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Up North (NSFW)

Outside of Ming Ying Mountains.

Two lonesome figures sat on a rock, and quietly gazed far and wide.

The surrounding was awfully quiet, and the atmosphere was extremely strange.

“This is Sky Martial Continent?”

“How long have you not come here?”

“This is my first time!” The figure in black on the left said after hesitating.

“So it was like that… They say that this place is much better than the Evil Realm.”

“Such a pity it is a place ruled by humans, evil people like us will only suffer expulsion.

“That’s right!”

The two of them sighed at the same time.


Just then, a hoarse dragon roar came out from behind them.

The two of them looked behind and saw a dragon and phoenix phantasm that was continuously revolving and had transformed into a bright light as it fell into a colorful barrier below. The sight of it was extremely beautiful.

“Master, how long is your matter going to take?”

“Don’t know.”

“She is your dual cultivation companion?”

“You have known me for so long, don’t tell me you don’t know if I have a dual cultivation companion or not?”

“What do I need to know that for?”
“Then why are you asking me that now?”


“I have not found one, because I do not need to train in dual cultivation techniques.”


Zhai Sha and Zhui Ming continued to gaze afar without speaking.

At the same time, inside the colorful barrier.

Two figures were interweaving with each other.

Strange sounds and repressed moans were coming out from here.

“I never thought that that Zhang Wu Ming would actually spend so much effort for Liu Xin Dong and actually go as far as to carve the powerful Soaring Dragon and Phoenix.”

Hu Qian Mei’s small arms were clenched on the ground, clenching her teeth hard while groaning through her nose.

She clenched her ivory white teeth tightly, bearing the force that came from behind her. The girl with the seemingly fragile and weak voice, could actually crush the stone floor.

Su Yun went along with Hu Qian Mei’s method, and began the so called training.

Of course, this special training could not be completed with him alone. Furthermore, he did not understand much about the Soaring Dragon and Phoenix, where Hu Qian Mei obviously had a more profound understanding in such things.

Moving back and forth under the light that was descending onto them, the light split into two when it approached them, entering both of their bodies. In that instant, Su Yun could feel that his body that was beginning to slow down from the effects of Heavenly Crystal and ‘Heavenly Demon Descends’, and the spirit essences that had been sealed temporarily, have signs of recovery.

“Qi ascends, the power accumulated… Ah …. Connect the east of the three valleys to the w-we… Oh yes… W-west, and then spread in all directions”

Hu Qian Mei said with her trembling voice, as though the few chants of the dual cultivation technique was consuming all of her strength.

Hearing that, Su Yun immediately followed along.

Uncontrollable Spirit Qi started to appear and soar from inside their bodies.

“From this, I don’t have to wait for a few months, this disabled effect can be removed from the help of this dual cultivation!”

Su Yun was breathing heavily as he thought.


Suddenly, a cat like melodious voice came out, Hu Qian Mei’s big and soft fox tail suddenly stretched straight, her entire body trembled uncontrollably, after that she collapsed weakly on the ground, without any strength left in her.

Her lower abdomen released waves of light, and then following along her lower body, the light flowed into Su Yun’s body.


Su Yun groaned, and everything came out.

The two of them calmed down from their climax, after resting for a while, they wore their clothes, then anxiously sat down cross legged to cultivate.

That lasted a day and night.


After absorbing the benefits of the dual cultivation and the Soaring Dragon and Phoenix, their cultivation had progress.

Hu Qian Mei could feel the Spirit Essence in her body becoming restless. Suddenly there was a feeling of change, and she realised that they became different. She became extremely joyous and immediately activated her Qi, excitedly going into her Spirit Essence to take a look at the progress.

Su Yun’s progress was much simpler, with the support of the Everlasting Stone and Hu Qian Mei’s talent, he instantly broke through into the sixth stage of the Spirit Soul Realm. It had to be said that the benefits of dual cultivation was extremely vast, far exceeding his expectation.

“This Soaring Dragon and Phoenix is truly not an ordinary object. The Ming Ying Sect had created it with utmost care, their goal was for Liu Xin Dong and Hu Qian Mei to receive the best benefits from the dual cultivation, but they never expected that it would be used by me.”

He retracted his Qi, then stood up. Looking around him, he saw Hu Qian Mei still seated down, her bushy tail wrapped around her petite body, her delicate and flushed cheeks were clearly shown, her lips were alluring, at present her eyes were closed, earnestly working her Qi.

