Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 258
Qin Creek

The servant took the lead leisurely, with Su Yun following behind.

The interior of the Wang Residence was quiet and elegant. Upon entering the big doors, a small jaded path, with flowerbeds on both sides could be seen. The fragrance assailed his nostrils. Far ahead, a few pavilions stood tall, all of them with delicate and exquisite aesthetics.

“Does your Young Master attend to so many guests every day?”

Su Yun suddenly asked.

“Yes.” The servant nodded his head.

“Are they all here to obtain the qualifications for the Mountain River List selection competition?”


“Then, is your noble young master able to entertain so many people? How many does he have to exchange blows with then? Even an Iron man will not be able to endure for so long right?”

“This young master has overthinked it, our young master does not plan to exchange blows with every single one of them, if they want to exchange blows with my young master, you have to go through a test first, after the test, will my young master then exchange blows, and give the qualifications to participate!”

“So it’s like that, then how many people have passed the test?”


“Out of a few hundred people, only six got through, that probability is rather small.”

The servant did not say anything.

The two of them walked around a few structures, through a gigantic metal door, then reached a extremely flat open space that was spread with green bricks. On top of the surface were a few arrays, by the side was a weapons rack equipped fully and on the right of the weapons rack was a jade table where there were many bottles arranged neatly, they were obviously bottles for pills and medicines.

But, all the things did not hold Su Yun’s attention, for his attention was fully attracted to the huge and sturdy gigantic golem statue about 4 m tall in the middle of the training grounds.

The stone statue was exceptionally tall and sturdy. Standing there ominously, its entire body was brimming with energy that was bursting out.

Of course, it was not dead but alive, and when Su Yun and the servant came into the training grounds, it actually turned its heavy head and looked over.

Su Yun sized up the gigantic golem, lowering his head and thinking.

Further ahead of the training grounds was a table and a chair, the table was filled with good wine and fruits where a robust man was sitting down. He had a square face, short hair, and was wearing tiger striped blue robes. When Su Yun entered, he immediately released a joyous laugh and walked over to Su Yun.

“Welcome, brother, I am Wang Zhong Shan!”

“I am Wu Yun, pleased to meet you Young Master Wang!”

Su Yun cupped his fist and bowed.

“Hahaha, come come come, Young Master Wu, come come come!”

Wang Zhong Shan passionately waved Su Yun over, the two of them sat down, and the female servants by the side immediately poured Su Yun a cup of fragrant spirit wine.

“Thank you!” Su Yun said.

“Haha, brother Wu is too courteous! But coming back to the main topic, brother Wu came to find me today, I think most likely is regarding the qualifications to enter the Mountain River List selection competitions right?”

Wang Zhong Shan raised his wine up, and saluted Su Yun with his cup.

After the two of them drank did Su Yun nod his head: “That’s right.”

“90% of the people who come here is for that reason! Zhong Shan understands Brother Wu’s intent.” Wang Zhong Shan laughed, and then extended his finger and pointed to the gigantic golem standing in the middle of the training grounds, and said: “Brother Wu, do you know that is that?”

Su Yun looked over, after sizing it up, he said: “It does not seem like a Soul Stone, is it a mechanical beast? But it could be created from a stone, the person who created it, his cultivation and attainments must not be simple!”

“Good eyes!” Wang Zhong Shan’s eyes lit up, raising his thumb and complimenting: “Every person who comes here, I will ask them the same question, and majority of them will think it is a Soul Stone! Only a few surmised that it is a masterpiece of a Master Mechanic!”

“It really is a piece of art.”

“This mechanism is my Wang Family’s treasure, it being located here is the subject for the test.”

“Subject for the test? I have asked your servant along the way, he said, if I wanted to earn the qualifications from you, I need to complete your test, and defeat you, am I right?”

“Haha, that’s right that’s right! But brother, you can have the qualifications to join the competition, but other than the test, there is another condition. I, Zhong Shan, am open and straightforward, free and unruly, but I need to tell you first, Brother Wu, if you do complete my test, and earn my acknowledgement, you will definitely obtain the qualifications to join it, but you need to also promise me, in the competition, you need to enter it with an identity of a Wang Family member, and represent my Wang Family to compete.”

“Represent your Wang Family to compete?”

“Hehe” Wang Zhong Shan laughed in embarrassment: “I actually want to use the help of the Mountain River List selection competition to improve the name of my Wang Family, so brother wu, relax, if you have the qualifications and represent the Wang Family to fight, all the benefits you earn is yours, and the treasures that you obtain solely belongs to you! What about that?”

Su Yun thought for a while, he understood the situation, and nodded his head: “Then good, since it is so, let us begin.”

“What? Brother Wu wants to start now? You don’t want to drink some more before trying?”

“No thanks!”

Su Yun placed his wine cup down, stood up and walked over to the gigantic golem.

“You are really direct and straightforward, I, Wang Zhong Shan, like your character! Good!”

Wang Zhong Shan laughed, then took up a stone with magic symbols on it from the table, injected some profound spirit qi into it, pointing the symbol stone towards the golem and sent the order: “Begin the test, target the man Wu Yun in front of you!”

“Yes, Master!”

The golem released a low pitched voice, sounded like a battle bass drum, its voice could cause people’s skin and flesh to become numb.

