Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 217
One Leap to The Seventh stage

What sword technique was that?

Tu Bai Li was in for a shock. He waved his enormous sword anxiously, slashing towards the ground in a full moon arc.


Evil Qi emerged from the sword’s body and quickly, turned into a shell-like black Qi armour to cover him.


The two swords collided onto the Qi armour but they did not managed to pierce through it.

Su Yun glared at Tu Bai Li’s sword technique as suspicion filled his eyes.

Tu Bai Li then dispersed his Qi armour with a shrug as his enormous sword started clattering. Then a spirit appeared out of his broadsword, dancing around the broadsword and extending its claws together with the sword.

As the sword moved, the claws danced, forming a tornado.

Although Su Yun could maneuver two swords, his opponent was only using one sword, and a pair of claws. These three prong attack was terrifying.

As the dual swords flew over, the broadsword crashed forward. The spirit was spinning crazily as if it was out of control. With its claws stretching out, the two swords just could not get past them.

“Rascal, is that all you’ve got?”

Tu Bai Li mocked. Then, raising his hand, the spirit on the sword suddenly exploded and turned into countless of hands as they reached for Su Yun.

It was extremely strange!

In sky martial continent, who would have seen such a sword technique?

Su Yun’s expression changed slightly. Retreating back quickly, he kept both his swords to stop them from spinning.

Suddenly, they went for the evil claws.

But, the moment the evil claws were ripped apart, Tu Bai Li charged forth with his sword.


The Thousand Deep and Engraved Dragon Blade withstood Tu Bai Li’s attack as the floor cracked, sending Su Yun a hundred miles beneath the ground.

What a powerful force.

But, that was not Tu Bai Li’s maximum strength. There must be a stronger technique hidden up his sleeves.

Su Yun’s eyes turned dark as he made use of his Evil Spirit Essence. Like a horse that was out of control, his Evil Qi spurted and grew strongly.


The thousand deep sword dodged three times before it exploded for another three times, creating a potent force to split the broadsword into two.


Everyone gasped.

Su Yun’s cultivation level was much lower than Tu Bai Li, but he was able to resist Tu Bai Li’s powers.

Tu Bai Li was amazed too but he felt something was off. Looking at the Thousand Deep Sword in Su Yun’s hand, he frowned: “Your sword doesn’t seem to be releasing Evil Qi. What Qi is that?”

“It’s True Divine Spirit Qi. Y’ve gotten it from a martial artist from the outside world.” Su Yun made up a lie but his heart skipped a beat. Seemed like the evil people from the Evil Realm had very strong intuition.

Tu Bai Li was not bothered by it though. He smiled and said: “I see. Your power is not too shabby. Although you’re just a first stage Spirit Soul Cultivator but you are able to resist a second stage expert. You might even be on par with a third stage cultivator! This is interesting. You’re definitely an opponent who deserves respect! With an opponent like you, I might have to use my full power!”


Holding tightly to his sword, he answered.

“Then accept my attack!”

Tu Bai Li took a deep breath in and all of a sudden, the Evil Qi reeking from his body stopped flowing. On the contrary, his enormous broadsword was covered with so much Evil Qi that it almost clouded the broadsword completely.

Su Yun only felt a chill down his spine as though the air around him became still. When he looked back to Tu Bai Li again, he felt the world had already turned upside down.

“Oppression of the Evil Swords?”

“No! It should be much stronger than Oppression of the Evil Swords.”

With this move, the people around them exclaimed as several of them held their breath as they stared at this scene in bewilderment.


“Be defeated!”

“Fall to your lowest!”

“Die a horrible death!”

“You shall gain immortality at the hands of my sword!”

“Despicable, ignorant, pathetic ant”

Slowly, hypnotic chantings started to travel towards Su Yun’s ears. Like hammer, they repeatedly attacked his soul.

Su Yun only felt as though his thoughts were about to be clouded by them, as he lost his consciousness for a moment.

