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The Difference Between the Two Types of Participants

So the Valkyrie was called Xiao Chuo.

Su Yun opened his eyes and looked over. The lady was dressed in black garments, with bright eyes and teeth, and her skin looked as though she had makeup on. Her figure was extremely alluring, delicate and sensual, with a graceful posture and noble temperament, her eyes and lips, every word and action looked as though she was from the Temple in the Heavens, without any flaws, especially the vaguely clear smooth and round hips concealed by the black garments. Her long, slender legs seem to be filled with power. But the one that stole people’s heart and soul away was her full chest that she proudly puffed up, and her slender waist making people have the urge to hold her tightly. The curves of her body showed off her beauty, she did not seem to look mature, but to already have this appearance, in the future where she fully ripens, even one look or smile from her could most likely cause a person’s bone to melt, and soul to fly to the sky.

Many people were entranced by her absolute beauty and temperament. The other ladies flashed looks of disgust, she lightly swept her gaze across everyone, causing them all to tremble with a chill, the cold intent across their back made it seem as though it was instead, a wild beast staring at them.

Valkyrie Xiao Chuo bowed and then went to the front most right side and sat down quietly, and the other person who followed and sat beside her, was the young lady in the forest who wielded the blade and sword.

The valkyrie was a seeded participant, and naturally could join in the Mountain River Sect, while the young lady under her had participated in the selection competition and fought her way up the dragon group, allowing her to participate as well. But it seemed as though her only goal was just to personally wait on the Valkyrie.

“Valkyrie’s name is truly not a facade, that appearance and aura, is truly more powerful than what the rumors say!”

A languid voice came out from the side. Su Yun turned to look and saw a young man whose face was like jade, wearing a green crown on his head and holding a wooden staff in his hand, smiling towards Xiao Chuo.

His name was Yan Yu, who was a seeded participant from Flaming Dragon Pavilion, nicknamed “Yang Fire”, his Scarlet Star Spirit Qi was unfathomable, and it was said that he could easily burn an entire forest and mountain.

But, when he said those words, Valkyrie actually turned a deaf ear to him, she quietly closed her eyes and relaxed herself, as though she did not year Yan Yu’s words. Even the young lady called Xiao Xue, Valkyrie’s servant didn’t even look at him.

Completely ignored!

This was basically not putting Yan Yu in their eyes.

Yan Yu’s face immediately changed, his expression extremely ugly.

But with Valkyrie’s strength, even when Yan Yu was awkward, he did not dare to make a sound.

Just at that moment, a laughter came out.

“Hahaha, Valkyrie can’t even be bothered to look at you, and you’re still thinking to try to make connections with her? What a joke, hahaha!”

The one who spoke was Xiao Yuan Ba, who was a participant that fought his way up to selection competition into the dragon group. He was very huge, his hands held onto his dual wield hammer, wearing a treasure armor, his entire body was filled with explosive power.

But when he said that, Yan Yu’s face immediately became colder.

“What are you? Just a selection competition member, you actually dare to speak against me? Seeking death!”
When he said that, Yan Yu actually jumped to the center of the Hall, taking out his gold order badge from his waist, raising it above his head, he shouted: “Participant Yan Yu, with accordance to the Mountain River Order, I issue a challenge!”

What’s that?

Su Yun did not understand.

But in the next moment, the four elders that were seated at the front opened their eyes at the same time and looked at Yan Yu.

“Who do you want to challenge?” One of the elder asked.

Yan Yu turned, using his staff, he pointed at Xiao Yuan Ba and said: “Him!”

The old man looked at the startled Xiao Yuan Ba with his yellow eyes, and asked: “Participant Xiao Yuan Ba, there is already a participant challenging you, if you do not accept, then you will be deemed as failed and unable to participate in the competition later. If you accept this challenge and win, you can continue to participate, and obtain a higher ranking. Please tell me your choice.”

“What? There is such a thing?” Xiao Yuan Ba and many people were also unclear of the ranking competition’s rules.

In the ranking competition, participants were free to issue challenges, but they were only allowed to accept a challenge in an allocated amount of time, and cannot issue more challenges in that same time. In the challenge, the loser will instantly drop in ranking and and would unable to participate in other rounds to obtain a higher ranking, while the winner can instead continue to compete, but in the following round, he will exempted by one round.

“Xiao Yuan Ba, The Mountain River List Rules were long announced, it was your fault that you did not listen, who can you blame? Now that you have provoked Young Master Yan, hehe, let’s see how you die!”