Su Yun raised his head to look, only to see the golem walking towards him, every step it took caused the ground to tremble, dust to fly everywhere while it released its Profound Spirit Qi.

Su Yun stood quietly in front of the golem, staring at the small mountain, his expression was not panicked at all.

He could not reveal his identity, so he definitely could not use Evil Qi, so he would use his other Profound Spirit Qi!

Su Yun took a deep breath, secretly activating Monarch Occult Force, accumulating his power.

“Roar!! Human, I will let you witness the forces of the earth!!”

The golem suddenly stabilised its body, it roared, then clasping its hands together forming a gigantic metal fist, releasing True Divine Spirit Qi, it struck down.

It crashed down like a huge meteor, the dense Spirit Qi splitting the ground.

But, Su Yun’s expression did not change, as he quietly extended out his right hand.


His hand raised up.


The stone hand stopped, the energy from above seemed to be stopped by something, and erupted out in mid air, forming ripples that resonated outwards.

Wang Zhong Shan’s heart froze, he suddenly stood up, his eyes opened wide as he watched.

Su Yun had one hand raised up, blocking the incoming metal fist.


Wang Zhong Shan was stunned.

THe servant beside him was petrified.

Singlehandedly receiving the golem’s attack, that was completely using strength against strength! Under the pressure of force coming from above!

“What cultivation realm is he in? What force is he using? To be able to receive a first stage Spirit Soul Realm of the True Divine Spirit Qi attribute, and what’s more a golem? Powerful! He is very powerful!” Wang Zhong Shan muttered.


Just then, Su Yun moved again, he raised his leg, instigating the Spirit Essence in his body, releasing a huge force of Profound Spirit Qi, fiercely kicking the golem’s knees.


The thick energy emitted from his sole, passing through the golem’s entire body. The golem’s energy was cut short, losing its balance, its gigantic body bent over, directly falling towards Su Yun.

Su Yun then extended his hand again, grabbing onto the falling golem, then releasing some force, he pushed the golem straight to the side.

Bang bang!!

The entire Wang Residence shook, the sudden change worried everyone in the residence.

The victory was long decided, the man did not even have the least bit of pressure against the golem.

“Alright, stop!”

Wang Zhong Shan stood up, taking the symbol rock and muttered.

“Yes, Master!”

The golem roared, crawled back up and stood by the side, not moving anymore.

“What? It’s over?” Su Yun turned, and looked at Wang Zhong Shan.

“Of course it’s over! Brother Wu, you truly made me surprised! This is a first stage Spirit Soul Realm golem with True Divine Spirit Qi, but you! You are actually able to suppress it with just your body! From the way I see it, you must definitely be a strong cultivator at either the second or even the third stage Spirit Soul Realm!! Such a person, I am not even able to fight, I am only a second stage Spirit Soul cultivator after all!!”

Wang Zhong Shan immediately poured a cup of wine and gave it to Su Yun.

“Brother Wu, we do not even need to fight anymore, you passed! Come, let us drink, today we will feast in my home, and a couple of days later, we will move out, heading to Wen Xian! To Qin Creek! We will participate in the selection competition, swallow the Mountains and Rivers! And leave our names on the Mountain River List!!”


Su Yun nodded, he accepted the wine cup and poured everything into his mouth.

In the next few days, Wang Zhong Shan chose another five people, adding the people from before, there were a total of 12, and of course, the 12 of them were representatives for the Wang Family, but it was just in name, the glory and prizes would solely belong to themselves.

The weakest of the 12 was a first stage Spirit Soul Cultivator, and the strongest, was a young man called ‘Luo Xiao Miao’, a fourth stage Spirit Soul cultivator. Su Yun did not reveal his own cultivation, but everyone thought that he was a third stage Spirit Soul cultivator. Everyone reported their realms, explained how long they had trained, to judge their talent, and the most surprising thing was, the lowest cultivator, was a young lady ‘Hong Yan’, at the first stage of the Spirit Soul Realm, although she had trained for only a short eight years.

To be able to cultivate to the first stage of the Spirit Soul Realm in a mere eight years, what kind of talent was that? The rest had all trained for over 20 years, and were already considered geniuses!

Wang Zhong Yan was fast, after choosing the few competitors, he invited everyone to drink and feast, but Su Yun did not enjoy such banquets. Adding to the fact that his identity was at risk, he rejected, but he did not know that his refusal caused the others to be unhappy.

On the sixth day.

Outside of the Wang Residence, a large number of purple horned beasts with their riders stood together. Other than the 12 competitors, there were two rows of bodyguards from the Wang Family, just that the group of bodyguards were not strong, only at the ninth stage to tenth stage of the Spirit Core realm.

“Is everyone here?”

Wang Zhong Shan shouted to the last man behind.

“Almost ready Brother Wang!”

Hong Yan replied while laughing.

“That’s good!!”

Wang Zhong Shan nodded his head and waved his hand: “Then let us move out, towards the Northern Continent! We will enter the Wen Xian Region early!”


“Move out!!”

After a few shouts, the purple horned beasts all started to move.

A group of young, talented people with high fighting spirits walked towards the direction of the sun.

Su Yun wore a mask, rode on his purple horned beast, and followed the group at the back alone.

“I must get into the top three.”

He clenched his fist and muttered.