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Rush Forth

Sou Sou Sou Sou

On the brilliant white snow covered mountain top, rushed out a big snow white light, the snow that resembled goose feathers revolved at high speed around the snow white light, transforming into a hurricane, crashing onto the distant gigantic frozen stone.


The heavy frozen stone disintegrated, splashing in all directions, the sharp Swift Wind Spirit Qi releasing in all directions.

A young lady dressed in goosefeather clothes placed down her sword, looking at the wreckage ahead, she sighed lightly.

Her delicate face was full of sorrow.

“Good! Good! Ming’er, I didn’t think that you would have already entered the sixth stage of the Spirit Soul Realm! That’s good!”

Just then, a joyous voice came out from the mountain road behind her.

The young lady was startled, she turned around to look, to see a middle aged woman dressed in lavish clothes walking over.


The young lady half bowed.

The middle aged woman walked over, holding the young lady’s hands, sizing her up once then kept nodding her head.

“Ming’er, do you know? You are the most talented person I have ever met! Since the creation of the Snow Jade Palace, we did not have anyone who can match you in talent!”

“Master over compliments me, Ming’er’s cultivation is all because of Master’s guidance.”

“Hey, you are being too modest, Ming’er, you have not been in my Snow Jade Palace. You are where you are today all because of your hard work!” The middle aged woman said, then asked: “Ming’er, the Divine Jade Manual that I had passed down to you, how many levels have you cultivated up to?”

“Ming’er is clumsy, and am only at the fifth level.”

“Fifth level? Not bad, not bad!” She patted the young lady’s small hands and nodded: “Ming’er, wait until after the Mountain River List competition, I will give you a surprise!”

“Surprise?” The young lady became suspicious.

“For now let Master hold back this excitement, alright Ming’er, let’s go. The time is here, you all should be heading towards Qin Creek! The people of Ink Blade Pavilion are also here, go and get prepared and travel with them.”

“Why do we need to travel with them?”

The middle aged woman seemed to be awkward, after hesitating for a while, she said: “Ming’er, although our Snow Jade Palace was created a long time ago, but our ancestor has set the decree that we only accept females, and the sect’s strength is weak and have difficulties expanding, but the Ink Blade Pavilion is different, they are a big and famous Sect in the Northern Continent, they have many experts who are powerful, their disciples are spread across the entire Sky Martial Continent, regardless of where they are, everyone respects and reveres them. Ming’er, didn’t I mention to you about the grievances between our Snow Jade Palace and Flaming Core Valley?”

“Master had not told me before.”

“Ai, actually it isn’t much of a nice story to tell, you just have to know, the foster father of the current Valley Master of the Flaming Core Valley was killed by the previous master of our Snow Jade Palace, so the Flaming Core Valley had become mortal enemies with us, understand?”

“So what?”

“So what? Heh, Ming’er, these few years Flaming Core Valley has calmed down, that is why you have not interacted much with them! Ever since the two sects broke off, we would be fighting multiple times every year, the fights in the light and in the darkness never stopped, and the current Valley Master of Flaming Core Valley also wants to eradicate our Snow Jade Palace. Our location is desolate, short of natural resource, adding the fact that our sect only has females, how can we fight against Flaming Core Valley? So we can only rely on other strong sects, to be able to expand and live peacefully, at least, Snow Jade Palace will not be destroyed in our hands.” The middle aged woman said in a serious tone.

After hearing that, the young lady lowered her head and nodded: “Ming’er understands.”

“Ink Blade Pavilion has sent a person called Lu Xi Shan this time, he is the strongest and youngest person of the young generation in Ink Blade Pavilion, and is even the direct disciple of their Great Clan Elder! His position is superior, and since the last time that he has met you, I saw that he is always thinking about you. I think that he has the thoughts of finding you to be his dual cultivation companion. So you have to converse more with him, do not offend him, for the sake of Snow Jade Palace and Ink Blade Pavilion’s connection and future! Understand?”

“But Master, didn’t you say that our Snow Jade Palace cannot find a dual cultivation companion? Why?”

“Rules can be broken, Our Ancestor was hurt when she set this rule, but currently for the sake of our future, why should we care about it?”


“Ming’er, quickly go, don’t disappoint Master!”

The middle aged woman did not care about what the young lady felt, and was forceful.

Seeing the hope and sternness in her eyes, the young lady opened her mouth, but in the end she did not speak her thoughts.


Immortal Sword Sect.

In the majestic and mysterious floating palace, a blue figure flew in.

Inside the exquisite and refined interior palace, an angel like woman was seated.

Dressed in white silk, she sat in front of a huge mirror, her face looked extremely haggard, her gemstone like eyes gazed straight into the mirror, pursing her dried lips, her expression was sluggish.

The beautiful and gem filled sword was casually placed on the floor, the entire scene looked strange.

Tang Tian looked at Long Xian Li who was seated in front of the mirror, sighing helplessly, he walked over.

“Elder Long?”

“Who is it?”

