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Third Round, “Wolf” to “Eagle”.

The participating members of the Wang Family’s group that were still in the competition were left with two people, Su Yun and Hong Yan. Wang Zhong Shan was defeated in the “Snake” To “Wolf” round the day before. His opponent was rather modest, and was rather conservative and not excessive. Although Wang Zhong Shan was unhappy with the result, due to the injuries he previously sustained, he was unable to continue, and had to admit defeat.

The competition after that was not relaxed either. After a few days, the “Wolf” to “Eagle” Promotion competition commenced.

Wang Zhong Shang, Li Qing and the rest were seated at the spectators area spectating, while Hong Yan and Su Yun walked into the competition grounds.

Su Yun walked towards Stage 73 which was indicated by the mark.


He somersaulted up the stage and quietly waited for his opponent.

No one knew which expert his next opponent would be, but to be in the wolf group, more than half of them were definitely not easy to deal with.

Su Yun did not dare to drop his cautiousness, and slowly urged the Profound Spirit Qi all over his body, maintaining his peak state. Currently, he needed to win against his opponent easily, but also needed to hold back, to prevent exposing too much of his methods and not allow the potential threats to create ways to counter him.


Just then, the sound of air tearing sounded out, with a gust of wind, a figure on his flying sword slowed down and landed on Stage 73.

Such a flashy entrance.

Su Yun turned to look at the person.

He then saw the rather broad and muscular man in his brown blademaster clothing in front of him. The man had a crew cut, looking mediocre without any outstanding features. His body was rather bloated, but what people were focusing on was the jade order badge hanging from his waist.

“Immortal Sword Sect?”

Su Yun was happy.

“That’s right! I am called Wang Hao! Brat, I do not know what relation you have with Elder Long, but for you to stand in front of me today, I will not be merciful! Prepare to take my attack!”

Wang Hao spoke, waving his hand and allowing his sword to fly up like a miniature dragon, revolving around his body at high speeds.

Just nice, I can test out this new Imperial Sword Technique of the Immortal Sword Sect, and see what differences it has with my Limitless Sword Manual.

Su Yun’s expression became stern, holding onto the Death Sword, he stared at Wang Hao, waiting to take action.

Wang Hao took a glance at Su Yun, his face instantly darkening: “Kid, why are you not taking out your sword? You are actually using the sword sheath! Are you looking down on me?”

Su Yun did not say a word, and only stared at Wang Hao.

If needed, he would rather use Engraved Dragon Blade than unsheath the Death Sword. However, as the Limitless Sword Techniques would be unleashed, his identity as Limitless Sword Lord will be revealed, which would be even more troublesome.

Su Yun’s unwillingness to explain made Wang Hao feel that Su Yun was being arrogant and haughty. Clenching his teeth, he became much angrier and he bellowed: “Stinking brat, who do you think you are? You think you can treat me like that? FIne! Let me show you the power of Immortal Sword Sect’s sword techniques!”

With that, he immediately released his Swift Wind Spirit Qi.

“Stage 73 “Wolf” To “eagle” Promotion competition, participant Wu Yun and participant Wang Hao, the competition will begin now!”

The judge exclaimed.


In a moment, the flying sword around Wang Hao thrusted straight for Su Yun’s heart.

Bang! The flying sword struck onto the Death Sword, but it was just a false front, it was a move to allow Wang Hao to rush over, with one hand, he formed finger seals, allowing a burst of powerful Sword Qi to shoot out from the tip of his finger straight towards Su Yun’s neck.

The Sword Qi was like a sharp sword as he slashed forward.

“Profound Spirit Qi condensation!”

All the spectators beneath the stage all exclaimed.

“Using the Swift Wind Spirit Qi to congeal into a sword! This Wang Hao from the Immortal Sword Sect is not simple!”

“Let’s see how Wu Yun will react to it.”

Everyone started discussing.

On stage.

Su Yun tilted his neck and dodged, but the flying sword flew again, following Wang Hao’s control, it rushed in for the kill.

One man and one sword in perfect coordination, the beauty of it caused the spectators to be dumbstruck.

“It seems like he is using Immortal Sword Sect’s Spirit Sword Coordination Technique?”

Wang Hao’s finger with the Sword Qi slashed down extremely fast, and the sword flew from behind, but despite his ferocity and rhythm, he was unable to affect Su Yun much.

