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Courting Disaster




The Battle God stared straight at Chi Xiao Luan, mercilessly attacking her with his halberd. The ground was smashed into bits by him, it was truly a cruel action that stunned the entire crowd.

Chi Xiao Luan had given up on offense and focused completely on defense. She held onto the blade with both her hands, blocking the giant’s big halberd. The original place that she stood at was already in ruins, and with her being pounded badly by the giant halberd, if it weren’t for her blade being a core level treasure, enabling it to support her, she would have long since died under the Shadow Battle God.


Just as Chi Xiao Luan was bitterly struggling on, Su Yun rushed over.

Chi Xiao Luan’s heart jumped.

Su Yun and the two swords flew forward inversely, dancing around him like a tornado. Following that, the two swords combined and formed one sword, directly slashing the blade in Chi Xiao Luan’s hand!


Chi Xiao Luan was already exhausted from defending against the powerful Shadow Battle God, how could she resist Su Yun’s all in attack? The two swords crashed into her blade, causing her hands to become weak, knocking the blade out of her hand.

Su Yun pulled back the two swords, his legs moved swiftly as he retreated backwards, and while he was retreating, the gigantic Shadow Battle God once again brandished the halberd, slamming towards Chi Xiao Luan.

“Damn it!”

Chi Xiao Luan’s face was pale white, she knew what Su Yun was planning to do.

WIthout a weapon, how could she defend?

Although the Shadow Battle God was summoned by him, he could not control it! Su Yun planned to use this ‘manslaughter’ incident on her!

Her mind tensed, and her body was trembling violently. In that short period of time, she finally understood how fierce and ruthless the man in the mask truly was.

She closed her eyes, not having any thoughts of resisting anymore.

“Hold your hand!!”

Just that this time, a shadow suddenly burst forward, directly stepping into Stage 51, and blocking in front of Chi Xiao Luan.


The man raised his own broad blade out, blocking the halberd, but since his cultivation was not as strong as Chi Xiao Luan, taking the attack caused his entire skin to immediately become charred, with fresh blood oozing out.

He was Liu Bu Min from Bei Xuan Ming’s group!

Sou sou sou sou!

Upon entering the battle ground, the surrounding Qin Ceek Protectors immediately made their move heading into Stage 51. 4 of them were so quick that afterimages were formed, and in a flash, they were inside the stage along with Liu Bu Min.

“The competition will halt temporarily!”

The referee shouted.

A Qin Creek Protector extended out his finger and shot a ray of light that struck the Shadow Battle God’s chest, instantly causing him to dissipate, followed by 4 of the Qin Creek Protectors surrounding Chi Xiao Luan and Liu Bu Min.

Su Yun frowned, he landed on the ground, kept his sword and stood there without moving.

The shocking scene caused everyone around Stage 51 to all stand up and look over.

“What happened?”

“Someone interrupted the competition!”

“What? Interrupted the competition? Someone dares to be so audacious! This is Qin Creek, to interrupt the competition is disregarding the protectors of Qin Creek, the consequences will be dire!”

“He definitely must be someone who does not know the difference between living and dying!”

Everyone started to whisper to one another, all of them in discussion with surprise written all over their faces.

At the Immortal Sword Sect’s side.

“Yan Shan!”
The slender and elegant Long Xian Li standing amongst the Immortal Sword Sect’s disciples retracted her gaze and lightly called out.

“Elder, Yan Shan is here.”

“Against that Chi Xiao Luan, what are your odds of winning?” Long Xian Li asked gently.


“100%? Are you looking down on her?”

“I am not looking down on her, just that she is not worthy of me to look at.”

“Then against that Wu Yun?”

Bai Yan Shan was quiet for a while, then shook her head: “Disciple is unsure.”

“You don’t have confidence against him?”

“It is not that Yan Shan does not have confidence, it is just that Yan Shan does not know the depth of his power. Against Chi Xiao Luan, he did not utilize his true strength.”

Long Xian Li was quiet for a moment, then said: “Yan Shan, Elder hopes that you can promise me one thing, can you do it?”

