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Evil Sword Sect

Wearing a set of black cape, Su Yun walked in the small alley of darkness.

The surrounding was calm and clear, there was not a bit of living thing grown around. The floor was covered with sticky, slimy mud. Just right ahead was a glowing green city. The city stood tall as the evil aura beamed. A huge array covered the entire city as it turned. Several Evil Realm people reeking of Evil Qi automatically landed when they got near to the city, and then walked in.

That was the cultivation land of ‘Evil Lord You Xie’. Once anyone entered the Evil Lord You Xie’s place, they were protected! Of course, this was also the place where the evil people activities flourished and was closest to the Evil Sword Sect.

From the cluster cloud mountain, Su Yun had heard about the location of the Evil Sword Sect but because he looked slightly different from the people that were native to the Evil Realm, even though he had Evil Spirit Essence, and reeked of Evil Qi, it was still not enough. The evil people would still recognize and call him a human, thus attacking him. Out of frustration, Su Yun put on the cape, concealing his identity.

He had been travelling for about a month’s time before he arrived at the cultivation grounds of Evil Lord You Xie.

The Evil Realm was unlike Sky Martial Continent. The evil people were greedy and lustful, and always had ill intentions. That was just the natural disposition of the evil people. For Evil Realm people like Li Chong Tian, they were extremely rare. As such, there was only one sect in the Evil Realm, which was Evil Sword Sect. The Evil Sword Sect recruited people on a very strict condition. To visit the Evil Sword Sect was not a simple task either.

Leaving other things aside, if Su Yun informed the Evil Sword Sect that he himself was from Sky Martial Continent and would like to pass through the Evil Realm, he might be killed by the Evil Sword Sect and they would devour his soul to cultivate the Sword Essence for the Evil Sword Sect.

The evil people from the Evil Realm bore a grudge with the outside world because in their shoes, anything that had a life was a threat to them. Hence, the people outside was definitely a threat to them.

And because of their mindset, their desire to gain strength surpassed many other realms. The people from the Evil Realm was also stronger.

He had to think of a way to enter the Evil Sword Sect to look for the source of origin and return back to the sky martial continent.

“The Evil Qi ahead is very thick, seems like this is a powerful Evil Array eh?”

Just as Su Yun stepped forward towards the cultivation grounds of Evil Lord You Xie, a voice emerged.

Crisp, gentle and sweet. It was Ling Qing Yu who had been asleep for a long time.

“Qing Yu, you’ve recovered?” Su Yun was shocked before he smiled and ask.

“Almost!” Ling Qing Yu sounded out. Through the Sword Sheath, she took a peek of the outside world and was shocked: “Are we still in the Evil Realm?”

“Yeah, I still can’t find a way to leave the Evil Realm.”

“Then just follow my method to gather all the ingredients then I’ll help you. Let’s head back.”

“I’ve estimated that it’ll take at least 3 years for me to gather all the ingredients you’ve mentioned. The risks are huge too. I have to travel the entire Evil Realm to gather them! It’s an extremely difficult task. As of now, I have a method that we can use to leave the Evil Realm easily. I would like to try it first!”

“Try? What method is that?”

Ling Qing Yu asked out of curiosity.

“First, let me sell a story!”

Su Yun laughed and pulled down his cape to cover his pale face as he walked towards the cultivation ground of Evil Lord You Xie.

At the entrance, there were two evil people standing guard. Each and every evil person’s face were embedded in their eyes.

“You’re a stranger here!”

When Su Yun got near, one of the evil person shouted to Su Yun. The voice was hoarse.

“I won’t be in the near future.”

Su Yun looked up to release a great deal of Evil Qi with his face covered as he muttered.

He was already a first level Spirit Soul Cultivator and was powerful. His Evil Spirit Essence had hit a breakthrough and his Evil Qi was strong. Releasing it like this, the guards trembled slightly.

The evil person was not as powerful as Su Yun. He dared not offend him so he giggled and said: “Master, please head in.”

Su Yun lowered his head, removed the Evil Qi and stepped forward.

Every powerful being represented a power. They either owned a territory, a completely new island, or a mountain peak that was made from treasures to claim it their own. When the cultivation ground was set up, all the powerful beings would then call and hire evil people to serve them and protect them so they could cultivate in peace.

The almighty beings protected all the evil people who came forth to them. And for those evil people, they became the almighty being’s sword and blades, the almighty being’s strength. It was a win-win situation for both parties. It was a rare model to see in the Evil Realm.

Once he was in the cultivation grounds, he could see several evil people seated in smaller realms, meditating or cultivating. Some even used the realm to place some of the items in exchange with others. It was busy.

Some of the evil people managed to get a hold of evil weapons and ingredients. They roamed around inside the arrays and interacted with the people to exchange and get something they needed.

There was no currency in the Evil Realm. Other than those almighty that traded with the outside world, they lived like beasts. They hunted for their food, and cultivated for their lives. It was that simple.

Su Yun walked among the evil people quietly as he looked around.

It had been a year since he came to the Evil Realm. Initially, Cheng Xie would bring him towards the Black Evil Cave Mansion. So He was no stranger to the Evil Realm people. With top notch communication skills, he had familiarised himself with all the communication strategies Cheng Xie had taught him and gotten a few baseline information about the people from Evil Sword Sect.

The Evil Sword Sect was not like the bigger sects in Sky Martial Continent. They were just a simple authoritative figure. They lived for the evil people. Of course, it was different from all the almighty. The Evil Sword Sect would recruit some evil people to nurture and to teach them their own Evil Sword Techniques so they became their own swords.

