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I’m Fine!

Su Yun was pleasantly surprised, astounded by the formidable power of the Monarch Occult Force.

He had never thought that the Monarch Occult Force would have such a usage.

Huo Yuan took a look around. After seeing that everything was fine, he nodded his head: “All of you have already passed the test of the Pond of Intentions, now, let me lead all of you to the training grounds, and set up your place for rest and healing for the competition.”

“We have to rely on Master Huo.”

“Don’t worry about it, just call me Huo Yuan.” Huo Yuan nodded and turned to leave.

But just then, another group of people entered the Pond of Intentions area, they were also led by a cultivator in white mask and robes, slowly walking over.

The two groups coincidentally were about to meet.


Wang Zhong Shan and the rest froze.

Su Yun who was walking at the back was also startled, they turned to look, only to see Bei Xuan Ming’s group walking over. They were looking all around, sizing up their surroundings, as though they were very curious about the place.

But when they realised that people were looking at them, they turned to look.

“Eh? Isn’t that Brother Wang? I never expected all of you to reach here.” Bei Xuan Ming said after seeing them, waving his paper fan, laughing.

“Your vitality sure is strong, to not be dead yet, not bad not bad.”

Chi Xiao Luan who was at the back laughed disdainfully.

“Slut!” Hong Yan shouted in anger.

“You slut! The last time I gave you mercy and did not kill you, are you trying to take advantage of it? Humph, you truly do not know what’s good for you, wait until we reach the competition, look out for me, if not I will tear up your mouth into pieces!” Chi Xiao Luan stared at Hong Yan.

“A just and honorable contest, do you think I am afraid of you?”

“Hahahaha, still overestimating yourselves!! Wait and I will let you see what happens.”

Chia Xiao Luan laughed out loud, her eyes filled with scorn.

“What did you say? A group of despicable and treacherous snobs! None of you are fit to participate in the competition.”

Luo Xiao Miao bellowed.

“Not fit? We are not fit? Then, is your group of trash fit to do so?”

Chi Xiao Luan sarcastically replied.


Immediately, Bei Xuan Ming and the rest all laughed out loud, their voices were ear piercing.

The faces of Wang Zhong Shan and his group immediately became flushed red.

But at the next moment, Chi Xiao Luan’s expression froze.

Her eyes became big, her breathing became tense, for some reason, she started to retreat slowly.

“Hmmm?” Bei Xuan Ming looked at the back of Wang Zhong Shan’s group.

He then saw as a man dressed in pitch black blademaster clothe with a mask slowly walk out from amongst the group.

The man looked over, stepping forward, the eyes under his mask revealing a look of disgust.

“Brother Wu Yun.”

Hong Yan said happily.

Seeing Su Yun slowly walked ahead and stood in front of the group, his gaze was full of contempt, and not disdain.

(TN: apparently in the dictionary, contempt is an extreme lack of respect while disdain is looking down on, so just imagine him as Boa Hancock [one piece anime] looking down further at them)

Right, it was not disdain, which was the look in Chi Xiao Luan’s eyes. It was far deeper than that.

“Are you finished?”

Su Yun spoke slowly.


“If you are finished then get lost, we are passing, don’t block the road.” Su Yun’s figure was tall, much taller than Bei Xuan Ming’s members. And when he said that, there was a lofty and arrogant feel to it, adding that everyone had witnessed his strength, in time, an ethereal pressure had locked their hearts.

“Did you hear that? Quickly make way!” Hong Yuan placed her hands on her waist, and shouted.

“Damn it!” Chi Xiao Luan was enraged, and was about to revolt.

But just then, a hand pressed down on her shoulder.

Chi Xiao Luan turned to look, she saw Bei Xuan Ming behind her.

“Forget it forget it, let’s go to the Pond of Intentions for the test and not waste time here. There’s no meaning to it, just let them be happy for a while.” Bei Xuan Ming squinted his eyes and said, he was not fearful of Su Yun’s power. But truth to be told, Su Yun himself had not seen Bei Xuan Ming fight. Although he was just a first stage Spirit Soul cultivator, with Chi Xiao Luan as an exception, he dared not look down on them, and furthermore, wasn’t he a person who depended on treasures for food too?

