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Your Father Forced Me

His heart was shattered, Guang Xin Wang started to lose colour from his face. He bore the excruciating pain and backed off quickly.

But, the man had no intention of letting him go. He moved abruptly and appeared right behind Guang Xin Wang. Reaching out his hand fiercely, he strangled Guang Xin Wang’s neck and wrapped around him tightly. Boundless sword intent flowed from his hands. In a blink of an eye, it covered his entire body.

Guang Xin Wang’s body was crushed into tiny specks of rice by the sword intent and died instantly. His soul flew out in an attempt to escape but the man casted a purple bottle gourd out sucking the soul back in.

In such a way, Guang Xin Wang died a horrible death. The rest were not that good either. The people from the Evil Sword Sect crashed down as though they were massacring as they killed every single person present, showing no mercy to their souls either. A zillion specks of evil blood spewed out as the screams echoed through.

Today marked the fall of the leaders of the Evil King City.

The white-haired man stared at these evil people expressionlessly, his eyes cold and emotionless.

“Who is he?”

Su Yun’s heart tightened. He had stayed at the Evil Sword Sect for a period of time but he had never seen him before. Looking at the way he killed those tenth stage Spirit Soul Cultivators in less than half an hour, he was most likely at least a second stage Spirit Star Cultivator.


Chen Yi Yun sprinted to the white-haired man with a face filled with joy like a sparrow was running back to its nest.

The man turned and saw Chen Yi Yun running towards him, a tinge of warmth finally painted on his icy-cold face. He held his arms wide opened and cuddled Chen Yi Yun in his arms.

Su Yun was confused.

There were so many experts from the Evil Sword Sect here, even the Law Enforcement Clan Elder was here. He could not delay any further. Even if he was holding onto his Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and the Death Sword in his hands, he turned to leave.

“Are you thinking of leaving?”

Just then, the white-haired man snickered. He let go of Chen Yi Yun and walked over like a beam of black light.

“Father! Don’t!” Chen Yi Yun shouted anxiously but she was too late.

Su Yun tensed up. He loosened his grip on the Death Sword and carried the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword with both his hands as he brandished it towards the black light.


The two collided strongly releasing a surge of energy so strong that the floors cracked and the altars collapsed. All of the evil people flipped over. The two of them retreated quickly.

Su Yun’s step works was slightly messy. There was still a gust of crazy strength that was in use in the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword. Clenching his teeth, he resisted this strength until it was fully dissipated.

If it was not for the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and of top-notch quality, it would probably be crushed by this attack.

After composing himself, he looked back towards the man. He was already stabilised as he looked fixedly at Su Yun.

“Not too bad! Not too bad. Although you used treasures to increase your cultivation but your reaction and determination are all very good. You can actually withstand my attack!”

The white-haired man nodded.

The bystanders watched in disbelief as they gawked at Su Yun.

They never thought Su Yun had such capabilities to withstand the white-haired man’s attack.

But, Su Yun did not finished it. He smiled slightly without making a sound.


A black laser shot out from the snowy-haired man and towards his neck.

The laser was so fast that even the people behind white-haired man did not react to it.


The white-haired man turned quickly but just as he turned, the Death Sword had stabbed him.

In that instant, the white-haired man suddenly became hollow.

Ka dang!

The Death Sword penetrated his body and pierced fiercely on the ground.

He dodged it.

Was that a mystical technique?

Su Yun’s gaze tensed up.

Seemed like experts of Spirit Star Realm were not easy to deal with.

If he could not fight him, he could run away right?

Su Yun kept his hands. Immediately, the Death Sword came flying back to him.

Then, without waiting for him to leave, Chen Yi Yun ran over and stood in front of Su Yun. She stared angrily with her petite face.

“Father! What are you doing? Limitless saved me! How can you make a move on him?”


The white-haired man frowned and revealed a bitter smile.

He peeped at Su Yun and said: “One thing at a time, rascal. You saved my daughter, granted. I owe you this favor, or should I say, the entire Evil Sword Sect owes you a favour, but then again, how do you think I should settle the problem, that you stole my Evil Sword Techniques secretly?”

