Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 232
Sovereign King (II)

A few months later.

The number of hunting teams from the Evil Sword Sect had lessened, their passion to chase and apprehend Su Yun had started to dwindle.

Su Yun left his hiding place which was deep inside the mountains, and headed to other regions of the Evil Realm.

“You are currently at the second stage of the Spirit Soul Realm. With the Death Sword, Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, and the support of the Heavenly Crystal, Sprite’s Shadow and Monarch Occult Force, all these unique treasures, and also relying on the ‘Great Evil Sword Technique’, you have nothing to be afraid of.”

“To create the coordinate imprint to return to Sky Martial Continent, you need to collect at least 5 types of materials, which are called ‘Mystical Void Iron’, ‘Violet Seven Leaves’, ‘Glazed heart’, ‘Roasted Red Blood’ and the ‘Bitter Stone’. You have obtained the ‘Bitter Stone’ inside the Secret Palace of the Evil Sword Sect, so you only need to look for the other four martials.” “But, all these materials are all unique treasures, so locating them will not be easy, and we only have one method to easily and quickly acquire them, and that is to look for the evil almighty beings. They have a few treasures with them, and almost all the resources in the Evil Realm are controlled by the evil almighty beings. If you look for them in the wilderness, it would be extremely difficult.”

Two months ago, Ling Qing Yu had left that message, and went to slumber inside the Sword Sheath. Every time after she offered The Contracted Victory Sword, it would make her experience an extremely fatigued state, and only by sleeping could she quickly recover.

Su Yun also did not beg Ling Qing Yu to help him anymore, because she had helped enough. Inside the Secret Palace, she had gifted her Spirit Cultivation force to Su Yun, and then recovered only to do it again. That continuous cycle lasted for so long, it was an arduous and difficult process, but she did not complain at all. Su Yun knew, her doing so might be because of her feelings for the Sword Ancestor back then, but regardless of anything, he still owed Ling Qing Yu.

He raised his cape, carrying the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword on his back, and the Sword Sheath and Death Sword hanging by his waist, he travelled forward.

The destination, was ahead.

Three Link City.

The training grounds of Three Link City was also a rather famous place in the Evil Realm for trade. Many Evil Realm people came here to do trades with treasures or look for materials, which even extended out to selling Evil Realm people. Some weak and frail Evil Realm people were captured and brought here, to be sold to other Evil Realm people, while the buyers would use these Evil Realm people to create evil weapons.

Using live people to create treasures was nothing strange in the Evil Realm world. To many Evil Realm people, it was an ordinary method, but to Su Yun, even after staying here for the past few years, he still could not accept it, because even the demons did not these many ruthless existence, as expected, the evil and demons were all different beings.

Entering Three Link City, Su Yun went directly towards a pub inside the city.

There were very few pubs in Evil Realm, because most of the alcohol and beverages were made from evil blood, and not many people liked them, and people who bought the alcohol were mostly used to trade for other objects.

Inside the Evil Realm pub, a few people waited for Su Yun.

10 days ago, Su Yun had met them inside an unconventional almighty being cave mansion, and these people had the same goal, which was the Three Link Evil Almighty Being.

Su Yun only met a female Evil Realm person, called Zi Xie, and after they separated, she had contacted other experts to gather.

“The Three Link Almighty Being had seized my younger brother who refining himself, imprisoned his soul, created the evil bead that is on his neck. I need to avenge my younger brother, I must save my younger brother’s soul, everyone, the reason why we have gathered today, is so that we can kill the Three Link Evil Almighty Being, and destroy his soul!”

Inside the pub, Zi Xie used a hoarse and soft voice to speak.

She was an Evil Realm person with purple long hair, her skin was black, her facial features were delicate, a beautiful figure, and there were rumors that Zhang Jiu Liu, who was on scene, had have good feelings towards her for a very long time, and the rest knew Zhang Jiu Liu hoped to get Zie Xie, and make her become his cultivation partner.

The bald man seated beside Zhang Jiu Liu who was gulping down the evil alcohol was called Wang Zhi Wu, he was a violent Evil Realm person, and there rumours that he had once eaten a live Evil Realm person hole because of a minor matter, he was not a good man. The reason why he had tagged along to defeat the Three Link Evil Almighty Being, was completely because Three Link Evil Almighty Being’s new companion was someone he loved, and this made him angry.

