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Nine Emperor Prints


With the Death Sword in hand, he attacked forth. Although the accumulated Pure Divine Spirit Qi was not much, Su Yun was currently filled with anger, and the death sword was filled with killing intent, the Qi around him soaring.

The spirit demon lady felt the incoming sword attack, and immediately swerved to one side, she looked in the direction, only to see Su YUn actually taking action by himself, and she immediately shook her head.

“Are you humans so stupid? You want to fight with me? Good then, let me send you to Paradise!”

With that, the spirit demon lady changed her target of attack, with her hand changing into a claw, she directly slashed towards Su Yun.

Her aim was the treasures on Su Yun’s body, and did not care about his life. If he was dead, it would be easier to take the treasures.

But, upon the attack of the spirit demon lady, Su Yun was not the least bit afraid, using the last bit of the Heavenly Crystal energy, he fiercely clashed with her.

He was completely disregarding the fact if he lived or die.

Qing Er was already safe, he had no more worries, why would he be afraid of death? So many people had already died for him, should he be scared? Even Senior Pill King had suffered such a serious injury, should he continue retreating?

Bringing this resolution with him, the Death Sword released surprising viciousness, the sword tip aiming towards the spirit demon lady.


The spirit demon lady’s fair hand directly touched the sword tip, a dense power erupted out from those seemingly harmless hands. Su Yun was using all his power to take her attack head on, but in this attack, something unprecedented happened.

The lady obviously had suffered a strong attack, causing her to retreat back a few steps. Her Qi was in a mess, and her expression had changed.

She was obviously hit by some hidden attack!


Su Yun was startled.

Although the energy of the Heavenly Crystal was still around, but to make the demon lady retreat, was something that should not be able to happen!

What happened?

Just as Su Yun was startled, a warm feeling surface up from behind him.

He immediately turned to look, only to see a little girl who looked young and extremely flirtatious, dressed in red blademaster skirt, her small hand was resting on his back, with her eyes closed. She was muttering some words with her rosy small lips.

She did not look old, roughly around 11-12 years old, although she looked extremely petite, her figure was curvy and delicate, places that were meant to be round were round, places meant to curve in were curved. She was exceptionally attractive, with a pair of hairy fox ears gently swaying, her big white tail on her back swaying continuously.

At this moment, her entire body was glowing in lusters of red light, as powerful Profound Spirit Qi surged through her small hands into Su Yun’s body.

So the attack was actually from her!

“Hu Qian Mei?”

Su Yun was stunned.

Seeing Hu Qian Mei slowly opened her eyes, her face was filled with a cold aura, she put down her hand. Walked to the front of Su Yun, and stared at the spirit demon lady.

“This Qi?”

The spirit demon lady was stunned, her expression and eyes congealed.

Su Yun was also equally stunned, he could clearly feel the Qi on Hu Qian Mei’s body was much stronger than before.

This girl’s cultivation had once again increased.

Seems like us sharing of our talents, had benefitted her quite a lot too, as some of the Everlasting Stone support would had been used by her.

Hu Qian Mei suddenly took out her demon knife from her small waist, and scolded the lady in front of her: “What are you? You dare to touch my person? Only I can kill him!! You had better scram!”


The spirit demon lady’s eyes swept across Hu Qian Mei’s body, and squinted her eyes.

“Half demon half human, no wonder I can sense the demon blood in you. Your power is quite good, why not join my Spirit Demon Dao, hail me as your princess, and I will give you glory and riches, and immortality, how does that sound?”

(TN: 妖 and 魔 are almost identical, but 魔 leans towards more of demons, while 妖 are spirits, but Spirit Dao sounds too holy according to LSG’s spirit cultivation, therefore i would call them Spirit Demon Dao for now. If anyone has any better recommendation please do comment! An example for 妖 can be a fox spirit – Hu Li Jing)

“Ke, seems like you did not hear me clearly!”

Hu Qian Mei exposed her teeth while smiling: “If you don’t scram, don’t blame me for being rude.”

“Then please be rude to me.” The Spirit Demon woman said indifferently, as though she treated Hu Qian Mei as nothing.

“Very good!”

Hu Qian Mei held her demon knife tightly, as though she was going to fight. But even at the point of battle, she did not forget to lean one side and speak.

“You, quickly leave!”


“This person is after you, if you don’t go you will be killed by them sooner or later. You and I are tied by our talents, if you die, I’ll be crippled, So you had better hurry leave, and don’t pull me down!”

So The reason why Hu Qian Mei took action was because of the relationship between the two of them. Upon obtaining news that Su Yun was hiding in Blossom Heart Valley, she had crossed over a 1000 miles to find him. If Su Yun died, she would not be in a good spot.

Thinking about it, Su Yun did not have the grateful feeling anymore, since Hu Qian Mei came for her own reasons, his only goal now was to run for his life.

“Madame Purple Star, quickly take Senior Pill King and leave!”

Su Yun rushed to support Pill King up and shouted to Madame Purple Star. When she heard it, she immediately turned and ran over to help.

Just as Su Yun was about to leave, the spirit demon lady’s eyes grew cold, and immediately bypassed Hu Qian Mei with the thought of getting to Su Yun.

“Don’t you dare to hurt him!’

Hu Qian Mei’s delicate voice shouted, her demon knife swung out, releasing a bizarre force that came out through the knife edge, slashing towards the spirit demon lady.

Spirit Demon lady moved her finger, producing many green shields that blocked Hu Qian Mei’s unceasing attacks.

