Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 213
translated by Berrrybunz

The Mountain River Sect contained the top twenty most talented martial artists in the Sky Martial Continent.

On the list, none of them had cultivated for more than 30 years, but because of their talent, their cultivation were astonishing. Those that managed to make it into the Mountain River Sect were definitely the elites among the elites.

The Mountain River Sect was renewed every decade. With the professionals as the judges, there would be a meeting of recognition where the people who made it to the list would attend and enter the list with acknowledgement.

Of course, the Mountain River Sect was not the most precise. There was a minority of martial artists who had hidden talents that would not choose to attend this meet but most of them would enter to be recognised. After all, being on the Mountain River Sect would give them boundless benefits. Some gifted martial artists entered this list intentionally to attract all other martial artists to challenge them. For some maniacs who were obsessed with fighting, it was a clear sign.

When Feng Jian led Bai Yan Shan, Zhang Kai Feng and Wang Hao, the three disciples from Immortal Sword Sect and who were the most talented into the main hall, seated in the center of the hall was a white haired white robe man and a man in a purple robe who were waiting for them.

The older one had white hair all over, and looked like an old wise man. But he sat by the side of the man in purple with his head held low as though he was guilty of something.

The man smiled lightly as his brows arched evenly. He was handsome. By his side was a crisp, clear green sword. The sword was not covered in a sheath so it glimmered with an aura of green light. It looked extraordinary.

One old and a young master. The two of them looked almighty and graceful.

As Feng Jian and the others entered the hall, the two did not look straight at them. Wang Hao was enraged instantly. He rolled his eyes and shouted: “Elder Feng has arrived!”

With that, the two finally turned their gaze on them.

The man lowered his cup steadily and stood up as he cupped his fist and greeted Feng Jian: “Is this Elder Feng Jian? I’ve heard so much about you!”

His tone sounded neutral.

How impolite! How could he use such a neutral tone while talking to a clan elder?

Zhang Kai Feng and Wang Hao was infuriated. Bai Yang Shan was the only whose eyes burned with passion as she looked at the man with glistening eyes. There was an intention to fight.

Feng Jian was not annoyed because of that. He sensed the change amongst the three disciples and coughed slightly as he whispered: “Don’t be angry, anyone who can make it into the Mountain River Sect all deserve to be prideful. If you are not happy with it, then practise harder in future to make it into the list! You have to know, there’s not one person from Immortal Sword Sect that could make it to the list!”

“Very soon, there will be!” Wang Hao clenched his fist tightly and commented unhappily.

Feng Jian nodded. He did not say another word as he turned to look at the man.

“May I know who are you?”

The man smiled and sat back onto the chair. Speaking, he introduced himself: “I’m Lin Tian Yin!”

“Lin Tian Yin?” Feng Jian thought for a moment before his facial expression changed.

“You’re the Lin Tian Yin whose positioned 19th on the Mountain River Sect’s list?”

“That’s right.” the man chuckled.

“Fuck, you’re at the bottom of the list!” Wang Hao groaned. His tone was not very nice and coincidentally, everyone heard it.


The elder standing behind Lin Tian Yin face sunk as he shouted: “How dare you humiliate young master Lin Tian Yin? Apologize at once!”

“How did I humiliate him? Am I wrong?” Wang Hao placed his hands in front of his chest and challenged him: “There’s a total of twenty positions in the list of Mountain River Sect. he’s the 19th. If he isn’t the bottom ones, what is he?”

“Then, can you even reach the bottom list?” Lin Tian Yin voice came out.

“Err..” Just as Wang Hao wanted to answer subconsciously, he sensed something was wrong and stopped himself immediately.

Zhang Kai Feng heaved a sigh of relief. He thought to himself, thank goodness Wang Hao did not get the better of himself or else, we would be embarrassed.

Knowing Lin Tian Yin was not a simple man, Feng Jian dared not go in circles with him. He said directly: “Don’t talk about these useless things! May I know why is Young master Lin is looking for Immortal Sword Sect? If you wanted to take a look around, I can arrange for Kai Feng to bring you around! The sect leaders had just had just comprehended the killing technique for the Imperial Sword Technique. Its powers are destructive and many people have come by to watch!”

“Oh, the Imperial Sword Technique” Lin Tian Yin looked disinterested. He smiled lightly: “Although I use swords too but I don’t really have an interest in the Imperial Sword Technique. In my perspective, speed is the key. Under the heaven, skills must be fast. Once you attained the highest speed where your opponent can’t figure out your next move, then that’s the strongest.”

With that, Feng Jian was frustrated. Speaking of the speed of the sword, he was basically openly challenging him. Everyone in Jue Lian district knew Feng Jian’s sword was the fastest in Immortal Sword Sect.

But it was a pity. Although Lin Tian Yin was a gifted martial artist that was in the Mountain River Sect, he was ultimately a younger generation. If he was to battle him, it was hard to let it pass by no matter who won the fight.

He settled himself and asked steadily: “Then why are you here, master Lin?”

“Nothing big.” lin Tian Yin said lightly: “I’m just here to propose a challenge!”


With that, Feng Jian turned pale.

