Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 204
An Unexpected Harvest

Breaking out of the tree trunk, Su Yun grabbed Cheng Xie and ran frantically. But their movements attracted the two group’s attention.

Just that the scouts leader was bent on the few big fat meat in front of him, how could he bother about Su Yun?

The Evil Realm was a place where the weak were food for the strong, the Evil Realm people’s Evil Qi was entirely different from the Qi in the Sky Martial Continent. It could directly be absorbed by another person’s Evil Profound Spirit Qi to be used, although the transformation of energy is very little, but it was still better than training and cultivating, and Evil Realm people enjoyed absorbing other people’s souls. The process of absorbing gave them a feeling of a high.

“Leader, there are people there!!”

“Ignore them, they are going deeper into the Soulless Forest, going there, they will meet some strong Evil Realm beasts. It took a toll on us just to get out from there, if we go in there it will just be trouble for us, let us settle these guys first!”

The leader of the scouts laughed, a jet black flame appeared on his palms, and was quickly flung towards Wu Zhua Xie, the flames releasing hot Qi. Under the formidable strength of the hand, the flaming hand print looked to be able to destroy everything in its path.

Wu Zhua Xie’s face changed, and he immediately raised his hands to block, his claws had became five sharp blade tips, the cold aura slashing across.

However, when the claw met the flames, it underwent a transformation. The flaming palm print instantly broke Wu Zhua Xie’s claws, and fiercely exploded right on his chest.


The flames had broken through Wu Zhua Xie’s black armor, and reached his body, then directly entered it, engulfing his black beating heart in flames.

Wu Zhua Xie’s body froze, he did not even have time to react, his heart was instantly taken by the leader of the scouts.

“Haha, fresh and good heart!”

The leader of the scouts laughed out loud, his blazing eyes was filled with happiness. He then opened his black mouth and bit on the heart.


The sound of the heart being torn apart came out, then a huge amount of juice spurted out of the heart. It was as if the leader was eating a fruit, mouthful after mouthful, he quickly devoured the heart.

Losing his heart, Wu Zhua Xie’s body froze for a while, then he fell, dead. But, it was not over yet, The leader of the scouts broke his arm, his neck, and began to feast, like a famished person, not only that, the leader of the scouts seemed to be carrying out a technique, following the outline of the broken body, he pulled, then a greyish white soul was extracted out of the body.

This soul looked exactly like Wu Zhua Xie, his entire body was agile, like a rope. But at this moment his face was ugly, exposing a terrified and panic look. He opened his wide mouth in an attempt to make a noise, but no matter what he did, nothing came out.

Seeing how despaired and painful this soul looked, the leader of the scouts grinned widely.


After laughing for a few moments, the leader of the scouts opened his mouth once again and devoured the entire soul, digesting it. Then, he continued to chew on Wu Zhua Xie’s dismembered body.

All the other Evil Realm people, upon seeing that the leader had killed, went to snatch the other people’s body, and shared the souls.

The Evil would always be Evil. They had already given up on being humane. In this world, whether or not one was being devoured was dependent on one’s cultivation level.

A group of Evil people enjoyed a sumptuous meal before they walked out of Soulless Forest with great satisfaction.

And deep within the Soulless Forest, Su Yun was still running away with Cheng Xie on him.

“Almost there. They didn’t seem to have chased after us!”

Cheng Xie whined.

Panting, Su Yun threw him to the ground once he heard Cheng Xie.

Cheng Xie winced in pain as he laid motionless on the ground.

Su Yun knew he was not dead yet. From his storage ring, he brought out some food for Cheng Xie.

Cheng Xie was taken aback. Then, he snatched the pitch black meat and stuffed it into his mouth. Within split seconds, he finished the food.

“This Evil Realm is short of natural resources. I won’t be able to cultivate any pills here. If you want to recover, you can only rely on your own body and food!”

Su Yun kneeled down and placed his hands on Cheng Xie to imbue his body with Evil Profound Spirit Qi, nourishing Cheng Xie’s body. After a while, he finally looked better.

“Thanks.” Cheng Xie said weakly.

“Can you walk?”

“That shouldn’t be a problem. Your Evil Profound Spirit Qi is very strong. It has taken great effects on nourishing my weakened body.”

“Let’s not talk about that now. We better think of how to stay alive.”

Su Yun sighed and said: “Wu Zhua Xie and the others are not a match for those Evil people scouts. Maybe Wu Zhua Xie is going to be dead anytime. The Evil people will have to report to their master. We can wait for half an hour before we get back on our road.”

“What if, what if, they didn’t leave?”

“Don’t worry.” Su Yun pointed to his ever growing pitch black eyes that were filled with Evilness and replied blandly: “I have a treasure and I can see things thousands of miles away. If they’re still here, I’ll catch their trails the first moment!”

“I see.” Cheng Xie heaved a breath of relief: “Human, you’re the second most reliable being after my Master.”

