Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 282

“That’s impossible! That’s an illusion! That’s definitely an illusion!”

Bei Xuan Ming rubbed his eyes relentlessly while staring in front, he could not believe his own eyes.

True Divine Spirit Qi was specially able to suppress Swift Wind Spirit Qi, since the True Divine Spirit Qi was calm and could halt energy like steel. It was common knowledge that everyone in the continent knew, that in a fight where equipment, techniques and cultivation were equal, Swift Wind Spirit Qi cultivators would have difficulty winning against True Divine Spirit Qi cultivators. Even if the warrior was of no use, it would not break into pieces with just Su Yun’s two slashes!

That only meant one thing, Wu Yun’s strength was far above the warrior.

What cultivation level is he at?

Just then, another burst of True Divine Spirit Qi appeared in the air, after feeling it, Bei Xuan Ming’s face changed: “This Qi is not from the soul stone, i-is it yours? Wu Yun! Y-you can actually activate True Divine Spirit Qi? You train in two different types of Profound Spirit Qi?”

“Oh? You just realised?”

Su Yun said, then strode forward, wanting to attack Bei Xuan Ming.

After activating the Soul Stone, Bei Xuan Ming’s Profound Spirit Qi was exhausted, and could not block Su Yun’s full force attack, so his lower abdomen was struck once again, and he was kicked into the air.

Sou sou sou sou!

The Death Sword released 10 sword attacks, since it was released from the sword hilt, it was not deadly, but the force of on the sword hilt struck into Bei Xuan Ming’s body, causing him to feel intense pain, it was excruciating.

Bei Xuan Ming fell to the ground and spat out blood, but before he could even catch his breath, Su Yun kicked his face and he flew out again. After being smashed into the ground, he was in a miserable state.

“Wu Yun! Stop!”

Bei Xuan Ming’s subordinates below were all anxiously shouting when witnessing the scene.

But why would Su Yun listen to them?

He stepped over, then rushed to Bei Xuan Ming’s side and accurately stepped on his arm.


That rather thick and solid arm was crushed like a biscuit, the sound of the bone breaking pierced into the ears and heart of everyone below the stage.

So vicious!


A subordinate under Bei Xuan Ming rushed over and shouted: “Quickly make Wu Yun stop! He is just torturing my young master! Quickly get him to stop! He is considered breaking the rules!”

The judge looked at him expressionlessly and said indifferently: “If he is unable to fight anymore, he can directly surrender and admit defeat. Participant Bei Xuan Ming has yet to admit defeat, and he is not in any danger, so participant Wu Yun is not considered violating the rules!”


The man was immediately dumbfounded.

But very quickly, the others had an idea.

“Young master! Quickly admit defeat, if this goes on, your cultivation will be crippled by Wu Yun! Quickly admit defeat!” A few of them shouted at Bei Xuan Ming.

“Yes, admit defeat!”

Suffering from Su Yun’s ruthless beating and torment, Bei Xuan Ming immediately understood: This man was truly too terrifying. He is not just a fifth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator, most likely he was at the sixth stage!

Bei Xuan Ming was not strong enough to battle someone in the sixth stage, and to suffer under his beatings, how could he have the strength to retaliate? Furthermore, Wu Yun clearly had the strength to settle him once and for all, but was wasting time here. Most likely, he just wanted to torture him!

Then, Bei Xuan Ming tried his best to shout loudly: “I-I admit….”

But just as when Bei Xuan Ming wanted to finish his sentence, Su Yun kicked his mouth.


Bei Xuan Ming flew out again, his mouth was swollen, with more blood flowing out, he was stopped from speaking.

“You….” Bei Xuan Ming stared at Su Yun with uncontainable rage.

Then, Su Yun used his leg to kick his mouth again.

Puchi! Bei Xuan Ming spat blood out and fell to the ground, every time he wanted to shout out the words, Su Yun’s flying kick will mercilessly hit him, to the point that Bei Xuan Ming became confused and disoriented. His mouth was smashed up and looked extremely ugly.

“He surrendered! Judge! My Young Master has surrendered!”

The people below could no longer bear to watch it and instantly shouted out loudly.

However, the judge did not move at all, as though he did not hear their shouts, his ears could only hear the two on the stage.

Bei Xuan Ming who was already feeling faint had no more energy to resist, his mouth was filled with blood, and he struggled to mutter: “I-I fucking surr-”


Bei Xuan Ming flew out again.

“Judge, I-I….”


“I just want to sur-”




The more Bei Xuan Ming spoke, the more fierce the attack was, he was like a ping pong ball being flung around the stage. Till the end, he did not even have the strength to stand.

But his current position was already very close to the judge.

He opened his swollen eyes, looking at Su Yun who was approaching in a blur, getting strength from nowhere, suddenly, he turned abruptly and rushed to the judge.


Bei Xuan Ming knelt in front of the judge and bellowed: “Judge! I-”


Just at the moment when Bei Xuan Ming shouted, a sharp sword pierced from behind.


The sword was enveloped with thick Pure Divine Spirit Qi, as though it had cut through the void, it slid in easily.



Just as Bei Xuan Ming was about to shout “render”, the sharp sword swooped and pierced straight through his chest!


Bei Xuan Ming was shivering all over, his eyes dimmed, it was so painful that he was about to faint. The sword had pierced through his chest, and even though it wasn’t fatal, but he had lost a lot of blood, who knew if he would be able to survive.

Hearing that, the Judge finally raised his hand.

“The competition is over!” He shouted loudly, and then continued: “Participant Bei Xuan Ming has surrendered, the victory goes to Participant Wu Yun!”


Upon ending, the spectators flew into an uproar, many of them clapping their hands.

It seemed like Bei Xuan Ming was disliked by the majority.

