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The Two Mightiest Join Forces

“Detoxifying pill?”

The Pill King was shocked, but then he got it right away: “Is this the antidote pill for Qing Er’s poison?”

“Yes, this is known as the Triple Yang Universe Pill. The recipe for it is classified but I was lucky to obtain it. I’ll tell you the steps in detail in just a bit! As for now, we need to do some adjustments to the pill cultivating room.”

“Triple Yang Universe Pill?”

Pill King only heard the important words, leaving other words out. His eyes burned with passion as he looked at Su Yun with his brightly lit eyes: “What miracle pill is that? How can it detoxify the Isolated Enchanting Demonic Poison in Qing Er’s body? The Isolated Enchanting Demonic Poison is a fatal poison. Can this pill will work?”

“Hehe, not only can it detoxify Isolated Enchanting Demonic Poison, it can detoxify several other poisons! It is considered a holy medicine but its creation process and ingredients are highly complex and hard to obtain. I’m considered lucky to have obtained all of these ingredients. If I’m down on luck, I’m sure I will not be able to gather all these ingredients so easily!”

Other than the Ying Yang Soul Stone powder, he got the Obsidian Moonstone purely based on his luck. And with Hu Qian Mei’s help, he managed to get the Wu Huang Flower. If not for them, he would have lost his life. Lastly, the Aqua Meteorite, was purely because of the timing he managed to grab hold of. If Su Yun discovered this poison later, the Aqua Meteorite would have been sold at a high price. That would spell trouble for him.

If that was the case, Su Yun could only rely on these ingredients to suppress the poison in Qing Er’s body as he looked around for the Aqua Meteorite. If he still did not manage to get it, then maybe he would use extreme methods, or even head back to the Su Family.

“It’s that miraculous?”

The Pill King’s eyes was still burning with passion as he revealed a sly smile. Reaching out with his shrivelled hands, he pressed onto the artery on Su Yun’s neck as he chucked: “Young lad, I’ve been treating you well, haven’t I?”

“Not too bad, senior, what’s up?”

“Nothing much, but are you willing to teach me the method to cultivate this Triple Yang Universe Pill?”

The Pill King was slightly embarrassed as his hands trembled continuously.

Though it was a presumptuous request, but to Su Yun, it was sincere. Su Yun’s cultivation was low and he did not have a high status. He was only good at medicine but he was not known for it. Other than the reputation he has as Limitless, he was just a small person. But The Pill King was different. He was well-known, and in the Blossom Heart Valley, his status was high. If it was other people, they would never put their pride aside to ask of Su Yun.Yet, he did not care about his pride and asked Su Yun for it in the name of medicine.

“Senior Pill King, you’re joking. I’m willing to teach. If I were to cultivate this pill alone, I will not be able to make it!! Senior, you’ve been treating me so well, I will do the same for you too.”

Su Yun said it seriously.

Actually, he had gotten all his medicine techniques from the Blossom Heart Valley and from the Pill King. The Blossom Heart Valley was a second home to him. How could he not be grateful for that? Especially in his previous life.

“Good! Good! Hahaha, young lad, my foresight was good, and my efforts have not gone down the drain, hahah”

The Pill King was not too excited or happy. He was merely just laughing as he patted on Su Yun’s shoulders, looking comforted.

“Senior, please follow me!”

Su Yun said.

“Ok!” The Pill King nodded as he followed Su Yun closely, as they headed for the pill cultivating room.

This room is called the ‘Harmonious’ pill cultivating room, and was one of the biggest pill cultivating room in Blossom Heart Valley. It was mainly used for the clan elders and all the elites from the other sects to use. The disciples had no authority.

Upon the Pill King’s request, this pill cultivating room was temporarily reserved for him. With the setup from Gui Mo Jue, all the ingredients within the pill cultivating room were well prepared.

The ‘Harmonious pill cultivating room’ was extremely spacious. It was about the size of several entrances of the valley. The pill cultivating room had no roof, the walls of the room were made from crystals. Connecting the walls to the floor was an array. The engravings on the crystal walls were known as ‘origin array’. This array did not have much depth. It was merely used to store the energy of the items. The crystal walls covered with metal that possessed a lot of Profound Spirit Qi. Once this array was activated, all of the Profound Spirit Qi within the crystals would be released and it would supply a constant Profound Spirit Qi to anyone who was in the the pill cultivating room. It was a very common pill cultivating method. Of course, with such advantages there were also flaws. One of the advantages was that it could ensure quality of the pill that was being cultivated as it was nourished with spirit Qi and so, it would be effective. But it also meant that it would use up a lot of the energy in the crystals. Once the Profound Spirit Qi within the crystals had all been released, then, one would have to pay huge sums of money to repair the crystal walls. Unless one had great authority or belonged to a noble sect, he would never be able to bear such costs.

