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The True Emperor of Evil Heart (4)

“Despicable! How dare he steal the Divine Crown when I’m not looking? Do you think you can get away so easily? Dream on! The Divine Crown is mine!”

The white haired almighty being was furious. Suddenly, he was brimming with energy. He pushed Li Chong Tian away and ran after Su Yun. As though he was carrying with him an Evil Qi as heavy as the mountains, wherever he ran, the surrounding walls were crushed into pieces. He was extremely strong.


Li Chong Tian did not showed signs of weakness either. It had already given up on attacking the white haired almighty being. He was after the man who stole the Divine Crown.

With the two Spirit Star cultivators chasing after Su Yun, he was under immense pressure. He had never encountered such a situation before.

The Heavenly Crystal was activated but the shocking thing was, even with it’s help, Su Yun was still unable to step into the Spirit Star Realm. He only managed to attain the peak of tenth stage of Spirit Soul Realm. He was a step away from the Spirit Star Realm.

It seemed like there was a limit as to how much the Heavenly Crystal could help. Also, the higher the cultivation, the weaker the effects and power of the Heavenly Crystal. After all, it was still just a treasure. It would not be able to protect him forever.

Su Yun thought as he picked up his pace and ran towards the teleportation array where Cheng Xie had told him.

But before he even got close, the almighty being had already caught up with him.

Casting a mystical technique, he turned into rays of black shadows. From the side, he moved past at a fast speed.

“Despicable person! Hand the Divine Crown over and bow down to me or else you shall die a horrible death!”

The white haired almighty being screamed.

“You’re thinking too much!”

Su Yun snorted as he cast the Death Sword over. The Thousand Deep Sword and Engraved Dragon Blade worked hand in hand to attack. The Thousand Deep Sword was flowing with radiance as it advanced forward while the Engraved Dragon Blade released a series of ripples and intruded his consciousness. With the three swords working together, countless swords flew out from within the sword sheath and attacked.

“Tyrannical Abyss Fist!”

The white haired almighty being showed no fear. With a bellow, his claws turned into fist and crashed onto Su Yun as though he wanted to turn the entire earth around. When the evil force and fist Qi combined, it was horrendous!

Su Yun made use of the Death Sword to block off the incoming attack. Instead, he heard a clank. Then, his sword was struck by the fist and he fell to the ground.

Su Yun did not seem to be injured by this strike. Instead, he used this chance to escape.

“Don’t even think about it!”

The almighty being was enraged. All of his Evil Qi boiled. In an instant, he chased after Su Yun but just as he moved, the incoming flying swords were already attacking him, causing lacerations all over him and piercing all of the inner strength he had accumulated.

The almighty being frowned but ignored them. The minor injuries would not be fatal to him. He was about to chase up when a ray of black shadow flew past him and towards Su Yun.

Taking a closer look, he realised it’s Li Chong Tian.

“Haha, I forgot. This loyal dog is still around! Oh well! I’ll let the both of you handle one another! I just have to sit by and watch! Ant! You can’t run away!”

The almighty being snickered. He was no longer chasing after him. Instead, he took out a black pill and swallowed it down. When he regained his energy, he continued to follow suite.

“Cheng Xie!”

Su Yun rushed through the side door and screamed his lungs out.

From the side door, a tall Evil Realm person reeking of Evil Qi and holding onto a broken blade stood on top of the array. His gaze looked weak.


He shouted to the incoming man. He was agitated: “Did you bring back master’s Divine Crown?”

“It’s here!”

Su Yun raised the Divine Crown in his hands and shouted: “Quick, activate the teleportation array. We need to get out of this place!”

“I’m working on it!”

Cheng Xie was scrambling on the floor. He was sweating profusely.

“But there’s an accident. Because the teleportation array had not been in used for a long time, it needed some extra works done!! You can’t use it immediately!”

“Just fucking tell me how long do you still need??”

“Give me twenty breaths!”

“Twenty breaths? I’m afraid I can’t even last for ten breaths!”

Su Yun raged.


Then, a scream sounded out. At the side door, black mist flooded in. the guard Li Chong Tian had rushed over.

He opened his sly bloodied mouth and a pair of razor sharp eyes. He was furious.

“That’s Captain Li Chong Tian!”

Cheng Xie looked up and shouted to Li Chong Tian.

But it was a pity, Li Chong Tian could no longer recognise him.

Su Yun maneuvered a dozen of swords to form a sword shield in front of him to fend off Li Chong Tian.

‘Dong’! The sword shield was struck with something and a great deal of Evil Qi flowed through the creases of the sword shield and landed in front of Su Yun. Quickly, it formed a ball of thick mist and into a mouth as it bit towards Su Yun.

It was practically unstoppable.

Su Yun moaned silently. He activated the Stormy Wind Sword Technique. The Qi tracks formed and passed through the center of the evil beings as it chirped away. The thousand deep sword and Engraved Dragon Blade slicing the evil beings into a thousand pieces. Li Chong Tian was already wounded. Now that he was confronting Su Yun who had the help of Heavenly Crystal, he would not have the upper hand no matter how crazy he was.

