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Geniuses of the Mountain River List

(TN: 山河榜 Shan He Bang is Mountain River List? But I think it’s a sect so I will go with sect for now.)

(ED: Changed to List based on context from ch. 213)

Seeing the entire scene, Cheng Xie was dumbfounded, even Tan Lang was startled.

Dead, just like that? How come he could not die under the attacks just now, but would be defeated with this move? And why is there not a drop of blood?

Tan Lang kept retreating, unsure if Su Yun was really killed or not.

Just then, a weird sound came out, only to see the pieces that were smashed, quickly diffusing, forming a liquid body, and quickly shooting out aiming towards Tan Lang’s heart,surrounding him, following that it grew, and transformed into a gigantic transparent wall.

“Not good!!”

Tan Lang shouted out, his entire body went berserk and rushed forward, banging onto the transparent wall.




It tried again and again, and the extremely loud sound reverberated out, as though it could crumble mountains, but no matter how hard it tried to use its strength, it could not shake the wall.

Just then, the top part of the wall opened, and a flow of Qi gushed in!

Tan Lang anxiously jumped to the corner, he wanted to leave the wall, but in the next moment, countless of gigantic arrows fell from the sky, pouring down like a waterfall, the light arrows fell towards him.


Tan Lang panicked! He immediately stabilised his body, a wolf cry resonated out, after that, the Evil Qi around his body quickly flew to the top of his head, forming a gigantic shield.

Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong! Dong!

The arrows dropped down crashing onto the shield, releasing thunderous sounds. Ripples erupted out from the clash between the shield and arrows, causing the entire cluster cloud mountain to shake violently, as though it would crumble from any of the next incoming arrows.


Finally, the shield could hold no longer, and started to crumble. The light arrows pierced through Tan Lang’s enormous body, and in a short span of time, Tan Lang’s entire body was pierced with the transparent light, as numerous and densely packed arrows pierced through his skull and ripped it open, causing his blood to gush out.


The last light arrow dropped down from the sky, and crashed onto Tan Lang’s broken body, the dense and broken power broke the Qi walls, and the remaining power rippled out in all directions.

The light show was gone, Su Yun who was dressed in the pitch black long robes opened his evil looking eyes, holding onto the Death Sword, he stood over the wolf body.

Seeing that the Evil Qi around the body had been dissipated, and Evil Lord Tan Lang’s broken body laid there, Su Yun’s eyes exposed a carefree emotion.

He raised the Death Sword and was prepared to slice down, and end the existence of the powerful lord.

“Wait a minute! Wait a minute!!”

Tan Lang used all of his might to shout: “Don’t kill me! You cannot kill me! If you spare me, I can give you anything you wish!!”
“What can you give me?”

Su Yun raised the sword halfway into the air, the sword tip aiming straight towards the big wolf head.

“Whatever you want, anything you can think of, I can give it to you! Other than my life, you can raise any other request.”


Without waiting for Tan Lang to finish speaking, the Death Sword cut down, fiercely entering Tan Lang’s big skull.

Cheng Xie who was at the side was startled.

He thought that Su Yun would listen to what Tan Lang had to say, but never could he imagine that Su Yun would not even listen, and just take action.

It was not that Su Yun did not want to hear it, it was that he dare not do it.

The information that Cheng Xie and Evil Emperor Wu Xin had given him, was that Evil Lord Tan Lang was naturally crafty and sly, if he still had words to say, meant that he still had cards to play, so Su Yun was more than willing to kill him than to listen to him, in case something else happened.

The Death Sword pierced in, releasing a large amount of Evil Qi from the body, and one after another, sucking needles entered the skull of the Evil Lord Tan Lang, frantically sucking all of the energy from his body.

“No no!! Ant!! I swear I will kill you!!”

Evil Lord Tan Lang shuddered involuntarily, the strength was leaving his body, and his wails and cries resonated under the heavens.

A large number of spirits rose out from Spirit Lord Tan Lang’s body, and then formed a sinister spirit claw that grabbed towards him.

All these spirits were the spirits devoured by Tan Lang, but currently, they had all become a part of Tan Lang.

