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With Tenacity, There Will Be Rewards

“It is the hardest to complete the 90% filling of the patterns. Laid in front are the sequences of pattern. According to the patterns of the array, it is sufficient to use Profound Spirit Qi to seal it off, but at the end, it is insufficient to seal it with just powder. It needs some adjustments to the patterns. Also, because the patterns were already filled up, the array already had its spiritual characteristics. At the moment, there will not be any changes to the array. Any changes would be very mild. This puts our observation to the test, senior Pill King. When we fill up the patterns, we will have three breaths of rest. That meant that after three breaths, we need to continue filling up the patterns or else the patterns of the array would shrivel and dry up. At such, we will not be able to continue filling up the patterns and then, we will fail. We can take turns to fill up the patterns and right after me, you can take over. While you fill up the patterns, I will look over you so when you make any mistakes or when the array starts to change, I’ll remind you. Once you’ve completed, you’ll then look over me immediately. Two is more than one, with our cooperation, it will not be hard to achieve 90%!”

Su Yun filled up the patterns as he spoke.

The Pill King nodded.

At the side, the disciples took out the recording diamonds to note down what Su Yun had said. They were all focused.

Xin Yue and Xing Yang looked at Su Yun in awe.

“Big bro is such a pro. How did he learn, he knows everything. He already has an extensive knowledge of the medicine, now he has even mastered the art of array techniques, isn’t forming the 90% array patterns the formidable one in the continent?”

Su Xin Yue eyes shone as she looked towards Su Yun with a tinge of passion.

“It doesn’t mean he’s the greatest master if he knows how to fill up the patterns up to 90%. You can only say it’s rather impressive. Although the pattern of the array is one of the most important aspect in forming an array, but it is not an array. An array master’s skills, cultivation level are all important too. The key thing is the ingredients. The patterns of the arrays only decide the strength of the array. As for the others, they determine the quality of the array! So, it’s not enough to judge master Su Yun’s standard of array techniques!’

Gui Mo Jue said at the side.

Su Xin Yue listened but she was in a daze. She pretended that she understood and nodded her head.

As for Qing Er, she had been staring at person who was so focused on filling up the patterns.

She felt as though she was dreaming.

“Why does young master knows how to fill up the patterns? Why did he know how to set up an array? Isn’t he the one who can’t even cultivate properly? Why does he know so many things? When did he learn them?”

Qing Er’s mind was in a mess but there was a surge of happiness.

“We’re past 70%!”

Just then, someone exclaimed softly.

“Do not speak!”

Gui Mo Jue shouted back to shut everybody up.

This was the crucial point where they needed to be focused. Although based on the Pill King and Su Yun’s cultivation level, they would definitely not be distracted by any rumbles.

Su Yun stared at this ‘extreme frost array’ pattern and filled it up with glacial powder carefully. The powder contained Profound Spirit Qi. Slowly, he filled them up and connected it with the array’s seal.

There were beads of sweat formed on his forehead and each drop of it were being pushed away by the people at the side using their Profound Spirit Qi so that it did not fall into the array.

80% completed. They should start filling up the patterns like what he said.

Hua la.

Su Yun had filled up this side of the array and without delaying, he assisted Pill King in filling up the patterns.

No mistake!

Swap positions!

No mistake!

Swap positions!

The two of them were familiar with each other so they worked well hand in hand. The others watching were amazed by their teamwork.

Not knowing how long had passed, the sky outside lit and went dark again. After the disciples had repaired the crystal walls, 80% of the patterns were completely filled.

The last 10%.

Su Yun looked at the left over patterns. Panting heavily, he struggled to keep his eyelids opened. He seemed as though he was exhausted.

“Quick, the Conscientious Grass!”

Gui Mo Jue said quickly.

Then, two disciples from the side quickly prepared the grass and stuffed it into their mouths.

The two chewed anxiously. Once the Conscientious Grass was in their mouths, it showed effects almost immediately. They were much more energetic and Su Yun looked better.

The last 10% was the key.

Everyone was dizzy now as though they could pass out anytime. If not for the Conscientious Grass that provided them some mental strength, Su Yun would not be able to hold on any longer.

Ultimately, he was someone who had yet to attain the Spirit Core realm. Although they were both pill cultivators, the Pill King’s cultivation level was much higher than his.

After curing Qing Er from the poison, he must definitely increase his cultivation level. With the Everlasting Heart and the talent he got from Hu Qian Mei, it would definitely be fast for him to climb up the cultivation ladder. He was not sure if he might meet up with any dangers in future. With a strong power, he can ensure Qing Er’s and his safety.

Su Yun thought to himself. Biting onto his tongue, he gave himself a punch and forced himself to keep it up and continue drawing the array.

“Young lad, keep it up!”

Seeing Su Yun’s hands shaking and the Profound Spirit Qi he was using was super thin, the Pill King broke out into a cold sweat.

The people around them saw the two of them in the array slowing down, especially Su Yun whose hands were already not listening to him.

“Young master.”

Qing Er’s eyes welled up. She wanted to cry as though her heart was being pricked by needles. She thought of calling out to stop her young master, but she was afraid she might disrupt him. In a moment of hesitation, she was in pain.