“You are bold, but also a stupid dumb nut, what about it? You dare to mock Young Master Yan but dare not accept the challenge?”

“Such a coward! Bah!”

A few selection competition participants who wanted to fawn on Yan Yu all stood up and started to criticize XiaoYuan Ba, trying pressure him.

Xiao Yuan Ba’s face turned ugly, he was a man who spoke quickly without thinking, but he never expected himself to land in such a situation.

But he was merely startled, scared? He did not even know that word.

“Bah! Coward? Who the f*** said I am a coward? I am not afraid of what Yan to the Yu! Since I dare to speak, I dare to challenge! If you want to fight, then let’s fight, who’s afraid of you!”

Xiao Yuan Ba spat in his palms, rubbing his hands together, he pulled his hammers and walked up.

“I will make you pay for your arrogance.” Yan Yu revealed a sinister smile.

One of the four elders, a lady cultivator, stood up. She extended her old palm, drawing two halos in the air, the symbols in the halos moved, the words gently floating as though they were living creatures.

“Can the two participants come and choose your battle agreement.”

“The first type is a ‘sparring agreement’, agreeing to it is to agree to exchanging pointers, and not to harm each other, stopping after an allocated time.”

“Another type is a ‘fight to the death agreement’, agreeing to it is to agree to fight until one is dead, life or death does not matter, only when one is dead will the agreement be completed, please make your choice.”

“Since we are fighting, naturally it is the fight to the death agreement! Exchange pointers? Restraining of the arms and legs, naturally our strength will not be displayed.”

Yan Yu laughed, and directly walked to the halo with the fight to the death agreement, he then pressed his hand on it, then turned to look at Xiao Yuan Ba with provocation.

“Yuan Ba, don’t be rash, he is a seeded participant, and is very powerful! Choose the pointers agreement, according to the competition rules, as long as one person chooses the pointers agreement, then the competition will be about exchanging pointers, he will not dare to harm you!”

The spectators shouted anxiously.

However, Xiao Yuan Ba has long since been angered by Yan Yu’s provocation. He bellowed, then walked forward and smashed the fight to the death agreement with his fist.

In that moment, the pointers agreement crumbled, and the fight to the death agreement transformed into two golden liquid that flowed into the two person’s arms.

A strange scene occurred.

In the center of the Palace hall, a golden square frame appeared which continued to spin and then expand. After expanding, it suddenly blossomed out like a sun, and in the blink of an eye, it formed a golden absolute domain.

The domain separated the inside from the surroundings, and Su Yun who was on one side of the domain, was unable to feel the Qi of the person sitting opposite side from him.

Is this the battleground?

Su Yun looked at the domain carefully.

Suddenly, his entire body felt uneasy, as though someone was watching him carefully.

He looked around, and was amazed to see the two people in the corner who were looking at him.

One’s eyes were of passion, another harbored hatred.

They were from the Valkyrie Xiao Chuo and the Servant Xiao Xue.

(TN: Xiao Chuo is pronounced Cell Thrall, Xiao Xue is pronounced Sell Shred without the d. The difference is that Cell’s tone is going upwards, while Sell’s tone is going downwards, they are different Xiao(s). 1)Xiāo, 3)Xiǎo, 4)xiào. There is a second one, but I could not find the symbol for it.)

“Seems like I have been recognized.”

Su Yun secretly sighed.

But for now, I have no time to communicate with them, seeing how Yan Yu is doing things, I am afraid my battle with Profound Sky Sect will come rather quickly.

When the absolute domain appeared, there were more people entering the Sacred Palace in succession, but they were blocked by the absolute domain, and could only stand at the door and wait for the match to be over. Other than the participants, no one else were able to enter the domain.


Just then, Yan Yu leaped out, like a big bird, he gently floated into the domain, following that, he did a hooking action with his finger, provoking Xiao Yuan Ba to enter, causing his blood to boil.

“You don’t know what’s good for you!”

Xiao Yuan Ba roared, he carried his hammer and rushed into the domain.

“You will be dying in a few minutes, before you die, do you have words that you want to make clear?”

Yan Yu laughed.

“I will make everything clear to your mother!”

Xiao Yuan Ba shouted, raising his hammers, the True Divine Spirit Qi in his body surged forth like 10 thousand horses that raced forward into his hands and into the hammer. In that moment, the hammer released a sound, revealing a dense earth colored aura, following that he smashed towards Yan Yu.


The absolute domain released a loud sound from the inside. The ground inside the domain split apart, causing the ground to shake as though an earthquake had occurred.

