.

Hearing that, Mu Yi’s eyebrows frowned slightly, but she did not say much, and only slightly nodded her head.

Mu Yi immediately stood up and closed her eyes and muttered some chant. Immediately after that, a gigantic circle of light revolved beneath her feet, becoming larger and larger, like a wave that rippled out in all directions, passing through every single Spirit Demon being’s body.

In a moment, all the Spirit Demon beings on sight seemed to be extremely excited, their battle prowess exploded, their Spirit Demon Qi also surged stronger and higher, as though every single one of them had become a lot stronger.

Seeing the change, everyone’s face changed.

Since the start, was there even hope to break out? There is even a fourth stage Spirit Star Realm being now.

Everyone were in despair.

Who could escape from the clutches of a fourth stage Spirit Star cultivator?


A few Spirit Demon beings walked towards Su Yun.

Qing’er swallowed a pill, and then rushed forward with force.

Su Yun did not dare hesitate, supporting her with his dancing swords, but, two fists cannot possibly contend with four hands, there were truly too many Spirit Demon beings, and many of the human cultivators were already severely injured, many of them with blades by their necks, unable to move. There were only a few left resisting.

Seeing that all the humans were already taken care of, Mu Yi did not waste time, she told the Spirit Demon being beside her: “Bring out the items, we will take away their souls, the rest of you follow me to break the circle formation, and bring all the treasures out.”


The Spirit Demon beings all screamed.