Every time the Sword Qi went close to Su Yun’s body, he would miraculously dodge the attack, and even though it looked like Wang Hao held the advantage, but in truth, Su Yun did not incur any loss. Instead, Wang Hao’s Profound Spirit Qi was being exhausted much faster than Su Yun’s.

“Damn it!”

Wang Hao’s mind was in a mess, he instantly retreated and removed the Sword Qi on his hand. Controlling the sword behind Su Yun instead, it flew back to his hand.

“Just die!”

Wang Hao bellowed: “Uprising Sword Rain Technique!”

The long sword rushed forth, upon nearing Su Yun, it actually produced hundreds of thousands of sword images, falling down like rain.

Su Yun anxiously retreated, holding onto the Death Sword, he used the Fallen leaves Sword technique. But just by relying on Fallen leaves Sword technique, a technique that is not very high in terms of rank, how could he block Wang Hao who is using Immortal Sword Sect’s consummate sword technique?

Suddenly, Su Yun raised his hand, the Death Sword was raised upwards, exposing a huge weakness at his chest.

Seeing that, Wang Hao was immediately joyous and slashed forward.

But before he could close in, the Death Sword suddenly rushed down, a Sword Qi trembling on the Death Sword’s sheath, releasing a jet of light forward, fiercely striking down on Wang Hao.

Seeing that, Wang Hao snorted: “Humph, you want to exchange injuries with me? Fine, then we will exchange injuries!!”

With that, he stopped defending and focused purely on attack.

But when his sword was just about to reach Su Yun, Su Yun’s hand suddenly stretched forward, a cold light flashed in his hand, instantly striking Wang Hao’s sword.


The sword was struck away.

“What?” Wang Hao was startled, he was not in time to react, his body taking the Sword Qi released by the Death Sword, flung backwards and fell onto the ground, tumbling a few rounds before stopping. His chest had a long sword wound with blood flowing out. His blademaster clothes was sliced open.

With difficulty, he used his sword as a support to try and stand, but he looked up to see Su Yun already walking over to him, wielding two swords. Wang Hao was shocked and surprised : “D-dual wield? Brat, you can actually dual wield, but why not use it from the start?”

“I didn’t want to use it at the start. Why, you think I am unable to? I already have a sword sheath and a long sword on my back, do you truly think I will only use one sword? It seems that you did not observe my previous battles.”

Su Yun shook his head, his eyes suddenly turning fierce, he slashed with both of his swords.

“Don’t look down on me!!”

Wang Hao suddenly roared out, the sword in his hand transformed into a ray of rainbow that shot towards Su Yun.


The long sword flew over. Su Yun used his two swords to block, locking the long sword, however, it could not push Su Yun back at all.

Wang Hao sat in a cross legged position, both of his hands forming seals, controlling the sword to fly berserkly, but Su Yun was able to block his sword and actually continue walking forward, slowly approaching Wang Hao.


Wang Hao’s pupils dilated, seeing the person walk towards him, his eyes had a tinge of fear.

Bang! Su Yun raised one leg and kicked Wang Hao.

Wang Hao flew back once again, tumbling to the side of the stage. His offensive was completely disrupted, and the sword that was striking Su Yun also fell to the ground.

Su Yun took the opportunity and casted the Engraved Dragon Blade out, throwing towards Wang Hao.

The Engraved Dragon Blade’s body was covered with Pure Divine Spirit Qi. Outsiders might see a sword being flung out, but in truth it was activated with the Limitless Sword Manual. With this attack, even if Wang Hao blocked it, he would not be able to resist.

Victory was definite.

A flash of ruthlessness flashed past Su Yun’s eyes.

“Wang Hao, admit defeat!”

Right at that moment of peril, a clear and stern voice shouted out from below the stage.

It was Long Xian Li!

Wang Hao swallowed his saliva, but he dared not second doubt it and immediately shouted: “I admit defeat!”

With that said, Long Xian Li who was beneath the stage transformed into a white light that rushed forth, instantly brandishing out her snow white and bright sword, blocking Engraved Dragon Blade.

Seeing that, Su Yun anxiously stopped the Limitless Sword Manual technique.


Engraved Dragon Blade was flung out and spun a few rounds in the air, piercing right into the ground in front of Su Yun.

“Participant Wang Hao had surrendered, Stage 73 “Wolf” to “Eagle” Promotion round, Participant Wu Yun’s victory!”

