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Evil Sword Sovereign King (VIII)

Green hills and clear waters, a lady dressed in clean white garments with her bright eyes stood atop a boulder. Her figure was exquisite, with a sweet and graceful back, a pair of slender legs with full and mellow thighs that could make people fall into an illusion. Her small waist seemed like it was possible to be held completely with one arm, and the voluptuous and plump chest that was under the clean white garments made her even more seductive.

“Elder Long!”

Just then, Bai Yan Shan walked over with a downcast expression.

The lady was Long Xian Li, and she was in the resting place allocated to her by the Qin Creek personnel, because of the Mountain River List ranking competition’s rules, other than the participants, no one else could enter, so Long Xian Li could only rest and wait.

“What rank did you obtain?”


“That’s not too bad, at least you have entered the ranks.” Long Xian Li suddenly turned, turning her gaze towards Bai Yan Shan: “Then did you battle with Wu Yun?”


“What was the outcome?”

“I gave up on the competition.”

Long Xian Li’s face immediately flushed red: “…..”

Bai Yan Shan raised her head and looked at Long Xian Li: “Clan Elder, is Wu Yun actually Su Yun?”

“What? Is that true? There was such a thing?” Long Xian Li, panic flashing past her eyes.

“Clan elder did not know prior to this?”

“He wears a mask, how would I know?”

“That is true, Clan Elder, can I ask, what did you and Su Yun gamble on? Yan Shan was too weak, and gave up fighting with him, I do not know if that will implicate Elder.”

“It is nothing much, I will handle it.”

“We cannot let this pass, now that Su Yun has appeared again, does Elder plan on letting him go?”

Bai Yan Shan said gently, but her eyes were completely fixed on Long Xian Li. In truth, she did not hate Su Yun. All in all, the reason why she said all that, was because she wanted to see Long Xian Li’s reaction.

However, Long Xian Li’s beautiful and clear face did not reveal any hint of anger, and she merely nodded her head calmly: “Clan Elder Shen Hong had died under his hand, he naturally has to account for it to our Immortal Sword Sect, but now we are in Qin Creek, a land where experts gather. We cannot do anything yet, let us wait until Su Yun leaves Qin Creek, then we will speak of it again.”

Bai Yan Shan did not say anything.


Inside the Sacred Palace.

Su Yun took a look at everyone around him, and then he retrieved the gold order badge from his waist and threw it on the ground.

“I, Wu Yun, have no more heart to participate in the Mountain River List ranking, all of you slowly compete, I will give up on the Mountain River List, and will take my leave.”

With that, he turned and headed outside.

“Su Ming’er will do the same.”

Qing’er did not hesitate, she threw the qualifications order badge on the ground, even though their rankings were rather high, but the two of them did not care.

Everyone was startled.

Who would have thought that there would be people willing to give up in the competition where countless of people would wreck their own brains to participate.

Even the four Qin Creek officials were stunned, they had witnessed and took charge of so many Mountain River List Ranking Competitions, but had never seen such a matter before.

“Preposterous! Too preposterous!”

“What are they treating the Mountain River List as?!”

“Wu Yun, is the Sacred Palace a place where you can leave just because you said so? You are currently the chosen participant for the Liberty Battles, I have not even challenged you, what makes you think you can leave?”

Lin Tian Yin stood up, and spoke out righteously, he had promised many agreements with the rest, how could he just leave it as that?

“That’s right!” Yan Yu also stood up: “You have not tasted my, Yang Fire’s power, how can you leave?”

Everyone started to become agitated and started to criticize.

“Since when did the competition forbid any participants from admitting defeat? By saying all these, are all of you scheming for something else?” Qing’er snorted, her eyes sweeping across the people.

Her words could not be more obvious, it was saying that they were lusting for the Monarch Occult Force and other treasures on Su Yun’s body.

Although there was no proof that Wu Yun was Su Yun, Su Yun’s methods in battles had proven his identity.

Su Yun turned around, and cupped his fists at the four officials: “Four esteemed seniors, can I ask if we are not able to forfeit from the Mountain River List ranking competition?”

“This….” The old lady was obviously in a difficult situation, but she nodded her head: “You can forfeit.”

