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It was a gigantic mountain, and the peak resembled a huge skull. From one’s understanding, the mountain peak was the almighty’s cave mansion ‘Black Evil Cave mansion’, and was actually a treasure which was used by the almighty being, causing the cave mansion to become alive, and transforming into a gigantic Evil Spirit Skull that fought for the almighty being. The cave mansion was the Evil Spirit Skull’s brains, and the body was underground.

The middle aged man was called ‘Cheng Xie’, who did not expose much information about himself. Without question, he was an unconventional Evil Realm being. He prepared a cloak that released Evil Qi, and pulling the cloak up, the both of them covered their heads and entered the cave mansion.

The inside of the cave mansion was extremely wide, with the jet black cliff walls around all four sides, and skull lanterns hanging all around. There were many graffitis in either red or black print pasted all over the walls, and groove caves that contained sinister evil arrays. Some of them were created to be used to store corpses, and some arrays that looked like a gigantic human head which looked extremely weird.

In here, Su Yun could see all the Evil Realm people who ruled the Evil Realm.

Most of them took the shape of humans, with their bodies emitting Evil Qi. Some of their lower bodies were spiritual bodies, some were faceless, with only eyes as features. Most of them were black skinned, but there were some with skin who were always red. All of their Qi were extremely cold, and their eyes were hollow, filled with dense Evil Qi.

“Do not stare at the strong cultivators, it will attract their attention. If we annoy them, we are dead. Although we are safe in here, but once we leave, it will not be the same.”

Cheng Xie spoke softly to Su Yun, and walked ahead quickly.

Su Yun anxiously kept up.

Suddenly, the Evil Realm people from a groove cave all ran out of the array, their expressions looking terrified, reverently and respectfully bowing their heads down by the sides of the main road, and seemed to be chanting something.

“Lower your head, human!”

Just then, Cheng Xie who was in front harshly spoke, and like the rest of the people, he lowered his head and starting mumbling.

Su Yun did not understand, but seeing the Evil Realm people looking terrified, without hesitating, he stood beside Cheng Xie and lowered his head.

He had the protection of the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye, and was not afraid of his special Qi leaking out, and just stood there at ease.

The entrance of the cave mansion immediately became extremely quiet, as everyone seemed to have ran out, and all appeared to be sincere, as if they were welcoming some big person, like the arrival of a god.

Su Yun’s hair stood, he did not dare look, and suddenly felt a bone chilling Qi floating past. After that, a large number of black spirits flew past in the air, making out wailing and crying sounds, all of them exposing sinister faces, shuttling through the air. At the back, an entirely blacked figure of Evil Qi shaped like a rhinoceros evil beast floated past.

The evil beast was huge, but the person seated on its head was even bigger, as though he was a small giant. His entire body was black like a spirit, donning on a black gown, on it were innumerable eyes that kept on looking around and blinking, as though it was checking on its surroundings.

Everyone held their breath, no one daring to make a sound, and waited for the almighty being to slowly go past, and then the evil realm people started to straighten their backs, and each of them going back to their respective arrays.

“That strong cultivator is called Thousand Eyed Evil Senior who is already at the ninth stage of Spirit Soul realm. I’ve heard that offered himself to the master of the Black Evil Cave Mansion, and defends the outer plains of the mansion.”

Cheng Xie said.

Su Yun was startled: “Defend the outer plains of the mansion? Isn’t that watching the door?”

But in the next second, Cheng Xie anxiously bit his lips, his face looking anxious.

“Human! Are you trying to die? You dare to be rude, Thousand Eyed Evil Senior has a high cultivation and have good hearing power. If he heard what you said, then you are done for. He will not kill you, but will change your physical body, gouge out your eyes, and paste them on his robe! You will be his to use! In here, you must not say anymore of such words, if not you and I will die. The strong cultivators here are free to kill and swallow the weaker ones. That is the rule of the Evil Realm, do you understand?”

Everything that Cheng Xie said, it was obvious that he was frightened by Su Yun’s words.

Hearing that, Su Yun nodded his head and kept quiet.

But his heart was shaking, an existence who was a ninth stage Spirit Soul Disciple, was used to watch the door? Then, what cultivation was the master of the Black Evil Cave Mansion at?

Very quickly, Cheng Xie found an Evil Realm citizen he knew, and the both of them started conversing in the Evil Realm language. Cheng Xie took out the jet black fruits with faces on them out from his pocket, and gave it to his acquaintance. After checking, he nodded, then gave out another black bag to Cheng Xie.

For some reason. Su Yun saw that Cheng Xie’s face was full of sorrow beneath the cape, looking at the fruits with his gaze full of Evil Qi, and then having a slight reaction when giving the fruits to his acquaintance. He then saw the other person’s eyes dropping tears when he received the fruits.

“Let’s go.”

Cheng Xie told Su Yun.

Su Yun nodded, and turned together with Cheng Xie and left the dense and weird black evil cave mansion.

On the road.

“Cheng Xie, what are the fruits that you give that Evil Realm person, exactly?”

“You do not need to care about that.”

Cheng Xie lowered his voice: “Anyway, you are not to touch those fruits, because in the entire Evil Realm, other than me, whoever touches those fruits, the fruits will immediately become smoke and disappear!”

So special?

Very quickly, the both of them reached Soulless forest. Cheng Xie threw the small bag to Su Yun, and said: “Absorb all of them, then I will teach you the basic uses of Evil Qi and how to produce it.

