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Sovereign King (XI)

A ray of black Evil Qi soared up to the sky like a dragon flying through the blue dome of heaven. This caused the pressure everywhere to increase substantially, the 100 swords around the Sovereign King were immediately scattered.

The Sovereign King’s hair was floating, the Evil Qi beaming from his eyes, his face sinister, he was utterly enraged.

He sent a deathly stare at Su Yun, and growled in a low voice: “I do not care where you come from! You have offended me today, and I want you dead!”

His voice landed, the Sovereign King leaped forward, shooting out many sharp black colored Qi arrows, shooting down like rain.

“Great Evil King Array!”

Su Yun growled, his death sword thrusting forward, releasing sets of Evil Qi out quickly, the Evil Qi swimming forth like a school of fish, immediately splitting up. But in the next moment, they released a gigantic evil array.

Su Yun waved his sword up. His steps moving to the side and dodging the Qi arrows, and then continued to strike the floor surface with the Death Sword.

“Evil Desires continuous slash!”

The sword slashed down, the Evil Qi on it’s blade exploded and splashed out.

“Great Desert Breaks the Sky!”

Another slash.

“Heart born from death!”

“Seizing the extreme blood of heavens!”

He fenced in on the evil array and brandished his swords. The sword pierced through the array continuously. The chants flowed out from Su Yun’s mouth as he moved his lips. In that split second, he actually gave up his chance to attack the King.

Wu Xiang did not attack either since he thought it was odd. After all, he was an outsider. Su Yun was not strong enough, so he didn’t need to risk his life. He was ready to watch on as a bystander.

The King was extremely angered but just from the two moves, he knew Su Yun was not a simple man. Clenching his teeth, he shouted to the four evil people: “Go, kill this man!”

“Yes, master!”

The evil people from all four corners dashed towards Su Yun. There were a total about hundred odd of them. Most of them were Spirit Soul Cultivators. The strongest was a sixth stage Spirit Soul Cultivators.

However, Su Yun feared nothing.

Even Chen Yi Yun who was putting on a bracelet was not fearful either.

She already saw through this act.

“The Bloody Cries of the Evil Underworld Array, isn’t that the sixth move of the Evil Sword Technique?”

Chen Yi Yun had almost gone through the entire Evil Sword Sect techniques. Even though she did not master them, she could recognise all of them. Although Su Yun’s array had shadows of ‘The Bloody Cries of the Evil Underworld Array’, it was very different. For example, the array essence must be placed in the center, but Su Yun’s array essence was not only in the center but at the two sides of the huge array. This meant that there were two array essences!

Two array essences!

“Isn’t he afraid that the evil power released from the array essences would collide and explode and kill him?”

Chen Yi Yun muttered. She knew this array method but she could not figure it out completely.

The hundred over evil people rushed over and instantly, there was a reaction from the evil array. Looking at Su Yun tossing the Death Sword into the air, the Death Sword remained floating in the air and spun around the evil array. The sword was reeking of a thick evil power as though it was forming the evil array with spiderwebs. A few seconds later, the evil array was actually sounding with shrilling screams.


The evil array shook and emerging was a huge amount of mist. It was pitch dark. Even if the evil people had great night vision, they would not be able to make it out in this degree of darkness.

The evil people panicked.


Suddenly, two enormous evil claws sprung up from the mist and gathered them. The evil claws were huge and strong as though it was the branches of a thousand year old tree. It rippled through and gathered all of the evil people together.


The King was stunned.

“Things are turning bad!”

The elderly said at the side.

When the mist from the evil array dissolved, a ginormous evil spirit appeared within the evil array.

There was only half of the evil spirit’s body. But even though there was only half of its body, it was already colossal. It stood at ten feet! Using its rough, huge arms, it kept the evil people nailed to the ground with the intention to crush them alive.

Chi! Chi! Chi

Some of the evil people could no longer take it, they gave up and were crushed to death. They died horribly.

Those that were left behind, struggled. They would not be able to tolerate for any longer.


Just then, Su Yun ran over and reached out for his Sword Sheath. A beacon of light appeared and off it went and sliced up the evil people.

It was yet another sword.

Everyone was confused. The sword spinning in mid air was the Death Sword, and the one spinning around him was the hundred swords then, there was another one in his hand! How many swords did he manage to control?

The edge of the sword trembled. It was impossible for the evil people who were crushed by the huge evil spirit to fight back. Most of their hearts were pierced by this long sword and they died instantly, then their evil souls were devoured.

In a breath’s time, Su Yun landed and raised his hand to keep his Death Sword. The hundred swords stayed above him. The ‘Bloody Cries of the Evil Underworld Array’ had stopped working. The evil spirit disappeared.

Majority of the evil corpses laid on the ground. A river of evil blood was formed.


Su Yun heaved a sigh of relief. But his heart was in a daze.

He never thought that the Great Evil Sword Technique which was much higher than the Evil Sword Technique was actually this powerful! Even with the sword techniques and the Limitless Sword Manual, he would definitely not be able to so quickly kill the Spirit Soul Cultivator experts!

Basically, it was suppression of a mystical technique!

Immediately, the King’s expression turned bad. He stared at Su Yun with a vicious intention to murder him.

“Bro Wu Xiang, bro Ying An! What are the both of you still doing? Aren’t you helping your big bro?”

The King said in a depressed tone.

Wu Xiang was a rash man, upon hearing those words, he was ready to attack. But then, Ying An took a step back instead and said: “Big Bro, I’ve come today to congratulate you. Second, I’m here to for the opening ceremony. It’s unfortunate such a fight is unfolding. Just recently, I’ve wounded my Qi channels while I was cultivating. My body is badly injured so I can’t help you fight such a strong enemy. But I believe with my big bro’s methods, this is nothing for you!”