“Secretly learn the Evil Sword Techniques?”
Chen Yi Yun was stunned. She turned back to look at the man in the cape.

“You, you learnt our Evil Sword Technique secretly? How is that possible?” Chen Yi Yun was in disbelief: “How did you learn our techniques secretly, Limitless?”

And to master it so well? Chen Yi Yun could not believe. Was the Evil Sword Techniques something he could learn by doing it secretly?”

“Sorry, Yi Yun. I hid it from you. I have a name called Limitless. But my real name is Su Yun.”

He looked up and muttered.

“Su Yun?” Chen Yi Yun was taken aback then, her face lightened up: “Oh, so you’re that Su Yun? The one wanted in the Evil Sword Sect!”

“You should leave now.”

Su Yun had been accumulating his strength. He knew he must not stay for long.

But the white-haired man had yet to make any attack. Instead, he shook his head: “Su Yun, you don’t have to leave in such a hasty manner. We’re not here to capture you. Don’t worry.”

“Oh?” Su Yun heard and looked at him curiously: “Who are you anyway?”
The law enforcement clan elder followed him behind. Su Yun had already made a guess who this man was but he was not sure.

“Su Yun, you’re so stupid! He is the sect Master of the Evil Sword Sect! You have to admit your mistake now!” The law enforcement clan elder coughed as he said loudly.

“Sect Master?” Su Yun was taken by surprise.

“Unintentionally, you’ve saved the Evil Sword Sect’s princess. If it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t have let you go. But since you’ve save Yi Yun, as a form of gratitude, I’ll let go of the matter that the Evil Sword Sect is after you!” The white-haired man said.

“Huh? Is there such a good thing?”

“Tsk, would I, Chen Tian Xie lie to you?”

Su Yun heard and nodded. A huge burden was off his chest. He was lucky this time round.

Cupping his fist he said: “Since that’s the case, thank you so much.”

“Don’t thank me just yet.”

Sect Master Chen Tian Xie said: “Do you really think we don’t know about it? Not only have you stole our Evil Sword Sect techniques secretly. You’ve been an imposter from the Black Evil Cave Mansion! You’re not from the Black Evil Cave Mansion, so why do you have to feign a pretense?”

“If I didn’t say that, it’s not easy to enter!”

“You’re brave yeah. You’re lucky we, the Evil Sword Sect has yet to investigate that issue or else the Black Evil Lord will not let you off the hook.”


“Su Yun, what you have learnt is the Bloody Evil Sword Technique right?” Just then, Tian Xie asked.

“Bloody Evil Sword Technique? are you referring to Great Evil Sword Technique?”

“Great Evil Sword Technique? What a unique name! But since you can master such a terrifying sword technique! Is it all fated? Su Yun, let me ask you too. Since you’re not part of the Black Evil Cave Mansion, are you willing to join the Evil Sword Sect? And let me be your mentor?”

Sect Master Chen Xie gazed at Su Yun with solemness.

Nobody expected he would say such a thing.

Chen Yi Yun listened and promptly turned and fixed her eyes on him, full of hope.

Su Yun noted but he zoned out for a while before he reacted.

“Rascal, are you not going to kneel down and thank the sect Master? This is nature’s calling!”

“There are so many who’d die for this! You’ve gotten your chance, are you not going to grab onto it?”

The experts from the Evil Sword Sect cheered as though they were the one that were being taken in as the disciples.

But, Su Yun hesitated and lightly shook his head: “Thank you sect master Tian Xie for your good intentions. But I really have to head back to the human realm. I can’t stay at the Evil Sword Sect for long so please forgive me.”

He was just a mere human being and not a person from the Evil Realm. Tian Xie probably saw that he saved Chen Yi Yun and forgave him for learning the Evil Sword Sect but he was a human being. That was unacceptable. To be in contact with Tian Xie, it would be extremely hard to cover his identity. If he was found out, he would really be dead so it was best to reject his offer.

“Su Yun, you, you don’t wish to learn the Evil Sword Technique? My father can teach you! Why are you rejecting it?” Chen Yi Yun was confused now as she looked anxiously at Su Yun.

