Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 275
Blood Noble

“Limitless Sword Lord?” The woman was stunned for a moment, then laughed out loud: “Haha, I knew it, so Clan Elder is following us because of Limitless Sword Lord! But yea, it was him that killed your Great Clan Elder Shen Hong that time, so do you hate him to the bones right now?”

“Stop bullshitting and quickly tell me, where is Limitless Sword Lord?” Long Xian Li took a deep breath, and talked with an extremely cold tone.

“I do not know.” The woman said with a smile yet not a smile.

“Then your mask?”

“I made it myself, so what? Just because it looks like the one Limitless Sword Lord uses, does that mean I have a connection to him?”


“Hehe, seeing Clan Elder Long spending so much effort and time looking for him… Let me tell you something as a kind gesture, Limitless Sword Lord is already dead. Your Immortal Sword Sect need not look for him to seek revenge anymore.” The masked lady crossed her hands, and laughed.


Hearin that, Long Xian Li’s eyes contracted and her beautiful face paled. She staggered slightly and retreated, her dazed expression looked towards the woman wearing the broken mask, and asked: “Is what you said true? Limitless Sword Lord… H-he is truly dead?”


Seeing Long Xian Li’s reaction, the three of them ended up being suspicious.

“Limitless Sword Lord is dead. Long Xian Li should be happy, why does she look so sad? Could it be that there was something between the two of them?”

Prince Fu Su frowned and said.

“Who cares whether they have a connection. This woman actually saw me, so your identities are also blown! Time to take action and kill her. Stop fooling around!” The man brimming with Blood Qi stated.

“Yes, lord noble!”

The two of them clasped their fists, and then turned to look at Long Xian Li.

Only to see Long Xian Li seated on the ground without strength, her eyes revealing teardrops, looking at the two of them in a daze.

The woman looked at Fu Su, then stepped forward towards Long Xian Li.

“Elder Long, what happened to you? Seems like you are grieving for Limitless Sword Lord’s death, are you unhappy?”

The lady portrayed a caring look, gradually getting closer to Long Xian Li, but she was secretly preparing to kill her.

Long Xian Li did not make a sound, she drooped her head, no one knew what she was thinking.

Just at this time, whooosh! The masked woman suddenly raised her hand, fiercely smashing towards Long Xian Li’s head, with a green light arising from her palm.

Spirit Demon Qi!

Just as the Spirit Demon Qi appeared, an even faster Sword Qi shot out, directly stabbing the masked woman’s chest.


The masked woman gasped. Spitting out blood, she retreated, and fell to the ground.

She held onto her chest that was pierced through, and raised her head to look at Long Xian Li, only to see that Long Xian Li whose face was pale had stood up, wiping away her tears, she looked at the three of them, and muttered: “Who killed the Limitless Sword Lord?”

“What do you want to do?”

“Limitless Sword Lord can only die in my hands, whoever killed him, I want to take revenge for him!”


The masked woman had not finished speaking, but Long Xian Li had already raised her hand, and her white sword flew out of its sheath.

Killing intent soared along with sword intent.

“But before that, I need to get rid of you demonic beings! To cleanse my Sky Martial Continent!”

Long Xian Li said in a cold tone, her eyes filled with a heroic spirit. She casually waved her hand, her white sword releasing over 10 rays of white Sword Qi, flying towards the three people.

So, from the start, Long Xian Li did not drop her guard at all!

Fu Su and the masked woman immediately became guarded, one releasing green, another releasing red Profound Spirit Qi, mixed together, they congealed into a large shield that blocked the Sword Qi.

It was evident that Fu Su and the masked woman had underestimated Long Xian Li’s strength, the Sword Qi shot forward, instantly forming holes in the shield, piercing into the two person’s bodies.

Puchu puchi puchi.

A few blood holes appeared on Fu Su and the masked woman’s body. Both of them stepped back consecutively while spitting out blood, their fighting strength dropping.


The man reeking with Blood Qi could no longer hold back, he clapped his hands as he walked forward.

“As expected of the elder that represents the fighting power of the Immortal Sword Sect. Clan Elder Long’s strength is truly surprising! Admirable, admirable! I am not talented, and hope to experience Clan Elder Long’s mystical techniques.”

Long Xian Li raised her hand, the white sword revolving around her body, facing the man with blood qi, she asked: “Who are you?”

“You can call me Blood Noble.”

“Blood Noble?”

“Clan elder Long, you are truly strong, even if placed in the Spirit Demon Realm or Demonic Realm, you will definitely be a major character! However, you are just a second-rate clan elder, don’t you feel that you are just in an insignificant position? If you are willing to pledge allegiance to me, and choose me as your Lord, then I can give you an even higher position, and much more splendid conditions! I will let you have things you never thought you could have.”

Blood Noble chuckled, the Blood Qi trembling slightly along with his body.

Long Xian Li’s face was cold, but she did not move: “What do you see me as? Humph, you want me to be your dog? In your dreams!”

WIth that, Long Xian Li controlled her white sword again, and rushed forward.

The white sword continued to revolve, leaking a large amount of stern Swift Wind Spirit Qi, forming a terrifying hurricane, slashing towards Blood Noble.

The masked woman and Fu Su retreated. Although the two of them were not weak, but compared to Long Xian Li, they were still far off.

