Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 293
Evil Sword Sovereign King (I)

“He was killed?”

A selection competition participant looked at the lava inside the absolute domain in fear, his face was pale white, his lips trembling.

No one had thought that the Mountain River List Ranking Competition was so ruthless and horrifying.

The entire place was quiet, even the participants who were able to enter were frozen at the same location.

A well and alive person had just died in front of them, a respectful genius who had been through so much sufferings and trials, had died just like that.


The absolute domain started to shrink, shrinking with the speed of water trickling down the river bed, in the end it transformed into a small box, and disappeared.

The four officials in front continued to watch calmly, their faces not changing one bit, as though their faces had not changed since ancient times.

“I hope that everyone will be careful when choosing the agreement. The Mountain River List Ranking Competition is not a game, if you choose the fight to the death agreement, then you must be responsible for your own actions, including your lives.”

The old woman spoke slowly, her aged voice holding a seriousness as though she had seen through life and death.

The four old people’s faces had traces of regret, but only a bit, since they were the officials, they had already seen the demise of many geniuses.

Every man and woman on sight all swallowed their saliva as their hearts beat faster.

The participants at the entrance were all walking in carefully, all of them earnestly and respectfully greeting the four officials.

After gaining approval, they scattered to the left and right and found their seats.

This time no one dared to make a ruckus, since the murder was too shocking, no one dared to be rash again.

One after another, participants slowly gathered in. Suddenly, a slight disturbance came out.

Two figures walked in.

The one leading was dressed in white blademaster clothe, and was beautiful.

No one was able to express the simple yet true beauty of her, there was nothing to describe, no ornaments or decorations, the lady was only using an ordinary white veil to tie her black hair. Leisurely walking in, a natural scent blowing in along with the wind, the smell and fragrance caused people’s heart to tremble slightly as their eyes were fixated on her.

Beside her was a man wielding a one handed blade, seemingly attentive to the lady, constantly speaking while walking, just that the lady was indifferent and simple, only nodding towards him and not giving an answer. The distance between the two were maintained at a constant range, as this did not incite any anger.

When they walked in, Su Yun casually took a glance, but it was only one glance, and immediately his eyes were stuck.

He stared at the lady in the white blademaster clothe, looking at her appearance with blazing eyes, a sense of familiarity taking over his heart.

“Who is this person? Why is she so familiar?”

Is she Qing’er? Yes! She truly resemble Qing’er, but where does she come from?

What’s going on?

Su Yun secretly clenched his fists.

After meeting so many people, no one was able to give him that sort of feeling.

This girl, who is she?

“Su Ming’er (Lu Xi Shan), greets the four seniors.”

The two of them had already reached the center of the palace hall and greeted the officials.

“Su Ming’er?”

Just one letter difference between the names. That coincidental?

“Su Ming’er from Snow Jade Palace? Truly as what the rumors say, she is not an ordinary person.”

Someone from the side praised.

Hearing that, Su Yun lowered his head and thought, and made a decision.

I will wait until the Ranking Competitions end, and ask her directly.

He thought about that, but his gaze was always fixated on the lady, watching her every move and action.

She truly does look a like, but there are also a few differences, is it truly possible for a person to imagine someone else as another to such a degree?

Thinking about Su Qing’er’s lineage, Su Yun started to suspect if the lady in front was Qing’er’s sister.

“Wu Can Mian (Mu Yi) greets the four seniors.”

Just then, two other voices came out.

The gloomy voices pulled Su Yun out from his thoughts. He turned to look, it was two ladies that had walked into the Sacred Palace.

One of them was wearing a mask, her figure was rather obese, dressed in black clothes, she did not carry any weapons, but her eyes was covered with a dark haze.

The other lady was very different, her body was long, dressed in greenish jade clothes, her body permeated with a cold and arrogant temperament, her skin was white as snow, her fine black hair loosely dropped on her shoulders, her cheeks were sharp and skinny, but extremely delicate, as though she was made of porcelain, giving off a pitiful look. She drooped her head, her long and narrow eyes revealed a languid look, giving off an enchanting and alluring feel.

Countless men in the Sacred Palace became absent minded and blurred by her unique charm, but she was not affected by them. Her expression did not change much, only revealing a look of arrogance and disdain.

“Are the two of them participants from the selection competition? I heard that Wu Cang Mian is strong, but who is Mu Yi? I have never heard of her.”

“Who cares if you haven’t heard of her, anyways, as participants from the Selection competition, they won’t be able to last long.”

After the two paid their respects, they went to a corner to sit down. Wu Cang Mian still kept her mask on, quietly looking at the people around, her gaze finally landing at Su Yun’s body, while the lady called Mu Yi had her head drooped low from start to end.

“Wan Zang Tian greets the four seniors!”

Not long after the two ladies sat down, another voice came out.

When his voice came out, it immediately caused an uproar.

Countless people stood up, all of their excited expressions turned towards the origin of the voice.

A man with hair that dropped to his waist which had a heavy sword box strapped on walked in. He was dressed in a rather enthusiastic attire with gold threads, his expression was stern with an unspeakably tyrannical dao and self confidence brimming from his body. He looked ahead with arrogance in his eyes, every movement of his was giving off the air of a strong cultivator.

“Wan Zang Tian? The Ten Thousand Heart Sword is here!!”

