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The True Emperor of the Evil Heart (2)

The razor sharp swords whizzed past, fast and furiously. As it flew across, it glowed with a radiance.

Su Yun did not hesitate one bit. Using all of the Spirit Essence in his body, he released all of his Qi. Both of the swords spun around him. The Death Sword, still in its sheath had been killing all the evil beings along the way.

Black, white, green auras flowed out from the swords in layers and crashed into the surrounding evil beings like gushing waves.




The two swords possessed massive destructive powers. With just a few breaths, each of the flying sword would have struck at least 50 to 60 times. At such an astonishing rate, how terrifying would the destruction be on these evil beings? All the evil beings had fallen to the ground, laying a carpet of darkness for the two of them.

“It’s just right ahead!” Cheng Xie anxious voice travelled to Su Yun’s ears.

Su Yun looked up.

There was a huge black pond right ahead of him. This black pond was not like the Evil Spring water that was pure black. Instead, there was a tinge of blue radiance in it. The blue mist floated above the water, hidden inside the blue mist were sly, painful looking faces. They looked like they were screaming as though they were bearing immense sufferings but no matter how much they were screaming, there was not one bit of a sound.

“This is the grievance pond that is used to bury all the traitors that betrayed Master. They were drowned here and were cursed to suffer for their whole afterlife to cleanse the grievance Qi on Master’s body!”

Cheng Xie explained as he walked past the grievance pond and towards a half ruined, jaded wall chamber at the side.

The method to open the chamber was already broken. Half of the door had collapsed and on it, were dust and rubble. On top of that, there were countless evil beings roaming around. Su Yun made a move and jumped through the door, at the same time, he made use of Fallen Leaves Sword Technique with the three swords to carry out a scan. He did not look exhausted from the journey, instead, he was all puckered up and focused. The three swords were getting sharper too.

Su Yun knew this had to do with the Spirit Essence. If it was back then, when his Profound Spirit Qi was not thick enough, and he had to deal with this craziness, he would be long exhausted.

There were many evil beings in the storage room but they were all only at the sixth stage of the Spirit Core Realm. Once Su Yun did a thorough check on them, he gestured Cheng Xie who was hiding outside to come in.

“These evil beings are not high in their cultivation level, which is why you’ve been killing them so easily.”

Cheng Xie spoke as he witnessed the evil beings slowly disappearing into mist.

“Why do you say so?”

“I’ve never seen them before. They’re not from my divine shrine. I’m afraid they died at the hands of the treasure seekers and came in here, only to get controlled by the dirty Qi.

“Dirty Qi?” Su Yun thought. Suddenly, he looked surprised: “If it’s what you said, then isn’t there dirty Qi all over the place?”

Cheng Xie shuddered and exclaimed: “Yes, human! Be careful!”

Su Yun calmed his heart down and looked around.

This storage room was already in a ruined state. All the patterns of the arrays on the wall had cracked. It had no use. The storage room was merely filled with shelves. Everything was in a mess. All the items on the shelves had fallen to the ground. Long ago, it might had always been eroded by evil Qi. most of the items were rotten. He could not tell what it used to look like and if it had any effects.

Su Yun looked around the shelves carefully and thought. Suddenly, he raised both his arms and released huge amounts of fierce profound spirit qi. That had all seven different attributes of energy combined, charging towards the shelves with the two swords in his hands.

Then, all the shelves started to explode. With such a ferocious Qi, the entire storage room was shaking badly. The walls were crashing down as though this shrine was placed within the center of a raging storm.

The shelves shook tremendously, as the walls cracked, a white dirty Qi seeped out from the cracks of the walls and dispersed.

When Cheng Xie saw that, he shouted: “This is the Qi! This is it! It is a mixture of the shrine’s Array Qi, Enchantment Qi, Evil Tendency Qi, Grievance Qi and Evil Qi. It will devour your consciousness like a ferocious beast and turn you into a walking corpse like all of them! Run! Run quickly, human! Or else, it’s too late!”

“Are you not going to look for the array essence?” Su Yun asked.

“How am I supposed to look for it now? Aren’t you afraid of this Qi?”

Cheng Xie screamed.

Then, without even retreating back, Su Yun stared deadly at the white Qi floating towards them and started fanning his arms vigorously to creating gusts of winds at the white Qi.

But this Qi was not afraid of wind. Even when the wind was strong, they did not budge. They were not affected at all.

“It’s not going to work. This Qi is very heavy! Just like the Qi atmosphere outside. Wind will not be able to blow it away!!”

Cheng Xie sounded frustrated.

“Unable to blow it?”

Su Yun eyes lit up. Looking around, he lowered his arms all of a sudden and stopped all movements. Pulling out the two swords, he spun 180 degrees and chopped towards the storage room.

Hu la.

A huge stretch of Sword Qi burst out and crashed into the ground.

With this burst of Sword Qi, a huge pit was formed on the ground.

But Su Yun did not stop, he continued striking. His Profound Spirit Qi rippled through as the floor shook continuously, creating a series of shrill sounds.

Very quickly, a gigantic pit was formed.