Hearing that, Su Yun then clasped his hands again, then he pulled Qing’er’s hands and headed towards the door.

With the four officials stating that forfeit was allowed, who would dare to stop them?

Everyone could only watch as the two left.

But just at that moment, a figure suddenly blocked Su Yun’s path. It was the lady with the mask, dressed in the green robes that revealed her obese size. She was not good looking, but her eyes had a strange look, a look that could baffle people. She laughed: “Su Yun, why are you so anxious in leaving, we have not fought yet.”

“Who exactly are you?”

Su Yun felt that the lady in front of him was extremely familiar, being so close, he sized her up, but felt that she was similar to the person that Long Xian Li was chasing after that day.

Could it be.

“I am also of the Su family.”

She laughed, then took down the mask covering her face, revealing a face that had not an ounce of blood.

“Su You Rong!”

Su Yun and Qing’er exclaimed out at the same time.

“Su You Rong! Aren’t you dead?” Qing’er’s eyes were filled with fear and anger as she interrogated.

“Dead? Heh, how can I die so easily!” A fierce look flashed past Su You Rong’s eyes: “Before I kill you cheating couple, I cannot die in content!”

“Cheating couple?” Su Yun’s pale face turned cold: “You want to kill us? With just yourself?”

“Hahahaha Su Yun, you still think I am the Su You Rong of the past?” Su You Rong laughed out for a long time, with no fear in her face, but her eyes were blatantly filled with a devilish look.

In the next moment, her laughing stopped, her expression becoming very sinister: “Su Yun, I have come here today on official business, but since you two are here as well, it saves me the time to look for you, and can kill you two here.”

When she said that, Su You Rong suddenly extended out her fist, fiercely pounding at Su Yun’s chest, her fist was filled with a strong dense Qi, which was surprisingly tyrannical.

“Young Master! Be careful!”

Seeing that, Qing’er was immediately shocked, she exclaimed, the sword in her hand buzzed, and she was about to fly out.

But in the next second, a hand, so fast like lightning, patted Qing’er’s hand, stopping her from attacking.

Qing’er was startled, and looked at Su Yun with doubt.

She watched as Su Yun took Su You Rong’s punch full force, and retreated backwards from the impact.


The moment Su You Rong released her hand, the old lady at the front bellowed sternly, and then, ‘whoosh’, she flew down, and immediately landed in between the two of them, preventing them from continuing to fight.

Seeing that, Su You Rong dare not behave recklessly anymore.

Su Yun held his chest, and acted like it was painful.

“Young Master, how are you? Are you ok?” Qing’er panicked, she anxiously rushed over and supported Su Yun. She was about to cry when she asked him with worry.

“I’m fine, Qing’er.” Su Yun laughed.

“You could clearly block it just now, why must you allow her to hit you?” Qing’er’s eyes were red.

“This is after all Qin Creek, and the Sacred Palace, we are not in the competition, for her to publicly make a move outside of the competition, is going against the rules. She is ignoring the existence of the officials, so naturally the Qin Creek people will take care of them, so we do not need to do anything!”

Su Yun said softly.

Hearing that, Qing’er understood why, sensing that Su Yun had purposely taken the attack in order to let the Qin Creek people take care of her.

As expected.

The old lady walked over, looking extremely angry, she stared at Su You Rong with her old and cold eyes, and bellowed: “Participant Wu Can Mian! I do not care what enmity you have with Wu Yun, and less about who you are! In the Sacred Palace, you are not to behave atrociously! Same for everyone else!”

“Wu Can Mian knows her wrong!” Su You Rong who had her head lowered suddenly knelt down and immediately exclaimed.

Seeing that, the old lady’s face became better.

She nodded her head and continued to speak: “As this is your first time participating in the Mountain River List, and not familiar with the rules, I will not blame you, but considering the rules of the Mountain River List, you took initiative to attack someone else outside of the competition, although Wu Yun had initiated to forfeit from the competition, but he has not left the Sacred Palace, and is still a participant, in view of the circumstance and following the rules, I will strip you of your qualifications to continue participating, but maintain your name in the list, you were previously ranked 100, do you have any objections?”

