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Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword

Keng QIang!

A soft sonorous sound came out from within the sword palace, following that, a complete sword intent rippled out, and at the same time, the skies all around had the sounds of the air ripping apart, as one after another of sharp swords flew over like meteors.

ALl of them were the swords subdued by Death Sword.

They floated in the air and revolved around Su Yun, or more accurately, revolving around the dense evil qi of the death sword.

“The twin swords is powerful, not only because of it’s personal strength is strong, but also because it can control the sub swords in it’s surroundings! They can be used at any time, and upon confirming an enemy, they would keep on chasing and trying to eliminate the threat. I have counted earlier, this twin swords can control 1037 sub swords, which also means, you are going against 1037 opponents!”

“Before fighting, quite a few of the sub swords controlled by Death Swords are broken, and it can currently control only 67 sub swords, if you were to contend face to face against the Twin swords, you cannot win!”

“That depends on you, the twin swords is not in the sword palace today, the difficulty of subduing it has dropped substantially, you have better catch it off guard.”

Ling Qing Yu extended her fair hands out to Su Yun, her face solemn: “Are you ready?”

Su Yun fiercely inhaled, gazed at Death Sword that was releasing evil fire, nodded his head and extended his hand out.

His big hand grabbed onto the tender hand, and then Ling Qing Yu muttered a chant, a blue circle of light enveloping the two of them, then flew towards the sword palace.

Sou sou sou sou sou

60 plus sub swords followed along, but after nearing the sword palace, Su Yun flung the death sword into the air, controlling it to orbit in the air.

Death sword was the primal sword, its Qi was special, and as the two swords had the ability to conquer other swords, they were considered natural enemies, and that would provoke the twins sword. And if he suddenly released the powerful primal sword qi, the twins sword would be provoked and immediately rush to attack the two of them, but if the Death Sword slowly released the qi, with the wind blowing, maybe the twins sword would not have such a huge reaction, albeit still having one.

Death Sword leaked the qi slightly, and continued to fly towards the sword palace. With Ling Qing Yu’s support, Su Yun focused on looking at all the swords around.



An extremely faint sound transmitted into their ears, Su Yun and Ling Qing Yu’s heart tightened, they turned to look, at their right side, there was a long twin swords shining with red light moving lightly inside a rock.

Seeing that, Ling Qing Yu immediately shouted: “Shouldn’t be wrong ! It’s that!”


In that moment, Su Yun let go of Ling Qing Yu’s hand, his entire body dropping onto his sword, he soared quickly to the blood red sword.

Keng Qiang!

His force was strong, opening his palm, he pulled the blood sword as he approached, the sword coming out of the rock and producing a sword hissing sound.

THe moment he pulled the sword, Death sword which was spiralling around him waiting to make its move seemed to have got a hint, and rushed along with its sub swords.

Under Death Sword’s lead, 60 plus sub swords formed a raging evil dragon, rushing forward.

Buzz buzz buzz buzz

The soul shattering tremble rippled out, and a fearsome sword hiss sounded out. THe surrounding 1000 swords around the sword palace were all trembling crazily.

Qiu Qiu QIu QIu

THe 1000 swords automatically pulled out from the ground and flew into the air, started to spiral around with a dense sword intent accumulating.

The scene of 1000 swords spiralling in the air waiting to take action, what kind of spectacular sight was that?

“Su Yun, quickly!! You cannot hesitate any longer!!”

Ling Qing Yu’s face changed as she shouted.

Su Yun nodded, holding tightly to the blood red sword, he exerted his strength, not letting it move freely.

Death Sword whirled around the large number of sub swords that were rushing towards Su Yun, the sword blade trembled, causing a sound that sounded like a maniac laughter erupted, going straight for Death Sword.

Although it was just one primal sword, but at the moment it was fearless.


The tip of Death sword fiercely clashed onto the blood red twin sword’s blade, a powerful force scattering out, the dense sword qi on the sword blade instantly spreading onto the Twins Sword.

At the same time, one after another of sub swords all followed Death Sword as they struck onto Death Sword’s hilt, as though they were transferring their power to Death Sword.

Death Sword became even stronger.

The dense evil qi wrapped the Twins Sword up into a cocoon.


Seeing that, Su Yun was ecstatic.

He could feel that the resistance of the twin swords was getting weaker and weaker.

The surrounding 1000 plus sub swords were being slowly dropping from the sky after suffering from Death Sword’s sneak attack.

The power of the twin swords was being suppressed.

But, just as Su Yun and Ling Qing Yu thought that it was over, the twin swords that was covered in the black evil qi suddenly released a strong light, a tyrannical force that erupted out, smashing apart the evil qi that crumbled to pieces.

The 1000 swords starting soaring again!


Su Yun’s face changed, he immediately used both of his arms to hold the destructive twin swords, not letting it go from his hands.

He clenched his teeth tight, using all of his strength just to hold on.

Death Sword also did not stop for a rest, the sword blade swayed as though it was cracking, the pitch black sword blade releasing the evil qi like a dam that burst, it could not stop, the blood red Death word on the sword blade was releasing light that was overflowing and blinding the area.

Death sword was using all of it’s power!

“Stop for me!!!”

Su Yun roared, his neck turning red, his expression sinister.

The more he was like that, the more death sword erupted with power, as though the sword and human were one.

At that moment, Death Sword should not be releasing the evil Qi as a Primal Sword, but Death Sword that had evolved from absorbing many evil realm people, was not the same as it was in the past.