“If you guys have any grievances, settle it in the competition, please do not engage in personal duels outside, if not you will all be punished under the rules and punishments of Qin Creek. Please, keep that in mind.”

Huo Yuan said indifferently, then carried on moving.

Su Yun did not say anything, but walked through Bei Xuan Ming’s group and followed Huo Yuan.

“You just wait and see.”

Chi Xiao Luan barked at Hong Yan when she passed.

The two groups separated.

Su Yun and the group were led by Huo Yuan to the rear area of the mountains.

The so called training grounds, was only natural cave dwellings, but the cave dwellings were much cleaner and proper than the caves in the wilderness. The caves were overflowing with Qi, and with the support of the protectors, large arrays covered all of them. The walls on the left and right were all filled with bright gemstones, causing the cave dwellings to shine resplendently.

But, it was not one person to one cave, as there were too many participants, Qin Creek protectors had arranged two people to one cave.

Su Yun was unluckily, he was rooming with Hong Yan. Wang Zhong Shan was with Luo Xiao Miao, Shen Hao was with a guy called Li Qing, and the remaining few cultivators whom he was not acquainted with were grouped together.

“Woah, it is so pretty here, all my life, I have never cultivated in a cave.”

Upon entering the cave, Hong Yan kept looking around and touching the walls, as though she found her baby.

Su Yun did not say anything. He went to the back of the cave, found a suitable cultivating array where he sat down cross legged, and started to harmonize his Qi.

“Brother Wu Yun, there are still two more days to the competition, and the competition goes by drawing lots, who do you think we will meet in the first round?”

Hong Yan ran over and sat down beside Su Yun.

“It’ll be fine as long as we don’t meet our own people.”

Su Yun replied with his eyes closed.

“I hope I meet that slut, and cripple her in the competition and take revenge for brother Long Hai and the rest.” Hong Yan said.

Su Yun did not reply.

“But Brother Wu Yun, the last time I heard you say, you are a citizen of Jue Lian Region?”


“Which part of Jue Lian Region?”

“What are you asking this for?” Su Yun opened his eyes and looked at Hong Yan strangely.

“Just curious.”

Hong Yan laughed.

Su Yun shook his head: “I drift to places, and I drifted here from Jue Lian Region.”

“Then Brother Wu Yun, I have a request, can you promise me you will help me?” just then, Hong Yan asked again.

“Request? Tell me what it is first.”

“That is… That is” hong yan blushed, she lowered her head and hesitated, after a long while, she gathered and courage and said: “Brother Wu Yun, can you take down your mask, I want to see your face.”

“My face?”

Su Yun was startled: “Why do you want to see my face for?”

Hong Yan became serious, she looked up at Su Yun and said: “Brother Wu Yun, if not for you taking action, all of us would have died back there. You saved us all, and even saved my life, so you are my benefactor. My Hong Family has always kept our gratitude and grudges clearly, we need to repay our gratitude and pay our debts. Brother Wu Yun, I know that you are wearing a mask for a reason, but please, I want to remember your face, and I will definitely repay you in the future.”

“It is fine, in that situation, no one will just stand idly by the side and watch, you do not need to take it to heart.”

“But if I do not see your true face, I will not be at ease.”

Hong Yan’s attitude was serious, she was not artificial at all.

Seeing that, Su Yun started to consider.

Hong Yan had never seen Su Yun’s real face, adding the fact that the Evil Realm had changed his looks, letting her see his face should not be an issue.

Thinking about it, Su Yun extended out his hand and took down the mask from his face.


The mask came down.

Sharp eyebrows and starry eyes on the exceptionally pale face appeared in Hong Yan’s vision.

Hong Yan was dumbstruck, and only let out a ‘woah’ after a long while: “Brother Wu Yun, you are so suave!”

Su Yun: “….”

“Hehe, such a charismatic face, why bother wearing a mask.”

Hong Yan changed her question again, and Su Yun could not help but suspect that she was not as simple and naive as she looked.

After she impatiently said a few more words, Su Yun then continued to harmonize his Qi, too lazy to continue talking.

Hong Yan was brightened up for a while, but after seeing that Su Yun was not interested in her, she then stopped.