If not for his Treasures, Su Yun would not be Hu Qian Mei’s opponent, and in such a short time, Hu Qian Mei’s Qi had signs of a breakthrough.

Could it be that she broke through?

To the Spirit Star Realm?

Su Yun thought.

Just then, Hu Qian Mei gradually opened her eyes, her lips opened up as she exhaled.

“You’re going to break through?”

“That’s right!”

Hu Qian Mei stood up, patted on the soil on her dress and said: “I need to go into closed door cultivation for a while.”

“That’s good, then we will separate here, it is time for me to leave too.”

Hearing that, Hu Qian Mei opened her eyes immediately: “Go where? Heh, Su Yun, after being satisfied, you’re just going to pat your buttocks and leave?”

“Didn’t you have benefits too?”

“Hehehe, Su Yun, this is the first time I realised your skin is so thick yet you can still talk back. You laid your hands on this little girl that barely looks like she had grown into adulthood, don’t you any feelings of guilt?”

Su Yun was quiet for a moment, then nodded: “I do.”

“Hehe, at least you still have some conscience.”

Hu Qian Mei did not bother to nag and just laughed. Afterwards, she waved her hand: “Go on, go on! You this brat, quickly go and find your Qing Er. I will find a good place for my closed door cultivation! I will be fighting to break through, and enter the Spirit Star Realm.”

“Ok, you take care!”
Su Yun nodded his head and did not say anything else.

“Oh right, can you give me something?” Just as Su Yun was about to leave, Hu Qian Mei suddenly asked.

“Something? What thing?”

“Anything, something that you have used before, something not so powerful. Your cultivation is bad, and rely too much on treasures, you can keep those treasures for yourself.”

Hearing that, Su Yun puzzled over it for a while, but he did not ask anymore. After pondering, he took out the Giant Rock Spirit Nucleus and threw it to Hu Qian Mei.

“Not bad!”

Hu Qian Mei accepted it, then giggled, carefully keeping the spirit nucleus, she waved at Su Yun and flew into the sky.

She truly was nimble.

Su Yun rubbed his nose, then left Ming Ying Sect.

When he went outside, Zhui Ming and Zhai Sha were already waiting for him.

They did not say anything, but their pair of eyes were extremely weird.

“You guys can go.”

Su Yun coughed slightly, after thanking them, he activated the order badge, then sent the two of them back to Evil Realm.

When everything was over, Su Yun headed back towards the Blossom Heart Valley alone.

He had made his decision, after going to Blossom Heart Valley, he had a discussion with Xin Yue and Xing Yang, and then left for the north, to find Qing Er.

The Ming Ying Sect was gone, the news quickly spread through the entire continent. After just a day, almost everyone knew, and at the same time, many of the big sect and powerhouses became stirred.

One sect, one Spirit Star cultivator, fell just like that. What could be more shocking than that?

Especially because the one who killed Zhang Wu Ming was a person from the Evil Realm.

The first was the demonic man from Purple Star Academy, then followed by the Spirit Demon Dao at Blossom Heart Valley. Now, people from the Evil Realm had appeared at the Ming Ying Sect. The Demons, Spirit Demons, and people of the Evil Realm had all gathered, what did that indicate?

Sky Martial Continent had entered a cautious state, all the sects and powerhouses had begun communicating with each other, the reinforcements of collaborations, caused everyone to look at each other, and come together to face the unknown imminent danger.

At the same time, the various sects and families had formed a great search party, and begun investigating every region and areas.

No one knew if the next calamity would befall their own sects.

Su Yun heard about the rumors, but did not care about it. He had the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, and so long as he did not activate his Evil Spirit Essence, the Evil Qi on his body would not be felt by others. That is, unless a Spirit Star Realm expert came to personally check him.

The people at Blossom Heart Valley were slightly delayed, then they also started to prepare.

Gui Mo Jue roughly knew of a few things, but did not say much. Su Yun was not afraid of Gui Mo Jue saying anything, he knew Master Gui trusted him, and he trusted Master Gui.

Everything was in its place and ready. He rode on his Purple Horned Beast heading north, towards the Northern Continent.

To go to the north, he had to pass through the Long Ao Nation. The territory of Long Ao Nation was shaped like a gigantic dragon, serving as a partition between the Southern and Northern Continent. To move from south to north, if he did not want to make a detour, he could only go through Long Ao Nation.