“Yi Yun, I’m sorry. I have things I have yet to settle. I can’t stay at the Evil Sword Sect.”

Chen Yi Yun eye’s sunk. She was frustrated.

But, Tian Xie snorted and said: “Su Yun! Now that you’ve mastered the Evil Sword Technique, you’re not going to admit to it? What has it got to do with entering the sect or not, or whether you’re going to the human realm or not? Don’t tell me that you’ve been to the human realm and it means you can’t join the Evil Sword Sect?”

“Su Yun! If you don’t join the Evil Sword Sect, you will still be a wanted man of the Evil Sword Sect! We’ll capture you, skin you alive and burn you to death!” The law enforcement clan elder roared.

Su Yun heard and broke into a cold sweat: “Didn’t you say you’re not going to capture me?”
“I’m saying I won’t capture you today! But I didn’t say I won’t do so in future!” The white-haired man hugged his chest and giggled: “Moreover, my powers are much stronger than yours. I can always go back on my word!”

He was really at his wit’s ends.

Su Yun said annoyingly: “Sect master Tian Xie, are you saying once I enter the Evil Sword Sect, I can still go to the human realm?”

“You can go wherever you want, but since you have already learned the Evil Sword Techniques. You have to enter the Evil Sword Sect. Only then will you not destroy the reputation of Evil Sword Sect!”

“I have already joined another sect.”

“What sect is it?”

“The Limitless Sword Sect.”

“I’ve never heard of that small sect. What’s in it for you to join them? Come to us directly! You get to go wherever you want to. Why? Is my Evil Sword Sect not good enough and will hinder your growth?”

“Oh, since that’s the case, then Su Yun will agree to it.” Su Yun could only agree to it.

The Heavenly Crystal’s power was about to dissipate. He would not be able to handle so many experts.

“You’re smart. I’ve thrown all the benefits in front of you, yet you’re still so pushy about it. What a party pooper you are!” The white-haired man shook his head: “Once you in the Evil Sword Sect, don’t embarrass us! Su Yun, you better behave!’

With that, he leaped off and pierced into the abyss of nothingness like a black, sharp arrow.

A group of evil people noted and followed suit.

He came quickly and went off quickly too.

Chen Yi Yun was overjoyed. She ran over to Su Yun’s side and said: “Congratulations, junior apprentice brother Su. You’re a part of the Evil Sword Sect!”

“Your father forced me to. I didn’t intend on joining.”

“If you don’t join, then you’re not respecting my Evil Sword Sect.”

“I understand. But I’m about to leave the Evil Realm.”

“Must you go?”


“Will you still come back in future?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Oh” Chen Yi Yun’s radiance dulled slightly, she looked lonely.

“Su Yun!”

Just then, the law enforcement clan elder grumbled.

Su Yun peered over to see the law enforcement clan elder handing him a piece of badge.

Taking it over, he looked and there it was, the badge that indicated he was the disciple of Evil Sword Sect.

“You’re about to leave the Evil Realm. To shelter the Evil Sword Sect’s disciples, the clan leader had asked me to hand you a unique badge. If you meet any mishap out there, you can use this badge to inform us. We will send experts to help you. Good luck!”

After that, the law enforcement clan elder walked over to Chen Yi Yun. He cupped his fist and said: “Miss, let’s head back.”

Su Yun was shocked. He looked at the piece of black of badge with evil prints. It felt surreal.

He saved Chen Yi Yun by chance. Was there a need to treat him this way?

Chen Yi Yun could not stay long. She glanced at Su Yun and said gently: “Su Yun, you have to come back early. I’ll be waiting for you at the Evil Sword Sect. Okay?”

“Wait for me?”

Su Yun was taken aback but seeing her eyes filled with hope. He nodded: “If there’s a chance, I’ll visit you at the Evil Sword Sect.”

Chen Yi Yun heard that and was instantly overjoyed.

“Let’s go, miss!” The law enforcement clan elder called out.

Chen Yi Yun nodded as she looked longingly at Su Yun. Bidding goodbye softly, she went away with him.