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Sovereign King Sword

On the second day.

The Evil Sword Sect Junior Disciples martial grounds.

Su Yun danced with his sword while concentrating fully on listening, the Teacher who was roughly a 100m away from him, would have some evil disciples running to him for guidance, and he would point out their mistakes.

Su Yun had stuffed the two listening aids into his ears, they were treasures created from simple array formations, where even people who had just learnt spirit cultivation in the Sky Martial Continent could do.

WIth them, everything that the teacher said would be heard by Su Yun.

Point by point commentaries by professionals was completely different from one fumbling about aimlessly, and all of the unresolved questions in his heart were solved. Not only that, after the teacher’s guidance, he had realised that many places in which he thought he knew were all actually wrong.

Su Yun focused on listening, and did not dare to have any other thoughts, the sword in his hands danced softly, attracting a few onlookers secretly watching him and looking down on him.

“What sword technique is that? It is so weird.”

“Did that guy not eat? Why does it seem like he can’t even hold his sword properly?”

“He wasn’t like that when he fought with Senior Brother Tu, don’t tell me he was frightened by our senior brother and sister’s Evil Sword Techniques?”

“He he, who knows.”

The Evil Sword Sect’s disciples softly discussed, but Su Yun could not hear them, all the way until evening, when the teacher left, and when the disciples had gradually left the martial grounds. Su Yun finally regained his senses, without wasting time, he rushed back to his small hut, took out the pen and paper and began noting down everything he had learnt and the things that he did not understand, and started to rethink them over and over again.

“What does ‘Using the Evil Soul’ mean? Was it what Tu Bai Li and Ji Yan Yong used?”

The sword that released the Evil Soul, was it the powerful sharp claws that danced around?

Su Yun muttered.

He thought for a long time, then he took his sword and went to a barren land, and began dancing by following the explanations in his mind.

The Engraved Dragon Blade was like a real dragon, cold waves flickering, but following Su Yun’s movements, the rate of release was getting faster and faster, all the Evil Spirit Essence in his body releasing more and more dense Qi, slowly, a dense Evil Flame type of Qi appeared on the blade.

There were many moves in the Evil Sword Technique, the first move, was to instigate Qi on the sword, and upon successfully doing it, he could then use the Evil Sword Nails released by Tu Bai Li before, releasing out a 1000m vast, strong Evil Sword Qi, and also using the Qi as the center, releasing a 10,000kg force, crushing metals and stones.

Su Yun stored the Evil Qi, and following the movements in his head, he swung his sword. The Sword Qi in his sword becoming more intense, and the Evil Qi on the sword blade suddenly erupted, forming a regiment of flames.

So hot!

He looked towards a big boulder nearby, and swung his sword.


A gigantic Evil Sword Qi was released, the Sword Qi moving at a very fast speed. Nearing the big boulder, the Sword Qi quickly became like an Evil Soul, and pounced over.


The boulder immediately broke into half, but that was not the end, the place where it was sliced suddenly released a large zi zi sound, and suddenly starting corroding.

After three breaths of time, the boulder was already broken into fragments, completely corroded.

“Such a scary sword technique!”

Just then, a sweet sounding female voice came out from the sword sheath.

“Qing Yu.” Su Yun exhaled, and smiled.

“I have just gained some insight these past few days, and went into closed door cultivation, never did I expect that after coming out, I would see you using such an Evil and Demonic sword technique. What sword technique is that? Is it supported by a treasure?”

Ling Qing Yu inquired, she had never seen such a terrifying technique like that before.

“This is the Evil Sword Technique of the Evil Sword Sect, and I just learnt it by stealing, but I only learnt a tiny portion of it.”

“A tiny portion can release such might? You have some eyes, to choose such a sword technique.”

A white light flew out from the sword sheath and landed in front of Su Yun. Su Yun looked at it as it became white robes, black hair, and eyes and mouth coming out, the beautiful and captivating Ling Qing Yu.

Standing there on the stones with her bare naked foot, she chuckled as she looked at Su Yun.

“Didn’t you come to the Evil Sword Sect to find the void exit? Why are you learning their sword techniques?”

“The void exit is broken, and I need to wait for a while.”

“That is truly unlucky, but Su Yun, I am also a sword cultivator, although you have learnt just a hair’s breadth of the sword technique, I am more knowledgeable on it than you, and your move just now, actually has a big problem.”

Su Yun was startled: “What problem?”

“That is your technical usage of Qi, I do not know how the Evil Sword Technique uses the Qi, but to use it like you, who literally just uses it the imbue onto the sword and release it, is wrong, the true release of Sword Qi, is not just imbuing the Qi on the sword, but should be attached to your Sword Intent.”

“Sword Intent?”

“That’s right, Sword Intent can transform the Qi, refine the Qi, and allow the might of your technique to amplify. If not, what do you think the Sword Intent is used for? To scare people? It can allow your Sword Qi to become stronger, an upgrade in concept and might.”

Ling Qing Yu’s tender butt sat on a big boulder, her long slender legs criss crossing over each other, her hand resting on the boulder as she looked at Su Yun.

Acknowledging her words, Su Yun pondered for a while, then raised his sword and started accumulating his Qi and Sword Intent.

