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Evil Sword Sovereign King (IX)

“Isn’t that the Spirit Demon woman who attacked us? I never thought she would be here too!” Qing’er also recognized the woman, she knew that it was the woman who had separated her from her Young Master for so long, and had to suffer so much. Qing’er was close to being unable to suppress her anger too. Her eyes were flushed cold red, not only her eyes, but the Profound Spirit Qi revolving around her body, actually started to turn extremely cold.

Su Yun was shocked: “Qing’er, what happened to you?”

“Young Master, this woman is poisonous! Qing’er is going to kill her and take revenge for Young Master.” With that, Qing’er immediately wielded her sword and was about to take action.

This silly girl, we haven’t met for so long, how can she become so silly and rash?

Su Yun quickly grabbed onto her and said: “Qing’er. Don’t be reckless. If she dares to behave recklessly here in the Mountain River List ranking competition, then she definitely has other moves to make. If you go out like this, you will definitely be in danger.”

“Then Young Master, what do you want to do? Leave?”

“Leave? We cannot leave, since Su You Rong recognized us, then that woman would also definitely know us. I am holding onto the Monarch Occult Force and the Heavenly Crystal, both are things she had always wanted, and I even have the Nine Emperor Prints that I fabricated, so most likely, she will want to get rid of us first.”

“Young master, Qing’er will protect you while you leave.” Qing’er’s face was steadfast.

Su Yun laughed bitterly: “If it is so easy to leave, then that would be good. You must know, we are not facing against that Spirit Demon Dao woman, there are others too, we should go with the flow, she wants to take care of the four officials now, and will not make a move on us.”

Hearing that, Qing’er could infer some clues, and did not argue further.

“Who are you?”

Seeing the green jade robes woman walk over, the old lady asked sternly.

“Mu Yi.”

“You are a Spirit Demon being?”

“Spirit Demon being? I am not some small fry little Spirit Demon, I am the Spirit Demon Emperor’s daughter, Princess Mu Yi, and I have come to Qin Creek today to obtain a few things.”

Mu Yi said indifferently.

When those words were spoken, everyone’s face changed.

Practically every single one of Qin Creek’s personnel had their minds stretched taut, all of their eyes filled with fighting intent and hatred towards the woman.

“A Spirit Demon woman dares come to my Qin Creek to act arrogant, I want to see if you have the capabilities to do so!”

The old lady seemed to have a natural disgust towards the Spirit Demon Race, she bellowed: “All Qin Creek people listen to my order, do not engage in useless conversation with these Spirit Demon people, kill them straightaway, without mercy! Any demonic animals that dare intrude into my Qin Creek’s land, must be killed!”


The cultivators all bellowed, and immediately took action.

But right in that moment, the bodies of the four officials started to release sets of Spirit Demon Qi, all of these Spirit Demon Qi quickly congealed. In a blink of an eye, the Spirit Demon Qi congealed into four circular seals imprinted on their chests, near the heart.

“What is this??”

The old lady and the rest were shocked.

“That is something that wants to take your life!”

The Spirit Demon Dao princess Mu Yi said gently, then she pointed her finger, in which Su You Rong started to take action.

Her speed was terrifyingly fast, releasing a huge quantity of Spirit Demon Qi, both of her sleeves ripped open to release fierce Spirit Demon Spirits one after another, all of them opened their bloody mouth, pouncing towards the cultivators.

The cultivators could not block in time, and were instantly bitten by the Spirit Demons, as both sides started to engage in battle.

Su You Rong clasped her palms together and with a quick speed she formed different hand seals, causing the bodies of the Spirit Demons to give rise to a dense green light, which released astonishingly strong destructive Qi.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom

Many explosions sounded out, all of the Spirit Demons that had sank their teeth into the cultivators started to explode, causing the cultivators to be struck directly, incurring severe injuries.

Witnessing the scene, the faces of the officials began to darken.

“We have not seen her for so long, I never thought that Su You Rong’s strength could actually rise to such a standard, with such a dense Spirit Demon Qi, I wonder if she is still a human or Spirit Demon now.” Su Yun thought.

