Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 225
Strong in Appearance but Weak in Reality

“As expected, there’s something fishy!”

Su Yun sprinted as he said to himself.

After running for a distance, he saw the substance halting far away then he stopped.

“What was that Qi?”

“I’m not sure.”

Ling Qing Yu replied: “But, if you had activated the sarcophagus or the stone sword directly, you would have been engulfed by this Qi!”

“Maybe the two clan elders who came looking for ‘Brilliant Rebirth Flower’ had been taken by this Qi and were poisoned!”

“Are you sure? As clan elders of the Evil Sword Sect, how can they not have their guards up?”

“If they’re just normal traps, they would naturally have their guards up but if there was someone close to them who set up the traps, what situation would they be placed in?”

“Oh? Are you referring to the evil person who died?”

“If he had gotten close to the clan elders intentionally, and used the Brilliant Rebirth Flower as a bait why wouldn’t the clan elders fall for it? After all, the Secret Palace was set up by the ancestors of the Evil Sword Sect. There are many things the people of the Evil Sword Sect didn’t know of. Who knows if there are any evil people living within the Secret Palace.”

After a long while, the blood red substance had faded slightly. Su Yun was still dubious of what it was, but he waited patiently.

One day later, the area was looking fine again. Su Yun then stepped foot into the field once again.

As he walked towards the ruined sarcophagus, he found a metal door underneath the sarcophagus. The metal door was sealed by an array, and it was hard to open, but in the middle of the array, there was a circular groove.

As he looked at the groove, Sun Yun thought of something. He quickly ransacked through the fragments to find the sun-like radiant ruby.

Then, he pressed it into the concave groove .

Ka cha.

The ruby fell in and instantly released a series of high temperature waves to melt the metal door. Then, stairs heading downwards appeared in front of Su Yun’s eyes.

Su Yun thought for a while before he stepped foot onto the stairs.

“Isn’t the Secret Palace set up by the ancestors of the Evil Sword Sect? If they were using it as the review location for the Evil Sword Sect’s people, why did they set up such a secret route?”

“I’m not sure. We’ll know it in a while!”

Holding the Death Sword, he went down the stairs carefully.

It was dim and dark underneath, and the temperature in the air dropped drastically to the extent where Su Yun could no longer tolerate. The stairs were long, about a thousand over steps. After he finished walking, he did not know how deep down he was.

On the other end of the stairs was a long stone room. In front of the stone room sat a stone carved lion and behind it was another huge door.

Around the doors were scarred with weird markings. It looked ruined and weird.

Su Yun stared at the lion for half a day before he said: “Qing Yu, I’m betting with you. This lion is going to come alive.”

“Not a need to, it is already alive.”

Ling Qing Yu replied.

Then, the stone lion let out a ferocious roar and came alive.

It jumped down from the altar and stared deadly at Su Yun with his copper like eyes.

“An intruder? Why are you here? Do you know what this place is?”

“No! Why? Are you with the evil people?” Su Yun raised up the Death Sword, his expression sinister.

He did not fear the stone lion. After all, it was only at the first level of the Spirit Soul Realm.

“That evil person?” The stone carved lion was stunned. Then, he bellowed: “Tsk, that filthy rascal. Who is with him? He’s merely someone who used the master’s name to con and steal Evil Spirits. Don’t put him on the same level as me.”

“Master? What master?”

Su Yun had heard it once from the evil person. Now, he was hearing it again from this stone carved lion. He was very curious.

“What? Don’t tell me you don’t know whose grave this belongs to? You’ve never heard of my master, Jun Xie?”

“Jun Xie? Who is he?” Su Yun was taken aback. Then, he thought and asked quickly: “Do you know where the Sovereign King Sword?”

Could it be Jun Xie was the owner of Sovereign King Sword?

“Sovereign King Sword? Isn’t that my master’s sword?” the stone lion said: “But it was already taken by someone.”

“Taken away?”

Su Yun looked shocked.

“Yup, it was taken!” The stone lion jumped back to the altar and continued: “This grave was built by my master’s best friend. There are a total of 8 entrances. I’m one of them. There are countless of mechanisms and arrays. Many years ago, an unknown, formidable man forced his way into the grave and got through all the traps and arrays effortlessly and took the Sovereign King Sword that was buried with Jun Xie! I managed to escape quickly that day and was not killed by him or else, what you would be seeing now is a pile of rubble.”

“Got through this grave, and all the traps and mechanisms easily. He must be an almighty being to be able to get hold of the Sovereign King Sword. Do you know who that man is?”

“Haven’t I said it? It’s an unknown identity. Moreover, I’ve been guarding here for so many years. How was I going to recognise every single one?”

After hearing that, Su Yun fell silent.

“Do you believe its words?” Ling Qing Yu voiced out.

“Shouldn’t I?”

“It probably is just lying to you so you can’t enter to obtain the Sovereign King Sword.”

“There is not a need to. It’s cultivation is around the same as mine. It can challenge me. Also, there are countless of battle scars etched around the door. There must be ruins behind the door too. It can be seen that there are countless of battles that had took place here. The scars all looked old. The battle must have taken place a long time ago. Whatever it had said are all most probably the truth.”

Ling Qing Yu did not add on anymore.

Su Yun sighed a breath of relief and asked the stone lion: “Then, do you remember how the man who took the Sovereign King Sword looks like?”