Then, just as he was about to lose his mind, Tu Bai Li made a move.

He turned into a ball of black smoke and charged toward him.

Su Yun tensed up and his bit onto his tongue as he raised both his swords to defend himself.

But the black smoke pierced right through with the strength of a hurricane.

The black smoke covered Su Yun and trapped him within. It was completely dark around him. Extending his fingers, he could not even see his fingers. But in that instant, massive amount of chunky sword silhouettes exploded through. They shot from cloud to cloud like lightning and towards his body.

Clenching this teeth, he swung both his arms to instigate the Thousand Deep Sword and Engraved Dragon Blade to spin around him. As he wielded his arms fiercely, the swords spun to combat the massive chunky swords that were charging towards him. Three swords intertwined together as they exploded with ferocious sword intent. These swords escalated outwards like a raging wave as the evil people watching on retreated back quickly only to hear couple of explosions occurring within the black smoke. That scene was unforgettable as though a terrifying thunder had landed in front of them!

Everyone watching was shocked.

Su Yun was exhausted. Even though Tu Bai Li’s sword was huge and heavy, he was running out of ideas, as though none of it were taking effect at all.

In the black smoke, Tu Bai Li laughed.

“Heaven mocking the evils!”

A sword pierced through as it rippled with a myriad of grievance from evil spirits.


The Thousand Deep Sword and Engraved Dragon Blade blocked it off hastily.

“A sky full of blood!”

The enormous sword gave birth to a great deal of blood Qi as though it was whipping out its whips.

“The righteous and evil never coexist! Who said the right dao isn’t evil!”

The sword silhouette expanded in size suddenly and turned manic and fierce.

“The heaven and earth is not just, and so, my spirit is evil.”

“If there is justice in the heaven and earth, my spirit will not be evil.”

“In the realm of evil, where did justice or innocence come from.”

“As long as my heart contains justice, I’ll forever be my evil self.”

As Tu Bai Li chanted, it was as though the sword had been enlightened. Hearing his words, it started to go crazy. The entire sword seemed to turn into a long, black soul as it slashed aimlessly. Even if Su Yun was covered by the Thousand Deep Sword and Engraved Dragon Blade, he would not be able to fend this off. Countless scars formed on his body. He was already at a disadvantage.

But, he was not stressed by it nor did he feel any pain. On the contrary, Tu Bai Li’s words touched the deepest part of his heart.

Each word, each vowels. Did he not go through all of that on his own?

Justice! Justice was the biggest joke on this earth! It was like a cloth, covering up all the ugliness in the world!

“As long as my heart contains justice, I’ll forever be my evil self! Hahah! Good! Well said! I’m going to be my evil self”

Suddenly, Su Yun’s eyes glowed red as his blood boiled. The swords in his hands started to grow crazy. Initially, Tu Bai Li could inflict injuries on him, but right now, Su Yun was cooperating with the sword. As the sword silhouettes grew denser, they flew even more chaotically. Seated at the back, Tu Bai Li felt as though he was incompetent while watching Su Yun’s sword technique.

In an instant, Su Yun seemed to be enlightened.

So fast! That was so weird! This rascal was not simple!

Tu Bai Li thought.

Then, the two swords piled up and right away, he managed to capture Tu Bai Li hidden amongst the black smoke and he charged forth.

A shrilling sound rang from the edge of the sword as though it was screaming!

“Oh shit!”

Tu Bai Li’s heart thumped fast and hard as he quickly pulled his sword back to fend them off.

But after hearing a bang, the black smoke exploded.

Two shadows emerged from the black smoke and they retreated quickly.

Colours drained from Tu Bai Li’s face as he stumbled a few steps back and fell to the ground but Su Yun on the other hand, could not help but backed off continuously as he stabbed the Thousand Deep Sword and Engraved Dragon Blade into the ground to stabilise himself. He spitted out a mouthful of blood and panted heavily as though he had reached his maximum.

