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Mandate of Heaven Key

Although the Engraved Dragon Blade’s grade was low, with the support of the Monarch Occult Force, the sword blade’s surface layer was wrapped with layers upon layers of Profound Spirit Qi, becoming surprisingly sharp, and in that moment, was similar to a deadly god weapon.

However, Sun Zhi Miao was not some nobody. When the Engraved Dragon Blade slashed at his waist, his glove quickly took out gold powder from the storage ring on his waist and threw it at Su Yun!

The moment it was flung at Su Yun, the gold powder released light auras.

Bang bang bang bang bang!

The moment that the gold powder released light, they all became as heavy as a thousand catties which were incomparably tough. The Engraved Dragon Blade that was slashing through was immediately blocked by the gold powder, and the remaining gold powder that landed on Su Yun’s body were like many small hills smashing on his body, they were extremely heavy, causing Su Yun’s entire being to suddenly smash into the ground.

“How is it? Isn’t my treasure ‘Thousand Catty Dust’ nice?”

Sun Zhi Miao’s mouth arched upwards, he suddenly took a breath, and instead of landing on the ground, he soared up further into the sky. After reaching around 1km up in the sky, he suddenly dove down, and when he was close enough, he released both fists that struck towards Su Yun.

“Tyrannical God Fist!”

Sun Zhi Miao bellowed, the iron fists releasing gigantic fist silhouettes, bombing indiscriminately towards the ground.

The ground that had just experienced the tremor was once again bombarded by a storm of crazy fist energy that struck multiple times. The surrounding spectators all retreated backwards, even the official and judges had to retreat away from the fighting arena, only the Qin Creek Protectors who stood at the four corners remained like statues, not moving one inch, from start to end, bearing the ripples coming from the attacks of the participants.

The Profound Sky Sect was a renowned name not only in the Southern Continent, but even people from the Northern Continent did not dare look down on them. Just in the recent years, the Profound Sky Sect have stayed at a low profile. With the many other sects appearing everywhere, which added to their low activity around the continent, leading to them becoming irrelevant. However, being irrelevant did not mean being looked down on. The Profound Sky Sect did not care about other sects, and only attached importance in a type of Profound Spirit Qi with special properties, they have all sorts of cultivators with different types of Profound Spirit Qi, some of which others had not even heard before. The experts in the sect numbered like clouds, with many treasures. They were very powerful.

Su Yun did not have much knowledge about the Profound Sky sect, but he understood that resolving the Profound Sky Sect’s threat was many times more difficult than resolving the Su Family’s threat.

But thinking about all these now was useless.

Su Yun’s eyes grew cold, raising his swords above his head, he began to frantically spin the swords, both swords spinning quickly like a fan, forming a circular sword shield, blocking the incoming iron fist silhouettes that were smashing down.

Sun Zhi Miao was diving down from the sky, his fist striking the sword shield.

That fist contained a lot of energy. Even before the fist had reached the sword shield, the formless pressure was already close, and the entire ground was indenting inwards, forming the shape of a very large fist.

“Die! Wu Yun!” Sun Zhi Miao bellowed.

But just at that moment, the sword shield suddenly disappeared.

Focusing down, Su Yun actually dropped his swords! He stopped his defense.


Sun Zhi Miao stared, he was secretly surprised.

Not only him, the spectators around were all shocked, some even instantly stood up, staring at the scene, not understanding what was happening.

Why did he stop his defensive stance? Does he want to die?

What is Su Yun doing?

That question popped up in everyone’s head.

But very quickly, everyone got the answer.

Su Yun suddenly threw away his swords, directly extending his hands out and grabbing towards Sun Zhi Miao’s iron fists.

Seeing that, Sun Zhi Miao was enraged: “You think you can stop my fists?”

With that said, he mustered even more strength.

However, Su Yun ignored everything. Firmly using his hands to grab the iron fists, in an instant, the powerful aura of the iron fist contained an unspeakable energy, as though it was flowing electricity that passed through Su Yun’s entire body.

“Watch me rip you apart!” Sun Zhi Miao roared out, he was giving it his all.

But in that moment, a Blade Qi suddenly shot forth from his side.

Sun Zhi Miao raised his eyebrow to look, it was actually the Engraved Dragon Blade that Su Yun had released earlier, the sharp sword was rushing over to him.


Sun Zhi Miao was stunned.

All of the spectators flew into an uproar!

“Imperial Sword Technique? Isn’t that Immortal Sword Sect’s Imperial Sword Technique?”

“What’s going on? Why does Wu Yun know Immortal Sword Sect’s Imperial Sword Technique? Could he be from the Immortal Sword Sect?”

“Who told you that someone must be from the Immortal Sword Sect for them to know the Imperial Sword Technique? When many Immortal Sword Sect disciples go out of their sect, some just can’t resist passing down their sect’s consummate techniques to their good friends and family, Wu Yun might be a student under someone from the Immortal Sword Sect, but he didn’t have to be their disciple. Furthermore, Sky Martial Continent is so big, not only Immortal Sword Sect has the Imperial Sword Technique! Just that they are bigger in scale, and their Imperial Sword Technique is stronger than the other sects!”

“So it’s like that.”

A few of the spectators turned to look towards Long Xian Li’s direction, seemingly wanting to see her reaction, but they were disappointed. Long Xian Li who was wearing her veil did not have much of a reaction, as though she did not witness Su Yun’s movements.

On stage, the flying Engraved Dragon Blade was sudden, Sun Zhi Miao did not expect that, or maybe he had never thought that Su Yun would use the Imperial Sword Technique.


His back got struck by the sword and his entire being fell to the ground.

