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Space Meteor Arrows

The Heavenly Crystal was stirred, the Qi channels of his body became stronger, his Spirit Essence completely opened, Profound Spirit Qi burst out like the sea.

In that moment, it immediately revived the infatuation of it in the people.

For someone who was not even at the Spirit Core Disciple realm, just after activating the treasure, was able to increase his Profound Spirit Qi to even stronger than a Spirit Soul Disciple.

The Qi raged out of his body in the form of a ripple that enlarged all around, the people shooting straight to him were flung backwards upon being hit by the dense power.

“Not good!! Su Yun activated the Heavenly Crystal! Everyone be careful!!”

Qi San Shan shouted.

Everyone’s faces changed.

“Xiang Li! Didn’t you want the Heavenly Crystal? And the Monarch Occult Force? Let me give it to you!!”

Su Yun growled, stepping on the Thousand Deep Sword he rushed towards Xiang Li who was behind the group of people, in his hands he gripped Death sword tightly, spinning and waving it.


The death sword was unsheathed, the ominous glint came out, the fierce death Qi rising up and scattered around! The brilliant sword Qi scourged out devouring towards Xiang Li!!

The sword Qi flew over! The sound of the gathering of hundred swords, as the swords flew out of the sheathe and rotated layers upon layers, forming an extremely huge circle. The blades were like wind, circling around Xiang Li’s body, every inch of his body was being corroded by the sword!

“Su Yun! As a puny Spirit Intermediate Disciple, you dare to challenge me today, is all because of the aid of the Heavenly Crystal! You think that you really are invincible? As the sect leader of the Three Items Deity Palace, how can I not have a strong treasure? You think you are the only person to have it? Let me show you my power today!”

Xiang Li was enraged, he continued releasing the power which was attacking Su Yun and did not retreat. Growling out, he waved his hand, causing a ray of shadow to jump out between his palms, flying straight up into the sky, afterwards dropping down straight towards Su Yun.

“King Kong Slaughtering Palm!!”


The big palm fell, causing the earth to tremor..

Xiang Li gazed out, only to see Su Yun raising his death sword with one hand, the sword tip facing towards the sky, bent on stopping the King Kong Slaughtering Palm’s fall.


A cold glint flashed past Xiang Li’s eyes, and he sprung out.

Just as he made his move, the hundred swords immediately flew out, and began to cut down crazily.

Layers upon layers of sword images sprayed out endlessly, directly pouncing out.

Xiang Li waved both of his hands, which were covered in True Divine Spirit Qi causing them to become as strong as steel, and it rapidly moved to block the piercing swords. Even with the intense difficulty, he was still drawing back from the force.

The 100 swords were ruthless and strong, every move was out to kill. They were like 100 of swordsmen brandishing their sword and fighting, not stopping until they die.

Xiang Li fought on while being pushed back, while defending he was looking out, hoping to grab the chance to get close to Su Yun who was currently struggling from the palm strike.

The 100 swords were extremely important, not only were they enveloped with a sharp precision of Profound Spirit Qi, the five different attributes of the Profound Qi were involved. True Divine Spirit Qi, Scarlet Star Spirit Qi, Frigid Aqua Spirit Qi, Swift Wind Spirit Qi and Spirit Life Qi! With the unique power of the five Spirit Qi, Su Yun was able to unleash a powerful force, causing Xiang Li to feel immense pain in his solid steel arms, as a huge number of sword cuts started to turn red on his arms, and it looked like if it dragged on for too long, his arms would be cut off!

No way, it cannot continue like this!

Xiang Li clenched his teeth, released a soft growl, started to activate an unknown treasure causing his entire body to suddenly be plated with a gold light, after that he stopped his hands. He was actually releasing his defense, and directly rushing towards Su Yun.

Cling clang! Ding dang!

The 100 swords frantically tried to cut down, causing a larger number of sparks to appear. The mix of six attributes of Profound Spirit Qi was not enough to break Xiang Li’s defense. The gold body which was an unknown Treasure, was impenetrable!

A seemingly unbreakable golden body.


Su Yun snorted, as he just barely managed to cut down the palm, in that moment being free from the attack, Xiang Li had already started attacking!

“Su Yun! Today I will let you know, that to the people you have offended, even though you have the Heavenly Crystal, you are but a Spirit Intermediate Ant!! I will kill you, and chop you into pieces!!”

Xiang Li saw red in his eyes, and shouted out, both of his arms struck, down towards Su Yun’s head.

No one could possibly calculate the surprising amount of force that was brought down along with Xiang Li’s hands.

But Su Yun could make a judgement on it. The attack, could actually split open a big mountain!

It was impossible to attack head on!

Su Yun clenched his teeth, and anxiously dodged.

As he was overly excessive, he appeared to be in a difficult situation, but still managed to dodge. He watched Xiang Li’s fierce hammer-like hands hammering the ground, causing a quake with the point of impact as the epicenter, making the entire Blossom Heart Valley tremor. Everyone who was fighting was affected, and the ones who were closer felt their entire body shake. It was hard to fight, with the ground that was rippling, unless the person had as high a cultivation or stronger than Xiang Li, nobody was able to avoid his attack!

“Where are you running to?”

Seeing Su Yun dodge, Xiang Li snorted, raising both his fists again and rushing over.

Despite his force being powerful, his speed was also surprisingly fast. In this way, this surprisingly strong attack could be quickly retracted, readied and released yet again. All in a breath of time.

Su Yun was unable to dodge any further, and in that situation, he raised his sword to block.


The sound of the violent clash rippled out, and Su Yun’s entire body was flung back.