Cheng Xie was stunned.

Su Yun was about to split the floor apart. Forming a slope, he guided the dirty Qi down towards the pit.

Cheng Xie finally saw the light.

“The shrine is located on a higher ground. The Qi atmosphere is accumulated on a higher ground. You’re imitating the Qi atmosphere to luring this dirty Qi right?”

“Something like that.” Su Yun nodded and said blandly: “But there are some Qi that are hard to handle. The only scary thing about it is that it is silent. It hides in the crevices and so, the evil people who came looking for treasures can’t have their guard up against it. When they were looking for the treasures here, they were all eroded by the dirty Qi that was lurking from the cracks of the walls. Hence, their conscious mind was eaten up. But I’m different. You have already told me about the dangers of this place before hand so we have the luxury of discovering this dirty Qi before it erodes us.”

Su Yun continued to explain as he waited for all the dirty Qi to sink into the pit before he ran for the shelves.

“Quick, look for the array essence.”


Cheng Xie nodded quickly and started ransacking.

This storage room was not a treasure room. In it were some of the most basic necessities of the shrine. Most of them were rotten. As Su Yun looked for it, he prayed that the array essence was not eroded by the dirty Qi. If that was the case, he could only leave this shrine with regrets. Without that teleportation array as his escape route, he would not go for the Divine Crown.

“Haha, found it!”

This time, Cheng Xie cheered.

Su Yun looked over to see Cheng Xie holding onto a piece of carbon the size of a porcelain bowl.


Su Yun cheered: “Quick, let’s go to the teleportation array and fix it!”

“Ok!” Cheng Xie nodded and the both of them set out from the storage room.

But then, a resinous sound rippled through the entire divine shrine.


This scream was straight out from the lungs and pierce right through the ears as though some strong being had been tortured.

“What’s that?” Su Yun asked.

“I’m not sure.” Cheng Xie trembled. He was taken aback by this scream. Shaking, he went on: “But this sounded like it came from the main hall.”

“Main hall?”

Su Yun frowned: “That’s where the divine crown is located right?”

“Yeah, don’t tell me these people are already heading towards the main hall?” Cheng Xie gasped.

Su Yun’s brows remained folded. Taking a deep breath: “I’m afraid so! We have no time left. Cheng Xie, let’s do this. You’ll go to the teleportation array and fix it while I head towards the main hall to check if we have any chance of taking the divine crown!”

“Okay!” Cheng Xie nodded immediately and turned.

Su Yun tugged onto him and reminded him: “Remember! No matter if I managed to get the divine crown or not, once I head towards you, you have to activate the teleportation array. Once we leave, I will destroy the imprints! Understand?”

Seeing this man looking all serious, Cheng Xie nodded sternly.

“Good, let’s move out!”

Su Yun turned and started running.

Looking at Su Yun running, Cheng Xie’s eyes flickered. Then, he left, bringing the array essence with him.

There was a distance to the main hall but Cheng Xie had already told Su Yun of it. The almighty being had already checked through all the strong evil beings, dangerous traps and scary array techniques. They were all marked.

Su Yun travelled safely. Very soon, he was at the main hall.

Once he entered the main hall, there was an explosion.

The Qi in the air was fierce. A series of explosions sounded through as though there were hundreds of thousands of horses prancing through. It was deafening.

Su Yun adapted to the tension in the main hall and used his qi to walk towards the main hall. With each foot step, he left a footprint. Sneaking into the main hall, he saw an odd looking figure.

There were several strong evil beings with strong ferocious Qi moving around. They circled around one person and attacked insanely. The evil forces shot like laser beams. It was messy to look at.

In the center, a middle aged, white haired man held onto a mirror stood peacefully. Any evil forces that came forth was rebounded by the bronze mirror. The evil forces then crashed onto the evil beings.

Each of the evil beings were at least a fifth stage of the Spirit Soul realm. The strongest one was actually an eighth stage Spirit Soul Disciple! This man was actually handling it without one bit of stress. The evil beings were on the other hand, tired and injured.

Spirit Star realm!

Su Yun used the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye secretly. In an instant, his heart was thumping hard and fast. His spirit soul trembled.

He was a Spirit Star realm cultivator!! This was the first time he had seen such a strong being!

Other than this man, the strongest one he had met were Su Li Xiong and Madame Purple Star who were tenth stage Spirit Soul cultivators. They were just one stage away from the Spirit Star cultivator but even when they were added up, they were no match for a Spirit Star cultivator. Even if there were more of them, they would not be a match for him!

Once the Spirit Star realm was attained, then he could look down from above and laugh at others!

Was this… The almighty being?

Su Yun swallowed hard and calmed himself down. He felt his blood boiling just by looking at him. He was unusually agitated. Although his life had been plain and he had been wearing black and white robes, Su Yun felt an unexplainable emotion of feeling small.

He kept his gaze and looked front towards the main hall. There, sat a broken throne.

Beside the throne was a black crown. The black crown was reeking of Evil Qi.

Was that the Divine Crown?

Su Yun’s eyes turned round.