“Ah? Strip me of my qualifications to compete?” Hearing that, Su You Rong panicked, she anxiously rushed over and hugged onto the old lady’s leg and cried: “Senior, give me one more chance, I have trained so hard to obtain the rights to participate in the Mountain River List, you cannot take away Wu Can Mian’s qualifications to compete, senior, please give me one more chance, just once!”

Su You Rong started to cry, screaming her heart out.

The old lady frowned, seeing Su You Rong acting like that, her heart softened. But as an official, how could she? Wouldn’t that mean the rules were for show? How could they maintain the reputation of Qin Creek?

Thinking about that, she did not make a sound, she turned and stepped into the air, returning to her original position, she looked down at Su You Rong, and said calmly: “Wu Can Mian, it is not that I am emotionless, but as an official of Mountain River List, I have to follow the rules as well. You have gone against the rules, and was supposed to be expelled, but seeing that you admitted your mistake honestly, I did not punish you, and am only stripping your qualifications, alright, go out, the competition still has to continue.”

Su You Rong still remained plastered on the ground, just that when the old lady tried to console her, she did not cry anymore, but she sat up, her pale white face revealed a smile, the pained begging posture had suddenly disappeared.

Seeing that, Su Yun’s heart tensed: What’s going on?


Just then, Su You Rong suddenly releasing a sharp laughter, her voice was high pitched, with a hint of arrogance in it.

Upon seeing that, everyone in the Sacred Palace were confused.

Has she gone crazy?”

“Maybe, if it was me, I would not be able to take it as well.”

Some people were talking about Su You Rong.

But in the next second, Su You Rong stood up, smiled with a pleased look: “A group of old bastards, you think I truly care about this stupid Mountain River List? Hahaha, if I do not kneel to beg you, how can I attract your attention and prevent you old bastards from defending?”


The old lady was startled, then she suddenly thought of something, and anxiously looked at her leg where Su You Rong was grabbing, her face instantly changing.

At that moment, the old lady’s lower body suddenly exploded out with a large quantity of moss green Qi.

“Be careful!”

An alarming scream came out.

But it was too late.

The green mist had already dispersed, the four officials were unable to avoid it, and were all engulfed by the Qi.

But, the green Qi did not cause them any injury, and with just a wave of her hand, the green Qi was dissipated by the old lady.

The old lady stared at the green Qi, her face suddenly becoming ugly: “This is Spirit Demon Qi?”

“Hahahaha, not bad, old bitch, today you all will die horrible deaths! HAHAHA!”

“Die horrible deaths? Humph, Arrogant Spirit Demon cultivator, you dare to be reckless in Qin Creek, are you not afraid of death?”

The old lady was already enraged, she bellowed, all the cultivators in the Palace had converged, surrounding Su You Rong tightly.

All of the participants were shocked beyond words.

Wu Can Mian was a Spirit Demon cultivator!

But, how did a Spirit Demon person mix into the Mountain River List Competition?

“When did Su You Rong become a Spirit Demon cultivator?” Qing’er could not believe her eyes.

“Back in the Su Family, I noticed that there was something wrong with her, I never thought that she had colluded with the Spirit Demon dao.”

Su Yun pulled Qing’er’s hands, and retreated to the side.

“Qing’er, this is none of our business, I will think of a way to leave this place, the enmities of the people here are not our problem.”

Su Yun said solemnly, but he had already seen that Su You Rong’s sneak attack was fake, and had secretly plotted against the old seniors, so she was actually purposefully making so much noise, to attract the old lady, and then make a move on her.

But, what was the use of the Spirit Demon Qi?

“Master Chen, I advise you not to mess around, if not, I cannot guarantee that you all can live another breath.”

Just as the cultivators had pointed their weapons at Su You Rong, ready to attack her, a voice came out by the side.

Everyone turned to look, to see that the lady in green who was seated with Su You Rong was slowly walking over.

The lady took off the disguise on her face, restoring her original look, her absolutely beautiful features were revealed.

Seeing that, Su Yun’s heart was surprised, but the surprise quickly turned into rage.

“It’s her!”