“Clan Elder Long, I look up to you, so I said that. If you are unable to tell the good from the bad, then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

The smile on Blood Noble’s face gradually disappeared, seeing the incoming sharp sword, his eyes darkened, and suddenly roared, erupting with layers of blood light. The blood light congealed, forming a powerful hand, fiercely holding onto the flying white sword.

“Sword intent, follow my heart, stop the flow to my Qi, lust to destroy the god’s blood and tendons, leave nothing behind.”

Long Xian Li opened her lips and started to chant quickly, her slender fingers started to move quickly, and the white sword started to revolve frantically. Breaking down the blood hand that was holding it down, it erupted and in a moment expanded over 10 times, and slashed towards Blood Noble.

Blood Noble raised his hands up high.


His arm unexpectedly held the gigantic white sword.

The entire volcano swayed, with many mountain walls splitting, and the volcano’s vent released black smoke.

Blood Noble’s face changed slightly, his arms actually blocked Long Xian Li’s attack. It could be seen that his strength was very profound.

Long Xian Li did not hold back. Using all her might, she controlled the white sword to pressure him further. Dense Profound Spirit Qi collapsed downwards, and under the fierce pressure, Blood Noble’s legs started to sink, causing the ground beneath him to cave in.

Just at that moment, Blood Noble’s mouth suddenly arched, revealing a strange smile. After that, he changed quietly, and the Blood Qi behind him congealed into two gigantic blood hands, quickly grabbing onto the large white sword.


Long Xian Li was stunned, light shining in her eyes, she immediately knew what Blood Noble planned to do. She immediately tried to retrieve her sword, but Blood Noble’s hands were as tough as metal pincers, not willing to let go!

Sou sou!

Just at this time, two figures flashed forward like lightning, one on the left and one the right, they directly pounced towards Long Xian Li.

That was what Blood Noble wanted to do. He wanted to force Long Xian Li to a stalemate, then using his weird mystical techniques to suppress Long Xian Li’s weapon, causing her to give up the weapon. If she continued to persist, she would be attacked by Fu Su and the masked lady, and at that time, she would be in big trouble.

Long Xian Li was a sword cultivator, so her mystical techniques were mainly based on her sword. If she were to lose it, Long Xian Li’s fighting capability would plummet, and her situation would be worse.

In a short moment, Long Xian Li was forced to an impasse.

“Despicable man!”

Long Xian Li clenched her teeth, and started to use her free hand, as though she was forming some mystical technique, but at this time, Blood Noble took that opportunity and immediately increased his strength, further suppressing Long Xian Li, causing her to stop her mystical technique against Fu Su and the masked lady.

At that moment, she was stuck without a choice.

Swoosh swoosh!

Just at that moment, a graceful long sword suddenly flew out from behind Long Xian Li, straight towards Blood Noble.


Blood Noble was startled, and immediately used a treasure to block, revealing a blood red skull, that flew towards the graceful long sword.

However, the skull was cut in half by the sword like paper. The sword was extremely sharp, and fiercely flew towards him.


Seeing that, Blood noble panicked, and in that moment, he knew that the person who had come was powerful. The skull was a high grade Core Level treasure. For it to be cut down so easily, it meant that the opponent was definitely powerful with his sword, and the opponent’s strength was too high for him to contend against.

“She has an expert helping her! If we continue fighting, we will only attract the attention of Qin Creek’s people. We cannot stay here for long, leave!”

Blood Noble bellowed, he then dispelled his hands made of Blood Qi. Right after, he transformed into a blood mist, flew into the sky and fled.

Seeing that, Fu Su and the masked lady immediately gave up on attacking Long Xian Li, immediately following behind him.

Seeing that, Long Xian Li wanted to give chase, but after walking a few steps, Blood Noble and the other two had disappeared without a trace.

She turned to look, only to see that behind a boulder not far away was a man with a mask.

Seeing him, Long Xian Li was startled for a moment. Her eyes looking at the long graceful sword, she asked: “Honorable sir, who are you? Why do you know Imperial sword technique?”

Facing Long Xian Li’s questioning, Su Yun did not answer, but immediately summoned the sword back with his Spirit Qi, and then threw it into the sky, ready to leave.

“Honorable sir, please don’t go!”

Long Xian Li cried out, and immediately jumping in front of Su Yun, blocking his route.

Her face was stern, her expression focused as she looked at Su Yun earnestly.

“Honorable sir, you have saved Xian Li, Xian Li is indebted to you, but what honorable sir used should be my sect’s Imperial Sword Technique! Can you tell me your identity, and where you learned your Imperial Sword Technique?”

“This….” The emotion in Su Yun’s eyes swayed, he thought for a moment, and said: “The world beneath the heavens is big, there is nothing too bizarre, Immortal Sword Sect’s imperial sword technique is indeed famous far and wide, but that does not mean that the Imperial Sword Technique is unique only to the Immortal Sword Sect. It is nothing surprising for me to know the Imperial Sword Technique. I have passed by here coincidentally, and only after seeing you, my lady, being attacked by those villains, did I step out to help you. Now that my lady is safe, I need to go, so I implore my lady not to block my path!”

Hearing that, Long Xian Li’s eyebrows frowned slightly, but before she could say anything, Su Yun had already controlled his flying sword and flew into the horizon.

Long Xian Li quietly looked at the flying figure, her eyes flickering.