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Then I Will Give Them

The rumbling sounds sounded out continuously, like a continuous clap of thunder leaping out.

Every single person below all looked up to the skies.

Above the Blue Sky, above the dense layer of clouds, something appeared to be drifting.

Finally, the layer of clouds gradually separated, the bow of the ship penetrated through the cloud, slowly but surely, the entire ship gradually appeared, in the direction of them…

“Is that…The Rainbow Dragon Boat??”

People who had sharp eyes started shouting in surprise.

“Congregate of Treasures Sect! That is the Rainbow Dragon Boat of the Congregate of Treasures Sect!!”

“The people from Congregate of Treasures Sect is here!”

“It must be for the Monarch Occult Force!! The God Treasure King must be looking for Limitless because of the Monarch Occult Force!!”

All sorts of shouts came out, the noises did not stop, with the sudden appearance of Congregate of Treasures Sect, everyone all started to have other thoughts.

“That’s terrible! For Exuding Fire Sect and Relentless Heart Pavilion to come is already a headache, who would’ve known that the God Treasure King would come too!!”

Gui Mo Jue’s face was extremely heavy, the worry in his heart was becoming bigger.

Madame Purple Star and Mu Feng’s face congealed.

Of course, Xiao Feng’s side was not any better, with the sudden appearance of God Treasure King, whose purpose was clear, which was for the Monarch Occult Force. Even though Limitless relied on his own power to snatch the Monarch Occult Force and escaped without trace, he did not receive the approval of God Treasure King, so how could the God Treasure King be satisfied with Su Yun snatching away?

The Rainbow Dragon Boat hovered over.

The gigantic Dragon Boat covered the skies, upon getting close to the Blossom Heart Valley, half of the valley was shrouded, and immediately became dark.

A queer and pressurizing Qi wa emitted, causing all of the disciples inside and outside of the valley to panic, without knowing the reason.

The Dragon Boat floated in mid air and did not land.

Every person on the scene felt their breathing tighten.

Looking at the deck of the dragon boat, a few dozen shadows flew down, one of the figure instantly taking the lead.


The sound of the figures landing down rumbled out.

Everyone turned to look, only to see a man sitting on a wheelchair.

God Treasure King!

His gaze was fixed straight at Su Yun, without any other expression, only anger in his eyes, the amount of anger enough to cause other people around him to feel his rage.

“We greet the God Treasure King!”

All the clan elders of the various sects cupped their fists and greeted.

“God Treasure King, how have you been!”

The Sect Leaders of the sects all greeted.

“Everyone, no need to stand on ceremony!”

God Treasure King barely glanced at them, after greeting them, his eyes went back to Su Yun, his voice stern: “I have received some news, that Limitless was hiding in Blossom Heart Valley, so I took my Dragon Boat to come have a look, and alas the news was real!! Limitless!! Do you still remember me?”

“I greet the God Treasure King!”

Su Yun said indifferently.

“You do know that I am God Treasure King?”

God Treasure king snorted: “You ignored my law, snatched my treasure, stepped over my sect rules, and have humiliated me so!! Today, I want to seek fairness from you! And to take back the Monarch Occult Force that belongs to me sect!!”

People who protected Su Yun heard everything, but did not know how to retort, the matter of snatching the treasure, however it was looked, it was Su Yun’s wrongdoing. In the end, the Monarch Occult Force still belonged to the Congregate of Treasures Sect.

Mu Feng tactfully looked at Su Yun, only to see him walk out front, towards the front of the group.

“No need to worry, all of you step back.” God Treasure King raised his hand and said indifferently.

His disciples hesitated for a while, then retreated.

Su Yun stopped at the front, his eyes sweeping across everyone on sight, and directly went straight to the point.

“God Treasure King is mistaken, this Monarch Occult Force, already belongs to me! When did it become a belonging of Congregate of Treasures Sect?”