He looked up as the bloodshot eyes faded. All of his Evil Spirit Essence had shut down and he was no longer producing any Qi. Right now, he was no different from an ordinary human being.

“I lose!”

Su Yun looked at the cracks on the Thousand Deep Sword and Engraved Dragon Blade as he admitted his loss.

But he was happier than ever.

“Your sword techniques, you are very strong!”

Tu Bai Li wiped the sweat off his forehead and complimented: “It’s your Qi that cannot compete with mine. If you have my cultivation stage, you’ll win against me for sure. You know, we’re exactly seven stages apart!”

Right at this moment, no one dared to say that Su Yun’s power was weak. It was normal to issue a challenge if their cultivation stages differed between 1 or 2 levels. But there were treasures that could aid them, and they could use mystical techniques to help fill up the gap. But this was not just a 1 stage difference. If the distance between two opponents were 2 stages, that was peculiar. The winner was obviously decided if the opponents were 3 stages apart. There was not a need to spar. As of now, no one had ever challenged someone with 3 stages apart. Ji Yan Yong was no exception. He was merely two stages apart.

But Su Yun, he challenged someone who was 7 stages higher than him and he forced Tu Bai Li to his wit’s ends. He was incredible and courageous. Nobody would dare do what he did.

The atmosphere was quiet as they stared at Tu Bai Li who was exhausted. Many thought it was still a dream as they looked in disbelief.

Su Yun took a deep breath in and stared at Tu Bai Li: “Although I failed, but I’m not satisfied. I have many other mystical techniques that I have not used. Senior brother Tu, will you fight with me again?”

Tu Bai Li heard and laughed out loud: “Why wouldn’t I, but you obviously can’t fight anymore. You’ve used up too much of your energy. You’ll probably only recover after ten days to half a month later. Why not we meet here again half a month later? Then, I’ll let you feel the difference between us two.”

“No problem!” Su Yun lifted his head and revealed his pale face under the cape. Everyone saw a pair of eyes brimming with Evil Qi.

“But, we better change to a more structured place. If we fight here, we might just destroy this place.”

“No problem, where do you suggest?!”

“There should be a specialised sword training martial grounds in such a noble sect right?”

“What? At the martial grounds? Sure!”

“Great, but to prepare for that battle, I think I’ll practice here for a while and recover. I wonder if you will allow me to enter the martial grounds to practice?”

Su Yun asked casually but his heart was on guard.

This, was why he wanted exchanged hands with Tu Bai Li.

“No!” When he asked that, a voice immediately sounded out from the side.

Everyone came back to reality as they all turned to look to see who it was, it was Li Guang.

Tu Bai Li was slightly unhappy: “Why not, Li Guang?”

“Senior bro Tu.” Li Guang walked over as he cupped his fist and said with a serious tone: “The martial grounds is filled with our sword sect’s disciples. With him practicing there, wouldn’t he disturb our disciples?”

There was an underlying meaning to his words.

“Su Yun is heading there to practice too. How would he disturb them? Isn’t it as simple as adding one more person? What’s there to make a big fuss? Are you afraid he’ll steal our Evil Sword Technique? I’d even be happy If he were to learn it. Our Evil Sword Techniques would be glorious on him, our lord will be happy too! Li Guang, we’re too cautious. And because of that, many almighty beings are not willing to work with us. If this goes on, it would be to our disadvantage. I’ll approve this! Brother Su Yun, you shall head to the martial grounds to practice. It’s spacious there, and you can free your legs and hands. If anyone chases you away, you can come and tell me right away! I’ll let you decide!”

Tu Bai Li slapped on his chest as he said to him.

“Thanks a lot, senior bro Tu!!” Su Yun cupped his fist quickly and thanked him with gratitude.

Li Guang shot a look at Su Yun as he shook his head.

Tu Bai Li waved and turned to leave.

Su Yun supported his frail body as he walked back to his house with a limp.


Su Yun was weak, but in his thoughts, he was overjoyed.