Just that, what was the difference if Bei Xuan Ming surrendered or not? He had lost his consciousness, and the judge will also end the competition.

Looking at Bei Xuan Ming whose entire body was covered in blood and had fainted, many people could not bear to keep looking.

The difference was too great, Su Yun practically did not sustain any injury. Bei Xuan Ming did not even have the chance to use his strong treasures, and was completely suppressed and had to take the defensive.

A few of the spirit cultivators had already ran up the stage and rescued Bei Xuan Ming.

“I protest!”

Just then, Bei Xuan Ming’s group all started to make a ruckus.

Everyone turned to look at their direction, only to see a few men walking straight to the judge and pointing at Su Yun: “Judge! He was trying to kill with intent! I object!”

“Trying to kill with intent?”

“Yes, that’s right, my family Young Master did not have any strength to retaliate! He still actually continued to attack, if it’s not with intent, then what is it? Judge, you should punish Participant Wu Yun!”

The man shouted.

“To me, Participant Bei Xuan Ming actually had the strength to dodge Wu Yun, but he was not in time, following logic, Participant Wu Yun did not count as having intent to kill! Furthermore, Participant Bei Xuan Ming did not die.”

“B-but my young master became like that just to surrender, and furthermore, that was all just luck, and my young master was already like that, who knows if he is dead or alive, how can Wu Yun be innocent?”

He retorted with confidence.

“If Wu Yun is guilty, then what of the fight between Bei Xuan Ming and Hong Yan? What about that?” Just then, a male cultivator in the seats stood up and asked.

“That’s right! Bei Xuan Ming was provoking Hong Yan, and did not allow her to surrender or give up, and was so ruthless to a female! He deserves his predicament!”

“Cultivator Wu Yun did well!”

“Don’t say that cultivator Wu Yun only beat Bei Xuan Ming up, even if he had killed Bei Xuan Ming, we would support him!”

“Yes, support him!”

A few of the passionate young masters all stood up as they felt indignant at the injustice.


Seeing the people supporting Su Yun, Bei Xuan Ming’s subordinates all felt the pressure, they were unable to retort, and seeing that it was of no use, they had no choice but to slip away.

“Thank you!”

Su Yun nodded at the spectators, then jumped down the stage and left.

On the stage, Su Yun’s barrage of attacks on Bei Xuan Ming were not just simple blows, every kick of his was imbued with Profound Spirit Qi, and was instantly used on Bei Xuan Ming’s body, adding the last sword attack, Bei Xuan Ming was like a spoilt and broken crossbow, on the verge of death.

Su Yun would never give mercy to Bei Xuan Ming, not only because of the grievances along the way, but because he had taken Bei Xuan Ming’s gifts while having not agreed to Bei Xuan Ming’s ‘surrendering plan’, and enraged Bei Xuan Ming, with his personality, he would not let Su Yun go. Bei Xuan Ming was not a good person, so Su Yun was not courteous at all, showing off his powers and devastating him.

Very quickly.

The matter of Wu Yun ravaging Bei Xuan Ming spread like wings, quickly spreading through the entire Mountain River List competition, letting all the people who were paying attention to him to be joyous, and praised Wu Yun, but there were people who did not understand, and went to investigate on what was going on. After being clear of what was going on, they also praised Wu Yun.

Wu Yun’s name quickly became famous, but at the same time, there were a few other names that spread through Mountain River List selection competition.

Bai Yan Shan, Wu Can Mian, Xiao Yuan Ba, Mo Ye as well as Chang Hong.

Other than Bai Yan Shan, Wu Can Mian who were the two females that used their overwhelming strengths to defeat their opponent, the other three also displayed strength that was out of the ordinary, and left deep marks in others. These five people were already chosen to be participants of the dragon group.

And Wu Yun, was included in the group as well.

Regarding these news, Su Yun did not really care about it, his heart was concerned about the pill furnace in the cave, after going down from the stage, taking a few recovery pills from the spirit cultivators, he anxiously ran back to his own cave.

Halfway on the road.

“Brother Wu Yun! Hahahaha, good job! You did well! Hahaha!”

A set of laughter came out, it was Wang Zhong Shan and the rest.

It seemed that they have received news of it as well.

“Brother Wu Yun, you are really great! You truly have taken revenge for us!”

“So many of our brothers have died under Bei Xuan Ming, now that Bei Xuan Ming has been beaten so badly by Brother Wu Yun, you have truly helped us release this resentment!”

“Brother Wu Yun, well done!”

Everyone shouted enthusiastically, every single person had light in their eyes, their words came from the bottom of their hearts.

“You are all welcome! After all, we are all acquainted with one another, furthermore, I do not like that Bei Xuan Ming! The vengeance has been taken, and everyone can feel at ease. But in truth, Bei Xuan Ming and his men are still alive, and I am unsure if they will try to take revenge. So everyone, please be careful! And over at Hong Yan’s side, please send a few more people to take care of her, when there is the chance, hurry and return to the Long Ao Nation.”

Su Yun said.

“We are not in a rush to return, we still want to see Brother Wu Yun fight your way up to the dragon group!”

Wang Zhong Shan laughed.

Su Yun laughed, and did not say much.

Wang Zhong Shan and the rest had lost their qualifications to compete, and were idling here and there, finding matches to watch. They did not dare disturb Su Yun, so after chatting for a bit, they left.

Su Yun returned to his cave.

Just that, even before stepping into the entrance of his cave, an intoxicating smell filled the air.

“This is?” Su Yun was startled.

He remembered setting an array for his cave, so how could the smell leak out from the barrier?

Did someone barge into my cave?

Thinking about it, Su Yun’s face became sulky.

In the Sky Martial Continent, regardless of who it was, no one could barge into other people’s training ground or cave dwelling, because it was regarded as a naked provocation!