Just then, another strange thing occurred.


Four gigantic green pillars suddenly split the ceiling of the sacred palaces and directly flew towards the four officials.

Seeing that, Why would they dare to hesitate? They immediately activated their Profound Spirit Qi to defend themselves.

The four of them were Spirit Star Realm existences. Once they took action, they released out vast amounts of surging Profound Spirit Qi, clashing head on with the four incoming green pillars.

But, the destructive Qi released by the four green pillars were even more terrifying, the four officials quivered, their faces turning pale white, they actually could not hold on.

Seeing that, everyone was dumbstruck!

Four Spirit Star cultivators were actually unable to withstand the attack? How is that possible!

What technique was the Spirit Demon lady actually using?

“Hahahaha, your highness, the ‘Supreme Absolute Devil Array’ we have meticulously set up is truly spectacular, it seems like these old fools are unable to stop it, hahaha!”

Su You Rong laughed out.

“‘Supreme Absolute Devil Array’ is the Spirit Demon Realm’s strongest array formation, I had personally seeked father to arrange for a few experts to come and lay it, and even beheaded six ninth stage Spirit Soul Spirit Demon people to offer as a sacrifice, with such a huge consumption, how can its destructive ability be weak? Using it to deal with these old people is truly too suitable.”

Princess Mu Yi said indifferently. Just then, she retrieved a circular bronze mirror and threw it on the ground, smashing it. The broken pieces quickly congealed into a seal, she stood before it, and closed her eyes while chanting.

“Despicable Spirit Demon woman!”

Witnessing all of these, the Mountain River List participants around became enraged, and when someone shouted out loud, a group of them rushed up together. Wanting to attack Mu Yi and Su You Rong.

“You think you guys are worthy enough?”

Su You Rong sneered, congealing a large amount of Spirit Demon Qi in her hands, she waved towards her surrounding. The Spirit Demon Qi seemed to be alive, automatically seeking people to attack. The participants who had insufficient strength were immediately trashed to the ground and disfigured, dying horrible deaths.

“It was a good competition, but you Spirit Demon beasts had to disrupt it. It really spoils the mood, but since you guys are already here, you should not think about leaving!”

Bai Feng Ye sneered, his body became an afterimage. He had suddenly made his move.

When he was near Su You Rong, he kicked, which transformed into 1000 leg images. Su You Rong did not do anything, her chest was struck by many of the kicks, and she was forced to retreat back a distance, and coughing blood out.

“The number one of Mountain River List is truly of different caliber!”

Su You Rong wiped the blood from her mouth, but was not afraid. Instead, she revealed a look of excitement while staring at Bai Feng Ye, and rushed over.

But, while she was tangled with Bai Feng Ye, Princess Mu Yi who was still in the midst of controlling the array was unprotected. Seeing that, the other participants took the chance to rush over.

Just as a few of the participants were about to reach Princess Mu Yi, the green jade garments suddenly swung up and drew circles of ripples around her, seemingly like a formless hand, it forcefully pushed the incoming people away, basically no one was able to harm her!

“She is trying to convey the coordinate seal to activate it, there is definitely an already completed transportation array formed somewhere else! Quickly break her seals!”

Valkyrie stood up and bellowed.

It seemed like she could not hold herself back anymore.

In that moment, regardless if it was to protect the peace of Sky Martial Continent, or for their own lives, everyone had to take action.

Valkyrie activated the green ring on her hand as usual, transforming it into a pair of green shoes. She strode forward, her speed was so fast that she seemed to surpass the speed of lightning, in the next second, she was already rushing towards Princess Mu Yi. Not only was she fast, her power was beyond astonishing, clashing head on against the green ripple.


Princess Mu Yi was caught off-guard, she had just turned to look, only to see a figure pouncing towards her.


The two absolute beauties seemed to be hugging, tripping and fiercely crashing on the ground.

Valkyrie’s movements were extremely fast, in the moment of collision, she hugged Mu Yi to bringing her down to the ground, and then suppressing her after landing, while activating her ring to transform into a moss green dagger, and fiercely stabbing towards Princess Mu Yi’s heart.