Twin sword was resisting firmly, but with both the human and sword attacking it, the pressure became stronger and stronger.

Ling Qing Yu could only watch from the side, no one could cut in in subduing swords, if not the twin sword would not concede.

But, her heart was surging with overflowing waves. She watched in a daze as the death sword and twin swords fought with all their might, radiance appeared in her eyes.

“He isn’t very strong, but dares to risk his life, that bravery is truly rare.” Ling Qing Yu muttered lightly, thinking when he ran through a few districts just to save Qing er, to protect people close to him, he was willing to face danger, and fight off so many big powers.

He was not only weak, but also very stupid.

That was Ling Qing Yu’s impression of him, and she started to laugh.


Just then, she heard an intense explosion sound, following that, 10 plus swords and a human came flying by, fiercely crashing into the pathway.

Ling Qing Yu saw that it was Su Yun, but at the same time, a Black and blood sword followed along.

Her heart was in joy, and she anxiously flew over.

Su Yun was currently very pale, the blood in his body was extremely unstable, he had suffered heavy injuries, but what was worth celebrating was that the twin sword had stopped being agitated.

Ling Qing Yu imparted some QI to Su Yun’s body, to stabilise his internal body.

“Is it done?” Su Yun held onto his stomach, crawling back up with difficulty.

“80-90% done!”

Ling Qing Yu gazed at the blood red sword on Su Yun’s back, and said.

Hearing that, Su Yun’s pale face showed joy, he anxiously looked behind, looking at the long slender blood red sword, his eyes was filled with consolation.

At least I did not waste my time.

He reached his hand out wanting to grab the sword, but it was slapped away by Ling Qing Yu’s hands.

“You want to die?” Ling Qing Yu shouted.

Su Yun was drenched in perspiration: “What?”

“With your current state, you cannot control the twin swords, even if you’re not injured, let’s say you’re perfectly fine, controlling the twin swords would take a lot out of you. Although you have subdued it, but majority of the work was by Death Sword, so you better not play around, if not the explosive qi of the Twin Swords would be on you, and can instantly heavily injure you!”

“That terrifying?”

“Of course, your current strength is only right for controlling Primal swords such like the Death Sword, forget about the twin swords, whether or not you relied on a sneak attack or not, or you brazenly went to take the twin swords, you cannot even enter the sword palace at all.”

Su Yun did not say anything and nodded in agreement.

Yet another weapon that cannot be willfully used.

But that was true, if he, a first stage Spirit Soul Cultivator could use the sword at will, then it was not something worth anticipating about.

He looked at the sword blade. COmpared to other swords, the spiritual charm was even stronger, and furthermore it had an unclear bizarre feel to it.

“Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword?”

Su Yun looked at the carvings on the sword hilt, and muttered.

“A sword with the name “Immortal” in it, he he, congratulations on obtaining the twin swords, with it, you can easily control 1000 flying swords, of course, before you can do that, you better practise the limitless sword art well. That sword art is extremely beneficial to you.”

Ling Qing Yu crossed her arms and said to Su Yun.

“Thank you, Qing Yu.” Su Yun laughed, then turned and left the sword sheath, returning back to his small hut.

“Carry the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword, Su Yun, next time, regardless if it is the twin swords or other primal swords, when you win them over, remember, do not casually just put them in the sword sheath, if not a disturbance will occur.”

Su Yun thoughtfully nodded his head, taking out the blood sword, he left the sword sheath.

Returning back to the small hut, he found a sword scabbard and placed the Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword in it, placing it with the Death Sword on the wall, he sat down cross legged to recover.

The fight had caused a loss to the Death Sword, if not for Death Sword risking everything to help, and adding the sneak attacks, Su Yun would not have such a relaxed time taking the twin swords.

After recovering his body for a few days of time inside the small hut, and eating all of the pills Tu Bai Li had given him, he was almost recovered to his usual state.

Very quickly, the day of entering the secret palace was here.

Hun San came over early in the morning and knocked on Su Yun’s door.

Su Yun was just putting the sword sheath to his waist, the death sword and Immortal Mystical Scarlet Blood Sword on his back, he then followed Hun San to head towards the secret palace.

“Ehm is this sword yours?”

Seeing that there was an additional red sword sheath on Su Yun’s back, Hun San asked with suspicion.

“Yes, i got it not long ago.”

“I heard from people, that you’re good at using an imperial sword technique and can control a few swords. WHere did you learn such a sword technique? Can you teach it to me?”

“I can definitely teach you, but you have to leave the evil sword sect, then i can.” Su Yun laughed.

“Treat my words before as a passing joke, i still think the evil sword technique is stronger.”

“The evil sword technique is truly not lacking.”

“Hey hey, that’s right, later remember to pay attention at the secret palace. Although Li Guang Li Xin and a few other senior brothers and sisters are good, but they are not as friendly as TU Bai Li, i heard that they are not happy with you going with them into the secret palace, so speak lesser later. Any problems let them decide, your aim is to retrieve the Sovereign King Sword, so the lesser you aggravate them the better, don’t make them unhappy, ok? Upon entering the Secret Palace, no one can help you anymore.”

“I understand, thank you for the reminder.” Su Yun earnestly nodded his head.

Very quickly, the two of them arrived at the secret palace.

At the entrance of the secret palace, two instructors as well as a group of evil sword sect disciples were already gathered there.

Su Yun who was dressed in his black cloak with the two swords on his back walked over, and everyone’s gaze all turned to look at him.