Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 245
New King of Evil King City

The Sect Master of the Evil Sword Sect was gone. Instead of explaining to Su Yun about the Great Evil Sword Technique, he let the law enforcement clan elder pass him an odd badge.

But Su Yun never thought he, who was a wanted man in the entire Evil Sword Sect was actually released and even better, entered the Evil Sword Sect.

Everything was like a dream to him.

He heaved a sigh and felt incredible. But why? Why did Chen Tian Xie insisted that he join the Evil Sword Sect?


Just then, a wary voice emerged out.

Su Yun was back in reality. He turned to look at Ying An who was kneeling down as he kowtowed and trembled.

The Evil King City was located at the equator. Every day, countless evil people who were famous did not represent they were the most powerful. The Evil Sword Sect had always been keeping a low profile. No one expected the people from Evil Sword Sect to be this strong. Innumerable young evil people had been exterminated today. Why would Ying An and Wu Xiang not fear for their lives?

Naturally, Su Yun could tell what Ying An and Wu Xiang were thinking of.

The conversation between clan leader Tian Xie and himself was definitely overheard by them. On top of the law enforcement clan elder’s badge, they had already recognised that Su Yun had the support of Evil Sword Sect. And to be able to kill the high authorities of Evil King City so easily, how could they offend him. Why would they not call him King immediately?

“Rise and talk!”

Su Yun commanded. He thought for a while as he acted around and walked over to the Sovereign King’s throne. Waving his hands, he announced: “The King is dead. There is no one worthy to contend with me in Evil King City. I, shall be the King of Evil King City! Ying An, Wu Xiang, be obedient and serve me loyally. I will not destroy you! Especially you, Ying An! Don’t think I can’t read your mind! If I find out you have any movements, I’ll destroy your soul that you may never reincarnate!”

Ying An listened and his knees went weak. Pleading: “Yes, yes, master. Ying An will serve master for the rest of his life. I’ll never try and betray you. Never again”

“Wu Xiang too.”

Wu Xiang added on eagerly. All the other evil people ran over quickly and bowed to Su Yun.

It was about time to change the sovereign. Tian Xie had given a huge present to Su Yun and killed the big players. Everyone had expressed their views. Isn’t that giving the entire Evil King City to him?

“Great!” Su Yun nodded acting reserved: “If you follow me, I shall treat you graciously! I am still lacking two right hand men! To help share my burdens, and handle the logistics of Evil King City. Is anyone of you willing to serve me till your death?”

“Me, your master. I’m willing to walk on fire for you!”

“Me, I’m willing to have my brain splattered for you!”

“Master, I’m willing!”

Everyone came up front hastily and shouted. Although several of their cultivation were not as high as either Ying An or Wu Xiang, but they did not care.

This was their chance for promotion, a rare chance. Once they were up there and grabbed hold of huge resources. Would they still be afraid of their low cultivation?

“Go and die! You’re just a bunch of ants. Are you worthy of master’s right hand man? Get away!”

Wu Xiang raged and shouted as those evil people.

The evil people was shocked but they did not retreat.

The Sovereign king was just there. What do they have to fear?

Su Yun looked at everyone and stated: “Since I’m looking for right hand men, then they naturally have to be capable! The cultivation level is not important. I don’t want a coward to take this position. Since everybody is so passionate, then I suggest a test. If you pass it, you can stay by my side and handle the logistics of the Evil King City. Is that fine with everybody?”

With that, everyone looked serious as they looked up to Su Yun. Silence filled the ruined altar.

But then they heard Su Yun opened his mouth.

“If anyone can find the ‘Violet Seven Leaves’ and ‘roasted red blood’ for me, then they can be promoted!”


The moonlight shone on the silhouette of the mountains brightly and elegantly.

The wind breezed through with a tinge of killing intent. Halfway up the mountain, an army of people were walking over slowly.

At the top of the mountain.

Hu Qian Mei glanced at the mountain and said to the girl in jaded green robes: “He should be coming! How is it? Are you confident?”

“For someone who is about to step into the Spirit Star Realm, unless I am a few more stages above him, I can’t kill him in such a short time!”

“If you can’t kill him, you can paralyse him!” Hu Qian Mei’s eyes was filled with a thick killing Qi. She muttered: “Deprive him of his cultivation level. That should be sufficient!”

“Why don’t you try poisoning him? The Spirit Demon Dao’s poison is quiet and spotless, it can penetrate the body easily! This is practically Ming Jiao Sect’s territory. If he can’t fight me, he would definitely escape to Ming Jiao Sect. Your sect leader is a hassle. I still have another plan. I don’t want to spread this issue. This mission is made in a haste. I don’t have much confidence!”

“If I can use poison, I would have used it long ago. You don’t know how careful this person is. He knows everything about poison. It would definitely fail if we use poison. This time, I can make use of the marriage to lure him out. If it’s other matters, he would definitely not make a trip down here!”

“In that case, as compared to you he’s more like the fox?”

“Of course, and a old, sly fox!”

“That’s interesting.” The lady in jaded green robe chuckled. She looked to the side of Hu Qian Mei and asked: “If that’s the case, why don’t you accept him and become his cultivation partner? His cultivation is not too bad, neither is his conscience. If you serve him, you’re not in it for a loss. He’s much stronger than Su Yun right? Why? Unless you have fallen for Su Yun?”