The two of them sat down cross legged to cultivate, and time passed by very quickly. In a blink of an eye, a day passed.

This time, he was determined to obtain the ‘Through Heavens Mirror’. If he was unable to obtain a good ranking, then wouldn’t everything be a waste?

Su Yun did not wait long, he opened his eyes and stood up. He turned to look at Hong Yan. Seeing that she was still meditating, he did not disturb her and stepped out of the cave.

It was the preliminaries before the competition, so there were no seeded participants. Of course, as a seeded participant, they did not need to be involved in the preliminaries.

Su Yun strolled around everywhere, walking around the areas where there were spirit cultivators. Of course, his eyes did not stop looking around, glancing at every spirit cultivator with the Heavenly Scale Divine Eyes, all of their cultivation in plain sight.

After walking for a while, he was able to see countless spirit cultivators dueling. Although the Qin Creek Protectors said that there could be no fights and duels, that did not meant that people could not use the excuse of comparing notes, so even the protectors could not do anything.

Su Yun arrived by a mountain stream, where there were many spirit cultivators seated cross legged on big boulders, absorbing Qin Creek’s natural Qi . There was Qi here that was not present in the caves. Conversely, the Qi present in the caves wasn’t present here.

The spirit cultivators of the competition were all walking around, seemingly like no one was paying attention to others, but no one knew that there was a person quietly observing all of them.

“Hey, stinking brat, what are you looking at?”

Just as Su Yun was still casually strolling, a voice suddenly came out from behind him.

Su Yun turned over, only to see a few spirit cultivators fiercely walking towards him.

“Is something wrong?” Su Yun asked.

“Of course there is something wrong! Stinking brat, what are you looking at my dual cultivation partner for? Is she someone you can look at?”

The man pulled Su Yun’s blademaster clothe, and said fiercely.

Hearing that, Su Yun was startled, and immediately asked: “Which one of them is your dual cultivation companion?”

“You better remember, it’s her! Your dog eyes is not allowed to look at her, if not you better dig them out!”

The man said fiercely.

But, Su Yun turned to look over, and carefully glanced at the female spirit cultivator’s body who was on the boulder, and then he smiled and said: “Her figure is good, when cultivating together, you definitely have a good taste, right?”

“You!” The man became enraged and was about to wave launch his fist onto Su Yun’s head.

But in the next second, a leg struck from below, fiercely smashing his lower abdomen.


The man crashed into the few others behind him, causing them to fall on the ground, with all of them howling in pain.

The kick was very strong.

People at the side who saw it were all shocked.

The person’s strength is so strong! They exclaimed in their hearts.

Su Yun then walked over to the female spirit cultivator.

The originally calm female spirit cultivator, upon seeing Su Yun walking towards her, started to feel fear. She opened her eyes and looked at Su Yun cautiously.

“What’s your name?” Su Yun stood in front of her and asked.

“Who are you? Why are you so rude? Who are you to ask for other people’s name upon meeting them?”

The female spirit cultivator secretly gulped down her saliva.

“Oh, rude? Shouldn’t I be the one saying that? The next time you want to find out about other people’s strength, you don’t have to use such underhanded means, understand?”

Su Yun sneered, and turned to leave.

The female spirit cultivator’s face changed between red and white, ultimately she did not utter a word.

The man who found trouble with Su Yun was asked by the female spirit cultivator to probe Su Yun’s strength. The competition was about to begin, everyone wanted to know the strength of their opponents, but because matches were made by drawing lots, no one knew who their opponents were, so they adopted methods to enquire about cultivations whom they deem as potential threats. These potential threats were all targets to be investigated upon.

The ranking competition of the Mountain River List solely depended on strength, and strength did not only include cultivation, but also included wits and methods.

Seems like everyone here are not simple, whoever is stupid will be shot down first.

Su Yun shook his head and continued walking around.

Just then, a few spirit cultivators by the side of the road walked over. They walked ahead with full concentration, similar to army troops.

Su Yun casually took a glanced, but with that look, his heart became tense.

The few people wearing masks, were being led by the lady he met in the city who was wearing the half broken mask, the one that was extremely familiar to him.

“Who the hell is she?”