Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 243
White Haired Evil Sword Master

Su Yun walked over and pulled the Death Sword out from the dried corpse and stored it back into the Sword Sheath.

The Sovereign King was dead as he laid on the ground shrivelled up. Su Yun took off the ring on his finger and then took off the black evil plate hanging around his waist.

The seal of the ring was broken. A majority of the treasures were ruined but on a bright side, there was a portion of treasures that were unharmed. The Mystical Void Iron was one of them.

“Great! At least I have the Mystical Void Iron. Now, I’m just missing two more items.”

Su Yun cheered as he placed the Mystical Void Iron back into his own storage ring.

“Ying An pay respects to Master Sovereign King!”

Just as he was overjoyed to claim the Mystical Void Iron, a voice rang out.

He became stunned, and when he turned, he saw Ying An cupping his fist and bowing respectfully to Su Yun.

What was this all about? Su Yun was taken aback.

Wu Xiang then turned around and quickly imitated Ying An’s actions. Cupping his fist, he bowed 90 degrees to Su Yun: “Wu Xiang pays respect to Master Sovereign King!”

Since the two of them had started it, the evil people behind them followed suit, who would dared to rebel anyway? All of them knelt down hurriedly and shouted in unison: “We pay our respects to Master Sovereign King!”

Sovereign King?

Su Yun was completely shocked. It was only a few moments later he realised what was happening.

He himself had defeated the Sovereign King and replaced him. These people were paying respects to him in the most logical way.

He never thought that he would earn this advantage.

“As the Sovereign King, there will be a group of evil people serving me. In this Evil King City, it can be considered that I have earned authority. Maybe, I can use it to look for the two items I’m missing. That is, after all, much easier than looking for it alone.”

Su Yun pondered as he agreed to himself.

Looking at the evil people who were still bowed down to him, he replied quickly: “Please rise!”

“Thank you, Sovereign King.”

The voices roared like waves.

Chen Yi Yun was obviously overjoyed. She never expected Limitless, someone who might be from Evil Sword Sect actually possessed such great powers. He defeated the Sovereign King effortlessly.

“Congratulations. Congratulations master, you’ve earned yourself the title of ‘Sovereign King’. You’re a rising star in the Evil King City!”

Ying An cupped his fist and walked over with a face full of smiles.

Though Su Yun did not have much contact with him, he could tell from his behaviours that he was just a fox. Smiling, he turned his back on Ying An and walked over to the cauldron.

There was not one evil person who was standing by the cauldron that did not look at Su Yun without their eyes opened wide. Each and every one of them looked at Su Yun with hope and begging eyes.

They never thought the evil person who was captured possessed such astonishing powers. He actually killed the Sovereign King.

Now, the situation had changed. The people at the altar naturally looked forward to the new Sovereign King’s change of heart such that he would let them go.

Su Yun set his gaze on every single evil person. He noticed there were several tenth stage Spirit Core Cultivators and first stage Spirit Soul Cultivators. He thought for a bit before he said: “Let them all go.”

“Yes, Lord Sovereign King!”

The evil people by the side cupped their fists hastily and without much hesitation, they loosened the cuffs around the captive’s’ wrists and legs.

In a few moments time, the evil people cheered.

“Thank you, Lord Sovereign King! Thank you Lord Sovereign King!”

All of the evil people thanked with much gratitude.

Chen Yi Yun especially. She felt surreal.

Actually, Su Yun had calculated everything beforehand. He did not want to cultivate evil weapons. Keeping these evil people by his side was useless. Moreover, he believed these evil people would serve him. After all, in the Evil King City, those who had no powers or authority would not stay there long.

True enough, those that were released returned their gratitude by kneeling down and indicating their willingness to serve Su Yun.

Su Yun was not shy. He accepted all of them since he knew this group of people would be his loyal followers.

“Su Yun!”

Chen Yi Yun ran over. She wiped her tears away and gaze at Su Yun in awe. She smiled and say: “You’re awesome. You’re actually so strong.”

“I’ve said it. We’d be fine.” Su Yun chuckled.

“En” Chen Yi Yun was still burning hot. She took a peep of the face under the cape and in a split second, she turned bright red. She was at loss for words.

Chi la la

Just then, a piercing sound rang through the air. Then, countless evil people flew in.

The pressure was growing. Finally, it reached a point where it was suffocating.

The almighty being had arrived!

The evil people looked on to the incoming person without panicking. They retreated in an orderly manner.

A thick sense of pressure filled the entire altar.

“Sovereign King? What Sovereign King! We didn’t acknowledge you! You’re an ant. It’s best you bow down to us!”

With that, several experts rushed over.

“It’s Guang Xin Wang and Dao Tian Mu!”

Wu Xiang’s face immediately looked bad.

“That group? Tsk, they’re probably hiding somewhere watching on and waited for the Sovereign King to be killed before they choose to stand up and claim the victory! If they kill this man, all the treasures of the Sovereign King will belong to them!”

Ying An roared.

“Bro Ying An, what do you suggest we do?” Wu Xiang asked softly.

“Watch and wait.” Ying An replied: “Our powers are the weakest in the Evil King City. We can only follow suit. This group of people are actually at the peak of the tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm. After the fight with the Sovereign King, we are not sure how his powers hold up. If he fails now, we’re dead meat. It’s best not to help either sides. Of course, we shouldn’t fight for something. I’m afraid the situation in the Evil King City is going to change big time. Don’t make unnecessary sacrifices.”

“Alright, we’ll watch and see.” Wu Xiang whispered.