In that moment, a few experts from the Three Items Deity Palace who were constantly watching Xiang Li’s fight immediately rushed over, taking the chance that Su Yun was not stable, they all rushed in for the kill.

Sou sou sou sou….

The 100 swords flew over, protecting Su Yun frantically, the dense sword tips covering him up as though a God was saving his life, blocked the Three Items Deity Palace experts, causing all the mystical techniques towards Su Yun to be deflected. Su Yun to fall safely like a leaf.

Under the protection of the 100 swords, Su Yun safely landed on the ground, but Xiang Li who was in the air did not give Su Yun the time to catch his breath, and rushed over once again, at the same time bellowing: “Li Kai, Qing Zhang! Come with me and kill this guy!! Attack from his right, do not give mercy, and attack him until he dies!”

“Yes, sect leader!!”

Both of them roared, raising their hands, they attacked from the back and front of Su Yun, pincering him.

Su Yun released the 100 swords, staring at the two person coming towards him, he did not show any signs of fear.

He raised his hand, waving his fingers, the surrounding 100 swords suddenly became vertical, with his body as the main pillar, the sharp swords flew to him forming many folds, wrapping him up.

Defense in all four directions!

That was not some sword technique, but a simple sword block!

However, the sword was not an invincible existence.


Xiang Li rushed over, his fist punching the sword wall, causing it to tremble but not fall apart, while Su Yun who was inside did not receive any injury.

Xiang Li stared at Su Yun who was inside, who exposed a smiled at him with contempt.

“You think that just by relying on this you will survive? Don’t be so sure!! Take my attack!!”

Xiang Li roared, he released yet another mystical technique, his fists immediately being wrapped by a red light, and then clutching his fists together, he crashed towards the sword wall.

His tightly clenched fists was like a meteor from outer space that flew straight into Su Yun.

The dense True Divine Spirit Qi was indescribably strong.

Just that!

No matter how strong the attack, Su Yun stood at the same place, raised his hand, touching onto the jet black ring on his finger, he closed his eyes and chanted something.


A loud ear splitting thunder sound surged out from the skies!!

The fist had arrived at the sword wall.

The blazing fist exploded onto the sword body.

The unspeakably strong True Divine force from his hands ripped apart the swords.





Many of the swords cracked, broke, shattered, fell, in the end all forming in sword beams that entered the sword sheathe, executing a long dormant state to recover.

The magnificent sword wall that was created by the 100 swords, was partly scattered and smashed, and could not protect him anymore.

Seeing this, the arrogance in Xiang Li’s eyes grew more rich.

“Su Yun! It’s the end!”

He sneered, and his expression became sinister, he waved his fist, and attacked once more!


The entire sword wall collapsed!

Going through the sword wall, Xiang Li flew in.

Bang! The fist broke through Su Yun’s body, but, a strange phenomenon occurred. Su Yun’s body broke like a mirror, in a moment he had collapsed into minute pieces, and landed on the floor.

“Is this mystical technique Reflection of the Flower, Moon in the water?”

Xiang Li was stunned.

Didn’t this mystical technique solely belong to the Reflective Flower Palace? The mystical technique was not allowed to be taught to outsiders, why did Su Yun know it?


Just at this time, a weird sound came out.

Xiang Li’s face tightened, and looked towards the broken pieces, only to see them suddenly transforming into liquid. The liquid quickly extended out and started rising, finally it transformed into a transparent erected square box that covered Xiang Li!

Gu gu gu gu gu.

It soared at a rate faster than a person could react.

Xiang Li was trapped inside, and could not break out!

If people could overlook it from above, they would see a huge gigantic word ‘囚’ (Prisoner) imprinted on.

“This is not Reflection of the Flower, Moon in the water!!”

Xiang Li suddenly realised, as he anxiously waved his fists in an attempt to break down the walls.




One after another of the rumbling explosion, but, no matter how much force he applied, he was unable to break the wall.

“Quickly rescue the sect leader!!”

The three experts from the Three Items Deity Palace who were outside all took out their treasures and rushed to attack the wall. But the wall remained solid, and whatever they did or tried, it was useless.


Just then, the transparent wall suddenly opened up, and a stream of air blew in.

Upon seeing this, Xiang Li was overjoyed. He thought that his attacks worked, and quickly flew out, escaping from the top.

Just when he rose up into the air, countless of long gigantic arrow beams flew down from the sky, all of them dense and compact like a waterfall falling in torrents, piercing straight into the wall of Qi.


Before even escaping the wall of Qi, Xiang Li was penetrated by the arrow beams, and fiercely stuck into the ground.

“That’s the “Space Meteor Arrows” from the Holy Arrows Sect!!!!”

Xiao Feng who was still fighting Madame Purple Star saw the grand development, felt his heart tensed up, and involuntarily shouted out.

“What? Holy Arrows Sect?”

“The Ancient Arrows Sect that had been missing for a thousand years? Why would their consummate skill be on him?”

Countless of people felt their hearts tensed, as everyone stared in shock.

They all watched as Xiang Li who was inside the Qi walls got pierced by two of the gigantic arrow beams, his torso was thoroughly minced. The big plot of area which was heavily damaged, as though there was nothing left out from it, laid Xiang Li, who had died earlier on and could not have a worse death.

Sou sou sou sou.


When the last meteor arrow flew out from the sky and crashed into Xiang Li’s body, the light scattered out to its surroundings in a flash, lighting up the entire place, and blowing apart the Qi wall.

Everyone retreated away from the origin point. When the light scattered, they looked again carefully. Only to realise in horror that the last arrow was actually Su Yun!!

So that was the might of a consummate skill!