She regained her senses, the dim eyes gazed over, seeing who it was, she immediately stood up and bowed: “Xian Li greets Second Clan Elder.”

Despite doing so, every movement she made was without energy.

“Don’t need to be too polite.”

Tang Tian shook his head: “I am very curious, Elder Long, what exactly made you like that? These few years your change have been too drastic, this is totally not the pavilion master of Martial Sword Pavilion, and not the Long Xian Li I know. What exactly happened to you, Elder Long, can you tell me?”

“Tell you?” Long Xian Li muttered: “What is the use of saying it? It is my own matter.”


Tang Tian sighed helplessly again, then after thinking about it, he said: “Since it is so, then I will not be so nosy. Elder Long, in here, I want to ask you a serious question, is that possible?”

“What does Elder Tang wants to ask me?”

“Do you still see yourself as someone from the Immortal Sword Sect?”

“What does Clan Elder Tang mean?” Long Xian Li’s eyes drooped down: “If Xian Li is not a person from Immortal Sword Sect, then who else can I be?”

“That is good.” Tang Tian nodded his head, and said: “Since it is so, then, the sect have given you a task which you cannot reject! This few years, you have used various reasons to reject your tasks given by the sect, and stay cooped up in the palace, without even stepping out once. If you trained, that is fine, but you just spend the whole day dazing, Elder Long, that is not what we want to see, so this mission, you have to execute it.”

Hearing that, Long Xian Li bit her lips gently, after thinking for a while, she stood up gracefully, the silk robes gently swaying, her eyes widening slightly.

“Whatever Clan Elder Tang orders, as long as there is no harm in it, Xian Li will accomplish it.”

“Good! Elder Long, I know, you will not disappoint us.” Tang Tian nodded his head, and laughed: “It isn’t anything important, but the competition for the Mountain River List selection is happening soon, and our Immortal Sword Sect has already chosen the disciples to participate. Clan Elder Long, you will hold your position as an elder and bring the disciples to Qin Creek, treat it as a stroll, to the north, it will do you good too.”


The place was extremely silent, the blood stench still lingered in the air, but, under the misty sky, the light rain somewhat cleansed some of the fishy smell off.

Wang Zhong Shan and the rest looked anxiously towards the man, all of them were extremely focused, their attention fully on Su Yun.

“Brother Wu Yun” Hong Yan opened her mouth, but did not know how to speak.

Bei Xuan Ming was already laughing.

Speaking about fighting capabilities, they were not weaker than Su Yun, and Su Yun most likely had to join them, because if they fought, Su Yun might not win.

Of course, that was only the thoughts of Bei Xuan Ming’s side, their initial judgement was that Su Yun was most likely only a fifth or sixth stage Spirit Soul cultivator, since it was impossible to be a seventh stage in just a short span of 30 years of living. Even with the support of all the treasures under the sky, and adding on high leveled equipment, it was impossible to reach the seventh stage.

But Bei Xuan Ming and his men neglected one thing.

In the world, nothing was definite, and at the same time, although talents and all the treasures in the world was an important factor in the cultivation level, but other than that, there was another important factor.

That was opportunity.

In this manner, Su Yun was able to have an extremely good score in.

“Your group?”

Su Yun looked at Bei Xuan Ming, smiling under his mask then chuckling out: “I do not dare to join, what if you all backstab me, wouldn’t I die without knowing anything?”

Bei Xuan Ming’s smiling face froze:” Brat, you….”

“Letting you give up, is giving you all a chance, if not, I do not mind killing all of you here!”

Su Yun then let go of Engraved Dragon Blade, and in that moment, it started to fly in the sky, producing over 10 thousand sword images with an imposing manner.

“Imperial Sword Technique? You are from the Immortal Sword Sect?” Gu Xin Fei’s face changed.

“So you are someone from Immortal Sword Sect!”

“No wonder you have that strength!!”

Chi Xiao Luan and the rest all had a change of expression, they did not dare move up.

Bei Xuan Ming was also surprised, he did not expect that the background of the masked man was not small.

“Young Master, we better not persist this matter, he is powerful, and if we make a move, we might not be able to kill him. If he escapes, that means offending the entire Immortal Sword Sect! The Immortal Sword Sect have many experts, they are not people we can contend against, I am afraid the Bei Xuan Family…” Someone from the side was advising.

“Enough!” Without allowing him to complete his sentence, Bei Xuan Ming snorted, and said coldly: “I know what to do!” With that, he raised his hand, and cupped his hands towards Su Yun, and asked: “I wonder what is this brother’s name?”

“Wu Yun.”

“A good name. Since you said it like that, I will leave Wang Zhong Shan’s dog life today, but ahead, since they are prepared to join the Mountain River List selection, then I will give a good reminder, I hope you all can live to go back to Sky Dragon City!”

With that, Bei Xuan Ming waved his hand and said: “Let’s go!”

His group then continued to move.

Seeing that, Wang Zhong Shan and the rest could finally breathe.