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Sovereign King (X)

Su Yun and Yi Yun’s cultivation was the highest and naturally received the best treatment, both of them were brought up with hand and leg cuffs that limited their cultivation, and were escorted by two fourth stage Spirit Soul cultivators.

There were many Evil Realm people around them, all of them being between the first to the fifth stage of the Spirit Soul Realm, causing Su Yun to be taken aback. Since when were there so many Spirit Soul cultivators?

Chen Yi Yun’s small hands were trembling, her head lowered while biting her lips. It was obvious that she was frightened.

It was a normal scene. The Evil Realm was that ruthless. Those without abilities, could never ensure that they would be safe in the next second.

The two of them were escorted to the south side of the mansion, heading to the altar. There were many people gathered around the altar, and in the middle, was a gigantic Moon Blade mold lying face up, and below it, was a huge cauldron where evil fire was blazing inside.

The Evil Realm people who were captured by Sovereign King were all brought to the altar, and they would all be thrown into the cauldron by his men together with the ingredients for cultivation refinement while they are alive. All of their flesh would turn into nothingness, their consciousness wiped away, leaving only their souls to be placed inside the Moon Blade. The Sovereign King was strong, and had many high quality ingredients, so the Moon Blade would naturally not be weak.

Around the altar, there were many of Evil King city’s citizens watching, they were all tiptoeing trying to catch a glimpse, their expressions were of passion, as though they were excited that there would be people burning alive.

In front of the altar, was an exquisite chair. Around it was many beautiful and attractive Evil Realm women, all of them were dressed to the nines, some standing and some lying down, while a male sat on the magnificent chair in the center.

The evil man wore golden robes, his figure was thin with a pointed and slender face, his eyes shining with a bright gold light, releasing a very strong aura.

He was the Sovereign King!

He held two Evil Realm ladies in his hands, his long and narrow eyes frivolously staring at the gigantic Moon Blade’s mold, his mouth holding a smile.

“Are all the ingredients here?”

The Sovereign King opened his mouth and asked.

An eighth stage Spirit Soul Realm old Evil Realm man anxiously rushed forward, kneeling before the Sovereign King and reported: “My Sovereign King, everything is ready.”

“Very good!!”

The Sovereign King nodded his head satisfyingly, and said: “I have also invited the other almighty beings of Evil King City, and they will arrive at noon, then we will begin refining the divine soldier.”

The array beneath the big cauldron started to rotate, and the Evil Realm people who were tied up around the cauldron to be used as ingredients all started weeping, continuing to beg for their lives, but it was all for nothing.

The Evil Realm people outside watched them coldly, as if they were guilty of big offences, and did not gain any pity.

“Congratulations! Congratulations! Master Sovereign King, congratulations for the birth of your divine soldier! Hahaha”

Just then, a loud voice came out from outside, following that, a row of Evil Realm people protecting a bone carriage came over and entered the altar, a man immediately came out of the carriage, and walked over to Sovereign King, cupping his fist and laughed.

“Haha, Master Gui Xie, thank you thank you, when the divine soldier is born, I will be looking to you for help, to help me bless it!”

Sovereign King pushed away the ladies from his side, standing up and smiling.

“Definitely definitely!!”

The tenth stage Spirit Soul cultivator said.

Not long after this man came, another lord with a ninth stage Spirit Soul cultivation arrived. They were all powerful heads in the different parts of Evil King City, and everyone knew, Sovereign King had invited them was not for their blessings, but more to scare the people, that even though Evil King CIty was not his, but the few other powerful existences were all with him.

One of them was called Wu Xiang, the other was Ying An.

Ying An’s cultivation was of the ninth stage, and although it was not considered high, his specialty was his outstanding intellect, his methods were much more terrifying than tenth stage Wu Xiang, and was well known in Evil King City.

After the two of them greeted Sovereign King, they were arranged a place to sit.

Ying An looked at the cauldron, his eyes sweeping through every single one of the Evil Realm person, as though he was interested in them.


Just then, Ying An’s face changed, his eyes fixated on Chen Yi Yun’s body.

“Ai ya ya ya ya Master Sovereign King, You are truly wasting natural resources ah!!”

“Oh? What do you mean?” Sovereign King who was talking to Wu Xiang turned his head and asked Ying An.

Ying An raised his hand and pointed to Chen Yi Yun, and laughed: “Such a beautiful lady, how can you bear to use her? Shouldn’t you at least enjoy her a bit before sacrificing her? Isn’t it wasting natural resources? From the way she is, I believe she is still very pure, and is still a virgin! A waste! What a waste!”

“Hahahaha, so it’s that?”

The Sovereign King laughed, his gaze turned to look at Chen Yi Yun, sparkling, but when he saw that Ying An’s eyes were fixed on Chen Yi Yun, he did not want to appear stingy, so he waved his hand and said: “Since Brother Ying An likes her, then I will let you have fun with her first, then continue the sacrifice, what about it?”

Ying An’s lit up, his face full of joy: “Really?”

“When has this big brother lied to you?” The Sovereign King said: “Bring her over.”

“Hahaha, Then this little brother have to thank you!!” Ying An laughed a loud, his eyes suddenly full of fire, his gaze begin to sweep Chen Yi Yun’s body up and down.

Their voices were loud, allowing Chen Yi Yun to hear them.

Seeing two Evil Realm men started walking towards her, Chen Yi Yun’s face immediately became ugly, her entire body trembling.