Hearing that, God Treasure King became annoyed: “Limitless, are you trying to publicly provoke me?”

“Of course not.”

Su Yun shook his head, and retorted: “I have to be bold to ask your majesty, that day at Wu Shuang Jue Peak, did you remember the rules you made? You said it, all the sects and families could compare strength, whoever lasts till the end, becomes the strongest person, means, that person earns the Monarch Occult Force! Right?”

“That’s right!” God Treasure King’s face darkened: “According to the competition rules, the strongest will earn the reward, but, you are not!”

“How am I not?”

Su Yun raised his hand, and pointed to the group of people in front of him: “All these sects who participated in snatching the Monarch Occult Force did not win!! Me! Limitless! With only my own strength, I snatched the Monarch Occult Force from them! I fought with them, I won against them! My power is not weaker than them, I did not use any sneak attacks! I faced them directly! So… Isn’t that enough qualifications for me to win the Monarch Occult Force? So… Isn’t that according to your own rules?”

Su Yun answered back with a question.

That made God Treasure King open his mouth wide, but had nothing to refute.

But very quickly, he recovered from Su Yun’s sudden interpretation.

“A riot and a competition are completely two different things, and cannot be mixed together, also, I have not acknowledged you!”

“I always thought God Treasure King was an open-minded person, never did I think that you would be so petty and fuss over minor matters! That was a competition, right there in that situation! Only the strongest can earn the Monarch Occult Force, regardless if it was the real competition or the riot over the treasure, the basis is still the same, unless you still don’t get it?”

“This…” God Treasure King frowned.

Although he knew Su Yun was twisting words and forcing his own logic, but his words was reasonable. At that point of time it was very messy, with everyone trying to use their own methods, but in the end it was Su Yun who won. This meant that his strength and luck was good, everyone was trying to get it, for those who are weaker, could they had gotten it?

Seeing God Treasure King being stuck with his words, Xiang Li could not look any further. Anymore, they would basically have no chance, and immediately shouted: “Su Yun, stop trying to con your way through! You are a demon! You kill people for money, you commit all sorts of misdeed, first you killed the great clan elder of Immortal Sword Sect, then you killed your own great clan elder, those merciless and ruthless methods, how can any normal human do it? That is not enough, you still seize other people’s treasures more than once!! Today, with all of us interrogating you, you still try to decline and quibble your way through! With that, clearly you have a secret hidden! You must be a demon!! Fellow cultivators, what are all of you still waiting for? Why are all of you not following me quickly to stop this demon??”

Xiang Li used Profound Spirit Qi to amplify his voice, causing it to reverberate loudly across the entire field, he sounded like the Big Ben chiming away!

(TN: everyone knows the big ben, chinese meant a big clock, but big ben is nicer :))

Hearing Xiang Li’s shouts, Xiao Feng and Qi San Shi immediately reacted.

“That’s right! Su Yun is extremely cunning, and dangerously crafty! HE EVEN KILLED HIS OWN FAMILY MEMBER! How is this person not a demon??”

“To defeat a demon, why bother wasting time with words? Everyone just rush for him, and we will talk later! Everyone go up together, no need to fear if he is Limitless or not!”

Following Xiao Feng, Qi San Shi’s shouts, people from the 3 great sects started to shout.

“Kill the demon! Kill the demon!!”

Everyone raised their hands and chanted.

The disciples from Exuding Fire Sect and Relentless Heart Pavilion were all affected, as they all started to raise their hands and shout together, they already stood with Qi San Shi and Xiang Li.

People on the side of Gui Mo Jue were inwardly angered, all of them furious.

If you want to condemn someone, why bother about the pretext? Give a dog a bad name, then hang him. That was what they were doing. Furthermore, their goal was not Su Yun, but the treasures on him. The appearance of God Treasure King had aggravated Xiang Li and the rest, they could wait no further. The longer they wait, who knew what other big sects would appear? Also, what kind of powerful figure would appear? If they dragged it, they would not be able to even drink any soup!


