Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 242
Sovereign King (Final)

“If I give you the Mystical Void Iron, y-you will drop the matter??”

The Sovereign King clenched his teeth and asked Su Yun softly.

All his underlings were dead, he had lost a general, although he could not get over this, the Sovereign King knew that this man was not simple. And, he could not fathom the opponent’s background, and the current situation told him that he could not continue fighting. If not, the one who benefits will be other people.

“Of course, the words of Limitless, are convictions.”

The man in the cape said.


The Sovereign King frowned, he wanted to promise him, but at the moment, everyone was watching, Wu Xiang and Ying An were at the side, if he truly gave in, then his position in Evil King CIty would definitely waver.

He thought for a moment, then he suddenly had an idea and nodded his head: “Fine, since you want it, I will give it to you!”

Finished, everyone watched as the Sovereign King flipped a bit in his storage ring, then took out an uneven, apple sized silver rock.

The rock surface layer was glossy, as though it came from the stars, it had a beautiful luster to it, flickering brightly, it was truly magical.

“This is the Mystical Void Iron.” He extended his hand out: “Take it!”


Su Yun nodded, without any hesitation he walked over to take the Mystical Void Iron.

The Sovereign King stared deadly at the caped man holding the blood red sword leaking with Evil Qi, his other hand secretly urging a mystical technique waiting for a chance to strike.

Then, just as the man came closer, before he even took the Mystical Void iron, he actually released the mystical sword in his hand, thrusting towards Sovereign King.

The might of the sword was intense, it’s savageness and ruthlessness, there was no hesitation!

The Sovereign King’s heart jumped, he had not anticipated the man to do that, and immediately urged his mystical technique to block.

His mouth opened, spitting out a black cloth with many blood traces on it, quickly pasting it in front of him. The black cloth became like a shield that was steady, revealing another evil spirit diagram seal on it.

The Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword cut the black cloth, but was unable to break through.

Seeing that, Su Yun immediately retracted and flew back.

Seeing that, the Sovereign King immediately laughed out loud: “Kid, you sure are cunning, you still want to sneak an attack on me? But it’s useless! You think that with those sneaky methods of yours, you can defeat me?”

“Can’t I?”

Su Yun refuted.

Seeing that, the Sovereign King was startled, he suddenly thought that something was amiss, he anxiously checked on the black cloth, only to see that there was a grain sized red dot on where Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword had pierced.

“Shit, is this a seal?”

The Sovereign King’s face changed.

He then saw as the little red dot flash for a bit, in the next moment, a stifling pressure suddenly attacked him.

The Sovereign King immediately threw the black cloth away, but it was too late.

Su Yun threw out the Sword Sheath that was on his back, making the Sword Sheath fly out, as countless of strange lights erupted out of the Sword Sheath like dragons, flying in all directions. The black cloth was shattered in an instant, while the Sovereign King was completely enveloped by the light auras, a burst of intimidating strong energy that spreaded out in all four directions shook and covered the entire Evil King City


The ear deafening roar came from the four formless pressure that erupted out.

It caused everyone to be stunned, tremble, and unable to find their will to fight!!

The Sovereign King then felt that all of the Evil Spirit Force inside his body was suppressed, and could not be used.

He struggled to remain calm with all his might and looked around. However, with one look, he became stunned like a wooden chicken.

He was completely surrounded, all directions, wrapped up tightly, there were swords everywhere around him!!

Densely packed together, covering the sky and earth, the flying dancing swords were all around him, as though they were unshakeable.

A gigantic sword pillar appeared in the middle of Evil King City.

The scene was a sight to behold, a myriad of colors and was a majestic view.

“What is this?”

“Why are there so many swords? What kind of treasure is this?”

Ying An and Wu Xiang’s eyes opened wide, both of them retreated, they did not dare to advance.

There were a large group of influential Evil Realm people rushing over from afar, and when they saw the majestic view, they all stopped in their tracks and just stared.

There were over a 1000 swords. And, all these swords were not normal, every single sword was filled with inexhaustible sword intent and spirit!!

“Evil Ray Mystical Arts!”

The Sovereign King was already panicking, he screamed out, both his arms swinging frantically, while large quantities of black light extended out, the light aura touched the ground, and immediately dissolved. But when the light aura touched the swords, they were actually deflected by the dense sword intent released by the swords.

The Sovereign King was truly not weak, but currently, with the activation of Heavenly Crystal, Su Yun who was using the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword was much stronger.

Seeing that his own mystical techniques was not able to break the swords around him, the Sovereign King decided to use everything that he had. He took out a pearl, and forming multiple hand seals, the pearl was activated, then he threw it.


The pearl exploded, and released a whirlpool, actually sucking the swords into it and destroying them.

Just that, the 1000 swords seemed to not want to procrastinate any further, when the whirlpool appeared, the 1000 swords instantly slashed across, actually destroying the whirlpool and flashed closer to the Sovereign King.

The thousand swords attacked together, like numerous magical dragons pouncing to kill.

The Sovereign King tried to dodge, but at that moment he had nowhere to hide, and with nothing left to do, he had to welcome them straight on.

“Heaven Origin Evil Force!!”

The Sovereign King pushed with his hands.


A sinister evil face appeared on his body, protecting and covering him from the incoming 1000 swords. The 1000 swords clashed onto the evil spirit’s face, but could not enter.

Seeing that, the Sovereign King exhaled.

Just that he did not know that Su Yun still had a lot of energy.

This was the first time he used the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, and under the works of Heavenly Crystal, he was able to bear the might of the sword, but, Su Yun was not familiar with how the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword controlled the 1000 swords, so he was unable to release the full potential of the Twin Swords.