“Elder, please instruct me.” Bai Yan Shan lightly half rose out of her seat, and spoke respectfully.

“If you go against Wu Yun, you cannot be merciful, and must use all of your strength to defeat him, understand?”

Long Xian Li said indifferently.

Bai Yan Shan was startled for a moment. She looked at Long Xian Li in puzzlement, but in the end, she did not ask any further questions and nodded her head: “Understood.”

At the other corner of the stage.

“Seems like the competition is not simple, such a strong person actually appeared. We did not waste our time coming here, Senior Brother.”

A short haired man in blue robes spoke to the person beside him.

The sturdy and tall man with a square face beside him had his hands crossed around his chest, he gently closed his eyes, as though he was meditating.

“You do not need to instigate anything, you cannot forget the mission given by the sect, with the mission as priority, you do not need to care about anything else.”

“Hais, senior brother, that’s where you are wrong, we are here to find people, and to find people, we need to obtain a few names. Otherwise, how are we going to interact with the seeded participants? Furthermore, we must maintain a good impression with every participant, if you go in with that blockhead personality of yours, how are you going to find people? Hehe”

The short haired man laughed.

The sturdy man did not say a word, and continued to meditate.

They then watched as the referee walked into Stage 51, he looked around, then stared at Liu Bu Min whose skin was charred, and spoke loudly: “Participant Liu Bu Min, you have already been eliminated during the “Insect” to “Snake” Competition, yet you barged onto the stage today and disrupted the competition. Following the Mountain River List Competition Rules, you will lose your qualifications and be imposed a penalty of confinement for a year. After the year of confinement is over, you will not be allowed to step into Qin Creek for 10 years, effective immediately.”

“Confinement?” Liu Bu Min was startled and anxiously shouted while pointing at Su Yun: “I did it to save a person! That man! That Wu Yun! He clearly wanted to kill Miss Chi Xiao Luan! Why are you all not punishing him, but me instead? I am not taking it! I am not taking it!”

“Whether or not the participant plans to kill or not is judged by the judges publicly and fairly, we have no need for your judgement. It is an undeniable fact that you disrupted the competition. Now, the punishment will take effect! To be executed immediately!”

With that, two Qin Creek protectors walked over to LIu Bu Min.

Liu Bu Min panicked, and shouted anxiously: “NO! I do not accept! I am not accepting it! I’m not in the wrong, Wu Yun was in the wrong! He basically wanted to kill! Everyone saw him! I am not accepting this! You should be catching Wu Yun! You can’t take me! You can’t take me!”

Chi Xiao Luan’s mouth was agape, she wanted to say something, but then, Liu Bu Min had already made a move. He activated his Profound Spirit Qi, slamming against the Qin Creek protectors who were approaching him, intending to dodge them.

But just when he made his move, the two protectors reacted.

The spectators only saw the two Qin Creek Protectors releasing palm shadows in front of them.


The painful wail sounded out throughout the entire competition grounds. Liu Bu Min’s entire being fell to the ground, spasming violently. Both of his arms had instantly fallen down and were unable to move! Both of the bones in his arms were shattered!

The spectators below all sucked in cold air, with the hairs on their skin standing.

They were unable to witness the Qin Creek protectors making their moves, and Liu Bu Min’s hands were instantly destroyed, losing his fighting ability.

So powerful!

And so ruthless!

To actually cripple Liu Bu Min instantly, and most likely, even if his arms were to be healed later, there would still be problems left. His talent and cultivation would be affected.

“The Mountain River List Competition is not for fun and play, anyone who dares to make a nuisance, will not be spared and will be punished severely!”

Amongst the group of notaries, the old white haired man stood up. He looked at his surroundings and spoke sternly: “Whoever dares to disrupt the competition and does not obeys the rules made by the judges in the Mountain River List, will have their cultivations destroyed! We will get rid of half of your talent, and in times of need, will take your lives! So! Please be aware and take note, participants of the competition, obey the rules here. If you are not content with the rules of the Mountain River List, you can leave!!”

With that said, the entire grounds became silent.

At that moment, no one dared to be impudent.

