Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 247
Left and Right Protectors

In the hall of the Sovereign King’s mansion, two evil people sat and waited restlessly. One of them was wearing a blazing red armour with a wide blade while the other was holding onto a cane.

Both of them were the in ninth stage of the Profound Spirit Realm. In the Evil King city, they were considered to be experts.

“Master Sovereign King has arrived!”

A shout came out as Su Yun walked in with the company of a few other evil people.

Su Yun had been busy with the Sovereign King mansion for the few days. Clearing the Sovereign King’s assets since the previous King had gathered quite a number of treasures. Su Yun earned them. His storage ring was almost filled to the brim. He added at least 6 treasures to it. Each were filled with all sorts of ingredients and there were a few other useful treasures. As for those stronger treasures, Su Yun’s heart broke. The previous King had sealed those treasures and once he died, a majority of the treasures self-destructed, becoming useless to Su Yun. It could not be said that he lost them.

After that, he had to deal with those evil women that the previous Sovereign King had raped and forced into slavery. Su Yun had no interest in these evil women. If he wanted to find one, he would find one of Chen Yi Yun’s standard. At least it was similar to the Sky Martial Continent’s standards. But Su Yun was slightly surprised as several of the evil women wanted to pursue and serve Su Yun.

It was not that Su Yun was not interested in them. Even if he was, Su Yun dared not make any reckless decisions. After all, he was human and not an evil person. If his identity was exposed, there would be trouble.

Su Yun removed the majority of the people in the Sovereign King mansion, keeping only the elites. Naturally, he called for an army and bought horses. He managed to attract many of the evil people to find objects for him which he could use to cultivate.

“We pay our respects to Sovereign King!”

Two experts hot up quickly and paid their respects to Su Yun.

“Ninth stage Profound Spirit Cultivators?”

Su Yun switched off the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye looking shocked.

He never thought such two omnipotent beings would help him search for the ‘Violet Seven Leaves’ and ‘Roasted Red Blood’. Unless they wanted to become his right hand men?

But it did not matter. He got the things he wanted. He was about to leave the Evil Realm.

Su Yun heaved a sigh and smiled as he asked: “Are you the people who found the ‘Roasted Red Blood’ and ‘Violet Seven Leaves’?”

“I’m Kuang Yu Xie. I’ve gotten the ‘Violet Seven Leaves’. The man who withheld a blade said.

“I’m Huang Dong Zhang and I’ve gotten the ‘Roasted Red Blood’ for you.” The man with a cane answered.

“You seem to know one another?” Su Yun noticed the two were not strangers to one another and so he asked.

“We’re brothers from the same mentor. After we left our mentor, we are hoping to look for an almighty to nurture us and drive the potential in us. At the same time, we hope to fight for almighty and obtain more resources! To be famous!”

Kuang Yu Xie exclaimed.

“The news of your majesty killing the previous Sovereign King has travelled. Your reputation is very high and I admire you for that. I hope to be able to serve and pursue you, Sovereign King as I present to you a treasure!”

Huang dong zhang said.

Su Yun listened and nodded continuously: “good! Very good! Since both of you had gotten these two treasures, then I shall officially announce, Kuang Yu Xie, you shall be the evil King city’s Left Protector and huang dong zhang, you shall be Right Protector. The both of you shall help me and guard the evil King city. Is that clear?”

The two noted and kneeled down hastily as they cheered: “Thank you, Sovereign King!”

“In a moment, I’ll arrange you a room each in the mansion and also, get you some evil people a your servants. Then, I’ll bestow you a few treasures. As for now, you can get some rest. If there’s anything else, I’ll send people to notify you.”

“Thank you master, I shall bid my farewell first!”

The two shouted as they were led off.

A moment later, the servants brought the ‘Roasted Red Blood’ and ‘Violet Seven Leaves’.

Su Yun kept the two items and left the main hall in a hurry and back to the cultivation grounds.

Back at the cultivation ground, he ordered not to be interrupted. Closing the doors, he took out all the ingredients from his ring.

Mystical Void Iron, Violet Seven Leaves, Glazed heart, Roasted Red Blood and the bitter stone.

“Everything’s here! I believe I can return to the Sky Martial Continent now!”

Su Yun exhaled out. This moment was finally here.

He wondered how Qing Er was now. He wondered if she was fine.

Su Yun yearned for her. The moment he thought about that girl, his heart ached.

He took out the Sword Sheath and activated it, shouting for Ling Qing Yu.

It was not before long the Sword Sheath reacted.

“What are you making a din for? I’m recuperating. Can’t you give me a moment of peace?”

Ling Qing Yu said unhappily.

“I have already gathered all the ingredients!”

“What?” Ling Qing Yu sounded shock. Then, a beam of white light flashed and Ling Qing Yu was standing right beside the sheath. In a white coloured robe, she studied the glistening ingredients that were on the floor. She gasped.

“How how did you you gather all the ingredients so quickly? This… This is impossible! How are you doing all these at the speed of light?”

Ling Qing Yu never expected this. All of these ingredients were extremely hard to obtain and yet, Su Yun got all of them.