But Lin Tian Yin took out a silver lotus from his jaded storage ring and placed it on the table.

Once the lotus was brought out, it shone brightly. It was extravagant. Surrounded it was an odd Qi that intoxicated people.


Feng Jian and Bai Yan Shan thought of this word.

“This is the treasure that has been passed down for generations. It is considered a Star Level treasure. It is called Lotus Kingdom, a miniature world. Those who cultivate within that world can expand their talents by three times and so, their cultivation level would increase tremendously! It has been one thing that I have been using! Today, I’m putting it out!”

Lin tian Yin said swiftly.

The three heard and instantly, their hearts burned with the desire.

Increasing your talents. That was practically invaluable!

“What do you want?” Feng Jian set his gaze on the Lotus Kingdom and asked.

“Very simple!”

Once again, Lin Tian Yin placed his hand back into the ring and took out a glistening cultivation paper and threw it onto the ground.

“When I got into Jue Lian District, I made a challenge book that consist of all the sects that I have challenged. All the people that have accepted my challenge would sign a contract with me!”

“Challenge book?”

“Yup, defeat me and the Lotus Kingdom is yours. And if you lose, you shall sign this deed and do something for me unconditionally in the future!”

Lin Tian Yin smirked.

A chill was sent down everybody else’s spine.

Looking at the shining cultivation paper, everyone was solemn. If Lin Tian Yin said nothing but the truth then most of the young men in Jue Lian District would be claimed by him.

“You want to challenge the Immortal Sword Sect now?”

Feng jian muttered: “If that’s the case, there’s not a need to. Whilst the people from Immortal Sword Sect are not too bad, but they know their limits. Seeing the waves of your Qi, you’re already near the Spirit Soul realm or even might have attained it. None of my disciples have attained the Spirit Soul realm within 30 years of cultivation! So, I’ll pass.”

“Then isn’t your Immortal Sword Sect too weak?”

Lin Tian Yin looked at the people behind him and mocked: “Elder Feng, are these three gifted martial artists merely for display?”

“They are not your match.” Feng Jian explained.

“Clan elder, you can’t say that!”

Wang Hao and Zhang Kai Feng was slightly discontented now. Wang Hao then spoke out: “Though his cultivation is very high, but in terms of killing, it’s not just about cultivation level. It’s also about abilities. If we don’t fight, how do we know who is more capable?”

“Shut up!”

Feng Jian was stern: “Don’t make rash decisions when you’re angry. This has got to do with the pride and dignity of our sect. Don’t you dare make any stupid decisions!

“Hahahah, Clan Elder Feng Jian, you’re too serious. It’s just a simple friendly match. There’s nothing to do with pride or dignity. You’re too serious!”

Lin Tian Yin laughed but in his voice, there was no regrets.

But Feng Jian remained stern and solemn.

Everyone was silent. Lin Tian Yin shook his head uncontrollably. He landed his gaze on the speechless Bai Yan Shan and said: “Is this gorgeous lady the maniac Bai Yan Shan? I’ve heard a lot about you ever since I step foot into Jue Lian district!”

“Maniac?” Bai Yan Shan was shocked.

“I’ve heard that you’ve attained an insane level of martial arts who wants to challenge any experts that were better than you. The outside world called you the maniac girl. Tsk tsk, I wonder if I compared you to the Valkyrie, which of you is more of a maniac!”

“Valkyrie?” Bai Yan Shan was burning with passion now: “The one that is on the 11th position on the Mountain River Sect?”

Lin Tian Yin nodded. He was about to leave.

“Since no one from the Immortal Sword Sect dares to accept the challenge, I shall take my leave now! I bid my farewell. All the sects in Jue Lian District, I never thought the strongest, Immortal Sword Sect would be a coward. Aye.”

“Stand there! I, Wang Hao here will fight with you!” Wang Hao was fuming red as he bellowed.

“Wang Hao?” Feng Jian was going crazy.

Wang Hao muttered: “Clan Elder, Wang Hao is representing himself. This has got nothing to do with the sect. Please don’t worry!”


“Hahaha! Great! You are gutsy!”

Lin Tian Yin laughed as he shot a glance at Bai Yan Shan and Zhang Kai Feng and asked: “What about the two of you? Are you interested to spar?”

“I’ll try.” Zhang Kai Feng did not reject. After all, he was sparring with an expert.

Then, the competitive Bai Yan Shan thought for a moment before she answered: “Not a need. You’re too powerful. You’re like that other person. I’m not your match.”

“That person?” Lin Tian Yin was stunned: “Who?”

He was an expert of Mountain River Sect. If there was someone like him, then he would also be a Mountain River Sect expert too right?

Bai Yan Shan kept her composure and replied: “Limitless, known as Su Yun. He’s the one who murdered my master! If he was actually enrolled into the Mountain River Sect, you’d probably be the last in position.”

“Where is he?” Lin Tian Yin muttered. He was unhappy.

Bai Yan Shan shook her head and fell silent.

“We’ll talk later. Let’s fight first!” Wang Hao pestered.

Lin Tian Yin stared at Bai Yan Shan, nodded and turn to leave.