In the midst of the excited people’s chants, a blue blaze flew out from the Colored Stone sect, straight towards Su Yun.

It was not a high leveled mystical technique, most probably at the Heart Rank.

But, it’s appearance, was a clear message.


Sou sou sou sou….

With that, everyone got the message. Colored Stone Sect, Smokey Wind Valley and Three Items Deity Palace were the first to take action, directly attacking towards Su Yun. All of them brandishing out their weapons, activated their mystical techniques, no more talking, no more hesitation, they fiercely went in for the kill!

Earth shattering mystical techniques converged to form into a vast dazzling surge, rushing towards Su Yun.

The big battle was initiated just like that!

There was no process or build up!

Gui Mo Jue’s face changed!!!

“What are all of you doing?? Stop immediately!!” He screamed with his lungs out.

But, it was to no avail.

Xiang Li and the rest were already completely insane, they thirst for the heavenly Crystal, thirst for the Monarch Occult Force, for the Everlasting Stone! Now that they had the chance, they could not wait for it to slip by, and could only start the motion to kill Su Yun! After taking the treasure then they would discuss about it.

Law did not work here, so many of the different sects have gathered here today, even if they were impudent, the days after would be much more relaxed.


Seeing this, Madame Purple Star and Mu Feng immediately brought people to the front to block them. But even with the two of them, it was not enough.

“Stop! Everyone Stop!” Gui Mo Jue shouted.

The people of Blossom Heart Valley immediately formed a circle!

The mess quickly erupted.

“Grandmaster Gui!”

Su Yun who was at the front shouted out.

Gui Mo Jue looked over, only to see Su Yun’s ice cold face, and his gaze as sharp as knives.

“At this point of time, whatever rules are all not applicable already! The only answer to this problem, is to use force! Let us fight.”

Su Yun finished talking, and directly leaped out, going in to fight.

GUi Mo Jue stood in the same position startled, stunned for a while. Finally, he exhaled fiercely, resolving his heart to calmness.

“Is this the only way?”

He lightly sighed.

“Elder Yang Gu, how long more should we wait?”

Disciples of the Exuding Fire Sect were anxious after seeing the relentless heart pavilion moving.

“The treasures on Su Yun’s body, when I make my move and kill Su Yun to take the treasures, my Exuding Fire Sect would become so strong!”

One of the clan elder spoke.

“No rush, watch and see how it goes!”

Yang Yu said indifferently.

The rest of his sect nodded, and retreated to spectate.

Even the God Treasure King did the same thing.

Congregate of Treasures Sect could play a large influence, but Blossom Heart Valley was the same. God Treasure King had unfathomable cultivation, but his sect people’s cultivation was not high, so his sect did not have strong fighting abilities. Moreover the members of his sect did not participate in fighting and killing, after all it was only one treasure, in which they had plenty.

The intensity and ferocity of the current situation far exceeded their imaginations, the experts from the sects all gathered together, fighting in hand to hand combat crazily. This had never happened before in the entire Southern Continent!

Su Yun stepped into the crowd, his eyes blazing with fire, his expression fierce, wielding his sword he rushed towards Qi San Shi and the other two.

He would not surrender the Monarch Occult Force, or the Heavenly Crystal, because if he did, he would not have the power to protect Qing Er, nor would he have the power to contend against the Su Family and the Profound Sky Sect! All of these were his lifeline!

The Heavenly Crystal has already recovered, might as well just unleash the power!

Previously he had declared that he would not rest until they had died, this was not to scare them, although his power was not good, that did not mean he had no means!

He wanted to use these people’s heads, to strike fear into those who wish to go against him!

“You want the Heavenly Crystal? Fine, let me give it to you!”

Su Yun roared, he leaped up into the sky, and injected the Heavenly Crystal directly into his chest.

In that moment, a large number of black lines rippled out from his chest…

A strange light illuminated outward!