Seeing Ling Qing Yu so stunned. Su Yun smiled as he explained everything to her.

After listening to the whole story, Ling Qing Yu was impressed: “I never would’ve thought. You’re now the Sovereign King of the Evil King city. That is some authority in the Evil Realm you know that!”

“The Evil Realm is so huge. There are so many stronger beings out there. Speaking of Evil Sword Sect, the clan leader came and killed all the experts in the evil King city with an easy feat! I wonder if there is any sect stronger than the Evil Sword Sect. This Sovereign King title is merely just a name, a status. It doesn’t mean anything. Moreover, I’m going to return to Sky Martial Continent. I don’t mind not having this Sovereign King’s privilege!”

“You can’t think this way!” Ling Qing Yu caught on: “You’re so stupid. You fought so hard to get this authority and you’re just throwing it all away?”

“It’s so difficult to travel back and forth between the Sky Martial Continent and the Evil Realm. They’re two things that don’t stand together. Can they even be merged together?”

“Why not?” Ling Qing Yu shook her heads: “As long as you have sufficient funds and power, it’s not hard to create a mini ‘Void Door’.

“Void Door? What’s that?” Su Yun asked.

“It’s similar to the Void Exit. It can connect to a specified realm and allow human beings to step into that realm. However, every excursion has a limit to the number that are able to pass through, and that requires a huge amount of materials to build. At least two years of work is needed to build a Void Door. It is impossible to complete it all alone. But, now? You’ve got the entire resources from the Evil King City. Maybe you can build this Void Door!”

Su Yun listened and was overjoyed: “If that is true then it’d be a great help!”

Su Yun did not know if the Profound Sky Sect was still trying to capture Su Qing Er, but if he had the support from Evil King City, while he might not be able to destroy the Profound Sky Sect, he would have the methods to deal with them. If he wanted anything, it would be easier to handle.

“Don’t be too arrogant. The Void Door can only be used by two people a day, and it needs 2 years to be completed. Don’t raise your hope too high! Putting the building time aside, the gathering of the materials are a headache. You better keep it a secret too, otherwise, if it gets discovered by the other almighty beings, they will use it as an entrance to other realms, and that would lead the realms to be in chaos!!”

“It’s better than not being strong.”

Su Yun laughed: “Qing Yu, tell me about the methods of making the Void Door. I’ll get people to prepare it right away.”

“Find someone you can trust!”

“The batch of evil people I’ve released are very loyal to me. They should be trusted.”

“That’s great Su Yun. If you go to Sky Martial Continent, who else is going to manage Evil King City?”

“Haven’t I hired two right hand men as protectors?”

“Are they trustable?”

“Not really. But it doesn’t matter.” Su Yun smiled as he shook his head: “They won’t dare to make any foolish moves!”

“Why not?”

“Because now the majority of Evil Realm knows that the Evil Sword Sect is supporting Evil King City!”

Ling Qing Yu was shocked before she smiled again: “I forgot about that! You’re now someone who has somebody to rely on!”

Ling Qing Yu did not bullshit anymore. After imparting him the method, Su Yun immediately went down to make some arrangements. The evil people who were originally supposedly supposed to be used to become spirit weapons were now residing in the King mansion. One of them was named Nan, he was a second stage Spirit Soul Cultivator. After he was released by Su Yun, he was extremely indebted towards Su Yun. He was loyal and faithful without much tricks under his sleeves. Su Yun gave the job of making the Void Door to him. The King mansion was full of resources to make the huge array.

The arrangements for the Void Door was done. Su Yun then started to set the seal to create Empty Hollow Spatial Void.

Inside the cultivation room.

“With these ingredients, it’s much easier to make a seal.” Ling Qing Yu took over some of the common treasures and started cultivating it.

A seal was painted on Roasted Red Blood.

The Violet Seven Leaves crushed and scattered on the surface to strengthen the seal.

the bitter stone was made the source of seal.

Then, with the Glazed Heart and Mystical Void Iron, the Empty Hollow Spatial Void could be used.

Ling Qing Yu was busy for the entire day. She was sweating. Finally, the seal was marked.

“We’re almost done!”

Ling Qing Yu sighed and smiled to Su Yun.

“It’s been tough on you!”

Su Yun nodded and took a deep breath in: “Go rest. We’ll start again tomorrow. I’ll have to handle some things on my end to prepare to leave.”


Ling Qing Yu nodded and turned into a ray of white radiance as she popped back into the Sword Sheath.

Su Yun picked up the Sword Sheath, composed himself and exited the cultivation grounds.

Very quickly, the King mansion received orders to gather all the strong beings and the higher ups in the King mansion at the main hall to wait for further instructions.

Su Yun understood if he wanted to make use of Evil King City’s power in the future, he had to make an impactful speech before he leaves. He had to leave his presence before he left, or else, he would not be able to suppress these bunch of evil people.

Soon, people started strutting into the main hall.

The hall was filled with about a hundred over of Evil King City’s higher ups.

They had already waited for a long time.