Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 252
Complete Annihilation

On the lonely mountain road, a lonely figure walked alone.

“Su Yun, do you really plan on making a move against the Ming Ying Sect?” Ling Qing Yu’s voice came out from the Sword Sheath, making it obvious that the movements outside woke her up.

“So what if I am?”

“Hu Qian Mei is just marrying someone, what does it matter to you? Or is it that have you fallen for that Hu Qian Mei girl?”

Ling Qing Yu asked.

She had only seen them being close, but did not know how their relation was built.

Su Yun was quiet for a moment then replied: “Can you see the reason why the sect leader Zhang Wu Ming wants them to become dual cultivation companions?”

“Previously, you said that the two of them were tenth stage Spirit Soul Cultivators, so if it is so, then it would be to let them step into the Spirit Star Realm! They are doing it to increase the strength of the Ming Ying Sect!”

Due to their cultivations having reached bottlenecks, to cultivators who could not move forward anymore, dual cultivation was a good choice.

“Allow both of them to step into the Spirit Star Realm? You’re wrong, only one person will be able to become a Spirit Star Cultivator, and that is Liu Xin Dong! Hu Qian Mei will definitely not become a Spirit Star Cultivator.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because Zhang Wu Ming will not groom an enemy himself!”

“Enemy? You’re talking about Hu Qian Mei?”

“That’s right!” Su Yun nodded his head: “Zhang Wu Ming is already a Spirit Star Cultivator, and can suppress Hu Qian Mei, forcing her to marry Liu Xin Dong, but this caused Hu Qian Mei to be extremely unhappy, and he knows, that when the wedding is over, after the two of them enter the Spirit Star Realm, Hu Qian Mei will definitely rebel! And she will even view the Ming Ying Sect as an enemy. How would he accept that? So, I am afraid he already has a plan! A plan that either involves killing her or enslaving her!”

“Kill her? No way right? If he killed Hu Qian Mei, wouldn’t Liu Xin Dong become a cripple?”

“I will be the one to get crippled!” Su Yun shook his head: “Furthermore, would he let Liu Xin Dong become a cripple? I think, Zhang Wu Ming has managed to get his hands on some technique to remove the connection between the two! After Liu Xin Ding obtains the benefit from Hu Qian Mei, and enter the Spirit Star Realm, he will immediately remove the cultivation connection and talent between the two! At that time, even if Hu Qian Mei dies, Liu Xin Dong will not be affected! For the benefit of the Ming Ying Sect, Zhang Wu Ming will not let Hu Qian Mei go!”

“That Zhang Wu Ming, is truly audacious, he is clearly killing the goose that lays the golden egg!”

“Thinking about it, actually this plan is considered well planned, two tenth stage Spirit Soul Cultivators could never be compared to a Spirit Star Realm expert! For a tenth stage to breakthrough, who wouldn’t want that? If that happens, Ming Ying Sect’s strength will increase by a great deal! Just that Zhang Wu Ming and Liu Xin Dong does not know that I am the one who shared Hu Qian Mei’s special innate physique, so if they were to harm Hu Qian Mei, I will be the one crippled.”

Su Yun continued: “So, Hu Qian Mei has to leave!”

“Hah, you think that you, alone, can fight against so many people of the Ming Ying Sect?”

“With the cultivation of the third stage Spirit Star Realm, I can just completely annihilate them!”

“Third stage Spirit Star Realm?”

Ling Qing Yu jumped in fright: “What are you going to do?”

Su Yun did not say anything and continued going forward.

When he found a gigantic clear space, he stopped.


Large quantities of ingredients appeared from the storage ring on his finger, majority of them came from the Evil Realm, all kinds of luxurious and extravagant ingredients all piled up on the ground as though they were cheap garbage.

Su Yun then when to dig further, and found a red jar, when he opened it, the liquid inside was extracted using the Death Sword, then using the liquid, he started drawing on the ground.

“Two days of time, is enough for me to form it!”

“Form what?”

“Demonic array!”

Su Yun bellowed, and began to become immersed in the art.

“Demonic array? You know how to draw demonic arrays?”

“I have stayed in the demonic continent for a few years?”


Ling Qing Yu was surprised: “You actually went to the demonic continent before? Why do I not know about it?”

“You don’t know many things about me!”

Su Yun said while drawing.

After half a day, a gigantic sinister demonic face appeared.

The Sword Sheath lit up with a white light, following that, the white light flew out, Ling Qing Yu’s body instantly came out and landed beside Su Yun.

“What is this demonic array?”

“The First array of the Demonic Ancestral Eight Absolute Arrays, Heavenly Demon Descending Array.”

“Heavenly Demon Descending Array?”

“Yes, he can amplify the user’s strength by an enormous degree of amplification, and be able to control the mirage of the heavenly demon to fight, but there is a price for it.”

“What price?”

“Half of the Spirit Essence in my body will be sealed for three months, which means the three months after I use this array, my cultivation will plummet and become very weak.”

“Most of the demonic arrays are like that.”

“That’s right, but it is also because I have brought many luxurious ingredients from Evil King City, without these, I am definitely unable to complete this array!”

Su Yun walked towards the ingredients, then rummaged through the large pile and obtained a green evil bone, he placed it on the array to serve as the array’s base.

Actually, there was another negative effect that he did not say.

That is, when he used the array, there was a small probability in which the heavenly demon would possess him, causing him to lose all consciousness and humanity, completely obliterating everything in his path, being reduced into a bogus heavenly demon. But it was just that the probability was too small.