The last person with them had his face covered with Evil Qi, his features was not clearly seen. His name was ‘Feng Lin Lang’, he did not have a lower body, his entire being was like an apparition floating in the sky. In the Evil Realm, practising special techniques would produce such a result. He was quiet, sitting at the back alone without making a sound, like Su Yun, who was listening to everyone’s opinions.

“Say your reasons for being here.”

Zi Xie was the first to speak to everyone.

“I want to snatch back my woman!” Wang Zhi Wu said hoarsely.

“My Zi Xie, you actually want to take action against Three Link Evil Almighty Being, how can I not help you?” Zhang Jiu Liu said, his voice was emotional.

“Thank you.” Zi Xie replied indifferently, not saying much.

“Three Link Evil Almighty Being killed my Master, I will destroy him.” Feng Lin lang said simply.

“I want the Glazed heart the Almighty Being is wearing.” Su Yun replied.

“Very good.” Seeing that everyone had stated their goals, there were no conflict. Zi Xie nodded satisfyingly: “I have investigated, the almighty being is a peak tenth stage Spirit Soul Realm cultivator, and is not far from the first stage Spirit Star Realm. I have the cultivation of sixth stage Spirit Soul Realm, same for Zhang Jiu Liu, Lin Lang is of the fifth stage, Wang Zhi Wu is the seventh stage, Su Yun is of the second stage. Relying on our Spirit Soul Realm cultivation, frontal assault to the Almighty being might lead to a stalemate, even if we kill the Almighty Being, we would still suffer heavy losses, but if arranged a sneak attack, we can succeed.”

“Sneak attack? How do we do that? That is too troublesome, let us just face him head on.” Wang Zhi Wu downed another bowl of alcohol and commented.

“Evil Friend Wang, keep your voice down, this is still a public place, if the almighty being hears us, I am afraid we will not be able to leave.” Zi Xie frowned and said.

“You, so afraid!” Wang Zhi Wu snorted: “Don’t just see that I, Wang Zhi Wu’s cultivation is lower than him by three stages. I have my mystical techniques and treasures! These are things that he cannot compete with me, me wrecking him is easy!”

“Who don’t know how to boast.” Zhang Jiu Liu muttered at the side.

If Wang Zhi Wu was truly capable, why would he find them?

Zi Xie ignored Wang Zhi Wu’s boasts, and continued: “I already have a plan. At the northeast of Three Link City, there is a Ling Tai (Governor vessel, an acupuncture point) spring, the spring water contains strong Evil Spirit Force, and is able to provide Evil Realm people with a lot of benefits. The almighty being had already claimed it for himself, and transformed it into his official residence. Every start of the month, before the moon rises, he will bring his 10 over cultivation companions into the Ling Tai spring to engage in dual cultivation, so the defense in the city will be extremely tight, and Three Link City would be following the Almighty Being. We definitely will not have a chance there, but after the three days, the almighty being would leave the Ling Tai Spring, and that is where our chance is!”

“Even so, the Ling Tai spring must have a lot of defenses inside. It just doesn’t seem enough with the few of us.” Just then, Feng Lin Lang spoke. All the Evil Qi on his face faded exposing a pale white face: “Miss Zi Xie, do you still have other helpers? It’s best to call them here so we have a higher chance of winning.”

“No I don’t!” Zi Xie shook her head: “I have been here for 1 year looking, and you’re the only few that are willing to oppose Three Link Almighty being!”

“Is that so?” Feng Lin Lang held her head low and fell silent.

“Zi Xie, although you have said all these, I’m not against you but you have to choose people wisely. How can you get a second stage Spirit Soul Cultivator?” Wang Zhi Er shot a glance at Su Yun and said: “Don’t let this rascal bring us down!”

Su Yun overheard it but he did not make a move.

Zi Xie was unhappy now: “My friend, Wang Xie. you can’t say it like that. We have an extra person to help us. Although Su Yun’s cultivation is lower than us but what does that mean? Your cultivation is lower than the Three Link Almighty yet you say you can fight with him. Maybe Su Yun can also fight you as a second stage Spirit Soul Cultivator!”

