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Sovereign King (VI)

After obtaining the Glazed Heart, there were only 3 more treasures left to find.

Su Yun was in deep thoughts while standing on the Death Sword and flying in the sky.

With his current speed, if he maintained the pace, he could most likely be able to return to Sky Martial Continent in a year or two.

But, all of the items were special, and to obtain them, he had to interact with the almighty beings, and without the Heavenly Crystal, it would be difficult to fight them.

But, after using the Heavenly Crystal, even if he used his own Qi to help it to recover faster, it still required at least two months of time. This meant that the next item he needed to get, would most likely be acquired without the help of the Heavenly Crystal.

Su Yun sighed, he took out Three Link Evil Almighty Being’s storage ring from the pocket on his waist, instigating a bit of Pure Divine Spirit Qi, he removed the weak seal in it and then opened it to search.

The seal broke, the contents of the storage ring were exposed, at the same time exposing layers of a bad smell. Su Yun frowned, and glanced inside.

Just one look left him stunned.

Inside, there was a huge amount of limbs and organs from either human or beasts. They were already rotting, and were releasing the bad stench, other than that, there were a lot of broken treasures and equipments. All these were just broken, without question, the almighty being must have set a seal on them, and when he died, the treasures would also be destroyed. He did this because he did not wish for his killer to obtain his treasures.

“Such a petty man.”

Su Yun said without a sense of shame, and then went through the storage ring once more, when suddenly, a sparkling and translucent white bead entered his vision.

Out of all the rotting flesh, the bead appeared particularly dazzling.

“Is that a material?”

Su Yun picked out the bead, and then fished the equipment and things that could not be used but could be traded for into his own storage ring, then he switched his focus back onto the bead.

The bead had faint and vague Evil Profound Spirit Qi flowing from it. After realising it, he anxiously used his own Qi to follow the thin Evil Profound Spirit Qi into the bead to investigate. Not long later, he realised that inside of it, were grain sized arrays imposed on one another.

They covered the interior of the bead, interlocking like five rings, each of the seal were supporting each other, but not influencing each other’s effect, at the same time giving the seal imprints a new power.

“Such a miraculous seal array!”

Su Yun exclaimed in admiration to the person who managed to carve and create the intricate seal array.

He had knowledge on arrays, but currently, of all the array masters that he knew about, none of them was able to create such a miraculous array.

He did not know what the array was for.

Su Yun offered a bit of his Profound Spirit Qi and struck the array seal, activating it.


The Profound Spirit Qi permeated into the array, immediately activating it, causing the entire bead to light up. At the same time, the bead released a mysterious force, and it flashed into Su Yun’s enter body like lightning.


A strange sound sounded out.

What was going on?

Su Yun looked around, but, there was nothing around him. He looked at the bead again, it seemed unharmed.


Su Yun was startled, was the bead merely used to scare people? With not a single practical use? Or maybe, it was broken? Unable to unleash anything?

Su Yun was doubtful, and was about to keep the bead, when he felt something was not right.

Why was the bead floating in the air?

Not right!

It was not floating, it was his hand that disappeared! Su Yun immediately looked at his own body, but realised that his entire being was gone, as though he had become transparent!


The word popped up in his mind!

At the same time, even the bead became extremely pure, and in the next moment it disappeared. Other than the Death Sword below him, anyone beside him would not be able to see Su Yun at all.

Su Yun could clearly feel that the bead was still in his hand, he immediately stopped the Profound Spirit Qi used to activate the bead, and then he and the bead popped up again.

“I get it now, so it is a treasure that activates invisibility.”

Su Yun was ecstatic, he pinched the bead and looked at it more carefully.

If it was like that, why the need to set up such an elaborate array formation? Unless there was a higher level to the invisibility technique? He also did not know what realm of cultivators he could hide from.

Shouldn’t be so low right?

Su Yun kept the bead back into his own storage ring, and flew straight to Evil King City.

Evil King City.

The Evil Realm’s most flourishing and also it’s biggest city.

It was also the place where information was the most developed, and knew of all happenings in Evil Realm the fastest. Of course, the evil realm people that gathered there came from all over the place, and was also why it was the most chaotic place.


The Death Sword landed on the ground, Su Yun jumped up from the sword blade and sheathed the Death Sword back into its scabbard. With the Sword Sheath hanging from his waist, the Death Sword and Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword on his back, he walked into the city.

Evil King City’s almighty being was said to have already left the city a 1000 years ago. He had abandoned the place, without leaving any trace. However, the people that stayed back continued to worship him, and no one dared to behave atrociously in the city. After the wear of time, the place had become a place where tyrants represented power, the only thing that protected the city was a set of strange rules, although massacres happened daily and the entire place reeked of blood, it still attracted countless Evil Realm people.

There were two gates in Evil King city. The one at the front was the Ivory gate. It was ginormous and was as huge as a demon’s devouring mouth. On its sides were Evil-Qi walls painted black and on the walls there were groups of patrol guards.

Two rows of evil soldiers stood by the Ivory gate. Anybody who wanted to enter Evil King City had to pay their tributes which was actually just bribery.