The judge immediately announced the result.

The crowd immediately raged into an uproar.

“Wu Yun is truly powerful, to even defeat an expert!”

“Seems like he has the chance to enter the dragon group!”

“But I hope we do not meet him later on in the competition.”

People were actively discussing in soft whispers.

Wang Hao who was on the ground smashed his fist into the ground, he was unreconciled: “Damn it!”

Su Yun picked up the Engraved Dragon Blade, put it back in the sword sheathe and turned to leave the stage.

Long Xian Li stared at him with a complicated look in her eyes, a light aura seemed to have flashed past her pupils, seemingly thinking of something.

Down the stage, Su Yun directly walked out of the crowd, planning to return to his own cave and continue training, but before taking a few steps, he noticed Li Qing anxiously cutting through the crowd and heading towards the east direction quickly.

Li Qing’s face seemed so anxious. Su Yun frowned, did something happen?

He immediately stepped forward and walked. He didn’t think that Li Qing was actually running towards Hong Yan’s stage.

At that moment, there were many participants standing around the stage, everyone was attracted to the battle on it.

Su Yun stood amongst the crowd and looked towards the stage, in that second, his expression became cold.

Hong Yan’s entire body was covered in blood, bitterly struggling against her opponent.

She was covered in injuries, blood flowing and staining the floor, but her expression was firm and unwavering without a thought of giving up, and the opponent seemed to be able to sense her thoughts, but did not defeat her in one strike, instead, the opponent was slowly torturing her.

Her opponent was not any stranger, it was Wang Zhong Shan and his group’s mortal enemy, Bei Xuan Ming!

“Hong Yan! Give up! Stop fighting! Give up now!!”

Wang Zhong Shan and the rest were all anxiously shouting at her.

“This bastard humiliated my dead sister, I will not forgive him!”

Hong Yan bit her lips, speaking with anger, with that, she rushed forward again.

“Hahahaha, Hong Yan, did I say something wrong? Although we are not familiar with you, but my subordinates recognized you, heh, isn’t your sister the one who coveted wealth and rank that she married the ugly man? Wasn’t your sister the one who was beaten to death? Hehehehe, seeing your pitiful sister who led the life of a bitch, and looking at you, you’re about the same as her. Since you are a bitch, then you must acknowledge it, and be like one. Your looks are still good, if you are willing to admit defeat, and follow me as your young master, maybe you can be better than you are now!”

Bei Xuan Ming held onto his fan and laughed.

Hearing his words, the people below the stage immediately exposed loath and disgust for Bei Xuan Ming.

Hong Yan was already completely infuriated by him, she was tolerating the pain on her body, screaming and rushing at him.

But she was not Bei Xuan Ming’s match at all. He was just standing there waving his fan casually, releasing a large number of wind blades, slashing straight for Hong Yan.

Hong Yan immediately held her weapon to block, breaking a few of the wind blades, but with its large numbers, she was unable to block the remaining few, and was completely cut by them. Her lower abdomen suffered a severe injury, causing her to fall back, with one last gasp, she was unable to continue battling.

“Stage 98 “Wolf” to “Eagle” Promotion round, Participant Bei Xuan Ming’s Victory.”

The judge announced the result loudly.

The moment he finished, Wang Zhong Shan and the rest immediately rushed forward.

“Hong Yan, are you ok, Hong Yan!”

“Bei Xuan Ming, you are too ruthless!!” Li Qing shouted in anger.

“Am I?” Bei Xuan Ming leisurely walked down the stage, his mouth producing a sneer: “Who asked her to last so long without admitting defeat?”

“You were obviously upsetting her through your provocations, and you still want her to admit defeat? You despicable man, to be so ruthless even to a lady, are you even a man?”

Wang Zhong Shan chided.

“That’s right, you were too ruthless. You already won, so get on with it, why act like that?”

“Too obnoxious.”

“He likes to put on airs, but does such things, he is simply not a man.”

Everyone started to look down on him, they all criticized Bei Xuan Ming.

Bei Xuan Ming however, did not care about them. He just laughed out loud and left.

A few spirit cultivators ran over and carried Hong Yan away. Injuries in the competition were treat by Qin Creek as they held themselves accountable for everyone.

Seeing that, Su Yun stopped to ponder for a moment, then followed the spirit cultivators towards the recuperation wards.