Wang Zhi Er heard and opened his mouth, but did not know how to refute.

“Thanks.” Su Yun muttered.

“No need.” Zi Xie shook her head: “Since I’ve gathered everyone here to kill one common enemy, then we have to stand on the same side together. I have already exchanged all the materials we need. We shall set off tomorrow but first we have to head to the Ling Tai spring to prepare.”

“Why don’t you choose to ambush him along the way?” Just then, Feng Lin Lang asked again.

“The Three Link Almighty being is very cautiously attentive. His vigilance is the lowest only when he is in the dual cultivation. Stop asking all these useless questions. Everybody, rest early tonight. We are setting off tomorrow.”

Zi Xie seemed to be annoyed.

The rest had nothing much to say. They nodded and started to leave the pub and go back into the rooms.

Back at the inn, Su Yun meditated, but he was not in a hurry to cultivate. Instead, he started thinking about the Evil Realm people he came in contact with earlier in the day.

Without a doubt, with the help of these people, he had a higher chance of obtaining the ‘Glazed Heart’. But, he did not trust these evil people completely. After all, he only knew them for so long.

Zi Xie and Zhang Jiu Liu were from the same sect while Wang Zhi Er was just following orders. The most worrisome was Feng Lin Lang who was like a ghost.

“I hope these people truly want to kill the Three Link Almighty being.”

Su Yun muttered and took a deep breath before he started instigating his Evil Spirit Qi to cultivate ‘Great Evil Sword Technique’.

The second morning, Su Yun left his room early and met Zi Xie, Zhang Jiu Liu, Wang Zhi Er and Feng Lin Lang outside the city.

Everybody was reeking with a heavy stench of Qi. they looked energetic.

“Let’s set off. Be quick and don’t let people take notice of you.”

Zi Xie muttered before she set off.

A group of evil people followed another ‘evil people’ as they set off towards the northeast direction.

To remain unnoticed, everyone walked on foot.

“Zi Xie, do you think we’d succeed this time round?”

Along the way, Zhang Jiu Liu asked optimistically.

“I do not know.” Zi Xie’s tone was indifferent.

“Zi Xie, if we managed to kill the Three Link Evil Almighty Being, what plans do you have after?”

“Once we save my brother’s soul, we’d see if there’s a chance for him to return back to his body to reincarnate.” Zi Xie looked down.

“Really? Hehe.”

Zhang Jiu Liu giggled and fell silent.

Su Yun was suspicious. What was Zhang Jiu Liu so happy about? Unless he had something against Three Link Almighty being too?

“Oh yes, Zhang Jiu Liu. when I went to gather the ingredients yesterday, I noticed that you headed out too. Where did you go?”

Just then, Feng Lin Lang who was standing right at the back asked abruptly.

Zhang Jiu Liu was taken aback. Then, he replied: “I went to buy some wine. It was so boring this entire journey so I decided to indulge in some wine. Would you like to try some?”

After which, he took out a bottle of wine from his storage ring.

“No thanks.”

“What did you exchange though?” Zhang Jiu Liu asked this time round.

Feng Lin Lang kept quiet this time. he refused to answer him.

But this made Zi Xie and Wang Zhi Er frowned. They seemed unhappy.

Everybody knew each other just this long. To be honest, they did not trust each other. The reason they were gathered together was because of Zi Xie.

“Rascal, I’m warning you not to be funny. When we make our moves against the Three Link Almighty being, you’re the first one up. Do you understand?” Wang Zhi Er lectured.

Feng Lin Lang did not refute him.

“Hahah, big bro Wang. you’re thinking too much. We’re all on the same boat now. Who’d try to be funny? Come on, let’s drink some evil wine!”

Zhang Jiu Liu passed the bottle of wine over. Seeing the evil wine, Wang Zhi Er smiled. He took it and started gulping it down.

In an instant, he exclaimed: “This is one good wine!”

“He he.” Zhang Jiu laughed.

“We are arriving!”

Just then, Zi Xie shouted out.

Everyone’s gaze all landed at the front in unison.