But outside of the domain, it was calm like before.

Everyone looked at where the hammers had landed and saw that Yan Yu who was originally standing there had already disappeared.

Everyone anxiously looked around, only to realise that Yan Yu was in the air.

He, at that moment, had a burning grand tiger mark between his eyebrows, both of his legs were stepping on fire clouds, in his hand was a flaming staff, looking like a fire god that had descended, looking down on Xiao Yuan Ba.

He raised his finger and pointed at Xiao Yuan Ba, the temperature around the finger tip suddenly soaring, forming a white transparent fiery arrow that shot forward.

Xiao Yuan Ba was startled, before he could dodge the fire intent, he allowed his body to be struck by the fiery arrow. When it landed, it was not painful or itchy, so he did not care about it, and he continued to dance around with his hammer, and tossing it into the sky.

The hammer with its unknown weight was like a mountain that flew forth, causing the air to shake, the power visible.

However, with Yan Yu’s speed, why would he wait? He dodged like a lightning bolt, and in a blink of an eye, he had dodged a hundred meters away.

He was not rash to attack, he continued to extend his finger and release the faint fire.

“Seeded participant? Still only so so! You only know how to dodge! What’s the point! If you truly have the skills, you come down here, and face me to fight 300 rounds!”

Seeing that Yan Yu was still dodging, Xiao Yuan Ba was enraged as he bellowed.

“300 rounds?” Yan Yu who was in the air sneered: “I think between us, it will only last 3 rounds!”

“Bullshit! See if I do not rip you to shreds! You trash!”

Xiao Yuan Ba opened his mouth and released a thunderous roar, circles of valiant sound waves emitting out from his mouth.

“True Divine Roar!”

“So powerful! With its imposing might and momentum, I think even a third stage Spirit Soul cultivator will be struck into a coma! If Yan Yu still disregards this technique, I am afraid he will lose!”

Discussions occurred outside the domain.

Yet, Yan Yu did not do anything, he still extended out his fingers, and continued to release fire from his fingers towards Xiao Yuan Ba.

“Damn it! You only know how to dodge?” Witnessing such a situation, Xiao Yuan Ba stopped his anger, staring at Yan Yu in anger: “You forced me to use my ultimate move!”

“Oh? You still have an ultimate move? Let me see!” Yan Yu mocked.

Xiao Yuan Ba waved his hand, retrieving the large hammer back to his palm. His shoulders started to undulate, True Divine force surging out and started to spiral around the hammer’s head, Yuan Ba and the hammer continued to spin, his footsteps and hand movements were constantly changing, as though he was activating some sort of mystical technique.

The interior of the domain exploded with a powerful wave of True Divine force, with Xiao Yuan Ba as the center, the energy was aggressive, it was an impressive display of force, vast and majestic, instilling fear.

“When it is possible to let a person off, one should spare them, and let the man live.”

Just at that moment, a clear voice came out by the side, no one knew who said it.

But when he said that, Xiao Yuan Ba roared.

“I will not! Definitely not! This arrogant and rampant person, even in death he cannot atone for his crimes!”

Just that!

When he said that, Yan Yu’s eyes was already releasing killing intent.

“Idiot, he is not speaking to you!” Yan Yu’s voice was cold.


Xiao Yuan Ba’s heart shrunk.

Yan Yu suddenly waved his staff, the staff releasing a strange Qi, after that, the fire all around his body extinguished, he dropped down from the sky and gently landed on the ground.

Xiao Yuan Ba on the other hand, suddenly stopped moving, frozen in place.

His eyes were wide open, the Qi around his body were dissipating like water, the hammer in his hands and fallen to the ground.

What was going on?
Many of the participants of the selection competition were covered with perspiration.

Before they could think about anything, a painful wail came out, the sturdy Xiao Yuan Ba’s body suddenly cracked, the cracks releasing lava-like light auras, his eyes melted, his flesh became tofu. He collapsed on the ground, and in the next second, he had transformed into lava, releasing smoke in the middle of the domain.

Dense and strong Scarlet Star Spirit Qi was released from the lava.

Instant victory.

Yan Yu’s eyes coldly glanced at the lava, blowing off the smoke off his fingers, he walked out of the domain.

The participants from the selection competition were all shocked beyond words, their eyes wide opened.

From start to end, Xiao Yuan Ba never touched a hair of Yan Yu, but Yan Yu, from start to end, only released one technique!
Was this the difference between the two types of participants?