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The Mountain Pass

If they were to go all out, Su Yun could easily get rid of Bei Xuan Ming and the rest, but the reason for coming here, was not to kill Bei Xuan Ming, but to join the competition. If he was to make his move, it would be difficult for him to hide his Evil Profound Spirit Qi, and once he revealed the Evil Qi, everyone would definitely think he was a person from the Evil Realm. Even after saving them at that time, it wasn’t clear whether or not Wang Zhong Shan would still bring him to join the competition, which would be a problem. To save the trouble, he could only let Bei Xuan Ming and the rest go. That was sufficient for the time being.

“Are you all alright?!”

Su Yun turned around and looked at Wang Zhong Shan and the rest.

“Brother Wang’s wounds are more severe, please heal him first!”

Hong Yan said while tearing.

Su Yun nodded, he walked over, then mended the wound on Wang Zhong Shan who was lying on the ground, then poured Spirit Qi into his body.

An emerald green light aura flowed out from Su Yun’s palm.

Wang Zhong Shan’s body gradually gained more and more vitality, providing moisture to the broken places

“Spirit Life Qi?”

Wang Zhong Shan opened his eyes wide, trying to look at Su Yun, his eyes full of disbelief.

“Y-you… W-weren’t you using Swift Wind Spirit Qi just now? How are you able to use Spirit Life Qi?”

“Is it that weird?” Su Yun laughed: “Although there aren’t many that possess two Qi attributes, there are still some right?”

Wang Zhong Shan thought for a while, then nodded: “That is true.”

“But for Brother Wu Yun to actually have two Qi attributes… With such a strong cultivation, you will definitely be enter the top 20 of the Mountain River List!” Hong Yan shouted joyfully from behind.

“That’s right! I never thought that we would be able to be companions with such an expert. If not for you brother Wu Yun, we would already be dead here!”

Luo Xiao Miao could not hold back and said this. Although his cultivation was the highest, he was not arrogant at all.

The people who originally despised Su Yun, had long thrown away those thoughts. All of them crowding around and talking to Su Yun. No need for more words, to have chosen to stand by Wang Zhong Shan’s side at such a crucial moment, solely for this point, was sufficient enough. How could this type of people not be respected?

After a few hours.

Su Yun stopped his Profound Spirit Qi, retracting his hand, he looked Wang Zhong Shan who had a haggard complexion, and shook his head.

“Zhong Shan, your injuries are not optimistic. Although I have stopped the wounds and stabilised your condition, in order for you to become well again, it will not take just one or two days, I am afraid that for this competition, you will not be able to join anymore.”

“Damn it!”

Wang Zhong Shan clenched his fist tightly, and smashed the ground fiercely, but after doing such a violent movement, his lower abdomen became painful again, so he immediately held onto it, beads of perspiration dripping down his head.

“Like this, I think it would be better for brother Wang to go back to Sky Dragon CIty to rest, if the injury acts up again, I am afraid it would become worse!” Luo Xiao Miao frowned and said.

“If you’re a normal person, you would be long dead. Brother Wang, you better go back to rest, allow your guards to bring you back.” Someone by the said advised.

But, before they were finished ,Wang Zhong Shan raised his hand, and said weakly: “Enough! I will not go back.”

“Why?” Hong Yan asked anxiously.

Wang Zhong Shan shook his head: “I am a contestant that was officially set. If I do not go, without anyone bring you all in, all of you are unable to participate in the selection competition. Since that is so, I cannot be a burden to all of you. I have to go. As long as I still have life in me, I will not disappoint all of you.”

“But brother Wang, you…”

“Hey, what can this small wound do? Since we still have a long way to Qin Creek, I can recover en route and heal my wounds. Even before we reach there, I will be much better. Haha, honestly, I still want to join the Mountain River List Competition.”

As he said that, a light flickered in Wang Zhong Shan’s eyes.

Even after being betrayed, after being heavily injured, he did not shed tears. But at that moment, he could no longer hold back.

No one was able to understand his feelings, but everyone knew. If Wang Zhong Shan did not participate in the upcoming Mountain River List competition, then he would have no more opportunity to do so. The time that he had trained for was almost over 30 years, so if he didn’t participate now, he wouldn’t have another chance to do so.

“Then let’s go.”

Just as everyone was planning to advise Wang Zhong Shan, Su Yun who was wearing his mask suddenly said.

Swoosh, everyone all turned their heads in unison, however, Su Yun only said those words and had already turned his body, not saying anymore.


Inside the dark and dilapidated palace, numerous moss green Qi floated in the air. Two sinister looking monstrous statues stood by the left and right of the big palace.

A green robed lady stood inside of the palace, gazing at the statues, her eyes seemed to be out of focus.


The clear footsteps resonated from outside the palace, very quickly, an attractive man dressed in blue and white robes walked in. The moment he stepped in, his pair of crafty eyes looked upon the lady in the palace, revealing a strange smile.

“I greet Your highness.”

The man knelt on one knee, cupped his fist and called out.

“Stand!” The lady in green replied casually.

“Thank you, your Highness.” The man stood up, then bowed with his cupped fist: “Your highness has summoned me here, what do you request of me?”

“Nothing urgent. Just wanted to ask, how are your preparations going? When can you head to Qin Creek?”

“We are moving out today, everything has been prepared.” The man replied.

“Oh, today is it? That’s quite fast.” The lady in green said, then waved her hand. Immediately, a wave of dense Spirit Demon Qi soared from behind her.

“We are working with Young Master Xie this time, I think there should not be any errors, but for insurance, I will send someone to aid you, to make myself feel better. I cannot accept failure this time.”

With that said, inside the dense Spirit Demon Qi, a tall looking female figure appeared.