She knew that Hu Qian Mei was not easy to handle, she could only defend and not kill her, therefore decided to chase after Su Yun.

Heavenly Crystal was about to be depleted. And he had to get rid of the woman before that, if not his power would plummet even further, and with the exhaustion, it would be difficult for him to escape.

Su Yun took out the Death Sword and jumped on it, urging it to fly.

All of the remaining force of the Heavenly Crystal were placed into the Death Sword, and like a black shooting star, he flew away.

“You won’t be able to run away so easily!”

The spirit demon lady’s face darkened, taking out a green colored hairpin from nowhere, she spun and threw the hairpin towards Hu Qian Mei.


The hairpin enlarged to the size of 10 m, the sharp end of the pin piercing straight towards Hu Qian Mei.

Hu Qian Mei hastily used the demon knife to stop the hairpin.


The hairpin broke into two, and a powerful force shook the entire place. Hu Qian Mei’s power was shockingly peerless.

But, it was not over. After the hairpin broke into two, it became two parts that suddenly began to wiggle, transforming into two hairpins, and started to fly towards Hu Qian Mei again.


Where had Hu Qian Mei seen this bizarre weapon before? She once again hastily used her demon knife, flinging out blade images that filled the skies, all of them crashing towards the hairpin, bombarding it into pieces.

But the hairpin still did not stop, after breaking into pieces, the pieces once again wiggled and transformed into thumb sized hairpins, and attacked Hu Qian Mei once again. The sky filled of hairpins, fell like rain.

One became two, two became four, four became eight, it slowly increased endlessly.

Damn it!

Hu Qian Mei cursed, wielding the demon knife, she conjured many knife images around her, striking towards all the hairpins.

Finally, the hairpins could not handle Hu Qian Mei’s blades and disappeared. Just that at that point in time, the spirit demon woman had already chased after Su YUn.

She used yet another mystical technique, her body transforming into a regiment of mist, and quickly soared towards Su Yun, who was currently releasing all of his power to fly, but he was unable to get rid of her.

At this rate, she would catch up sooner or later.

Su Yun turned his head and saw the incoming demonic mist, and his brain went into full drive, suddenly thinking about something, he anxiously shouted out: “Although I have the Heavenly Crystal, Sprite’s Shadow and Monarch Occult Force, but I have other stronger treasures, if you kill me, you will only have these three treasures, and will absolutely not get the others!! So you cannot kill me!”

With the spirit demon woman’s methods, she was capable of going close to him whose strength was gradually disappearing and kill him, so he had to stall for time, and fight for whatever chance of survival he could get.

Su Yun was not strong, but he attained so many treasures such as the Heavenly Crystal, Sprite’s shadow, Everlasting Stone and the Monarch Occult Force. All these treasures could make anyone go crazy, and if he said he had even stronger items, who wouldn’t believe him?

“You have other treasures? Like what?”

The Spirit Demon woman asked.

“The Nine Emperor Prints!” Seeing that the demonic mist getting closer, Su Yun quickly shouted.

The spirit demon woman seemed to have heard of such a treasure before, and was startled, and joyously shouted: “The Nine Emperor Prints! I never thought that you would have it! Good! Very good!! Then quickly hand it out, And I will pardon you!”

“Pardon me? I’m afraid if I take all these treasures out, I would definitely die! Ke ke, in truth the Nine Emperor Prints is not on me, if you want it, you cannot hurt me!”

“Don’t dream about it!!”

The demonic mist suddenly increased in speed, and in a moment it caught up to Su Yun, and trapped him.

“Su Yun!!”

Hu Qian Mei saw the scene from afar and became anxious, and gave chase.

But after the demonic mist trapped Su Yun, it rapidly soared far away with him.

Inside the demonic mist, Su Yun only felt his body go weak and numb, as though the Pure Divine Spirit Qi in his body froze, no matter what it did not work, and even so, the Spirit Essence in his body also had a layer of mist locking it down.

At that moment, he was completely helpless with not an ounce of strength left in him.

The spirit demon woman flew very quickly with him, shuttling back and fro in the sky, they reached a distant remote mountain.

I have to hurry and leave this place, if not I may lose my life.

Su Yun’s eyes kept moving around as he tried to think of a plan.

“Such a dense Evil Qi!! Su Yun, hurry and leave this place!! Leave her quickly!!”

Just then, Ling Qing Yu’s voice from inside the sword sheath came into Su Yun’s ears.

Su Yun was annoyed: “If I can leave, I would already have.”

Ling Qing Yu kept quiet.

Just then, the surrounding demonic mist scattered, and Su Yun’s entire person was flung to the ground.

He hurriedly used his sword to stand up, stabilized himself, then raised his head to look at the demonic Qi. The demonic Qi started to gather together, and quickly formed into a gentle and beautiful figure.

Su Yun’s heart was tensed, he looked around, only to see it was a desolate mountain. There was nothing on the mountain, except for the scary bones and corpses in the surroundings. The corpses were of humans and beasts, and a large devilish gate stood at a distant place, with two demonic heads acting as the guards of the gate.

“What is this place?”

Su Yun asked the spirit demon woman weakly.

“You don’t have to care about that!”

The spirit demon woman turned, the light in her eyes glaring at Su Yun, she commanded: “Now! Take out the Heavenly Crystal, Sprite’s shadow, Monarch Occult Force, Everlasting Stone and the Nine Emperor Prints and give it to me! Quickly!!!!”