Hu Qian Mei heard and her expression changed. She snorted: “Fall for Su Yun? What’s good about Su Yun? You don’t know anything that is going on! No matter how weak Su Yun is, or how strong Liu Xin Dong is, I don’t care. I, Hu Qian Mei just wants to be alone in this world. Why do I have to rely on men? If you mean what you say, why don’t I introduce you to Liu Xin Dong? With your looks, he’d definitely not reject.”

The jaded green robe girl listened and fell speechless.

Just then, an odd looking, frail like skeleton being appeared. It landed beside the lady and whispered into her ears. The lady then nodded and her arched eyebrows flattened.

“What’s wrong?” Hu Qian Mei asked.

“The list will soon be updated, so regardless of this mission’s success or failure, I’ll leave and head to the northern continent.”

“Ah, did you spirit demons actually have people who got chosen to be seeded candidates? If that’s the case, I’ll be there to support you.”

“We’re here at the sky martial continent to look for strong spiritual beings as weapons. There isn’t much resources in the Spirit Demon Dao. We just hope to make use of sky martial continent to gather more experts for the River Mountain List. We’re very interested in the things they have so I have to leave soon.”

“What about the Immortal Sword Sect? Ah, you have fought with them twice. In the end, both the missions have failed. The Immortal Sword sect did not lose anything. If you can’t even handle a small sect like the Immortal Sword Sect, then why are you still thinking of the River Mountain List? Aren’t you looking for death?”

“The Immortal Sword sect’s leader is not easy to deal with. This time is different. I have a backup army.”

“Back up? Who?”

“I can’t tell you.”

Naturally, Hu Qian Mei was not happy but she was not in any position to question her.

“Princess, they’re here.”

Promptly, another goblin ran out and whispered something to the lady in jaded green robe.

“Get everyone on standby. We’ll make a move anytime!”


The goblin retreated.

The lady in jaded green robe tilted her head and look at Hu Qian Mei: “After this collaboration, I hope you won’t deliver empty promises.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll definitely hand over the map of Immortal Sword Sect’s territory.”

Hu Qian Mei moved her petite mouth and her eyes looked cunning.

“Good to hear.”

The lady in jaded green robe nodded. Then she went to a corner to hide.

Hu Qian Mei led two other servants and waited.

Not long after, Liu Xin Dong arrived at the peak of the mountain with his people. Seeing Hu Qian Mei, Liu Xin Dong smiled.

“Protector Hu, what is it that you’re looking for me in the middle of the night?”

He walked over, and his voice soft.

But seeing Hu Qian Mei blushing and looking seductive, she whined: “Didn’t I ask you to come alone? Why did you bring so many people with you? It won’t be convenient to do anything later.”

Liu Xin Dong was shocked to see what was happening. He had never see Hu Qian Mei so seductive. He could hardly react. After a while, he laughed.

“Hahahha, Protector Hu, don’t tell me you’ve thought through it? You’re planning to serve me? Aye, I’m all to blame. I’ve always been very careful but I don’t know what Protector Hu is thinking about. I’m sorry. It’s abrupt but when I’m on my way up, I sensed a weird smell and I always thought there was someone here so I’ve brought along with me some other people.”

“Is that so? Maybe that weird smell is from my perfume? To meet Protector Liu today, I’ve dolled myself up purposely and carefully, to see you, Protector Liu. this perfume is the best and latest perfume in Square City. how is it, protector Liu?”

“Oh? This is a perfume? No wonder there’s a scent but it’s too far. I can’t smell it.”

“Then come closer.” Hu Qian Mei giggled at Liu Xin Dong.

Liu Xin Dong hesitated but he did not come forth.

“Why? Do you think Qian Mei has an ulterior motive? Aye, Qian Mei had actually thought through it. Protector Liu’s cultivation is very high. And your gifts are astonishing. If I can be your cultivation partner, Qian Mei also considers herself lucky for finding such a great partner. What’s there not to understand?”

“Protector Hu, you finally understand my heart. I’ve not wasted my efforts!” Liu Xin Dong laughed but in his eyes, there was no happiness.

The reason he wanted to marry Hu Qian Mei was merely because of her body and merely for a breakthrough, for cultivation. Everybody knew.

But, how could Liu Xin Dong resist a lady who jumped herself at him? Hu Qian Mei walked over extravagantly.

Then, just as Liu Xin Dong went closer to Hu Qian Mei, a beam of red radiance exploded. Hu Qian Mei pulled out a dagger and dashed towards Liu Xin Dong. She moved as fast as the lightning as though she had not hesitated for one bit.

Seeing what was unfolding right in front of him, his face changed slightly but very quickly, he recovered his usual expression and said: “Protector Hu, don’t tell me that perfume of yours are smeared all over the dagger?”

“That’s right! Come and sniff it for yourself!”

Hu Qian Mei spat out and ran up with her dagger.

Dang dang. Countless of icy cold radiance burst out as Liu Xin Dong flicked his fingers furiously. Countless of black needles exploded out from his waist as they entangled the red dagger like threads.

Hu Qian Mei clutched tightly onto her weapon and shouted to the demonic lady who was in her hiding: “Now!”


The lady in jaded green robe replied but just as she was about to send a signal and gesture with her hands, a ray of meteor-like glow appeared in the sky.

As the flow landed the sky, it detonated immediately. Fireworks covered the sky making midnight sky looked extremely bright.


Hu Qian Mei was shocked to see that.

“Protector Hu, I’m so sorry. Before I came, I have already notified the sect leader for him to come around. Maybe there are other friends here that might be worth inviting.”

Liu Xin Dong looked extremely proud as he grinned from ear to ear.