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With his cultivation at the sixth stage of the Spirit Soul Realm, along with the Death Sword, Limitless Sword Manual and Evil Sword Technique, it was extremely easy for him to kill everyone on sight, but if he had done that, he would had exposed his identity. He had to rely on Wang Zhong Shan to compete in the Mountain River List, so he could not reveal himself.

Su Yun was deep in his thoughts.

Wang Zhong Shan and his people were all fighting bravely, even with the array formation working on them they were still fighting with all their might. All of them were suffering from various wounds, and were strenuously supporting themselves. Half of their bodyguards were dead, and the situation was not boding well.


Wang Zhong Shan clenched his teeth, suddenly retrieving an emerald green scroll from his storage ring, he threw it into the air.


The scroll broke, releasing little bit of green light, and then Wang Zhong Shan shouted out loudly.

“Hong Yan!”

“Luo Xiao Miao!”

“Long Hai!’

“Wu Yun!’

“Shen Hao!’

“Li Qing!”

Wang Zhong Shan started shouting out their names, and every time he shouted a name, the green light would quickly swim into the body of the person who was called out, and in the next moment, all of their wounds would disappear, and their Profound Spirit Qi would be completely recovered, as though they were displaced back in time to when they were fine.

“That scroll?”

The head of the bandit was stunned and astonished.

“To be able to take out such a treasure, it seems that these prey are not going to be so easy to handle!”

The Sly Spirit Leopard howled, then rushed towards Wang Zhong Shan, having decided to deal with him first.

Wang Zhong Shan’s group was renewed, but they were not out of danger yet, the bandits held the advantage in numbers, while Bei Xuan Ming and his men were sitting by the fence, completely letting Wang Zhong Shan’s side to deal with everything.

“Brother Bei Xuan, what exactly are you doing? If we are unable to deal with them, you and I both will not be in a good situation, after dealing with us, they will not let go of you!! Quickly make your moves and help us!!”

Wang Zhong Shan was forced to shout towards him.

Only with Bei Xuan Ming acting, by working together could they have hope.

After hearing that, Bei Xuan Ming looked to his men, his mouth suddenly arching upwards, flapping his fan, he laughed: “Alright, since Brother Wang said it like that, If I continue to watch, then I am not a human!!”

He then waved his hand and said coldly: “Go and support brother Wang!”

“Yes, Young Master!”

His men nodded, and all for them rushed over.

“That’s great!”

Seeing that, Wang Zhong Shan was joyous, then he shouted: “Everyone gather together, we will first kill that Sly Spirit Leopard! Kill!”

Everyone’s spirit were ignited once again.

With Bei Xuan Ming acting, they would definitely be able to turn the tide!

Just at this moment, everyone saw Bei Xuan Ming in a different light.

Just that…

Just as Wang Zhong Shan was full of fighting spirit and was fully prepared to attack, a blade suddenly pierced his stomach.

Wang Zhong Shan’s body convulsed, his face immediately became pale white.

His eyes opened wide, turning his head, he saw Bei Xuan Ming’s bodyguard captain holding onto a tiger knife, coldly staring at him.

“W-what are you guys doing?”

Wang Zhong Shan was startled, but at the same time angry, he endured the pain in his belly, and with one leg he kicked the captain.


The captain flew out, but Wang Zhong Shan’s wound was heavier.

He clenched his teeth, pulling out the knife from his belly, he retreated a few steps, his mouth spitting out blood, almost falling to the ground.

“Brother Wang!!”

His team all shouted for him.

But just at that moment

Puch puchi

Many more people met with sneak attacks!

The men under Bei Xuan Ming who were supposedly preparing to help Wang Zhong Shan defeat the bandits, were actually close behind Wang Zhong Shan’s group members, and without hesitating they used their knives to cut them.

Those who were quick to react avoided fatal spots, but still incurred injuries, and for people like Long Hai who was unable to defend at all, died on the spot under the sneak attack. In that moment, Wang Zhong Shan’s team were all decapitated.

Of course, except for Su Yun.


A strong and powerful hand grabbed onto the broadsword that was aimed towards the head.

The bodyguard holding the broadsword was startled, he wanted to pull back, but, the sword seemed to be stuck onto the person’s body, unable to move an inch.

He then watched as the masked man slowly turned around, the pair of cold eyes staring straight at him…

“Brother Wang, are you alright? Brother Wang!!”

Hong Yan and the rest endured their injuries and ran over, supporting Wang Zhong Shan who was lying on the floor, they anxiously shouted.

“Why is it like that? Why is it like that?”

The young man called Shen Hao looked around at the situation, his body shivering uncontrollably, as though he had lost his speech.

At that moment, Wang Zhong Shan’s team were in the center of devastation.

Wang Zhong Shan swallowed a pill given by Luo Xiao Miao, gradually gaining some strength, enduring the stabbing pain tearing at his heart from his belly, he clenched his teeth and shouted to Bei Xuan Ming: “Bei Xuan Ming! You! You dare to backstab us! You despicable man! What exactly are you doing??”

“What am I doing? Heh, naturally doing what I want to do!!”

Bei Xuan Ming continued to flap his fan, and walked over, with a sinister face: “Wang Zhong Shan, this big one has long since wanted to deal with you, and today is the perfect chance, so why not do it now?”

“Deal with me? Now there are enemies outside, you dare point your spear at me! Are you not afraid of all of us dying together?”

Wang Zhong Shan bellowed, his pale white face was also flushed red with anger.