Su Yun looked at the spirits and waved his Death Sword. The Death Sword was currently a bottomless abyss, devouring all the spirits, then he continued to pierce into Tan Lang’s head and absorb everything.



While absorbing, The Death Sword kept releasing a strange sound from the sword body.

All these weird sounds sounded like a celebration, a scream, as though absorbing all the energy caused it to feel extremely cheerful.

The sword was excited!

Unless, it enjoyed absorbing the power of the Evil Realm people?

“Since it’s like that, go absorb! Go and drink! Go and take it!”

Su Yun held onto the Death Sword tightly and muttered.

Evil Lord Tan Lang was not completely dead yet, he was using his last bit of strength to force the Death Sword out of his head, but it was not enough to contend against the Death Sword. The Death Sword released an ominous glint, so Su Yun used his strong Evil Profound Spirit Qi to suppress the sword, and allow it to absorb better.


Finally, the voice subsided, Evil Lord Tan Lang stopped moving.

His giant body went limp, the skin stuck onto the bones, his flesh all disappeared, the surrounding Evil Qi around his body had completely disappeared, and not a shadow was left.

A Spirit Star grade cultivator fell just like that.

Cheng Xie looked over, as though everything that happened was a dream.

And Su Yun was more in disbelief.

I actually killed a Spirit Star cultivator?

He did his utmost to breathe, and regained his senses with difficulty.

Raising both of his hands, he gazed at the grey light, seeing it slowly float up, rising into the air and disappearing. Evil Emperor Xin Wu’s last bit of power was disappearing into the world, that meant yet another Spirit Star cultivator was lost.

The entire cluster cloud mountain had a negative feeling to it, and it was a natural response that occurs due to the loss of a strong cultivator, as countless creatures silently dropped tears, as they could not help but weep.

Su Yun looked at the aftermath once again, and then to the Death Sword that did not have any more light, and knew that it had entered some sort of state. He picked it up and kept it in the sheath.

Evil Lord Tan Lang’s power was much stronger than Li Chong Tian, and the power absorbed by the Death Sword allowed it to progress even further.

He slung the Death Sword on his back, then jumped down from the bones of Tan Lang, and walked over to Cheng Xie.

The earth was split, the undulations in the air had not recovered, as though a storm had just passed.

“Thank you.”

Cheng Xie raised his dim eyes, and said hoarsely towards Su Yun.

“No need for thanks, this was meant to thank senior Evil Emperor Wu Xin.” Su Yun replied.

“I did not choose the wrong person, my master too!”

Su Yun was quiet for a moment, then asked: “How’re you doing?”

“I’m fine!”

Cheng Xie stood up, and exposed an ugly smile.

Su Yun nodded, and ran to find Tan Lang’s treasures, but disappointingly found out that the treasures had disappeared along with him upon death, as they were kept in a special spatial space that only he had access to.

He could tell that he would not be able to obtain anything, so he looked around, and spoke to Cheng Xie: “I will be preparing to head to Evil Sword Sect to ask them to allow me to go through the void exit to leave the Evil Realm, what about you? Do you want to go with me?”

“No, I won’t.”

Cheng Xie shook his head, and looked around in grief.

“Nothing can be revived anymore. Master is gone, the guards are also gone, I am the only person left from the Shrine of Evil Spirits, where else can I go? I plan to stay on Cluster Cloud Mountain to protect the place my Master had passed on, I think that is enough.”

Saying that, Cheng Xie’s mouth exposed a bitter and pained smile.

“All these years, I was fixated on reviving Master, the burden of reviving the Shrine of Evil spirits was all on me, and it was too heavy, maybe I need to rest a while, rest a while.”

Everyone had passed on, and only he was left, to be able to survive until now, was all on his faith. Now that his faith was also gone, his heart was like a mirror, nothing to fear, nothing to miss, nothing to desire and nothing to hope for.

Su Yun knew, staying was Cheng Xie’s best option.

He nodded his head, took a deep breath, and expressed understanding.

“Then I’ll be off.”


“Take care!”

“If you have the chance next time, maybe you can come visit me here!” Cheng Xie laughed: “If I am still alive, that is.”


Su Yun turned his head and walked on.

After walking a few steps, he suddenly stopped, and looked at Cheng Xie.