“Is this the famous and renowned Ten Thousand Heart Sword Wan Zang Tian?

“I wonder who is more powerful, him or Valkyrie!”

People started to whisper.

Valkyrie who was at the corner seated with her eyes close could also not hold back, she opened her eyes and look at Wan Zang Tian.

“Good! Good! Wan Zang Tian, I have long heard of your name, but never expected to actually meet you in person today! For Sky Martial Continent to have such an outstanding youth of the new generation is truly the blessing for Sky Martial Continent! Find a place to sit!”

One of the old man of the four officials laughed and nodded his head as he spoke, looking like he admired Wan Zang Tian.

To actually do such actions as an official, everyone were taken aback.

If even all these Qin Creek Old weirdos are praising him, what strength does Wan Zang Tian have? What talent does he possess?

“Thank You seniors for your show of appreciation!”

Wan Zang Tian cupped his fists, then turned and went to the corner, and sat facing the opposite of Valkyrie.

The disturbance in the Sacred Palace was still at its high, with countless people constantly looking at Wan Zang Tian. But when he sat down, like Valkyrie, he closed his eyes and meditated without moving, like a statue.

More and more people entered, and very quickly, there were around 100 participants in the Sacred Palace.

The majority of the seeded participants sat more towards the front at the left and right, while the selection participants sat further behind.

After experiencing the battle between Yan Yu and Xiao Yuan Ba, the atmosphere of the Ranking Competition had changed, as everyone were cautiously sizing each other up, as though they were trying to find out who would bear a threat to them.


Just then, a deep and resounding clock strike sound came out inside the vast Sacred Palace.

Everyone quieted down.

The four officials stood up at the same time. Seeing that, everyone else also stood up.

One of the old lady used her muddy eyes to size up everyone in front of her, and spoke out: “Everyone is here, now, this old one will officially announce, the Mountain River List Ranking Competition will now begin!”

With that said, the gold order badge in everyone’s hands all lit up, and a large number was imprinted on it.


Everyone knew what the number represented.

Yan Yu, the one who had fought previously, had the number 1 written on his Order Badge.

The numbers represented the ranking of Mountain River List.

“The Mountain River List Ranks will be based according to our assessment of you. Your display of skills, mystical techniques, cultivations, determination etc while engaging in either the pointers or fight to the death battles, will all be recorded by me, and this will influence your ranking position. Although winning and losing will play a huge part in the rankings, but at the same time, whether or not you win or you lose, your performance will also affect your own rankings, so everyone please give it your all.”

“The competition will begin in 20 breaths of time, 10 breaths used for challenges, 10 breaths used for roll call. If no one issues any challenges, I will conduct the roll call.”

With that said, the old woman lifted up her hand high up in the sky.

Clank clank.

The absolute domain that had disappeared started to form once again, like a blossoming flower, its profoundness and uniqueness quickly caused everyone to be in awe.

“Then, now is the time to issue challenges, whoever wants to challenge anyone, come and choose between the ‘pointers agreement’ and ‘fight to the death agreement’. The person being challenged cannot reject, for it will be deemed as failing and will be punished. If no one issues any challenges, then we will begin with the roll call after 10 breaths.”

When she finished, she waved her hands again, producing the two agreements in front of her.

The Mountain River List Ranking Competition had officially begun.

The Sacred Palace became extremely quiet.

Su Yun did not move or make a sound. He already knew the strength of the participants in the selection competition, but he was still unclear on the cultivation of the seeded participants, and after checking through the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, the lowest cultivation among the seeded participants was at the fifth stage Spirit Soul Realm. Adding up their treasures and mystical techniques, their fighting ability would definitely be very unique, and could be said to be able to exchange blows with a few clan elders of various sects.

Then, how strong is the strongest person here?


Just then, a person flew out from the group. It was a skinny young man dressed in blue, he jumped in front of the two agreements, holding his long spear, he waved his hand at Valkyrie Xiao Chuo who was seated quietly and said: “I know of Valkyrie’s outstanding battle achievements, proficient in the 100 different types of weapons, and by yourself you train in 36 different powerful mystical techniques, holding the crown of outstanding martial skills. I am Lin Gong Long, pardon me for my boldness as I will be using the pointers agreement to consult Valkyrie for a few moves!”

Inside the quiet Sacred Palace, all the startled eyes converged onto Lin Gong Long’s body.

To issue a challenge straight up to the Valkyrie on the go, he truly was admirable.

“You truly don’t know the difference between life and death! You think that you are fit to challenge my family’s miss? I alone can take care of you, an ant that overestimates himself!”

Before Valkyrie could speak, the young lady wielding the blade and sword by the side stood up and shouted angrily.

“I am seeking Valkyrie, and not you, young miss.” Lin Gong Long said disdainfully: “If Valkyrie fears a challenge, then she can decline! And not let this little girl come out and speak of jokes!”

“You!” Xiao Xue was furious.

“Xiao Xue!”

Just then, an indifferent voice came out.

Xiao Xue turned her head, anxiously lowering her head respectfully to the summon: “Miss.”

Valkyrie who was sitting quietly slowly opened her powerful eyes. She looked at Lin Gong Long, and shook her head: “You are not my opponent, find another person! Two of you can come at me together!”


Those words shocked the entire crowd.

Valkyrie wanted to fight 2 against 1?