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Profound Sky Sect’s Seeded Participant

Lei Tian Dong’s eyes were covered with dense killing intent. He did not speak much, but compared to others, his strength was extremely special, and no one in Profound Sky Sect dared to look down on him.

Of course, no one also dared to look down on Wu Yun’s cultivation, since even an expert from the Immortal Sword Sect had lost to him.

“Why is it so lively here? Why are you all not going in?”

Just then, a languid and relaxed laughing voice came out from behind.

Everyone turned to look, they saw a spirit cultivator leading a young man with clean white skin dressed in a topaz robe, he was skinny with dark eye circles, a long braid of hair tied that fell to his back, and two purple light balls in his hand. When he walked over, everyone felt as though their minds had suddenly become peaceful, not thinking of any other things. They only looked at him, attracted by every single move he made.

Su Yun saw him walk past, a cautious look sweeping past his eyes. He secretly looked around and saw that many people had their gaze fixated on that person.

Obsession! It was not a mystical technique, but an acquired and groomed trait that only true experts were able to train, one that was extremely effective against weak cultivators. Upon being attracted by the obsession, they would stop thinking about anything else, and with all their heart and mind, they would look at him and think of him, losing all their fighting strength. If the owner of the obsession trait made a move, they would be able to get rid of their enemy.

Looks like this person was not simple.

“Participant Li Mu Qing, please refrain from creating disturbance to the other participants outside of the competition, if not you will have your qualifications revoked.”

Just then, a spirit cultivator behind spoke out indifferently.

When the man called Li Mu Qing heard, he gave a hollow laugh, and gave a thumbs up.

Immediately, the people around all started trembling as they regained their senses, as though they were just awoken from a dream.

“Ah? Is that Li Mu Qing?”

“Li Mu Qing? Who is that?”

“A seeded participant you idiot, I never thought that a seeded participant’s strength would be so much stronger than us from the selected from the selection competition. None of us are his match at all.”

“I wonder what the strengths of the other seeded participants are.”

“I do not know about them, but what I do know, is that when all of you stand in front of them, you are all just a group of trash.”

The person called Li Mu Qing spoke out with a smile.

“Y-you, what did you say?”

One person got angry and stood out to retort back.

Li Mu Qing looked and smiled at the person: “I said, you are all trash! Trash! Do you understand?”

“You”. The person was upset, and was about the move to attack, but was pulled back by people beside him very quickly.

Seeing that, Li Mu Qing laughed out loud: “Honestly, there wasn’t a need for the selection competition, Qin Creek People had long chosen the true participants for Mountain River List, you guys coming here only serves to increase the numbers.”

These arrogant words immediately caused everyone to be angered to a point beyond words. Previously, no one had any idea what the seeded participants were capable of, but when Li Mu Qing revealed his aura, it already caused everyone to recognize the difference between them, who were ordinary participants and the seeded participants. Everyone was enraged, but also fearful.

“Senior brother.”

Just then, Lei Tian Dong walked over, and bowed with a cupped fist at Li Mu Qing.

“Oh? Tian Dong, you’re here too. What I said just now, you were not included. Don’t keep it to heart. Us Profound Sky Sect Disciples are all elites, where no average people could dare to compare with us, hahaha!”

Li Mu Qing then noticed Lei Tian Dong within the crowd, causing his expression to become awkward and immediately forcing a laugh out.

Lei Tian Dong did not make a sound, his face did not have any expression of anger either.

“Eh? Where is Junior Brother Sun?” Li Mu Qing looked around, only to find that something was amiss and immediately asked him.

Hearing that, Lei Tian Dong’s eyes flashed with anger, he spoke with his cupped fists: “His arms were cut off by someone. He is currently in the cave recuperating, and did not manage to enter the ranking competition.”


Hearing that, Li Mu Qing’s face changed, and he bellowed: “Who cut off his arms? Who? Tell me who?”

Lei Dong Tian did not say a word, he only raised his head and looked towards Su Yun.

Li Mu Qing followed Lei Dong Tian’s gaze and looked at Su Yun. He thought for a moment before walking over.

He stood in front of Su Yun, his eyes gloomy as he stared at the weird man in a mask, his mouth revealing a smile: “Were my junior brother arms truly cut off by you?”

“Not me”


“Then who was it?”

Li Mu Qing was startled, but he regained his composure, without showing any anger on his face. Instead, he laughed and patted Su Yun’s shoulder.

“Interesting, Interesting, Brother, what is your name?”

“Wu Yun.”

“Haha, so it’s Wu Yun right? Good! Good! Me and my junior brother come from Profound Sky Sect, for my junior brother to be defeated by you, it has affected the name of my Profound Sky Sect, but I hope that when we fight in the ranking competition later, at least give me a chance to gain back the name of my Profound Sky Sect.” Li Mu Qing’s eyes flashed with killing intent, he smiled and turned, then waved towards Lei Tian Dong, immediately bringing him into the Sacred Palace.

Though the words were simple and kind, everyone was able to hear that Li Mu Qing had already sent a challenge to Su Yun.

If they did not meet, then it will be fine, but if they meet, there would be a show to watch.

“I didn’t know Profound Sky Sect also had a seeded participant.”

Su Yun sighed, and shook his head.

But he did not care.

His goal was to be top 3, regardless of what price he had to pay, he had to obtain the Through Heavens Mirror, regardless of who was stopping him, he would tear them to pieces.