Su Yun then lifted up the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and activated his Evil Spirit Essences. Using the Great Evil Sword Technique, he used the sword and pointed out.


The 1000 swords that were continuously attacking the Sovereign King all retreated, and with him at the center, they flew and revolved.

Su Yun controlled the dance of the swords, becoming faster and faster, while the blood red sword in his hands became blacker and blacker, the Evil Qi releasing, sword intent becoming heavier.

At the same time, the 1000 swords revolving around the Sovereign King all became blacker, all of them suddenly invoking Evil Qi.

Not good.

The Sovereign King knew Su Yun must have started using another technique, looking Su Yun who was constantly controlling the wall of swords, he clenched his teeth, his expression sinister, he released a dense amount of Evil Qi and went to clash with the swords.

His body was covered in Evil Qi, his thin build suddenly became strong and sturdy, his flesh amplified, his pupils rounder, his entire being becoming rounder. Who knew how dense his energy was, for every step he took, the earth would shatter and shake.


He underestimated the might of the sub swords controlled by the Twin Swords.

The sub swords were equally subdued, the 100 plus swords controlled by Death Sword could not compare at all with the sub swords controlled by the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, All these sub swords were bestowed with more power by the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, and bestowed with stronger sword intent.

The 1000 flying sword quickly spun, forming a tornado around the Sovereign King, every sword becoming darker and darker, in a moment, evil and cold shrieks could be heard.


The blade of a sub sword suddenly released an evil spirit, it formed a claw and clawed fiercely at the Sovereign King.


Claw marks appeared on his body, bringing forth sparks, and a thin shallow scar appeared.

“It doesn’t hurt at all, it doesn’t even tickle!!”

The Sovereign King snorted.

But just as he said that, all the swords around him suddenly released evil spirits, 1000 of them, all formed a tornado of claws, crazily and frantically clawing on the Sovereign King’s body, the amount of sparks produced was like an explosion, as countless of scars appeared on his body.

The Sovereign King was startled.

How scary was 1000 evil spirits?

“AHHHH!!!!!!!!” The tragic wail came out, the Sovereign King was wrapped up by claws, his body was leaking blood, unable to advance any further, his entire being was trapped inside the evil spirits, unable to escape!

Ying An and Wu Xiang watched the scene from the outside quietly, their faces extremely ugly.

“This person’s cultivation is too unfathomable!”

Wu Xiang clenched his teeth, and spoke to Ying An: “What should we do? Don’t tell me we’re just gonna watch the Sovereign King die like that?”

“If not, then what?” Ying An’s face became black, and said softly: “ Fight with him? Only a Spirit Star Cultivator can fight against his methods! What cultivation level do we have? Fighting equals to committing suicide for us! He is now against the Sovereign King, so we should just stay here and not move!”

The Sovereign King’s mansion suddenly had a large quantity of Evil Realm experts, but when they saw that the Sovereign King was being attacked by 1000 evil spirits, all of them stopped in their tracks.

They were not stupid, the opponent was so strong, and following the Sovereign King was only for the benefits. They did not have any feelings for him, so why would they trade their lives for him?

Su Yun stared at the Sovereign King who was inside the tornado of 1000 swords, his eyes turned cold, then he unsheathed the Death Sword from its sheath, and rushed in.

Afterimages formed behind him, Su Yun and his sword was like a heroic lion, bringing forth a devastating pressure, he clashed into the Sovereign King.


The Sovereign King was already in a desperate situation against the tornado of 1000 swords, he was already in a bind, and seeing Su Yun was rushing over, he used the last of his power.

The Sovereign King who was scarred with many energies activated some treasure, his right eye started to shine with a ray of multicolored light, the multicolored light enveloped his entire body, and when the swords attacked him again, they were unable to produce anymore injuries. The Sovereign King calmed down, staring at Su Yun with blazing anger, his hands suddenly punched out towards the sky.

“Netherworld Evil Claws!”

Boom boom boom boom boom

Countless of metres tall evil claws suddenly rose out from the ground, quickly grabbing onto Su Yun’s legs and body, locking him in place.

Su Yun initially thought to cut off the evil claws with his sword, but suddenly there were too many claws, grabbing and locking his waist, wrists, making him fully immobile. All of the claws held enormous strength!! It shocked everyone else.

The Sovereign King rushed forward, clashing into the 1000 swords, trying to rush to Su Yun.

His fiery eyes was filled with unprecedented anger.

“All the strength of these evil claws are mine!! You are unable to struggle free, you are dead!! I will eat you alive!! Despicable Ant!!”

His voice came out, the Sovereign King opened his mouth wide, his mouth unexpectedly expanding multiple times, biting towards Su Yun’s head.

Su Yun watched him without flinching, and leisurely, he grabbed Death Sword tightly.

In the next moment, Death Sword received Su Yun’s Profound Spirit Qi and shot out like an arrow, it flew straight into the Sovereign King’s big mouth.


The Sovereign King’s mouth was stabbed by the Death Sword, and his entire being was flung backwards.

His face was warped, the pain was unbearable, he immediately extended both his hands in an attempt to remove the Death Sword, but just at this time, the Death Sword’s special absorbing power was released, and wave after wave of ‘gulping’ sounds came out. The Sovereign King’s body was withering very quickly.

“Wu wu wu”

The Sovereign King fell to the floor, his body frantically thrashing about, the wu wu sound coming out from his mouth, his body suddenly stretched out wide, but no matter how he struggled, the Death Sword was stuck onto him.

But after a while, the Sovereign King was drained entirely by the Death Sword, becoming a dried corpse, even his spirit and soul was non existent, and died shortly after.


All the evil claws dissipated, announcing that a strong cultivator had died.