But, the situation of the Evil Sword Sect was much better than other authority figures. Although the people from Evil Sword Sect was disgusted by the people from the outside world, they bonded tightly to one another. They treated one another with honesty unlike the majority of the evil people who wanted to to kill one another most of the time to steal each other’s treasures and take their evil powers.

Covered in his black cape, Su Yun walked forward with the Death Sword hanging around his waist. His eyes darted around. Finally, his gaze landed somewhere far ahead where an Evil Realm person inside the arrays talking to other people.

That man was wearing a maroon leather armour, his skin was dark and his evil eyes blazing with fire. He had a short stature and his cultivation was most likely of the sixth level Spirit Core realm. He was attempting to exchange his ‘Disseminating Bone Flower’ for the other party’s ‘Absolute Black Petal’. But there was an accident, the other party was not interested in his ‘disseminating bone flower’ at all.

Su Yun fixed his eyes on the sailcloth hung on the shorter evil person. The sailcloth was merely the size of a palm yet it was shimmering brightly in the darkness of the Evil Realm. It was outstanding and on it was a embroidered word ‘Sword’.

It was the logo of the Evil Sword Seal.

Frequently, the Evil Sword Sect had people coming out to look for things for an exchange. Seemed like it was true.

Su Yun took a deep breath and stepped forward.

“I want to exchange for the ‘Absolute Black Petal’. I was wondering what you wanted for it.”

Su Yun walked over and said to the evil person seated in the Evil Array.

The evil person had blood red eyes. He had a thick layer of Evil Qi enveloping him as though he was a spiritual being.

He looked up to Su Yun then he replied in a hoarse voice: “Other than Heavenly Wolf Venom, Pentagonal Drift Stone, Crafty Gel or Onyx Beast Soul, I don’t want anything else!”


Su Yun nodded and peeped towards the disciple of Evil Spirit Sword who was standing one side. Taking a bloodied radiant piece of meat from his storage ring, he asked: “Don’t you want the heart of a 6 tailed demon?”

“What?” The evil person looked up with his eyes huge and stared at the thing in Su Yun’s eyes.

Every single evil person around him looked to him.

The 6 tailed demon was a treasure in the Evil Realm. Though its powers were not high but it was extremely rare. The 6 tailed demon’s organs were extremely precious. They could be used to cultivate pills. Especially the heart, it was invaluable. It was a coincidence that Su Yun met one 6 tailed demon along the way. He managed to kill it and retrieve its heart.

With this, he could save a lot on planning.

“I’ll exchange! I’ll exchange for it!” The evil person shouted anxiously as though he feared that if he hesitated for one bit, Su Yun would change his mind.


Su Yun passed the heart over and took the ‘absolute black petal’ from his hand.

The disciple from the Evil Sword Sect witnessed the lost of the item he wanted. He looked disappointed and was about to leave.

“Hold on for a moment.”

Su Yun called out to him.

“Is there anything?” The disciple asked.

“I want to use this Absolute Black Petal to exchange for your ‘Disseminating Bone Flower’, may I?”

Su Yun asked.

“Oh?” The evil person looked shock. He never saw this coming.

“You used the heart to exchange for the Absolute Black Petal, it was just to get the Disseminating Bone Flower from me?”

“Yup!” Su Yun nodded.

“This…” The disciple pondered but still, he agreed: “Since that’s the case, then alright! I’ll trade with you!”

“Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome. I should thank you. In terms of value, the ‘Disseminating Bone Flower’ can’t be compared to the ‘Absolute Black Petal’. I’m merely trying my luck by using this to exchange for it!”

The evil person smiled sheepishly.

Su Yun did not engage in the conversation. He exchanged the item with him with utmost sincerity.

With the Absolute Black Petal, the disciple was obviously happy. He was cheerful and energised as he held onto the Absolute Black Petal.

“Oh yes, can I ask you one question?”

Su yun threw the disseminating bone flower into his storage ring and started to ask.

“Go ahead!” the man smiled widely.

“How do I go through the Evil Sword Sect door?” Su Yun cut the bush and went straight to the point.

With that, the man was stunned.

His guard was held high now. He took a step back and stared at Su Yun. Then, he asked: “Why are you asking this? Is this your first time stepping foot on the cultivation grounds of Evil Lord You Xie?”

“Yeah.” Su Yun put on a pretense and continued: “I’m the servant of Black Evil Lord. I’m currently being sent to ask a favour from Evil Sword Sect. I wonder how should I head there. If you know, could you please tell me.”

Su Yun was polite and sincere. The evil person could not help but start muttering to himself.

He probably only had good intentions right? After all, he was just enquiring about the location of Evil Sword Sect. Many people knew where the Evil Sword Sect was. He did not have to ask him on purpose. It was just pure coincidence.

Thinking of that, the evil man nodded and smiled slyly: “That’s nice. I’m from Evil Sword Sect. Are you really from Black Evil Cave Mansion?”

“Of course.” Su Yun looked happy: “I never thought it would be such a great coincidence. Great! Can you bring me there?”

“Don’t get too happy too soon. Do you have anything that can prove yourself?”

“I have a badge. But it was snatched by some other evil people along the way. But don’t worry, I’m just a first level Spirit Soul Cultivator. What kind of chaos can I possibly bring? I’m just seeking help. I won’t stay long at Evil Sword Sect.”

Su Yun was serious but his heart was thumping fast.

If there was nothing to prove himself right then he would land himself in a difficult position. Hopefully this man could bring him to Evil Sword Sect based on the fact he had just helped him get what he wanted.

Su Yun’s words did not make the man decide quickly. He lowered his head and thought about it.

Su Yun stared tightly at him as he broke out into a cold sweat underneath the cape.

After a long while, the man nodded and said: “Alright, I’ll bring you to the Evil Sword Sect!”