Without any hesitation, once she took action, it was devastating.


A dagger had pierced into Princess Mu Yi’s plump chest.

The dagger had entered her body, but Princess Mu Yi seemed to be fine, without any expression on her face.

Slowly, her figure dimmed.

“An illusion?”

Valkyrie frowned, and anxiously got up to look, to see that at the side of the seal, another figure had appeared.

So the Princess Mu Yi everyone was looking at was an image used to lure them, the real Mu Yi had always been standing beside the illusion.


Just then, Princess Mu Yi’s hands clapped together, her mouth that was constantly moving had stopped.

Spell completed!


Then, the seal beneath her suddenly burst into a green light that shot into the sky. A terrifyingly large quantity of Spirit Demon figures flew out from the green light, and directly pounced onto the surrounding participants.

Valkyrie was entangled with two seventh stage Spirit Soul Realm Spirit Demon beings, and was unable to get close to Mu Yi.

Even ‘Ten Thousand Heart Sword’ Wan Zang Tian who had not fought, was surrounded by many Spirit Demon beings.

Inside the Sacred Palace, there were over a hundred Spirit Demon beings, all of them were strong with astonishing Qi. It was Princess Mu Yi’s elite troops.

“Damn it! The Spirit Demon woman had brought her Spirit Demon beings into the Sacred Palace!”

“Everyone be careful!”

“Persevere for a while more, for something to happen here, the experts of Qin Creek will rush over here soon, we just need to persevere for a while more, and wait for their support! At that time, we will be able to capture all these Spirit Demon Beings!”

The old lady of the four officials who was still persevering shouted loudly.


Just then, the four light pillars suddenly disappeared. The four of them immediately fell to the floor weakly as though they had suffered severe injuries, all of them were perspiring profusely, looking extremely old, as though they were a step away from their graves.

“Master, are you all ok!”

Yang Fire Yan Yu anxiously ran over and supported the old lady, and asked anxiously.

“We are fine, we were tricked by that Spirit Demon woman!” The old lady gasped for breath.

“Trick?” Yan Yu was startled.

“That Wu Can Mian, lured me over, then purposely sneaked over to me but did not kill me, and instead left marks on us, th-they had already constructed a large array outside of Qin Creek, upon activation, the array will strike us! But the large array is not to kill us, just… Just”

“Just what?”

“It consumed all the energy in our bodies!”

“What?” Yan Yu was shocked.

“Now all of our energy is depleted, and cannot fight for this period of time! Go and inform the rest to escape and not fight with them, quickly escape!”

The old lady shouted with exhaustion.

“Escape? You think, the backup that you talked about will come to your rescue? You are wrong, even outside, has also been completely surrounded by us.”

Princess Mu Yi said coldly, then waved her hand and bellowed: “Defeat them, but do not kill them, their spirits and souls are absolutely perfect materials to be refined into powerful Spirit Demon weapons, all these talented souls, are sufficient for all of us to use, and with all these resources, and all these people, we will definitely win when the war comes!”

“Long Live the Princess!”

“Long live the Princess!”

The Spirit Demon beings all shouted excitedly, all of them becoming fiercer and fiercer.

“Left and Right Commanders! Quickly pin down this man for me!”

Su You Rong who was constantly being beaten by Bai Feng Ye and forced to retreat, she suddenly screamed out.

Straight away, two sturdy Spirit Demon beings rushed forward, they were covered in dense armor, with four arms on their bodies, each hand wielding a sword or blade. The two of them went close and immediately unleashed a barrage of attacks on Bai Feng Ye. Although they were huge and clumsy in size, they were extremely fast, with relatively high awareness. Although Bai Feng Ye was strong, he still had difficulty breaking away from the two of them.

Su You Rong retreated to the side, wiping the blood from the corner of her mouth, her green eyes swept across the crowd, and finally noticed two figures at the back, and immediately smiled: “Hehe, finally, no one can disturb us.”

It was Su Yun and Qing’er.