Ling Qing Yu suddenly smiled: “To use the ingredients from Evil Realm to draw a demonic array, that sounds interesting.”

“Interesting? Maybe you do not know much about array techniques, to an Array Master, ingredients are just a form of storage for energy to be set free, they do not differentiate between realms.”

“Alright.” Ling Qing Yu stopped talking, she walked over to a big rock by the side and sat down, looking at Su Yun with interest.

His speed was fast, she watched him as he worked on the array with exceptional skills, and in a short span of a day, the entire big array’s first basic foundation was complete.

“Following this is the filling of lines!”

Su Yun leisurely took a breath and swallowed a few Pearl Bead pills, rested for less than an incense of time, then stepped onto the array and continued to work on it.

The sky became dark, but the entire red demonic array was very eye catching in the night.

“Almost done!”

Su Yun’s face was pale white, he wiped off the perspiration off his face. He laid down on the array, gasping for breath.

“Is it completed?” Ling Qing Yu walked over, placed some soft weed over Su Yun’s chest, transferring a bit of Profound Spirit Qi to him.


Su Yun raised his hand weakly, holding on to a green glossy rock.

“Throw this green pine crystal into that groove, and the array will be activated.”

“Are you doing it now?”

“Wait for me to catch my breath first, this array will consume my Profound Spirit Qi.”

Su Yun gasped and replied.

After almost an hour, with the help of a few good pills from Evil King City, Su Yun was almost fully recovered.

He regained his focus, stood up, and took out an order badge from the storage ring.

“Isn’t that badge the order badge from the Evil Sword Sect?”

“That’s right.” Su Yun took a deep breath and said: “I alone cannot take care of Hu Qian Mei, in the end I will need to look for a few helpers, as a safeguard!”

“But, they are people from the Evil Realm!”

“So what? Even if they appear and leave, can the people of Martial Sky Continent chase them into the Evil Realm?”

“That’s true!”

She watched as Su Yun propped up the order badge, using his other hand to cover the badge, activating the Evil Spirit Essence in his body, then releasing his Evil Profound Spirit Qi into the order badge.

The black order badge immediately emitted Evil Qi as well.

A voice suddenly came out from the order badge: “Su Yun? Is that you?”

“Law Enforcement Clan Elder?” Su Yun was surprised.

“What happened to you?”

“I met with some small trouble.”
“Who are the people whom you have trouble with?”

“A group of ninth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivators!”

“Are there any Spirit Star Cultivators?”

“I will handle the Spirit Star Cultivator!”

The elder became quiet.

His voice then came out again: “Put the order badge on the ground!”

Su Yun immediately did that.

“I will ask the Sect Master’s help to send ‘Zhui Ming’ and ‘Zhai Sha’ over to you to help you!”

“Zhui Ming? Zhai Sha?”

(TN: Those two are names, but funny that their names in English are ‘chasing lives’ and ‘sacrificial kills’)

Su Yun was startled.

He had never heard of them before, and did not know their cultivation.

After a while, the Law Enforcement Elder’s Qi could not be felt from the order badge.

“Can they be trusted?”

Ling Qing Yu was suspicious.

“Even if they are not I have to, it is a pity that the void door will require a year or two to be fixed. Otherwise, I would bring the experts from Evil King City to gather here.”

Su Yun laughed bitterly.

After a short period of time, the order badge on the ground finally had some reaction.

The order badge suddenly released layers of Evil Qi, following that, the Evil Qi started to form black round balls. After congealing, they exploded, transforming into a lotus flower shaped object, and then they started to grow rapidly. After reaching it’s maximum size, they formed a big halo in a few breaths of time. The mysterious and Profound Qi started to pervade outwards, seemingly like the power of the Empty Hollow Spatial Void.

The thick profound fog enveloped the place, causing Su Yun to not be able to see anything. Before he could think, two figures appeared from the fog.

When they appeared, they immediately knelt before Su Yun.

“We meet master!”

Their voice were emotionless and slightly cold.

“Spirit Star Realm experts!!”

Su Yun sucked in cold air, his heart jumped.

“I am Zhui Ming, Evil Sword Sect ‘Martial Sword Clan Elder.”

“I am Zhai Sha, Evil Sword Sect ‘Fierce Sword Clan Elder’.”

The both of them spoke out.

Su Yun looked at them in surprise, they did not look old, around the age of 20-30 years old, but they did not release any Qi, if not for his Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, Su Yun would not be able to understand their depths.

On each of their backs were black swords, their eyes looked as deep as wells without any fluctuations, as though they were unmovable mountains.

“Why did Evil Sword Sect send the two of you to help me?”

Although Evil Sword Sect was considered a famous sect, but the number of Spirit Star Realm cultivators they had were not much, why would they actually send two of them on a whim?

“Master saved the Sect Master’s daughter, and have done a great deed to our Evil Sword Sect, as a direct disciple of Sect Master, although I am a clan elder, but in terms of seniority, Master far exceeds me.”

“As for why we were sent to help Master, that’s because Master is currently in the human realm. Because our Evil Sword Sect’s void door is stuck, we can only rely on Sect Master’s secret technique, where only Spirit Star Cultivators and above can pass through!”

“So that’s the case.”

Su Yun nodded his head, but did not realize his position in the Evil Sword Sect was so high.

“I don’t understand, but Su Yun, I think you are very influential back there.” Ling Qing Yu said by the side.

“I guess so!”

Su Yun laughed.

With two first stage Spirit Star Realm experts helping him, what was there to fear?

He suddenly became focused, turned around, and placed the green pine crystal into the Heavenly Demon Descending Array!

“We can begin now!”