If it was an almighty being, he could describe the looks and appearance. Su Yun might be able to guess who it was.

“White haired!”

The stone carved lion thought and continued: “He can use a lot of swords! I was frightened then. There were only two stone lions guarding this door. The other was crushed into fine powder!”

After that, it extended its claws and pointed to the pile of powder at the corner as though it was trying to indicate it was the corpse of the dead stone lion.

Beings such like them were most probably similar to the Mu family’s soul stones.

“A lot of swords? White haired?”

Su Yun looked surprised: “How did he use so many swords? With both hands?”

“Of course not! He seemed to be using Qi to maneuver the swords. Anyway, there were tons of swords surrounding him obediently. It looked terrifying!”

“Just like this?”

With that, Su Yun pulled out death sword and instantly, several swords flew out from the sword sheath and started to encircle around him.

“Holy shit!”

The stone lion was frightened to wit’s ends. Clasping his head with two of his stoned paws, he broke into a cold sweat.

“Seems like it is.”

Su Yun heaved a breath.

“White hair… Could it be the sword ancestor?” Ling Qing Yu could figure out who Su Yun was thinking about.

“Most likely. But it has been so long that none of the Evil Sword Sect’s people know about this.”

“As such, I understand now.” Ling Qing Yu smiled: “Su Yun, there are one hundred and 8 thousands of swords in this sword sheath. Apparently, the ancestors had personally placed it in. If it is true. The Sovereign King Sword might be just inside your Sword Sheath.”


Su Yun cheered: “Let’s go and look for it immediately!”

There are a total of one hundred thousand over swords in the Sword Sheath. You’re practically looking for a needle in the haystack.

“Is there no other special ways of looking for sword?”


Su Yun heard and instantly, his joy faded.

“Seems like you can only garner ingredients to create Empty Hollow Spatial Void to return to sky martial continent.”

“As of now, this is the only way.”

“What a waste of time and energy.”

Su Yun sighed and turned over. He pointed the death sword to the stone lion and asked: “I’ll ask you something else!”

“Yes sir, go ahead!”

The stone carved lion who was so frightened to death by the swords, he even changed his tone. Seems like he was just feigning his composure earlier on.

“Do you know where the Brilliant Rebirth Flower could be found?”

Su Yun was influenced by the words of Instructor Wang. After using it, it could cure all wounds and pains of the body. This Brilliant Rebirth Flower is definitely a life-saving medicine. It was far more miraculous than Vanishing Spirit Pill and Ten Thousand Grief Pill. If he could have it, he would have something to rely on when he went out.

Upon hearing that, the stone lion was stunned. Then, it got all serious.

“Ummm, mister, I’ve never heard of Brilliant Rebirth Flower.”

Ka cha!

Three razor sharp swords flew towards the stone lion and crushed his altar to pieces.

“I know! I know about the Brilliant Rebirth Flower! I know! It’s right inside! I… I… can bring you there personally, mister!!” The stone carved lion was screaming.

Su Yun heard and once again, resumed the smile on his face.

Finally, he did not waste a trip down here.

The stone lion was very cooperative. He led Su Yun into the grave obediently and obtained the Brilliant Rebirth Flower for him. After Su Yun was in the grave, Su Yun realised the majority of the arrays and traps were already broken. Obviously, someone had been here before. There was nothing great left other than the Brilliant Rebirth Flower. There was actually still one specific ingredient to make a geometry array. Su Yun kept all of them and left the weird Secret Palace.

Su Yun did not know how long he had stayed in the Secret Palace for, but Li Xin and Li Guang had long left the Secret Palace.

Li Guang left in the correct direction. Along this journey, not only was he fed well with Evil Spirits, he had also gotten all the ingredients needed to increase in one level so the entire army could pass the test smoothly.

Li Xin and the others however, had a heavy heart and look. Each and everyone of them exposed congealed expressions.

Li Guang saw the dazed looks but he did not ask. But, Wu Xin Yuan still could not take it. When Li Xin was not on her guard, he went to look for Li Guang secretly.

At the corner of the martial grounds.

“There’s one thing, senior brother. I’ve kept it in my heart and if I don’t say it, I’ll be unhappy!”

Wu Xin Yuan looked on the ground. His voice sounded deep.

“What is it?” Li Guang asked curiously. Everyone was still waiting outside the Secret Palace for Su Yun to come back out. What was he doing?

Wu Xin Yuan scanned around the surroundings. When he noticed no one was looking at him. He opened his mouth and said everything he saw at the secret palace.

When Li Guang heard it, his face took a change.

“Is what you’re saying nothing but the truth?” He opened his eyes wide and asked anxiously.

“It’s true that Su Yun had saved me but he did learn our Evil Sword Sect’s techniques secretly. This man is probably a spy from the Black Evil Cave Mansion. We must be careful of him!” Wu Xin Yuan said carefully.

Li Guang’s eyes darted around as he was deep in his thoughts. Finally, he heaved a sigh and said: “I was saying, why wouldn’t senior sis leave and still wanted to wait for Su Yun outside the Secret Palace. I’m afraid she is preparing for Su Yun to leave the Evil Sword Sect! Damn it! Xin Yuan, quick! Go to the Secret Palace entrance and guard Su Yun! Don’t let him get away. I’ll send some experts to capture this spy!”

“Okay!” Wu Xin Yuan nodded and took his leave immediately.