Su Yun was not being polite. Knowing that he had the upper hand, he pulled out the Death Sword and chopped towards the evil mouth.

Then, just as the Death Sword was inching close.


A sonorous, spine-chilling cry burst out from the Death Sword.

In that split second, Su Yun felt as though the Death Sword was coming alive. He could hardly control the Death Sword. A blood red ‘death’ word appeared on the black body of the sword. A huge surge of energy grew. As it flowed out, they turned into mini hands and guided Li Chong Tian’s body towards the sword.


The Evil Qi emerged from the sword as the Death Sword grew crazier. The cries of the sword grew louder and louder. With the Death Sword as the focal point, it formed a huge whirlpool of Evil Qi.

The Evil Qi surged in and the cries grew louder.


It was getting stronger!

Su Yun stared at the restlessness and fought to contain the Evil Qi that had gotten Death Sword. It was getting harder to maneuver!


Within the evil mist, a shriek rang out. Initially, it was hoarse and low but as the evil mist slowly got absorbed, the sound started to turn crisp and clear.

“What sword is that?”

The white haired almighty being was stunned.


The evil mist was being sucked in its entirety by the Death Sword, leaving nothing behind. Now, the Death Sword was like carbon black. An unprecedented yin Evil Qi surged out, it was like boiling water, hua la hua la as it flowed.

As Li Chong Tian’s evil mist got sucked away, he was completely changed. He was no longer surrounded by the evil mist. There was no bloody mouth either. He had regained his human-like form, looking dark and skinny. His hair was in a mess. There was not much life in his eyes.

As the evil mist got absorbed, he fell to the floor fraily. He opened his eyes and looked around the ruined shrine.

“Captain Li Chong Tian!”

Cheng Xie ran over and kneeled in front of him, looking all teary.

“Cheng Xie.”

Li Chong Tian’s sounded weak.

“Captain Li Chong Tian, it’s me! It’s Cheng Xie! Are you ok? I’ll bring you to a safe place immediately!” Cheng Xie exclaimed.

“No, I’m already dead. If not for this Evil Qi, I would not have held on till now” Li Chong Tian revealed a bitter smile.

Cheng Xie’s eyes teared up.

“Who is he”

“He’s someone I’ve invited to retrieve the Divine Crown and to resurrect master.”

“Resurrect master?”

Li Chong Tian eyes were gleaming with passion as he stood up,

“Can he, can he actually resurrect master?” He was using all his might to enunciate each word. But he was not just asking Cheng Xie, he was asking Su Yun too

Su Yun looked at him calmly and into those passionate dark eyes. He knew he could not bring himself to lie.

“Yes, I will.”

“Hahahha! Good! Good!!”

As though Li Chong Tian had gotten a new life. He shrugged Cheng Xie and limped forward.

His backview looked weak.

“Your sword is amazing. It had sucked most of my energy and it’s currently in an evolving state, thus it is not suited for fighting! Now, I’ll cover you both and stop that ‘greedy, malicious lord’. Leave now!”

“Evolving state?”

Su Yun was shocked.

Suddenly, the blazing death sword turned dull and with a clank, it fell to the ground motionlessly.


At the same time, the teleportation array was activated. A gust of thick Qi surged into the sky.

The almighty being witnessed the scene and instantly, his heart dropped.

“Impossible. That teleportation had already lost its array essence. How can they still use it?”

“Captain Li Chong Tian! Please leave with us!” Cheng Xie had successfully activated the teleportation array. He shouted to Li Chong Tian.

“No! The both of you will leave by yourselves!”

As though Li Chong Tian was rebelling, he was suddenly fueled with his last straw of energy.

He turned away and looked at Su Yun determined.

“Human! It all lies in your hands now! Go!”

There was not one bit of regrets in his tone of voice.

With that, he turned and stared at the almighty being. Then, he took a deep breath in.

He was not his opponent.

He never was. And he was not afraid.

“Captain Li Chong Tian!”

Cheng Xie screamed.

“Let’s go!”

Su Yun turned and held tightly onto the Divine Crown and Death Sword before stepping through the teleportation array.

Cheng Xie stared angrily at the almighty being. He was grieving as he walked towards the teleportation array.

“Leave? Let’s see when can you head to!”

The white haired almighty being roared as he pounced over. His Evil Qi flooded the floor like raging waves.

But in the next second, he was stopped by Li Chong Tian.

“Do you really think you can stop me?”

The almighty being slapped Li Chong Tian’s head with an intention to crush it in an instant.

But before the palm even got close, there was a huge crack forming on Li Chong Tian’s body. In that crack, there was a series of bloodied radiance shining through.

Bells ringing surrounded the shrine and entered Li Chong Tian.


A strong burst of explosion as the destructive Qi engulfed the entire Shrine of Evil Spirits.

It was the warrior’s last Elegy.