Su Yun who was still holding onto his iron fist flung Sun Zhi Miao up, and fiercely smashed him onto the floor again.


Sun Zhi Miao’s body struck the ground heavily, the broken and shattered ground once again burst up with dust, the ground beneath Sun Zhi Miao was shattered even further.


Sun Zhi Miao spat out blood, he didn’t think that the force would be so strong.


The Engraved Dragon Blade flew up again, slicing down on Sun Zhi Miao. Judging from how fierce it was, it seemed to want to take Sun Zhi Miao’s life!

“You brat, you have some strength!”

Sun Zhi Miao dared not treat him lightly, forcing all of the strength in his body out, he bellowed, then using a barbaric force he pushed Su Yun, and then dodged in time, causing the Engraved Dragon Blade to strike the ground.

“Sharp Thorn God Fist!”

Sun Zhi Miao’s fists continued to strike the ground.

The ground beneath Su Yun’s feet continued to tremor, followed by a sudden split, a sharp and slender thorn burst out, striking at the sole of his feet.

Su Yun’s heart quivered as he immediately flew into the air.

The ground beneath continued to release sharp thorns, they were around 2m long, all of them extremely sharp. In a blink of an eye, the entire arena had become covered with sharp thorns.

Su Yun took a breath, holding the Death Sword, he swept downwards.


Sword Qi burst forth, slashing the ground and breaking the thorns apart.

He could safely land on the ground.

In a few seconds, Sun Zhi Miao once again used another secret move.

He took out a dark yellow key from his storage ring, holding it in his hand, he held it over his head, then closed his eyes and started to chant.

The chant was extremely complicated and long. Seeing Sun Zhi Miao’s actions, Su Yun immediately understood that the ‘sharp thorns god fist’ was just to buy him time.

“We win!”

The man that Sun Zhi Miao called ‘senior brother’ said indifferently when he saw what was happening.

“Win? What win?”

Hearing him mutter, the people around him were confused.

But at that moment, Sun Zhi Miao’s eyes suddenly released sets of yellow light, the key in his hand became gold in color, he raised the key into the sky, and it immediately flew up.

“Wu Yun, you have lost.”

Sun Zhi Miao squinted his eyes as he smiled.



The key flew above the clouds and disappeared. The moment it disappeared, the clouds in the sky suddenly opened up, and an intense light halo flew down from the sky, directly aimed at Su Yun’s body.

At the same time, a 30m tall light key swooped down, ruthlessly smashing behind Su Yun, and then turning slowly.


In a moment, Su Yun felt that his entire body was being frozen, no matter what he did, he could not struggle free.

“Mandate of Heaven Key!”

Everyone beneath the stage stood up, exclaiming loudly.

“Mandate of Heaven Old Man’s original treasure! Once put in use, it can completely lock down the opponent, preventing the opponent from moving at all! God, how did that land in Sun Zhi Miao’s hands?”

“Why does he have such a treasure?”

“That’s too terrifying!”

The buzzing sound kept on ringing, everyone on site all became passionate upon seeing Sun Zhi Miao’s treasure.

“Hahahaha” Sun Zhi Miao laughed out loud, looking around, he said happily: “All of you don’t even know this? Mandate of Heaven Old Man is my godfather! This was personally given to me by him!”

With that said, he turned and looked at Su Yun, and slowly walked over.

That pair of yellow pupils squinted, becoming long and narrow.

“Wu Yun, what did I say just now? I said, I will make you lose all hope!”

Sun Zhi Miao chuckled, disdain and ridicule passing by his eyes: “Now, it is time I honor my promise.”

After saying that, Sun Zhi Miao prepared his final move.

“You truly think you can stop me?” Just then, a voice came out.

Sun Zhi Miao froze: “What? Don’t tell me you still can move? Facing the Mandate of Heaven Key, let alone a Spirit Soul cultivator, even a Spirit Star Realm expert will be locked in place!”

The moment Sun Zhi Miao said that, Su Yun’s arms suddenly trembled.

The muscles on his arms tensed up, the area on his chest suddenly releasing a pulsating dim light, as though there was a special treasure being activated.


Just then, Su Yun’s arms suddenly moved, and instantly struggled out of the seal made by the Mandate of Heaven Key. The moment he moved, the Mandate of Heaven Key suddenly had a crack.

“What? That’s impossible!”

The smile on Sun Zhi Miao’s face froze, and what replaced it was fear and disbelief.


His senior brother beneath the stage was the same, countless of people were dumbstruck, staring with their big eyes.

How is that possible? A Spirit Soul Realm cultivator, was able to forcefully struggle out of the sealing power of the Mandate of Heaven Key?

Everyone was filled with suspicion, but no one noticed that the Monarch Occult Force was supporting Su Yun, so he would not be trapped by the Mandate of Heaven Key.

He broke through the seal and walked towards Sun Zhi Miao, killing intent soaring in his eyes.

“This is not real!”

Sun Zhi Miao’s face turned pale white, he retreated a few steps with his face extremely ugly, his expression was rather marvelous.

Su Yun was not courteous, his fist had already flew in.

Sun Zhi Miao subconsciously raised his hand to block Su Yun’s fist. His mind was in a mess, he did not think his way through, but when competing with pure strength, he was unable to win against Su Yun.

Just as he raised his hand, his senior brother below the stage immediately cried out.

“Zhi Miao! Be Careful!”

Sun Zhi Miao was startled: “What?”


A cold light suddenly swept in from the side, as fast as lightning it swept past Sun Zhi Miao’s arm.


Blood splattered across the stage.

It was the Engraved Dragon Blade.