Just that, Bei Xuan Ming did not care from the start, he sneered and snorted: “Just a group of jumping clowns, you think I cannot take them down? Xiao Luan! Just now they were looking down on you right? Heh, let them witness, the power of you as a ninth stage Spirit Core Realm!”

With that said, the girl riding on the qilin beast laughed happily, looking down at Wang Zhong Shan’s group who were in a bad state with disdain, then walked over, rubbing her hands together, taking out a brilliant red pearl from nowhere, enveloping it with Profound Spirit Qi, she then put it in her mouth.


In a moment, her cheeks surfaced two blood red lotus marks, the lotus lines appeared, causing her Qi to suddenly change, and the lotus lines suddenly burst forth with a large amount of light, the light quickly spreading all over her body, covering her entire body, forming a light armor that covered her entire body, the girl called Xiao Luan became like a female warrior goddess, her Qi extremely terrifying.

She took a deep breath, waving her hand, a slender light blade appeared in her hands.

Sou sou sou sou.

She started to move like a flower of light, like shuttling through the crowd, her light blade violently slashing all around, the blade’s body releasing the terrifying Qi, in a moment all the bandits were slashed into pieces, regardless of how strong they were, they could not defend against the blade!


Everyone inhaled cold air.


Just as the bodyguard in front of Bei Xuan Ming fell to the ground, Su Yun stared at the girl slaughtering everyone.

“What treasure is that? Her Qi is so surprising, I think her cultivation should be at the fifth stage Spirit Soul Realm now.”

She was practically invincible on the ground, anyone who tried to confront her could not last two exchanges, her speed was too fast, causing everyone to not be able to catch her at all, adding on the dazzling light, anyone who fought with her had their sight obstructed, they were unable to see at all, and their skills became sluggish.


Seeing that she was so powerful, the bandit chief clenched his teeth and rushed forth, planning to fight her.

She raised her light blade, flinging her arm wildly, released thousand of sword images towards the bandit chief.

“Dauntless Slash!” The bandit chief who also used a blade released a slash, the blade image expanded exponentially, becoming countless of metres wide.

But before the blade image had landed, it was crumbled into pieces by the blade images of the light blade, the strange light blade tyrannically created an opening inside the blade, surging with torrential power, flying towards the bandit chief’s body. He was like a sieve that trembled uncontrollably, his mouth wide opened, spitting out blood, he was actually wounded by the power.

“Stop playing!! Quickly resolve this!!”

Bei Xuan Ming sounded annoyed as he spoke out.

“Alright young master, eh, I wanted to play around with them more!”

The one called Shen Yu Jing who was a third stage Spirit Soul cultivator yawned, acting like he was lazy, he retrieved a pair of sledgehammers out of his storage ring, and rushed towards the bandit chief.

His steps were slow, but upon nearing the bandit chief, he suddenly increased speed, like a motor that suddenly roared, in that moment when he reached, he raised the sledgehammer, the terrifying True Divine Spirit Qi fiercely crashed down.


The bandit chief’s face changed, he immediately retreated, but before he had time to dodge, the sledgehammer appeared in front of him, the Qi exploding into sparks, dispersing in all directions, directly crashing exploding out. The bandit chief spat out three mouthfuls of blood, crashing onto the ground. His face was extremely pale, and he was out of breath and Qi, he was nearing death.

The ground shook greatly because of Shen Yu Jing, like a 7.0 magnitude earthquake.

The bandit chief had not even crawled up when a light aura swept past his eyes, following that a light blade fiercely landed down, slashing his head


His head was cut off.

The bandit chief was dead!

Wang Zhong Shan and his men were all stunned.

“N-no w-wonder that woman was able to say those words, she had such a strong treasure. In a blink of an eye, a ninth stage Spirit Core cultivator had transformed into a fifth stage Spirit Soul cultivator. What sort of treasure is that? It actually wields such mystical power.”

“That should be a treasure of at least the Core Level.”

Luo Xiao Miao held onto his shoulder and said weakly.

“Brother Wang, what should we do now? Everyone is injured and unable to battle, it will be difficult for us to leave, and if this continues, we might all die.”

Hong Yan clenched her teeth and said in pain.

Long Hai and the other members’ bodies were still around, everyone was panicking, who could have expected that a travelling companion would suddenly become a backstabbing enemy?

“All of you, don’t panic.”

Wang Zhong Shan took a deep breath, then said calmly: “I know what Bei Xuan Ming wants to do, he is trying to take revenge on me going against him everyday, and the one he wants is me, I will later talk to him, to let you all go, you guys and him have no enmity, I believe he will not kill you all ruthlessly for no reason.”

“Brother Wang.”

“Speak no further, I am the one who caused this to you all, so I will ensure your safety.”

Wang Zhong Shan slowly closed his eyes.

At that moment, regardless of whether it was the bodyguards that followed him or the members who accompanied him, they all died because of him.

The bandit chief was dead, so who was there to fight against Bei Xuan Ming’s team? Even the Sly Spirit Leopard that saw that the situation was getting bad and wanted to escape, was chased after by the female warrior goddess and killed.

The remaining bandits could not hold on for long, all of them were killed. Even with the array formation still in use, the disparity of strength between them was too great. Although Bei Xuan Ming’s men did not have an advantage in cultivation, their treasures were all extremely powerful, leaving people speechless.

The blood from the bodies formed a streamlet, trickling past Wang Zhong Shan and his team.

He looked over, only to see that Bei Xuan Ming’s team had not cleared up the battlefield, and all of their gazes were towards him.

Hua la.

Bei Xuan Ming once again opened his fan, gently waving it, laughing and looking over, a look of ridicule in his eyes.