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The True Emperor of Evil Heart (3)

The Divine Crown’s Qi was strong, and it was actually making the nearby evil beings stronger around it. The evil beings had been absorbing the energy from the Divine Crown and was very fierce. Their cultivation levels took a leap and were all in the spirit soul realm. At all times, they were guarding the Divine Crown, devouring batches after batches of evil people who were chasing after it.

But today, they were unable to do so because this person was invincible. Though the Divine Crown was powerful, the owner of it also died in this man’s hands. How then, could they stop him?


The situation was chaotic. The hands of the evil beings stretched out like whips as the Evil Qi blossomed. The circle mirror in that man’s hands swirled open. The Qi movement in the air was rippling vigorously in all directions. Those weakened pillars supporting the walls collapsed into fine powder, with even the sturdier ones forming cracks on them.

Su Yun held onto his Profound Spirit Qi and tried his best to stop this strong Qi attack. Staring at the seven to eight strong evil beings attacking the person, he was about to make a move.

Right then, their battle was at its climax. Since there was no one watching the Divine Crown, when else would be a better time than this?

Suddenly, the man shouted.

“Go and retrieve the divine crown! Once I get it, I will seal these evil beings in the Divine Crown and cultivate them to increase the energy of the Divine Crown and make it my first treasure!!”

“Yes master!!”

A unison shout rang out from behind. Then, a dozen over evil people donning black armours rushed out and ran past the evil beings, towards the Divine Crown.

“I’m losing my chance!”

Su Yun hastened his footsteps but his head was sinking.

The 10 Evil Realm people were at the fifth stage Spirit Soul Realm. He was merely just a tenth stage Spirit Core cultivator. Even if he activated the Heavenly Crystal, pulled out the Death Sword, instigated Sprite’s Shadow, he might not even be able to fend off so many experts. To top it off, the almighty being was a master that is in the Spirit Star Realm. It was practically impossible to snatch the Divine Crown from them.

Su Yun’s eyes turned cold hard as his heart beat faster.

Such things could not be forced. If there was a chance, he would go for it. If there was no chance, he must not risk his life. Afterall, there was more than one method to leave the Evil Realm.


Just then, a ball of mist burst out from the throne and very quickly, it formed an enormous bloodied mouth and charged towards the Spirit Soul Realm evil people.

Those few evil people were shocked. In a moment of panic, they called upon their evil power and conjured a black circular shield.

Dang! A sonorous sound rang as the mouth bit onto the shield, bringing about a strength of a mountain. The evil people’s legs sunk into the ground as the floor cracked. Their hands shook tremendously. Even though they were Spirit Soul cultivators, they could not handle this.

How was that possible?

Hidden in the dark, Su Yun was stunned. Quickly, he disposed of the thought of leaving and looked forward.

Looking upon this fierce, gigantic mouth. It was crashing down on these evil people, crushing their defense and was about to devour them.

“Master! What, what is this monster?”

The evil people screamed. Obviously, they could no longer handle it.

To push these ten over Spirit Soul cultivators to their wits end! How scary was that? With that power, it might not be any difference from that almighty!

Was it yet another first stage Spirit Star disciple?

When Su Yun saw this, he quickly adjusted the Profound Spirit Qi in his body and gathered it in his eyes. Together with the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye so that it could cover his entire body completely, and his own Qi so that nobody can detect him.

Suddenly, a ginormous black mist formed above the mouth and slowly, a silhouette emerged. The silhouette was blurry. But his eyes were bloody red. Half of his lower body was submerged within the black mist, and his upper body was naked.

Staring at the evil people suffering, he raised his hand without saying a word.

Roar! ! ! ! !

A loud roar resonated!


Instantly, a few of the more sensitive evil people sensed the killing intent and right away, they let go of the circular shield and seeked cover.

The five Spirit Soul disciple evil people did not manage to make a reaction. In the tremors of the roar, all of their Profound Spirit Qi was immediately sucked away, leaving them shrivelled. The circular shield could no longer hold on.

Ka dang!

The bloodied mouth took a bite and engulfed all five of the Evil Realm people! There was a series of clattering. When the bloodied mouth opened again, the few evil people were nowhere to be seen. What was left was only their stench.

The white haired almighty being witnessed it. He did not waste any second. Leaping up, he shone his circle mirror on them.

Hua la!

A ring of white ray shot out from the mirror and hit onto the evil beings.

“Ah!! Ah!!”

The evil beings screamed in pain as their Evil Qi boiled. Their bodies shrinked and finally, they vanished!

After killing all these evil being, the almighty being landed on the ground. Seeing that he only had 6 people left, he was angered.

“This is the bodyguard of the ‘Emperor of the Evil Heart’, ‘Li Chong Tian’. I never expected him to be so loyal after he had become an evil being, and guarded the Divine Crown for so long. This is very rare. It’s a pity I don’t have such a subordinate!”

The almighty took a look at his subordinates behind him and groaned before he charged towards Li Chong Tian.

“I’ll delay him. Go and retrieve the Divine Crown. There are many evil beings here. The dirty Qi is reeking everywhere. We can’t stay here for long! Go and settle this quickly!”

“Yes master!”

The almighty’s subordinates replied with their heads held low. Then, they leaped past Li Chong Tian and straight to the Divine Crown.