Ming Ying Sect was done, Su Yun’s cloak image had become a disguise that was the heart of the struggle, so to not arouse attention, Su Yun had no choice but to change out of the cloak, put on new blademaster clothing matched with a mask.

If he had to find people, he had to search everywhere, stopping at encampments. It’s just that currently, the Profound Sky Sect and the Su Family were still looking for Qing Er, and Qing Er would not leave too many clues. Him to finding her, was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Entering Long Ao Nation, Su Yun rode on the purple horned beast and rushed for Long Ao Nation’s ‘Sky Dragon City’.

Sky Dragon CIty was situated at the center of the Long Ao Nation. It was closest to the nation’s largest resource; the ‘Bone Dragon Forest’. Thus, it became the city with the most cultivators, where it had entrances from all sides. Human traffic was immense, and was the best place to seek information.

“Qing Er is clever, and would have definitely left clues for me to find her! Maybe I can find something in Sky Dragon City.”

With that thought, Su Yun entered Sky Dragon City.

“First rate Three Earth Stones! Quickly come and see, it is the first choice for setting arrays!!”

“Who needs the spirit nucleus of an East Orchard Beast? It is only at 100 thousand spirit coins! 100 thousand spirit coins and it is yours!”

“Buying second hand array ingredients, if you have Purple Level second hand ingredients, please contact me.”

Upon entering the city, Su Yun’s ears picked up all sorts of shoutings and hubbub. It was like a bazaar, both sides of the roads had peddlers who dealt with treasures and ingredients with cultivators.

The monarch of the Long Ao Nation was in favor of deals with Spirit Cultivation items, so much so, that he would put aside a large sum of spirit coins every year to be used to improve the business, and as the largest country of the southern region, there was no need to doubt Long Ao Nation’s strength. Monarch Long Ba Tian attempted to use the large amount of Spirit Cultivation items to attract Spirit Cultivators from all over the place and kept them in the Long Ao Nation, thus increasing the nation’s strength. This method had garnered the approval of the people.

Why was Long Ao Nation strong enough to become a nation, and become king above all of the powerful families? Because the Long Ao Nation was open-minded enough.

Su Yun held onto his purple horned beast and walked while making quick judgements about the stalls to his left and right, and realised many good things, just that he only had 20 thousand spirit coins from Blossom Heart Valley, and could not purchase many things.

However, the reason he came here was not to purchase things.

Su Yun walked to the biggest restaurant in Sky Dragon City, handed the purple horned beast over to the beast feeder, entered the restaurant and called for the waiter to serve dishes.

The restaurants in Sky Martial Continent, had many well informed people, and some people similar to beggars whom as long as you treated them, after eating well, would answer any questions.

The bustling restaurant was full of people, Su Yun found a corner location, then took off the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and Death Sword, placed them on the table, then sat down and drank alone.

A beggar walked in, he was skinny and looked to be around 30 years of age, his black droopy eyes looked around, spotted Su Yun, his lips formed an arc, and ran forward.

“Information for drinks, one of its kind! Heh heh, esteemed guest, do you want to know a few new information about the going ons of Sky Martial Continent?” The beggar rubbed his palms together, looking at the table full of delicious food in front of Su Yun, he salivated and said.

“There are so many people eating here, why did you choose me?”

Su Yun put down his chopsticks, chewing on his food and asked.

“Hehe, they are all people that frequent Sky Dragon City, but you, esteemed guest, are not. You are well disguised, so it is definitely your first time here.” The beggar smiled and said.

“Good eyesight.” Su Yun nodded his head, and then made a gesture, and said: “Just nice that I am lacking someone to eat and drink with, come and talk a bit!”

“Thank you, esteemed guest!!”

The beggar sat down without hesitation, and then immediately picked up a pair of chopsticks and started to gobble down on the dishes, then took a wine cup and downed the entire drink.

Su Yun glanced at him, and then slowly drank, and spoke indifferently: “What are some recent news I Sky Martial Continent?”

The beggar swallowed the food down, and then caught his breath, smiled and spoke: “This is the latest biggest news, Ming Ying Sect’s Sect Leader, Zhang Wu Ming was killed!”

“Oh? I have heard about that, are there any others?”

“Others ah, the Mountain River List competition is about to begin. Have you heard about that?”

“Mountain River List? They’re going to have a competition?” Su Yun frowned.