Li Mu Qing brought Lei Tian Dong and walked towards the square formation at the entrance. The square formation released a light halo, releasing a mystical Qi that enveloped the two of them, and after a minute or so, the square formation’s halo dispersed, and the spirit cultivators standing by the side of the square formation nodded, allowing the two to enter the Sacred Palace.

Seeing that, Su Yun also headed towards the square formation, and gave the golden Order Badge towards the spirit cultivator for inspection.

“Participant Wu Yun, as a dragon group participant, we will now begin inspection. Inside the Mountain River List ranking competition, you are permitted to use any methods available to yourself, but please refrain from using any spirit demon, demonic, evil, or ghost related objects, treasures or mystical techniques. If we find that you are using one, we will immediately strike to kill without mercy.”

The spirit cultivator said.

That immediately made Su Yun perspire in cold sweat.

Could this square formation check treasures? He thought it was just like the Pond of Intentions that checked the body only.

Upon thinking about the Evil Realm materials inside his storage rings, his heart jumped even more frantically.

“Participant Wu Yun, what’s wrong with you? Why are you perspiring so much?”’

The spirit cultivator by the side returned the gold Order Badge back to Su Yun and asked curiously.

“Ah? Haha, nothing nothing, it’s so hot here.”

“Hot?” The spirit cultivator glanced at the blazing sun in the sky with suspicion, his eyes filled with confusion.

Su Yun wiped the perspiration off his fist, his heart tensing up.

If there were any problems, he would have no choice but to avoid people, but he never thought that the Sacred Palace would still have such procedures… He had truly miscalculated.


What was surprising was that although the square formation was very mystical, it only roughly swept through once, and did not even touch the items in the storage rings. Very quickly, the halo of the square formation dispersed.

“There are no problems, Participant Wu Yun, you may enter the Sacred Palace.”

Just then, these words of pardon shook Su Yun.

He heaved a sigh of relief, he immediately took his Order Badge and walked in.

The Entrance of the Sacred Palace was extremely huge, like an entrance for giants. When Su Yun went through the broad entrance, a strange feeling surged forward in his mind, the blood in his body suddenly boiling up.

What’s going on?

He endured the throbbing of his body and walked inwards.

The sound of a bugle horn started to resonate outwards, as though he landed in an ancient battlefield, the feeling extended continuously.

There seems to be a voice that is yelling in a soft tone.

It’s inaudible.

I cannot understand.

The interior of the Palace was vast, as though it was an entirely new world.

Many large statues stood erect all around, there were males and females, some dressed in armor, some in light robes. All of their appearances were blurred, but the time they were cast was obvious, some were very new, and some were extremely old. They stood by the sides of the Palace like big mountains, in perfect rows.

On the left and right walls were simple dark yellow relief sculptures, every single one of them were lifelike, giving off a feeling that could shock the heart.

When Su Yun walked in, there were already countless people inside, other than the dozens of white robed and white masked Qin Creek Protectors, inside the palace sat four pale people.

The four of them had the clothes of the Qin Creek people, yet they did not have masks.

They kept their sunken yet spirited eyes opened, looking at every participant that entered the Sacred Palace.

Behind them were many circular array formations.

These array formations were either red, yellow, black or purple, every formation sealed a treasure, the array formation blocked the Qi of the treasures, disallowing people to sense the grade of the treasures, but even without sensing the Qi of the treasures, people could tell that they were not of the ordinary objects. And behind the arrays where the treasures were kept, was a gigantic circular array formation, this dazzling and splendid array formation shot a gold light into the sky, inside the halo of light, there was a gigantic mythical lion leaping around, it was extremely mysterious. There were no treasures inside, and no one knew what it was for.

When Su Yun entered the Sacred Palace, his eyes were immediately plastered onto the array formation.

“Are those the prizes of the Mountain River List ranking competition?”

His heart started to pulse quickly, an obvious look of passion appearing in his eyes.

Walking to the center of the Sacred Palace, Su Yun followed the rules and greeted the four pale Qin Creek Elders with a cupped fist.

“Junior Wu Yun, greets the four seniors.”

The four of them were the officials of the ranking competition, and were also the peak existences of Qin Creek. Although no one knew if there were anyone leading the entire Qin Creek, it was obvious that the people currently in charge were the four of them.

Su Yun quietly used the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye to size up the four of them, but realised that he could not see through their strength, as he was unable to even catch a hint of any profound spirit force fluctuation.

They should at least be of the Spirit Star Realm, and their stages must not be low either.

He secretly thought.


The four of them nodded, an old man within the four with a thick bulky whip of hair behind his head spoke out.

“Wu Yun, you have earned the qualifications of the competition, please sit quietly by the side to wait. When everyone gathers, the competition will then begin.”


Su Yun cupped his fists and followed behind the two of them.

There were many youths of both males and females seated at both sides, all of their Qi were strong, they were of a different class of people that Su Yun had interacted before.

Everyone here was young, but surely, in the future, each and every one of them would be powerful major characters that will shake the world.

Su Yun found a place to sit and closed his eyes to meditate to wait quietly. A few sinister eyes from far away looked over and landed on his body, but he did not sense them.


Just then, a light sound came out from the big doors, following that, two figures walked over.

“Junior Xiao Chuo, greets the four seniors!!”

A sweet sounding and pretty voice that carried some degree of heroic spirit came out from person.

Before Su Yun could open his eyes to look at the person, he then heard another voice inside the Sacred Palace.

“The Valkyrie has arrived!”

An unknown person shouted out.