Thankfully, there was not a need for much tributes. A few ingredients or a treasure would do. But the treasures must not be lower than purple rank. Su Yun had his own stash of items. Moreover, he had obtained a few more while he was in the Evil Realm. It was not a problem for him.

In the Evil King City, Su Yun ran towards a pub at the southern side of the city. Though the Evil Realm was different from Sky Martial Continent but the evil people and human beings had a common practice. If they wanted to obtain information, they would head over to the pub. If they wanted to meet up for a discussion, they would also go to a pub.

The reason why Su Yun found out that the Three Link almighty being had the Glazed Heart was because there were some intel from the southern pub in Evil King City.

There were several evil people entering and leaving the pub. It was chaotic. In the middle hall of the pub, there were 5 full tables. The evil wine’s taste filled the air, making Su Yun uncomfortable.

He cringed as he entered. Walking to the corner and in front of the table, there was an old looking evil person seated.

The old evil person was wearing a hat. His skin was pitch black. He did not have much Evil Qi. His eyes sunk as though he was a walking corpse. But he had an unusual yet strong Qi. He was actually a second stage Spirit Soul Cultivator.

The old evil person was named Bu Xie. He was famous for gathering intel in the southern side of Evil King City. Rumours say that when he was searching for treasures and cultivating outside, he was nearly killed. He managed to escape, but his courage shrunk into tiny balls. He never dared to head out again on his own. So, he gathered intel from other evil people in exchange for treasures for his cultivation. Then, he would hide within the city to cultivate and increase his own power. Although he was a second stage Spirit Soul Cultivator, his battle skills were not up to standard. If he fought, he would probably only be as strong as a first stage Spirit Soul Cultivator.

Everyday, he would be seated at the same spot at about noon. Two hours later, he would then cultivate or gather more intel. So, time was running out for Su Yun.

“I would like to know the location of Mystical Void Iron!”

Su Yun presented two treasures he had gotten from the Three Link almighty being and placed it on the table

The Three Link almighty being was someone who was about to enter the Spirit Star Realm. Naturally, his items were powerful. Upon being placed on the table, the old evil man immediately had a shine in his eyes.

“Mystical Void Iron is it? You are lucky!” Bu Xie kept the two treasures into his storage ring, pouring a cup of wine.

“Lucky? What do you mean?”

“What do I mean? The meaning is simple, kid, you want the Mystical Void Iron, and right now, there is one in Evil King City!”

“There is one?” Su Yun’s expression tightened, and asked: “Where?”

“In Wu Xie’s hands!”

“Wu Xie?”

“Yes, Wu Xie, why? Kid, don’t tell me you don’t know? Inside Evil King CIty, there is a famous lord called Wu Xie, he is brave and fierce, fighting and killing everywhere, stealing and seizing other people’s treasures, even forcing female evil people, having dual cultivation with them. He truly can commit any crime imaginable! Wu Xie is the tyrant of Evil King CIty, and has been here for so many years. Countless people have challenged him, but were unable to drag him down from his position. Such a strong evil person who succeed in every undertaking, he is also hailed as the Sovereign King!”

“Sovereign King?”

Su Yun’s heart almost jumped out, his brain unconsciously thought of the Sovereign King Sword from the Secret Palace of the Evil Sword Sect.

Did that mean that the master of the sword was also hailed as a strong being that no one could defeat?

“The Sovereign King enjoys an extremely high rank and treatment in Evil King City. Wu Xie being known as the tyrant, is also because he defeated the previous Sovereign King, held the power, and has been in the city for so many years. Who knows how many treasures he has. Recently there is hearsay that he had snatched someone’s treasures, and inside those treasures, there is a Mystical Void Iron. Kid, if you want to get it, you must look for him!”

“He wants to exchange the Mystical Void Iron for something?”

“No no no, he plans to use it, there are rumors that he plans to build a divine soldier, and for that, he has captured 10 Evil Realm people, preparing to complete his own weapon spirit!”

“Has he done it?” Su Yun’s expression froze.

“Yes.” Bu Xie leaned his head forward and said softly: “So if you want to make your move, be quick about it!”

“What is his cultivation stage?”

“Ninth stage of the Spirit Soul Realm.”

“That is not considered high in the city right?”

“It is not high, but even if it is so, it cannot compare to his men, the number of Evil Realm people following the Sovereign King Wu Xie is like the sea! Even if you can fight him, can you fight the experts by his side?”

Su Yun became quiet.

“Do you know when he will prepare to refine the evil soldier?”

“It is said that in 10 days time, he will begin the sacrifice! There will be many Evil Realm people coming to watch.”

“I understand.”

Su Yun nodded, he stood up and prepared to leave.

Just then, three figures entered the pub.

The three of them were dressed in black blademaster clothes, reeking of Evil Qi. In their hands, they carried evil swords. When they entered, they glanced around and quickly found a table and sat down.

“Evil Sword Sect’s people?”

Su Yun frowned, his gaze looking at the plate on their waist.