Though Li Chong Tian had lost his conscious mind, he still had a strong connection in safeguarding the Divine Crown. When the evil people leaped past him, Li Chong Tian closed the bloodied mouth, twisted his body and charged towards them.

“Li Chong Tian, I was the one who killed you personally. Today, I’ll kill you again and make you vanish from this earth! You’ll disappear from the face of the earth forever, hahahahah!”

The white haired almighty being revealed a sly smile and pounced on him. He slapped his right hands several times when a gust of Evil Qi gathered. Then, with the circle mirror in his left hand, he shone it quickly on his right hand and an odd scene surfaced. The white haired almighty pushed his right palm and hundreds of thousands of evil prints on a big palm seal appeared. He waved the circle mirror that was in his left hand and then, a replica of the palm flew out. The two palms clapped forming a powerful strike.

Replica technique?

Su Yun peeped out.

Such methods were rare, seems like the treasure is of the core level.

However! An even more astonishing scene appeared.

Li Chong Tian did not care about these incoming killing techniques. He pounced onto the evil people directly and bit onto them, stopping these few people in their footsteps. He swerved towards them insanely and tore them into pieces.

He had no defense and so, the two killing techniques struck him hard.


Li Chong Tian’s enormous mouth instantly shrunk. His upper half body looked shrivelled too. His Qi had weakened.

“Hahahah, seems like you do care about your owner! You’re merely just a loyal dog. It’s a pity you can’t be mine. That’s your loss!”

With that, the white haired almighty being struck again. This time, he used all of his energy in an attempt to finish off Li Chong Tian and retrieve the Divine Crown!

Then, just as the white haired almighty attacked, Li Chong Tian rose with a gust of never seen before thick mist and turned into a bloody huge mouth. There were countless angry souls screaming as they reached out with their bloodied hands towards the almighty.

The white haired almighty whose Qi was thin, he was not in time to defend. The evil hands caught his body and trapped him. Using all his might, he freed his hand and punched the evil hands.

Ba da.

The frail evil hands were like bamboo chopsticks as they broke.

The white haired almighty was about to carry on from where he left off when he suddenly felt his vision turned black. The enormous mouth had charged upon him.

Dong! ! ! !

The entire Shrine of Evil Spirits sunk as huge amounts of force dispersed like an asteroid had struck the ground.

Setting his gaze, Li Chong Tian charged forward relentlessly. He clenched his jaw onto the white haired almighty tightly. The enormous mouth was filled with evil steel teeth. It was terrifying but suddenly, there were two spinning shields formed on the almighty’s hands. No matter how sharp the steel teeth were, they would not be able pierce through.

The two held off just like this. But Li Chong Tian’s powers were not a match for the white haired almighty being. Now that he was injured, how could he fight him? For him to hold on like this, would probably just lead to a death.

Li Chong Tian’s misty mouth was slowly being pulled apart. His misty gigantic figure was also forming crevices. The Evil Qi bursting out from the white haired almighty being turned into a myriad of swords and blades and pierced through Li Chong Tian’s body.

Looking at this attack, Li Chong Tian would not be able to hang on any longer.


Just as both of them collided with one another, a light sound rang from the side of the door.

It was a faint sound. A person with a Spirit Core Disciple would not be possible to detect but the white haired almighty being could.

Was there someone else?

His heart skipped a bit. Right now, he was at his wits end. He had to eliminate Li Chong Tian first.

But just as he thought about it, there was a burst of shocking Qi.

Like how a speck of fire had landed on a piece of dried grass, it caught fire quickly and spreaded fast. This Qi was not strong initially but within a few breaths, it grew to an astonishing state.


The white haired almighty being was already surprised. He was already trying his best to fend off Li Chong Tian’s teeth.

But he was hearing countless sharp swords swerving past him. Ten over mysterious Profound Spirit Qi enveloping flying swords rushed towards him from two different directions.

These swords were glowing and were razor sharp. The Qi enveloping the swords were rare and weird. It was a mixture of Qi and it was glowing radiantly.

“What is this?”

The white haired almighty being heart sunk.

But he was not afraid. From this sword, he analysed that his opponent was merely a tenth stage spirit soul disciple. Though it might a little hard to handle but he could still pull it off.

The white haired almighty being bellowed as two huge evil people emerged from his sides. The evil people looked just like him. Once they appeared, they swing their arms aimlessly.

Hua la la!

The Evil Qi boiled and like a raging storm, it crashed towards the flying swords, destroying the Profound Spirit Qi covering the swords. The Qi disappeared and like broken kites, the swords dropped to the ground.

“Hahahah, you’re merely a useless person. How dare you sneak an attack on me?” the white haired almighty being laughed.

But in the next second, Li Chong Tian suddenly went crazy. He swayed his enormous mouth restlessly as though he wanted to kill the white haired almighty being.

The white haired almighty being was shocked. He turned back quickly to see the a black silhouette rushing toward to the side of the throne. He grabbed hold of the Divine Crown and sprinted.

Roar! ! ! !

Li Chong Tian roared again.

The two stopped each other. There was practically no time to care for that man. They had to let him go.

“Darn it! Darn it! The white haired almighty being saw and bellowed. He was thoroughly enraged.