Wuxiaworld > Limitless Sword God > Chapter 185
I Must Eliminate Him

“People say, Blossom Heart Valley practise medicine to help the public, they are benevolent to everyone, are a group of people without desire and do not seek for favors, never did we expect that today you Blossom Heart Valley people were actually acting! Can it be possible that you all are taking advantage and stealing from all of us?”

Xiao Feng from Smokey Wind Valley, mocked loudly.


Li Song was was furious, he stared at the obese lady, clenched his teeth and fist and said: “I hope Elder Xiao Feng will take back the nasty words she just said, my Blossom Heart Valley is not as you say!”

“Nasty words? Ke, don’t you think that you people are the ones that are nasty?”

Xiao Feng did not care much about him, and immediately retorted: “Your Blossom Heart Valley is harboring a demonic person, means you are colluding with them, who knows if you all are conspiring! Heh, comparing nastiness, who do you think is worse??”

“Do not slander my Blossom Heart Valley!!”

Li Song who was thoroughly enraged, shouted out in anger.

In a moment, all the people from Blossom Heart Valley started to shout together.

“Do not slander my Blossom Heart Valley!!!!”

Even if their cultivation was not strong, did not have powerful techniques, their physical bodies were weak, but their loyalty to their sect, was stronger than everyone else present.

This was their comfortable and warm place, and they had already viewed this place as their home, treated all the people of the same sect as their kins, to humiliate the sect, was simply humiliating their family, how could they take it?

Basically everyone stepped forward, looking as if they would start attacking if Xiao Feng spoke further.

Seeing this situation, her face turned pale, and did not dare speak.

“Heh! People from the Blossom Heart Valley have such a temper!”

Qi San Shi from the Colored Rock Sect snorted: “We did not say anything wrong, you guys are harboring Limitless! Or is that a lie? If not for the fact that your Blossom Heart Valley practise medicine to save the public, and cure the dying and sick, do you think we will just stand here and continue talking to you? We would had already rushed in, treat you all as demons and wiped all of you out!”

When he said those words, all the people around him also gained confidence, and started shouting one after another.

“That is right, Limitless is bloody and cruel, to have killed and harmed so many people, The heavens cannot tolerate him!”

“You have to hand him out!”

The shouts from everyone continued to escalate.

“Since you people from the Colored Rock Sect have so much confidence, then our Blossom Heart Valley will open our doors for you! And let you come in! See if you have the power to treat our Blossom Heart Valley as demons and deal with us!”

Just at this time, an old voice sounded out.

Everyone turned to look, and saw the white gowned and grizzled beard Gui Mo Jue and a few disciples walking over together.

“It is Master Gui!”

“Master Gui is here!!”


“Master, you’re here!”

All the disciples of Blossom Heart Valley rejoiced as they shouted out.

But when they see Gui Mo Jue’s dark face, and with the group of people walking with him, the disciples automatically dispersed.

Now that Gui Mo Jue had appeared, some people secretly exchanged glances, but no one spoke.


Gui Mo Jue swept the entire crowd with his eyes, and snorted: “Everybody, why have you stopped talking? Or is it that you all believe that I do not have the qualifications to talk to you? If you feel that my qualifications is not enough, then please leave! Today the representative from Blossom Heart Valley, is only me, Gui Mo Jue!”

His hard cold voice, was clearly stating that he was not going to give any room for discussion.

A few of them seeing that it was impossible to see the Valley Master, dropped the matter.

But Xiao Feng spoke out: “Since Grandmaster Gui Mo Jue said so, then we will not beat about the bush! Today the reason that I have come, is that I hope that you, grandmaster, can hand over one person, and that is Su Yun! I believe the matter had reached your ears right? Su Yun is colluding with the demons, of course, whether he is from the Demonic Continent or is colluding with them, it doesn’t matter, we need to eradicate the demon, and protect the peace of Sky Martial Continent, that is what us warriors are tasked to do, and as the famously righteous Blossom Heart Valley, I believe that you will not wish to be associated with the demon, and quickly hand over Su Yun.”

“Colluding with the demons? Associated with them?”

Gui Mo Jue stared at the group of people, his face darkening, and he snorted: “That is bullshit! You all claim that Su Yun is colluding with the demons, then bring out the proof, if you do not have any evidence then do not think that you can randomly slander people!”

“We do not have the evidence, but Grandmaster Gui can bring Su Yun out for a confrontation!”

“Yes, we need Su Yun to personally stand here, I want to analyze the attribute of his Profound Spirit Qi, if he truly is not colluding with the demons, his body will definitely not have any trace of the special baleful Demonic Qi that only Demonic Qi Cultivators have! If you truly wish to clear Su Yun’s name, then bring him out!”

Xiang Li reasoned out.

“We wish for Grandmaster Gui to call Su Yun out, if not! I will not give up!!”

Qi San Shi shouted.

“I will not give up! Can Grandmaster Gui quickly bring Su Yun out!”

“Can Grandmaster Gui hand over Su Yun, if not I swear I will not let this go!”

“I Swear to not let this go!!”

Everyone from the three sects started shouting, their attitude was determined and their tone harsh.

Gui Mo Jue frowned, his heart becoming cold.

It was impossible to speak with reason with these people, they only had one goal, to make Blossom Heart Valley give up Su Yun.

They only wanted Su Yun, they did not truly care of whatever demon or demonic qi.

“A group of sanctimonious people, if Master Su Yun really comes out, who knows what this group of people will do.”