The blade started to have black streams of Qi around it, wrapping around the sword blade, causing the sword to tremble and release sounds.

Ling Qing Yu’s eyes lit up: “Very good!”


Su Yun released his blade.

This time, the Evil Sword Qi released was not as big as the first time, and when it reached closer to the target, it actually transformed into a large mouth, and swallowed the target whole, instantly corroding the entire boulder, it’s might amplified more than twice.

“Powerful.” Ling Qing Yu nodded her head: “Your understanding of the power and your body’s capability far exceeds what I thought of you.”

“The benefits of The Everlasting Stone.”

Su Yun replied, and continued training.

The remaining time passed by quickly, and after Su Yun ended his ‘class’ at the martial ground everyday, he would immediately leave, and concentrate fully on practising, while Ling Qing Yu who had nothing to do followed him to listen, although she did not train, but as a strong sword cultivator, her understanding of the Evil Sword Technique far surpassed Su Yun, and aided him in the parts where he did not understand, and guided him along.

He had to admit, with Ling Qing Yu’s help, Su Yun’s training in the Evil Sword Technique became more relaxed.

Just that, time was limited, and very quickly, the time of that the void exit was completed was around the corner.

On that day, Su Yun did not go to the martial ground, but waited in the hut for the news, and also waited for Hun San.

Very quickly, someone knocked on the door and entered. It was Hun San.

“Evil friend Su Yun!” Hun San greeted.

“Hun San, how’s the progress on the void exit?” Su Yun asked.

“This” Hun San’s looked hesitant, and stammered with his words.

Seeing that, Su Yun knew that it was not completed, and bit on his lower lips: “How much longer do I have to wait?”

“It is not how long that is the problem, the problem is that it is very difficult to fix.” Hun San rubbed his hands together, with a look of difficulty on his face.

“Difficult to fix?”

“Yes, difficult to fix.” Hun San sighed: “10 of our senior brothers and sisters, under the guidance of a high level professor, went to work on the array of the void exit, but at the last crucial part of the restoration, a surprising thing happened, the cracks that supported the void exit was suddenly closed up, and we were unable to use any of our special tools to open the crack again, so even though the array is restored, the void exit cannot be used.”

Hearing that, Su Yun was startled: “What special tools do you need to use?”

“At the present moment, we only know of one special treasure that can help us cleave open the special crack, and that is our sword sect’s Sovereign King Sword deep in our secret palace. Only by retrieving that can we open up the void exit.”

“Then quickly send your sect people down to your secret palace and get it!” Su Yun urged.

“It’s useless, it’s impossible.” Hun San shook his head: “The secret palace was established by our sect’s ancestors, and is only a single room which is extremely big, and all the treasures are protected by Evil Souls placed by our ancestors, so no one knows where the Sovereign King Sword is, and more likely would not dare to try and take it. The Secret Palace is heavily guarded, and whoever wishes to barge in is simply throwing away their lives, the sect will not be responsible! So, no one will be willing to risk the danger to obtain the Sovereign King Sword just to repair the void exit, and even more, what can they do after getting it? Just use it to restore the void exit? It’s might is something no one can comprehend, but to risk their lives for that, is definitely not worth it. The experts of our sect thinks that whoever wants to go to the other realms, can simply just create their own spatial void, and just shelf the idea of the void exit. Restoring it or not would not influence the sword sect greatly.”

In the end, they were just too lazy to restore the void exit.

Su Yun sighed in his heart, his face showing helplessness.

Hun San became serious and clasped his hands and said: “This time I cannot help you, evil friend, I hope you can forgive me.”

Finished, Hun San wanted to leave.

“Wait up.”

Su Yun anxiously shouted for him to stop.

“Does evil friend have anything else?”

“I wanted to ask if I could enter the forbidden grounds to look for the Sovereign King Sword?”


Hun San was startled, but very quickly he nodded his head: “Yes you can, but it is extremely dangerous, with extremely strong Evil Souls inside, and the number of them are unknown. Cultivator, it is not wise for you to throw your life away for your mission for your sect, go back to the Black Evil Cave Mansion, inform the lord that our sword sect’s void exit is broken, and I believe he will understand and not chase you after this responsibility that cannot be accounted for.”

“I need to use the void exit.” Su Yun’s tone was full of determination.

“It just cannot be done, unless you seek the help of people within our sect.”

“For what? Didn’t you say that I can enter the forbidden grounds too? Unless I cannot retrieve it myself?”

“If you went to take it yourself, the Sovereign King Sword will belong to you, but inside the forbidden grounds, a majority of the Evil Souls only uses the Evil Sword Technique, and it was designed to test the enlightenment of the sword sect people on the Evil Sword Technique inside, so for someone like you who does not know the Evil Sword Technique, going in is basically suicide!”

Su Yun was silent.

“If you really want to go, then wait for two more months. Two months later, Senior brother Li Guang will organize a group of disciples wanting to charge inside the secret palace, to take the treasures. So at that time you can just head on in, and if you really find the location of the Sovereign King Sword, don’t take it, give it to Senior brother Li Guang, and let them discuss about it, allow them to take the sword to fix the array, I believe they would agree to it.” Hun San said.

“Two months later?”

Su Yun muttered.