“Oh yeah, there was one thing you said that was wrong.”

“What?” Cheng Xie expressed a startled look.

Only to see Su Yun extending his fist and gently patting his own chest.

“You’re not the only one left from the Shrine of Evil Spirits, there’s still one here.” Su Yun exposed a smile, and with that, he turned and left.

Cheng Xie watched the figure gradually disappear in shock, and an ugly smile appeared on his black face.

“That human ah, had gained Master’s legacy, I wonder what that will bring to the Evil Realm from here on out.”


Boundless white mist floated around the majestic Immortal Sword Mountain top, a row of people dressed in blademaster clothes, landed on Immortal Sword Sect’s field, concentrating fully on training the Imperial Sword Technique, only to see sharp swords flying in the air, it was extremely spectacular.

Ever since Limitless Sword Lord strongly publicised the Imperial Sword Technique, Immortal Sword Sect’s reputation had suffered extremely severe challenges.

Immortal Sword Sect trained in the sword, and the flying Imperial Sword Technique spread widely over ten thousand of miles, of course, with Limitless Sword Lord bringing his even more consummate Imperial Sword Technique, the sword technique powers had pressured everywhere, and even the matter of Clan Elder Shen Hong of the Immortal Sword Sect being killed, had shook the world.

No one saw Immortal Sword Sect’s Imperial Sword Technique as the number one anymore, at least, they still had the Limitless Sword lord on top of them.

Many disciples thus wanted to leave Immortal Sword Sect, as learning was never number one, and martial techniques were never number two. Humans were forever yearning for the top mystical techniques, and not substandard techniques.

The Immortal Sword Sect was sinking deeper into the crisis day by day, and the clan elders in the sect were constantly having headaches.

Also, just as Immortal Sword Sect was suffering from the predicament, and while suffering from the countless challenges, the Immortal Sword Sect’s Sect leader finally came out of closed door cultivation.

He brought out the true real and abstruse imperial sword technique from the mountain, to receive the disciples and elders.

With the new and improved Imperial Sword Technique, the Immortal Sword Sect’s Imperial Sword Technique would no longer be limited to flying on the swords, but could actually use the Imperial Sword Technique to kill people.

No one knew if the Imperial Sword Technique was a technique operated by using Qi, but they knew, the sword of Immortal Sword Sect would finally not be used to carry people to fly.

Just that, they could only travel with one flying sword, and it took tremendous amount of strength already. The new Imperial Sword Technique was personally created by the Immortal Sword Sect’s Sect leader, and ordinary disciples had great difficulty learning it, only the Clan Elders had access to it, and could temporarily use it to kill while flying.

Although it could not be compared to Limitless Sword Lord, at least it could redeem some face for the sect, and at least they could tell the other people, that the Imperial Sword Killing Technique, was not something only the Sword Lord had.

“Clan Elder Feng Jian!! Clan Elder Feng Jian!!”

Just then, an outer sect disciple dressed in a green garment rushed into the sword field, towards Fourth Clan Elder Feng Jian who was sitting down and supervising the disciples on training.

Ever since the battle at Blossom Heart Valley, Feng Jian had suffered injuries, and his power had dropped by a fair bit, even having an incompletely cured illness, so he was staying in the sect to recuperate. Alone in the sword field, he supervised the disciples to train.

“Why are you so rushed and anxious?”

Feng Jian, whose face was pale white asked.

“There’s two people outside!”

“Two people and you’re scared to this point?” Feng Jian frowned: “Who are they?”

“People… People from the Mountain River List.”

The disciple’s voice was full of shivering.


Feng Jian suddenly stood up, astonishment flashing through his eyes.

“The people on Mountain River List are all unique geniuses! What are they doing here?” He pondered for a while, then waved his hand, and said: “Get Yan Shan, Wang Hao, Zhang Kai Feng to come here, and accompany me to receive them!”


The disciple immediately cupped his fists.

“Yes, other than that, quickly inform the matter to Second Clan Elder Tang Tian!”


The disciple said and turned to run.

Feng Jian’s gaze was as sharp as a sword, after thinking for a while, he stood up, and shouted to the disciple: “You all will continue training, do not dare to laze!”

With that, he went to the hall.