Wu Xiang heard Ying An’s replies, his lips quivered and fell silent.

“You!” The King was even more angered now. He stared at the two, not saying anymore, he would not beg others, he then pointed out.

The elder at the side nodded and ran out.

He was an eighth stage Spirit Soul Cultivator!

Su Yun stared at the incoming elder and focused on him.

Though he had killed a great deal of evil people, they were only in the second and third stage of the Spirit Soul Realm. And even though they were great in numbers, they were probably not even half as powerful as this eighth stage. In all honesty, it was much easier to nurture a group of third stage Spirit Soul Cultivators as compared to one eighth stage Spirit Soul Cultivator.

Because at the other end of the realm, cultivation would only get harder.

The elder’s Qi was strong and vigorous. His pace sounded bright and clear and when he leaped up, Su Yun realised half of the elder’s body was made up of a misty substance.

His eyes released a glowing yin, his dried up palms flipped, the palm of his hands releasing two seals, he bellowed and released the seals, unleashed a terrifying evil Profound Spirit Qi, fiercely and savagely rushing towards Su Yun.

Su Yun anxiously dodged.

Dong dong dong

Large numbers of palm seals appeared on the ground, causing the place to tremble.

Su Yun swung his hand back, unleashing Evil Slash by the Draw towards the old man, an extremely large crescent sword Qi cutting through the sky.

Then, the strangest thing happened. The old man’s body suddenly split into many pieces, dodging the incoming Sword Qi, then quickly formed back together. He was not wounded at all.

“What technique was that?”

Su Yun’s expression tightened.

The old man pounced forward, his two dried hands moving towards Su Yun, his palm images unleashing, against the sword images that were released, two of them striking at each other.

The surroundings of the altar was already in a mess. No one dared to stay back to watch the strong cultivators fight, because they did not know what terrifying techniques they had, and might be caught up in them and end up dying for nothing, which was not worth it.

The spectators had quickly dispersed, but a lot of them were running back to inform the other evil masters in the city.

Su Yun danced with the Death Sword and Engraved Dragon Blade, both hands slashing around, either slashing or cutting or thrusting or piercing, both swords flew in a rage, attacking relentlessly, while the 100 swords revolving around were like 100 sword experts, all of them flying around the old man slashing down continuously. The old man who was being ravaged by the sword intent tornado, from top down had the feeling of being ripped apart.

“Evil Soul Roar!”

The old man suddenly shouted out those words, his voice suddenly erupting, the sound resonating outwards causing Su Yun to retreat continuously, the onslaught of attack was interrupted, his soul felt as if it was leaving his body.

The old man’s yin looking eyes released a savage killing intent, he leaped up, both hands becoming claws, going straight for Su Yun’s heart.

But, in that moment, Su Yun suddenly stabilised himself, he stood well, looked at the old man approaching him, did not even try to defend, and not even attempting to attack, just standing.

Su Yun kept the Engraved dragon Blade into the Sword Sheath and the Death Sword into its own sheath.

(TN: The Engraved Dragon Blade enters the Limitless Sword Sheath while the Death Sword has its own sheath)


The Sovereign King and the onlookers were surprised, Chen Yi Yun gaped as she was stunned, her face watching everything in fear.

Was he trying to die?

“Maybe the Engraved Dragon Blade is too weak for you guys, I should change to a better sword to fight you.”

Su Yun raised his head and looked towards the old man and said.

The old man could clearly see the pale white face beneath the cape, and the strange smile that came with it.


In the split second, the sound of air being ripped apart erupted out from the sky, following that, a fierce red light flew over.


The red light, with a speed that was not visible to the naked eye pierced into the old man’s heart, and directly flew back to Su Yun’s side.

Everyone looked closely, only to see that it was a red long sword.

The sword was not even unsheathed, yet its surrounding was releasing a frightful aura, as though it could rip apart the earth, tear the heavens. It was extremely terrifying!!

“Wasn’t that weapon taken away?”

Chen Yi Yun thought.

The old man’s heart shattered into pieces, he was on the point of demise, holding onto his chest and struggling nonstop, his gaze was berserk and sinister, staring at Su Yun and moving his body, actually still thinking of attacking.

Su Yun then held onto the blood red sword’s hilt, and lightly pulled it.

Keng Qiang!!

The sword edge came out of its sheath.

The moment the sword was unsheathed, the old man stopped moving, and like a stone, he froze in his place.

Sovereign King’s expression became more tensed, his face so ugly it scared people.

Su Yun, singlehandedly holding onto the blood red sword, stepped over the ‘petrified’ old man, towards the Sovereign King.

Kacha kacha!

Then, the old man’s body crumbled into a million pieces, on the floor. His body was actually cut perfectly into pieces!

Sword intent!

The sword that was unsheathed held a sword intent that was equivalent to ten thousand swords, slicing the old man to pieces!!

An expert of the eighth stage Spirit Soul Realm was instantly killed!

Was his strength so powerful? Or was the mystical sword in his hand the one that was powerful?

Everyone was stunned!

Who exactly was he?


The Sovereign King was no longer able to keep his calm and shouted.

This man! This sword! Was out of his imagination.

“Actually, I do not wish to fight you.”

Su Yun held onto the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword and said to Sovereign King: “The reason why I’m here today, is only because of the Mystical Void Iron, maybe you can give it to me.”

Hearing that, the Sovereign King was stunned. But as he looked under the devilish cape, the pale white face was smeared with a strange demonic gaze that looked straight at him.

Was he truly here just for the Mystical Void Iron?