“No! I don’t want you to sacrifice me or humiliate me!!” Chen Yi Yun screamed, but at that moment, who could help her?

She closed her eyes, tear drops falling down from her face, despair and helplessness crawling around her.

She had never thought that she would end up being in such a miserable state, she had never dreamt about that.


Just at that time, a light shout came out.

Everyone turned towards the gaze, but realised the person speaking was the one beside Chen Yi Yu, dressed in a cape.


Chen Yi Yun was startled.

She then realised that his chest was releasing layers upon layers of dense and thick Qi, the Qi was like a silkworm cocoon, quickly enveloping him, raising his spirit cultivation force, his realm, and in a blink of an eye, his power had surged.


Sovereign King, Wu Xiang and Ying An all stood up and looked at Su Yun.

“This person still had treasures that was not taken away?”

“He was only left with his storage ring, taking it after sacrificing him is not too late.”

The elder beside the Sovereign King immediately replied.

“You have given me trouble.”

Sovereign King snorted.

Su Yun’s chest started to flicker with a black light, as though there was a black heart embedded there. He raised his head, the cloak showing a glimpse of his pale white devilish face, and then he moved his shoulders slightly, causing the cuffs on his hands and legs hindering his cultivation to break, following that, he started to walk straight for Sovereign King.

A wind blew by, causing the long cape to drift along the wind, ‘hua la la’, his body started to leak out a strange Evil Qi.

“Seems like my underlings have seen wrong, your power is not merely at the second stage Spirit Soul Realm, but so what? You think you can create a big wave here?”

The Sovereign King said indifferently: “Kill him and seize his spirit!”


The surrounding Evil Realm people shouted in unison, and surrounded Su Yun.

They were all third stage Spirit Soul cultivators, a total of seven of them, placed in any realm, were considered a relatively strong force.

But, they did not know how powerful and terrifying the man was, after the activation of the Heavenly Crystal.


The sound of air being ripped sounded out from the horizon, then a black light suddenly flew out from the mansion, and flew directly towards them.


The black light landed, the Evil Qi resonating outwards in all directions, the strength of the ripple scattered out, towards all directions that lifted the Evil Realm people causing them to tumble.

Everyone was shocked.

But, he obviously did not have any intention to hold back, he raised his hand holding the Death Sword’s sheath, and pulled.



The extremely sharp hissing sound exploded out from within the Sword Sheath, followed by a sword light that flickered, and the sounds of countless of swords started to fly out, flying around Su Yun, the sword images numbered to 100, following that all of them dived down towards the retreating Evil Realm people.


In a moment, every sword released terrifying evil souls, all of their looks sinister, releasing their deadly claws, clawing towards everyone.

“Evil Sword Technique!!”

The old man beside Sovereign King shouted out in surprise.

Chi chi chi chi!

The seven third stage Spirit Soul cultivators were instantly sliced to death!!

Blood spurt onto the floor, the bodies dropping down like withered flowers.

But, it did not stop there. Su Yun swung the Death Sword, allowing it to pierce into the bodies of the Evil Realm people, the Death Sword started to absorb their Evil Spirit Force, causing the sword blade to flicker with a black light which looked extremely strange. Being publicly seen, it caused everyone’s hair to stand.

Su Yun walked over, then picked up the Death Sword that finished absorbing all the bodies, and started walking towards Sovereign King.

His face was extremely ugly, and looking at the incoming person’s emotionless face, he knew, he was absolutely not a good person.

Chen Yi Yun was stunned, her eyes stared straight at Su Yun, no one knew how much her heart was shaken.

Wasn’t his cultivation just at the second stage of the Spirit Soul Realm? How come he has this much strength? Able to pressure and kill off seven third stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivators… That was only possible for cultivators that were in the fifth stage of the Spirit Soul Realm.

And wasn’t his weapon taken away from him? How could it fly back to him?

Suspicions drew in Chen Yi Yun’s head to the point she started to see stars, but she was also extremely happy, because she could see that this person was using her Evil Sword Sect’s Evil Sword Technique!

“He must definitely be an almighty being from Evil Sword Sect! But who is he? I have never seen him before, he must have definitely come to save me!”

Chen Yi Yun clenched her small hands, her pupils gazing at him with an anticipative light aura.

“Who are you?”

Wu Xiang who was a violent man kicked the chair in front of him and walked towards Su Yun.

But then he saw Su Yun fixing his cape and then scratching his head, then said: “If I say my name, you all will definitely not remember, so why don’t I let you all know the name that I am about to earn, what about that?”

“Name you are about to earn?” Wu Xiang was startled: “What name?”

“Sovereign King!” A sinister voice shouted, Su Yun’s entire body exploded out a larger amount of Evil Qi, his entire person became like a floating cloud that rushed over Wu Xiang, and went straight for the Sovereign King.

“Such audacity!! You actually dare to challenge me!! Good! Good! Since you want to die, let me grant your wish!”

Sovereign King was enraged, he pushed the women away from him, shouting loudly, then clapping his hands, his two gigantic hands clashing caused a cloud to appear.


The cloud that was formed by the gigantic hands stopped, but, the 100 swords flying around the cloud suddenly shot out towards Sovereign King.

In the next moment, Sovereign King had the 100 swords spinning around him, the numerous sword images shook the entire place.

The entire Evil King City was shocked.