Gui Mo Jue secretly mumbled.

“Master, what do we do now?”

A disciple beside him asked.

“What else can we do?”

Gui Mo Jue said softly: “The elders are currently assisting Miss Qing Er to digest the pill, we can only delay them, and wait for the elders to come out of the array.”


The disciple asked, his eyes full of worry.

Although Gui Mo Jue was in front of him taking charge, but his cultivation level was not high, what if the three elders decided to barge in?

The people of Colored Rock Sect , Smokey Wind Valley and Three Items Deity Palace were still shouting, while Blossom Heart Valley did not make any actions, causing Xiang Li and the rest to become impatient.

The three of them secretly exchanged glances, and Xiang Li began speaking.

“Grandmaster Gui, let us speak openly! Are you handing him over or not? We do not have much time, please quickly give us an answer!”

Xiang Li Growled.

Su Yun was Limitless, and him being in Blossom Heart Valley had already spread. They were considered early, and who knew how many tyrants were on their way, so they only had the chance to quickly seek Su Yun out, to have the hopes that they could retrieve the treasures on his body. If the stronger sects came, they would not be able to get anything.

The three sects had already discussed and came to an agreement, the Everlasting Stone, Monarch Occult Force and the Heavenly Crystal would be split equally, if not, the three sects would not even form together to come.

“Su Yun is a noble guest of my Blossom Heart Valley, why should we hand him over?”

“So what you are saying, is that you are not willing to hand him over?”

Gui Mo Jue did not know what to say.

“Everyone, let us not waste anymore time, and quickly grab him! If not by the time the other sects come, it would become difficult.”

Xiao Feng softly told the other two.


Qi San Shi nodded his head, stepped forward and grumbled: “Since Grandmaster Gui is not giving a reply, then, for the safety of Sky Martial Continent, for the safety of all the citizens, for justice and peace, we have to offend Blossom Heart Valley!!”

Upon hearing that, Gui Mo Jue became frightened: “What do you want to do? You want to barge into the Valley?”

“Since it has come to this, I too cannot wait any longer! Sorry to offend you!!!”

Xang Li shouted.

“All the disciples receive my orders!”

Xiao Feng Shouted loudly.

“Here!” Everyone from Smokey Wind Valley all shouted in unison.

In the next moment, both sides of people opened up.

The atmosphere instantly became heavy, the situation quickly becoming tense!

A few people had already brandished out their weapons, and were activating their mystical techniques.

Killing intent flashed across Xiao Feng’s eyes, and a shout came out: “Listen to my orders, get ready”

“You all dare to behave atrociously in Blossom Heart Valley?”

Just at this time, a cold voice sounded out from the valley.

Everyone was taken aback, and all their heads turned towards the direction of the sound.

They saw the people of the valley burst into an uproar, followed by them voluntarily making way, and a young man dressed in jet black blademaster clothe, with a cold expression, walking out with his ice cold eyes staring at them.

On his back hung a sword sheathe, in his hands he wielded dual swords, one black one green, sword intent shooting out, he stepped forward, steady, calm, without the slightest amount of panic.

Su Yun!


The hearts of everyone outside jumped.

Qi San Shi, Xiang Li and Xiao Feng gazes all landed on his body at the same time.

“Su Yun is out!!”

“Su Yun! Is that Su Yun? He seems young!”

“Martial artists with strong cultivation can change their appearance, even if they look young, that does not mean they are young!”

“Was he the one who killed the Su Family and Immortal Sword Sect power clan elders at Wu Shuang Jue Peak?”

“That’s the man who snatched away the Monarch Occult Force?”

“Rumours said he killed the Demonic Race Blood Demon, and saved Purple Star Academy!”

“That is a lie, he is clearly colluding with the Demonic Continent people!!”

“Why is there not a trace of Demonic Qi on him? And his Profound Spirit Qi is weird, I have never felt a property like that before!”

“Is that the effect of the monarch occult force?”

The people from the three sects all started discussing, their rustling and disturbing noises did not stop.

The tension eased up.

“Master Su Yun, why did you come out?”

Seeing Su Yun walking out, Gui Mo Jue was distracted for a while, but quickly sorted himself out, and anxiously said: “Quickly go back in, I will settle the problems here!”

“No need!”

Su Yun looked at Gui Mo Jue, then casually walked forward, to the front of the group.

He did not say anything, pierced his swords into the ground, and stared at the opposing group coldly.

“I, Su Yun am right here! I am here to tell all of you, I am not a Demon, I am Su Yun! At the same time, I am also Limitless, and up to date, I have already killed 3 Spirit Soul Disciple ranked people. Everyone other than the top 3 of the List of wanted criminals have been killed by me, Although my cultivation level is not high, that does not mean I, or my methods are weak. Everyone, if you feel that you have the capabilities to take the Heavenly Crystal, Monarch Occult Force and Everlasting Stone from me, then please make your move, before that, I will say this.”

He lifted up his gaze that was as cold as a blade, stared intently straight at Xiao Feng, Qi San Shi and Xiang Li.

“Whoever makes a move, that means I will not rest until he or she is dead! I, Su Yun, must eliminate them!!”

The profound and fierce killing intent rippled and spread out along with his words.

His words were sharp like knives, they pierced into everyone’s hearts, and practically everyone trembled involuntarily.

Even the people from Blossom Heart Valley could not help but shiver slightly.

Shouldn’t those words only be spoken by people who are savage?

The faces of Xiao Feng and the rest turned pale white, their minds trembling.