The man raised his handsome face, looking with suspicion at where the dense Spirit Demon Qi arose from, but the person was already gone.

She was short haired, looked to be fat, dressed entirely in brown, and her eyes had a trace of a smile. She walked out, looking at the man disdainfully.

“Su You Rong?”

When he saw the person clearly, he frowned.

“Hehehe, I never thought that young master is also a Spirit Demon Dao cultivator? I truly am surprised!”

“I am not a Spirit Demon Dao cultivator.”

The man shook his head, but before he could speak further, he asked the lady in green: “Wasn’t Su You Rong already dead? Why is she here?”

“She did die, but before Su You Rong died, she was connected to me, for the sake of preventing her from betraying me, I had kept her spirit. So when she died, I allowed them to take her fleshly body, using this spirit as a medium, I used Spirit Demon techniques to revive her!”

“No wonder Su You Rong’s body had mysteriously disappeared” The man said, after thinking about something, and asked: “That means, Su You Rong’s Yin techniques was taught by you?”

“That’s right!” The lady in green said indifferently: “She was already my person! But since she had recovered, I will send her to help you!“

The man was suspicious for a while, but without his expression, he cupped his fist and bowed: “Yes, Your highness.”

“Go on then.”


A long mountain road meandered around like a long entrenched snake through the mountain range in the countryside.

A group of purple horned beast ran quickly on the mountain road, causing the earth to tremble.

Su Yun looked ahead, and then walked forward.

Wang Zhong Shan was surrounded by the rest, he was lying on the broad back of his purple horned beast, gently urging his Qi. It was just that the road was bumpy, aggravating his wound, so Wang Zhong Shan’s Qi was always being cut off, making it hard to be used.

“In front of us is the mountain bend, we will be at the mountain pass. Once we leave that, we will have left the border of the Long Ao Nation, and would be considered to be inside the Northern Continent!”

Luo Xiao Miao looked around at their surroundings and said.

“Are we leaving the mountain pass immediately?”

Wang Zhong Shan opened his eyes, and said weakly: “Everyone, be on your guard. Although Bei Xuan Ming has gone forward, they are also going towards Qin Creek, so we have to be cautious. if we were to meet them again, we must definitely increase our vigilance. They will definitely not let us off.”

“What exactly have we done to offend them? They are truly despicable people!” Hong Yan said angrily.

“Offend? As long as we conflict with their interest, we have already offended them. We are all contestants wanting to participate in the Mountain River List competition, so they want to get rid of us. With one less competitor, they can step up one rank in the regional rankings already.”

“Regional rankings?” Hong Yan looked at him.

“Yes, the regional rankings. The Mountain River List records the overall list, but there are specialist who are responsible for arranging the rankings of the contestants in the same region, which is also an honor. For example; us in Long Ao nation. There will be someone who will, according to the upcoming Mountain River List, arrange the contestants of Long Ao Nation in rankings. If Bei Xuan Ming got first, that would be glorious for them, and will be watched by the monarch who would support them!”

“So that’s how it was.”

“We must announce all their bad deeds!”

“Announce? We have no proof, anything that we say is useless. Only by joining the Mountain River List can there be a chance for us.”

Hong Yan did not say anymore. It was obvious she had never thought of all the hidden secrets of a competition.

Nearing the end of the mountain road was a mountain pass, and after Wang Zhong Shan passed over the Sky Dragon City’s instruction documents, they would be able to pass through.

The few tenth stage Spirit Core Realm soldiers looked at the documents seriously, after confirming that there were no errors, they returned the documents to Luo Xiao Miao.

“Are all of you preparing to join the Mountain River List?”

The soldiers swept across the group, and asked.

“Yes, we come from Sky Dragon City.” Luo Xiao Miao replied.

The soldiers all nodded their heads: “That’s nice, we will have to rely on you all to fight for our Long Ao Nation’s national prestige.”

The soldier’s cultivation was not low, but they willingly chose to remain as frontier defense soldiers. Long Ao Nation treated such guards very highly, supplying them with spirit coins, treasures, materials, even special training facilities. Even though the tenth stage of the Spirit Core Realm was not considered high, and they have left home to seek success, the main land was too dangerous, thus they seeked asylum under the nation to cultivate, was naturally their first choice, so the soldiers had to do it unwillingly.

“We will do our best.” Luo Xiao Miao said.

Other than Su Yun, everyone else were Long Ao Nation’s citizen.

Finished, everyone was about to move out and continue with their route.

“Oh, wait a minute, I almost forgot to inform you all about something!

Just at that time, the soldier suddenly shouted.

Everyone turned to look at him with suspicion.

“A month ago, two famous and outstanding experts fought with the King of the grassland ‘Sky Heaven Ravage Beast’ at the plains just outside, and it was killed on the spot, with the body exploding apart, devastating half of the grasslands. Now, the grasslands has condensed a dense miasma released from its death. If you guys plan to cross through the grassland, I am afraid it is extremely dangerous. Furthermore, there are many fierce beasts fighting to take over the position of the ‘King of the Grasslands’, and the battles have already started. It is extremely chaotic there, so I suggest that all of you take a detour, and go from the eastern Heng Shi Mountain.”

“What? Something like that actually happened?” Everyone’s face congealed.

“Heng Shi Mountain? We have already tarried for too long on the road, if we were to go by Heng Shi Mountain, that will delay us by at least five days. That means we will not be able to join in the competition on time.” Wang Zhong Shan’s face was gloomy.

“Not being able to participate is better than throwing your lives away right? You all better be careful, I have already informed you about it, so do not blame us for dying at that time!” The guard said, and then returned to his position.

The entire group looked at each other, becoming hesitant.