Cheng Xie continued: “My eyes are very powerful. From the very first time I saw you, I could tell that your talent was not simple, and much more powerful compared to the people I met before!”

Although the Heavenly Scale Divine Eye can hide the cultivation level through the Qi, it could not hide the talent. For people like Cheng Xie who have sharp eyes, although they cannot see Su Yun’s cultivation, but they can easily see through Su Yun’s talent.

Su Yun did not say anything, and took out the contents of the bag.

Some were black objects, some were pieces of meat, some were stones, and some were even wood. They were all grotesque and monstrous, which Su Yun had never seen any before.

“What are these things?”

“Materials to change your Qi channels, once you ingest them, they will go closer to your Qi channels and automatically produce some substance that can synthesize your Qi channels, and allow your Qi channels to be suitable to activate Evil Qi.”


Su Yun’s eyes flickered, then nodded: “It’s too smelly here, I have no appetite. I will go over there to eat!”

Finished, he took the bag and left.

Cheng Xie squinted at Su Yun, and did not say anything.

After half a day of time, Su Yun came back. His lips were black, his eyes exposing traces of Evil Qi. His entire being looked evil and demonic.

What made people surprise was, around his surroundings, was a revolving of black whirlwind, the whooshing air releasing a slight chill.

Evil Spirit Force!

Su Yun fiercely swallowed air. The materials Cheng Xie gave him were good treasures, they were all to help strengthen his base. After absorbing them, he felt the Qi channels in his body constantly strengthening, and even the Evil Spirit essences in his body grew, most of them opened up a bit, and were able to produce Evil Spirit Force.

“You’ve completed absorbing all of them?”

Seeing Su Yun coming out so quickly, Cheng Xie was surprised.

“What do I do next?”

Su Yun asked.

“Go immerse in the Evil Qi spring, and inside it use the Evil Mind Arts, to allow your body to produce Evil Spirit Essences. And allowing them to quickly form to change your body to be Half Human and Half Evil. When your body has 100 Evil Spirit Essences, then you can go into the Shrine. Of course, these 100 spirit essences will also give you stronger and more Profound Spirit Qi, although the Spirit Qi properties is of the Evil Spirit force, but its might is powerful! Human, you will be able to go back to your realm, and will have your strength amplified, these two are completely good things for you!”

“I understand.”

Su Yun’s expression did not fluctuate, but his heart was extremely joyous. Wasn’t it just a 100 Evil Spirit Essences? With the help of Monarch Occult Force, even a 1000 evil spirit essences would be easy.

With the increase in Evil Spirit Force, it would also increase Spirit Cultivation Force, forging his cultivation ahead.

“Then let me begin.”

“Follow me, I will bring you into the spring, and then teach you the Evil Mind Arts chant.”

With that, Cheng Xie led Su Yun to the side of the forest, exposing a 3 m large black spring, the spring water was filled with Evil Qi, and once in awhile bubbles would form. It was like a pond full of ink.

Su Yun took off the cape on his body, and slowly walked in.

“Submerge your head in too, you can breath inside the spring.”

Cheng Xie who was at the side said.

Su Yun did not hesitate, and went in entirely.

For revenge, he could even become a demon. For the power to go back Sky Martial Continent, to see the person he wants to see the most, what was the Evil Realm?

When Su Yun’s entire being was submerged in the spring, Cheng Xie was satisfied and nodded, then starting to speak.

“Meditate and resolve all thoughts, your state of mind must scrupulously abide by the Evil, rely mainly on the Yin of the Evil, and the Yang as a support. Bring your five states of mind to the skies, and wait for your body to turn into ice”

(TN: The five states of mind, 五心, or five hearts, are the emotions of loyalty, love, care, filial piety and confidence)

The chant from Cheng Xie went beneath the spring water into Su Yun’s ear, upon hearing them, Su Yun followed exactly and starting chanting.

His talent was originally already strong, and could understand secret manuals easily. Adding the support of the Everlasting Stone, this simple and basic Evil Mind Art was quickly familiarized.

Cheng Xie’s goal was to use the spring to help Su Yun produce Evil Spirit Essences, but he did not know that Su Yun’s body already had a large quantity of Evil Spirit Essences produced by the Monarch Occult Force. So now the only thing that the Evil Qi Spring was aiding Su Yun in, was to help the young and tender Evil Spirit Essences become even stronger and healthy.

“When training the Evil Mind arts in the spring, stay inside for four hours will suffice, but you cannot skive in the remaining time. The Evil Spirit Essences require constant tempering, and the easiest way to temper Spirit Essence is to produce Evil Profound Spirit Qi, so you had best exhaust all the Evil Profound Spirit Qi in your body, and train your own mystical techniques!”

Cheng Xie said.

Su Yun breathed from inside the Evil Spring, at this moment his entire body was dripping wet, covered in the black spring water, his complexion pale white, and his eyes revealing black light.

“Cheng Xie, since you know how to cultivate, you don’t seem to be just a tenth stage Spirit Novice Disciple cultivator, why not train yourself?”


Cheng Xie was startled, then immediately laughed out loud: “I am unable to cultivate anymore, I have been a handicapped person for a long time!”

“Handicapped person?”

“I was a Spirit Star realm expert in the past, but I was laid waste by an even stronger individual, and all of my talent was destroyed. No matter how I train, I cannot improve any further”

Cheng Xie stopped there, and did not speak further.

Hearing that, Su Yun’s heart had a thought. From those words, Cheng Xie seemed to have some plans, he used to be someone strong, so Su Yun had to be more defensive and not get used by him.