Carrying the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and the Death Sword, he looked towards the source of the voice, only to see thousands of evil people marching into the altar. The first few evil people had very strong Qi and the evil person leading them was actually 3 metres tall. His eyes looked like copper bells. He was solemn, his aura so strong that people could not help but want to bow to him.

This was the other master of the other powerhouses!

“Bow down to you?”

Su Yun frowned.

“Yes, bow down to us!”

The leader mocked: “Hand over your treasure divine swords. Or else, we’d kill you!”


Su Yun looked up and glared at them. His pair of evil eyes were blazing with fire. Raising both his swords, he pointed at them and said: “If you have the capability to do so, then come get it! Maybe I can’t kill each and every single one of you but I swear, the first person to attack will die upon my sword!”

With that, their faces turned ugly.

They started off by watching him from the side. They knew Su Yun’s powers. Several of the almighty beings could see Su Yun did not use 100% of his force to kill the Sovereign King. So obviously, he had power equivalent to a first stage Spirit Star Cultivator! Even if he just fought one big fight earlier on, they dared not guarantee that Su Yun was at a disadvantage.

But, the three metres tall evil person was certainly not threatened by Su Yun. He shrieked as he stared slyly at Su Yun: “In that case, it means you’re not willing to bow down to us?”

“Maybe I shouldn’t waste my saliva.”

Su Yun held on tightly to his swords and instigated his Spirit Essences.

This was the initiation to fight.

“Su Yun” Chen Yi Yun was anxious now

“Yi Yun, stand behind!”

Su Yun bellowed.

Chen Yi Yun was shocked, she tensed up but she bit her lips and said: “Su Yun, I’ll be with you! I’m a second stage Spirit Soul Cultivator. I’m not afraid of them.”

Second stage Spirit Soul Cultivator?

Su Yun heard and smiled bitterly. As for the situation they were in, a second staged Spirit Soul Cultivator was not any different from cannon fodder.


Just as Su Yun was chit chatting with Chen Yi Yun, that almighty being made a move. He raised his crude, long arms and reached out to Su Yun. Flicking his finger, his five fingers conjoined and formed a razor-sharp javelin and pierced straight at Su Yun’s heart.

That was fast!

That was a sneaky attack!

But in the Evil Realm, there was no such thing as a ‘sneak attack’. The evil people never berated others as scheming or cunning because that was basically the traits of the evil people. The people who only recognized victory!

Su Yun turned quickly and stared at the incoming javelin. There was not much fear painted on his face. On the contrary, his eyes was bursting forth with slyness and craziness.

I have two swords with me, what else would I fear?

The Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood and the Death Swords’ temperature soared as the two swords pranced.


Both the swords pranced forth and collided with the javelin. After all, Su Yun pushed forth his utmost powers onto the javelin. With the collision, the evil person retreated.

The Evil Qi rippled through.

Everyone was shocked.

Su Yun’s power was actually so strong.

After the huge battle with the Sovereign King, he could still fight Guang Xin Wang who possessed speed and strength. It was obvious where Su Yun stood.

Guang Xin Wang was taken aback by Su Yun’s attack. He was frustrated. He thought he could make use of his sneak attack to set off Su Yun. Who knew Su Yun’s reaction was so quick and his power was unbelievable.

“Damn it!” Guan Xin Wang broke into a cold sweat. His eyes was icy cold. He was no longer showing any mercy. He raised his hands and said blatantly: “Ant, you’re not appreciating my favour to you. Don’t say I didn’t give you any chance! Since you are not willing to bow down to us, then so be it! We’ll destroy you! Ahh!”

Finishing his sentence, all of the evil people behind Guang Xin Wang instigated their Evil Qi and took out their treasures. Sly and scary looking faces glared and snarled at Su Yun as though they were a bunch of demons.

Chen Yi Yun’s face turned pale. She was trembling slightly as she faced these evil people. Almost every single one of them could kill her. She did not know where she got her courage from to fight together with Su Yun against them.

Su Yun was not afraid though. He looked at the thousand army without an ounce of fear.

The black and red sword cried.

It sounded through the sky.

Swish swish swish swish

Just then, countless 2 metre long black swords fell down from the sky like meteorites as they crashed down on these evil people. In an instant, several of the evil people’s brains were sliced opened.

Pu chi Pu chi Pu chi.

An endless sword intention unfolded as the charming, unblunted swords pierced a thousand over faces on the ground.

This sudden move shocked everyone.

“What’s happening?”

The altar was shaking.

Everybody looked towards the sky to see a black cloud floating over quickly. Within the evil cloud, several evil people flew out. A white haired evil man dashed towards Guang Xin Wang.

“Ant! Kneel down!”

The man bellowed.

Guang Xin Wang was aghasted. He asked: “Who are you?”

But, the evil man did not answer. Instead, he was bursting with a killer Qi as though he was not willing to waste any breath. Reaching out his finger, he pointed straight at Guang Xin Wang and shot a beam of evil aura over in an attempt to kill him.

Guang Xin Wang’s heart skipped a beat. He took out three treasures quickly, a sheath, a mirror, and a stone wall and placed it in front of him


However, this sword aura was so strong, that it practically plowed through all of these and finally, stabbed straight through Guang Xin Wang’s heart.

“Ah!” Guang Xin Wang screamed.

So powerful!

Su Yun tensed up. This was definitely an expert Spirit Star Cultivator!

He glanced over to this approaching evil people to see they had the same kind of badge hung around their waist. This badge belonged to Evil Sword Sect.

Shit. The experts from the Evil Sword Sect were here?

Su Yun’s heart dropped.


Promptly, Chen Yi Yun called out to the white haired evil man.

“Dad?” Su Yun was taken by surprise.