Nobody knew how Su Yun managed to pull through for the next 8 hours. The last 10% was almost completed. Su Yun was completely exhausted. He fell on the array motionlessly as though he had passed out. Whatever that was left was completed by the Pill King.

“Quick! Take him to rest!”

Gui Mo Jue shouted anxiously/

“Yes, clan elder!”

Su Yun was carried away while the Pill King finished the last part of it. As such, in the last 100 years, Blossom Heart Valley was the first to complete a close to perfection, 90% completed array

When Pill King finished his last step, he dropped onto the ground and panted heavily as though he was suffering from starvation.

When the array was done, the entire furnace and the room was adjusted. What followed then were long, arduous time of pill cultivation.

Su Yun made Qing Er stand in the middle of the array because her poison could not be suppressed by any medication. Su Yun specifically ordered Gue Mo Jue to set up this array mainly to seek out the Qi of the demon poison in Qing Er.

After all, it was the first time that the Triple Yang Universe Pill was being cultivated, and although it was said to cure all poisons, Su Yun did not know if it was true. Right now, he could only maximise the effects of this pill.

He did not want to miss this chance due to his own failures and mistake so he was taking absolute seriousness in each step.

After obtaining the Qi of the demon poison, he needed to match the ingredients to this Qi. The main ingredients that could work on this demon poison were Aqua Meteorite and Obsidian Moonstone.

The cultivation of the Triple Yang Universe Pill had captured the attention of Blossom Heart Valley. Other than the sect leaders closing down, the other clan elders had came over to observe. However, the ‘harmonious’ pill cultivating room was already sealed up so they could only watch from afar.

Once the furnace was activated, the cultivation of the pill started. Loops of colourful radiance emerged as if a fairy was born from the furnace. It was magical.

On the ninth day, the colourful radiance dimmed, and as expected, the ice of the furnace dispersed.

This marked the completion of the pill.

Qing Er, Xin Yue and Xing Yang, Gui Mo Jue and all the other clan elders of the Blossom Heart Valley waited patiently outside of the ‘harmonious’ pill cultivation room for the opening of the furnace.

Within the pill cultivating room, Su Yun and the Pill King stopped whatever they were doing and looked at each other. Then, they reached out together at the same time to open the lid of the hashima cauldron.

The moment it opened, a gust of abstruse Qi burst out with beams of light shooting out into the sky.

“This is the Qi of the Spirit level!”

The second clan elder Chen Mu Yun, waiting outside gasped when he saw the beams of light.

“Only pills of the spirit Level would produce such Qi. Seems like this pill can be hailed as a spirit level pill!”

“This Spirit level pill is so miraculous. The Triple Yang Universe Pill might really be able to cure all poisons!”

The clan elders broke into a discussion. After the door of the pill cultivating room was opened, they walked in.

Su Yun jumped onto the lid and looked into the furnace. There was a shiny black and white pearl in it. He was instantly overwhelmed with happiness. He took it out quickly

With the pearl in hand, he felt his hands were cold.

“It’s done! It’s done!!”

Su Yun cheered as he smiled widely.

His efforts had paid off.

“All thanks to you!”

The Pill King smiled and congratulated.

Su Yun turned around and bowed to Pill King and Gue Mo Jue,

“Without the help from you both, Su Yun would never be able to cultivate the pill. Qing Er’s poison is hard to cure, you’re both my benefactor. Su Yun will never forget the kind favours Blossom Heart Valley had done for me! I’ll repay you in the future!”

“Hahaha, since when have you started using such a strategy? The Blossom Heart Valley practices medicine for the world, and save those in need. We’ve saved countless of lives in the recent years. This pill is meant to save someone. Even without your crazy magical medical skills, I will still help you!”

The Pill King laughed, looking like he did not care.

“Alright, master Su Yun. The pill is done, quick, give it to miss Qing Er!”

The second clan elder, Chen Mu Yun smiled and gestured.

Su Yun nodded.

But he hesitated and said: “The Triple Yang Universe Pill is an extremely high quality medication and is probably above a Spirit Level pill. For Qing Er to eat it, she would definitely find it hard to digest the pill. Please help Qing Er absorb this pill, clan elders!”

“Are you saying to use the array to digest the pill?”

“Mmhmm! Yes, may I ask all clan elders to give your strength to help digest this pill!”

“No problem. We’ll help you to the end!”


Su Yun said in gratitude as he bowed to them again.

At this moment, a hundred miles away from the Blossom Heart Valley was an obsolete mountain.

A lady donned in green robes stood at the peak and stared quietly at the Blossom Heart Valley. Behind her were all sorts of demons and vixens.

These demons looked weird, some had rabbits as their head and the bodies of a cow. They were all covered in skulls and bones. Some had two heads. None of them looked normal.

The white bone carriage they used obtained skulls and corpses along the way and laid them on the ground. Now, the entire mountain was stained blood red.

“Seems like the rumours are true. The guy named Limitless is indeed in the Blossom Heart Valley!”

The girl looked back towards the demons and muttered: “Quick, get the sect prepared. We don’t have much time. Suddenly, the entire world knows of this news. Someone must have done it on purpose. Soon, there will be people making their way towards the Blossom Heart Valley. We have to get the sprite’s shadow and leave as soon as possible!”

“Yes, Princess!”

The demons shouted in unison, with voices full of humility and respect.