Su Yun chuckled silently as he looked out for his surroundings to seek a suitable place to hide themselves.


Just then, a frail cry emerged from the front of the forest.

Su Yun and Cheng Xie were both stunned as they looked at one another.

“What’s that sound?” Su Yun asked as he frowned.

“Listening to that, it sounded like a Dead Lonely Beast.”

“Dead Lonely Beast? A third staged spirit Soul Disciple evil beast?” Su Yun was shocked.

It was almost a year since he had arrived in the Evil Realm. Through books and Cheng Xie’s descriptions, Su Yun knew a thing or two about this realm. Dead Lonely Beasts breed in areas that were wet. From the moment they were born, they had a cultivation level of Spirit Core Disciple and they started hunting immediately, devouring other souls and carcasses to improve their cultivation level. Once their form is completed, they would possess a third stage Spirit Soul Disciple cultivation. And at this time, the Dead Lonely Beast’s improvements would slow down. It was very rare to have a Dead Lonely Beast in the fourth stage and above, needless to say about the fifth and sixth stages. The sixth stage Dead Lonely Beast was practically non-existent.

But even if it was a third stage, to Su Yun, it was something hard to deal with. Also, this was deep within the Soulless Forest. Once they start fighting, they would definitely attract the attention of other Evil Beasts. Then, there would be more powerful beings. Su Yun and Cheng Xie would not be able to escape as they die at the hands of those powerful beings.

“Wait a minute!” then, Cheng Xie exclaimed. He looked solemn as his black ears twitched as though he had heard something. He took a sniff in the direction the cries were coming from. Though it was heavy and loud the cries sounded as though it was in pain.

“This Dead Lonely Beast seems to be injured!” he shouted softly.

“Injured? If that’s the case, then we should escape. Who injured it? Is the being who injured it still chasing it? If the being who was trying to kill it, caught up, we’d be dead, so I think it’s best that we leave now!”

“But, human, how rare it is to meet a severely injured Evil Beast! The Dead Lonely Beast’s heart is such a great tonic. Swallowing its heart can make your Evilness purer and thicker! Many Evil people lust for its heart! Are you going to give it up just like that??”

Cheng Xie shouted.

For the sake of allowing Su Yun to obtain the Divine Crown, Cheng Xie gave his all. He used spirit fruits to exchange for ingredients to satisfy Su Yun’s needs and devoted himself into helping his career so that Su Yun could attain a tenth stage Spirit Core Disciple cultivation in such a short amount of time. It was all Cheng Xie’s credits that Su Yun could even touch the door of a Spirit Soul Disciple.

Hearing Cheng Xie’s words, Su Yun hesitated.

Who didn’t lust for strength and power.

Those that did not require more strength to obtain was even more enticing.

But, should we take it now? If there was someone vicious killing this Dead Lonely Beast, how was I to deal with them?

Then, without waiting for Su Yun to think it through, Cheng Xie was turning impatient. He got up and ran towards the Dead Lonely Beast. Pushing through the rubble, he reached an empty land. Laying in it was a giant Dead Lonely Beast.

The body of the Dead Lonely Beast was lanky and thin like a lizard. It’s pitch dark body seemed to be enveloped within a blazing Evil Qi. On top of its head were two twisted horns, with eyes that were like copper. It looked terrifying.

But at this moment, the wounds of the beast that was deathly still, suddenly spurted out black blood. The blood flowed in huge amounts, causing the entire floor to be dyed black, it seemed to not be able to last any longer.

Su Yun followed along, upon witnessing the scene, he was startled for a while, and anxiously looked around, although the surrounding trees and stones were broken. There was no signs of a battle, but the entire floor was scattered with the black Evil Realm blood, and all around were the footprints of the Dead Lonely Beast.

Seems like it ran over here.

Su Yun thought for a while, then walked over, only to hear the sound of a gradually dying beast. He had not even went to check, when the dying beast instantly closed its big eyes, and stopped moving.

It’s dead!!

Su Yun was stunned.

“Seems like it’s injuries are not light!”

“From the surrounding situation, it was apparently trying to run away from something, but the wounds on it’s body was inflicted by people, and not by the Evil beasts here!”

“Harmed by people?” Hearing Cheng Xie say that, Su Yun immediately ran over, and carefully checked the wounds of the dead beast, only to see the wounds were shallow cuts like claws, perfectly fitting the claws of the Evil Realm people.

“There are other people who came here?”

“Of course not, maybe this dead beast was done in by the group just now!”

Su Yun swallowed his saliva, his face exposing a smile: “They swept this area, upon meeting this dead beast, they started fighting. The dead beast knew it was outnumbered, so it decided to run. They did not chase, and continued on their route. They never expected that we would meet this heavily injured beast! Seems like they were sending us a big gift!”

Finished, he jumped up onto the back of the dead beast, took out his Thousand Deep Sword, and pierced onto its back.


With one sweep, the belly of the beast was opened.