All the proud and arrogant handsome youths, kept their temper in check. Who would dare to be wanton now?

At that moment, everyone finally had a taste of the terrifying power that the protectors of Qin Creek had.

After pausing for a moment, the judge continued.

“Following the competition rules, Participant Liu Bu Min had received his punishment, but because the battle was interrupted, Stage 51’s competition was in vain. Participants, we will allow you two to once again compete, do you have any objections?”

Everyone’s gaze turned to look at Su Yun and Chi XIao Luan.

Su Yun did not make a sound, his gaze at Chi Xiao Luan.

Then, Chi Xiao Luan’s body swayed and before she could say a word, she fell to the ground, her face as white as snow.

“I forfeit,” She said weakly.

To continue competing at this time was basically suicide!

“Stage 51 “Snake” to “Wolf” Competition, participant Wu Yun’s Victory!” The judge announced loudly.

Li Qing, Wang Zhong Shan and the rest all shouted out immediately.

There was a huge disparity of strength between them. No matter how prideful and arrogant Chi Xiao Luan was, she knew of the difference in power between the two of them. Not to mention Liu Bu Min had saved her once, who would save her the second time?

She could see that Su Yun was not holding back, and if they continued, her life would definitely be taken.

With her forfeit, the round had ended. At that moment, everyone had a new perspective on the man with the mask; Wu Yun.

“I thought he was at the fourth stage of the Spirit Soul Realm, but from the looks of it now, I highly doubt it.”

“Young Master Bei Xuan Ming, what should we do with Liu Bu Min?”

“Everyone knows that Liu Bu Min likes Miss Xiao Luan, but he was too rash this time, and actually interrupted the competition! That is truly out of his place.”

“We cannot offend the Qin Creek Protectors.”

Bei Xuan Ming shook his head, his expression becoming darker: “I will inform the Lu Family. Let them send people to negotiate with the Qin Creek people, and obtain a lighter sentence for him, maybe he could be released earlier. Everyone must keep yourselves in check and not mess around, you are all representing my Bei Xuan Family. Please do not throw my Bei Xuan family’s face. Even if you guys are unable to enter the Dragon Group round, at least win me some prestige and names. There are countless of benefits from Mountain River List, so we can’t give up. I must obtain the first place in Long Ao Nation from the Mountain River List!”

“Yes, Young master!”

Everyone exclaimed out.


Su Yun kept his sword and jumped down the broken stage, and then walked towards the group.

Everyone around immediately made a path for him to leave, whispering in each other’s ears and discussing.

“This man is called Wu Yun? He is so strong!”

“I wonder what cultivation he is in. I heard he comes from the Wang Family from Long Ao Nation’s Sky Dragon CIty!”

“Wang Family of Sky Dragon CIty? When did the Wang Family have such a character?”

“So powerful!”

Everyone was discussing softly, but upon hearing that, Wang Zhong Shan started to smile uncontrollably, he was extremely happy.

Su Yun had won prestige for the Wang Family. Wang Zhong Shan was naturally deeply grateful, and planned to invite Su Yun for dinner, but Su Yun was not interested in such matters. Rejecting Wang Zhong Shan and the rest, he went back to his cave alone to cultivate.

Against Chi Xiao Luan, he had activated a consummate skill from the Sprite’s Shadow.

Chi Xiao Luan already tried to kill him, so he was not courteous at all. And since the competition did not punish accidental injuries, then, he had planned to accidentally kill Chi Xiao Luan in retaliation.

Su Yun did not have a very deep threshold for generosity, instead, against his enemies, he was very short tempered, and would always take revenge. He was disappointed as Chi Xiao Luan did not die, but it was not a worry for him, as Chi Xiao Luan was not a threat to him.

Now he was a wolf group participant, but he could not relax yet. As they continued fighting, the experts that appear would definitely be stronger and stronger.

“This is only a selection competition, the ranking competition is not even here yet, the true experts are all in the Sacred Palace, and I cannot relax just yet!”

Su Yun thought hard.

For the sake of obtaining the ‘Through Heavens Mirror’, he have to give it his all!