On the surface of the floor of the pill cultivating room, it was covered by another array.

The array had a facilitatory role to play but they were not meant to be used on humans or on the pills. Instead, it was used on the furnace. This array was unique to Blossom Heart Valley. In the entire continent, there was only one of them. It helped to support the ingredients of the furnace and ramped up its effectiveness. All the energy that was released were not Profound Spirit Qi. Su Yun was not able to analyse the reasoning and structure of the array and was undoubtedly interested in it. No matter how long he took, he could never simplify this array.

Su Yun, Pill King, Qing Er, the Yue Yang siblings, Gui Mo Jue, Li Song and the other Blossom Heart Valley people gathered in the room.

“Open the door!”

The Pill King shouted to the two disciples standing outside of the pill cultivating room.

“Yes, master!”

The two disciples from Blossom Heart Valley opened the door quickly without delaying.

“Mo Jue!”

“Bro, is there any other instructions?”

“Please cooperate fully with Master Su Yun and me! You’ll send some outstanding disciples to come over and help out. At the same time, they can learn.” The Pill King said lightly.

Gui Mo Jue was overjoyed to hear that.

This was a good opportunity to learn.

Su Yun’s knowledge of the medicine was not inferior to the Pill King. Now that the two of them are joining forces to cultivate a pill, the process would indeed be fulfilling. If the disciples were lucky to watch from one side, they would definitely benefit from it!

“Bro, don’t worry. Mo Jue will do as you say now.” Gui Mo Jue cupped his fist and ran out.

A while later, he led a group of 30 disciples from Blossom Heart Valley with mixed genders. They were all about 20 to 30 years old and they all looked excited and happy. They looked toward Su Yun and the Pill King with utmost respect.

Su Yun looked around but he did not say anything. Instead, he tilted towards the Pill King and asked: “Senior, shall we start?”


Pill King nodded and extended his hand: “Please!”


Su Yun replied as he turned towards a jaded table in the right corner of the pill cultivating room.

The ingredients laid on the table were commonly used. Su Yun idled over for a while before he gathered a pile of ingredients and walked towards the gigantic furnace in the middle of the pill cultivating room.

Hashima cauldron.

A cauldron made from a ten thousand year old Hashima core nucleus. This cauldron could only take cold, not heat. So naturally, harsh, cold temperatures produced from arrays were needed to cultivate a pill from this cauldron.

“To cultivate a pill from ice is a technique that is mainly used for a more specific type of pills. Some of the ingredients had a unique structure. Once they are heated up, their structures would change and they would melt. At such, the essence within the ingredients would be lost. Then, you wouldn’t be able to concoct the pill. Our ancestors created this method to cultivate pills with ice was to preserve all the essence in the ingredients as much as possible.”

“Master Gui had already prepared the pill cultivating room for them. But right now, I need to do some adjustments for instance, the ultimate yin frosty flame array underneath the Hashima cauldron. The heat is most important in cultivating pill. Same thing, it is important to control the heat when you’re using ice to cultivate pill. Only with the optimum temperature will you be able to cultivate a pill. Senior, it isn’t easy to obtain the Aqua Meteorite and Obsidian Moonstone. If I fail, there is no second chance. So it must succeed.”

“Eliminate the array and the respective markings. With its effects decreased, the temperature would drop too.”

“Changing the tracks and patterns of the array can help to decrease the temperature that the array is producing. The patterns of the array is just like hand manual, finger manual. Each action, each pattern can help to release a burst of extraordinary energy. We must not belittle them.”

“The last thing is to fill up the patterns. This is the most important step as it connects the array to the furnace, so it is directly related to the extent of facilitation it will provide. We need to ensure the success of this pill concoction so the extent of filling up the pattern must be at least 90% done!”

Su Yun said as he walked.


Everyone from Blossom Heart Valley took a deep breath while Qing Er was lost as she did not understand anything.

“What is filling up the patterns?”
“Bro, is it impressive to fill up the patterns up to 90%?” Su Xin Yue asked the disciples around her.

“Of course! It’s already impossible to fill up 10% of the patterns. To complete it to 90% is already the highest realm of an array master! Do you think it’s impressive?” The man exclaimed.

After which, the three were all shocked.

The Pill King frowned: “90%? Young lad, only the highest level array master in the continent could do this. I’m good at medicine and although I don’t suck at array techniques but I don’t dare to boast about it. It’s considered good that I can complete 70% of it!”

“Senior Pill King, please don’t be humble. Though it’s hard to fill up the patterns, it’s also pretty easy. Basically, it requires: meticulousness. We just need to go through step by step to fill up the patterns and not neglect any part of it to achieve perfection. It’s hard to do so alone. Afterall, it’s a huge array and one might not be able to hold up since mistakes can happen when you reach the last few. But, it is different for two people. We can help and amend one another’s work if we find one! It is absolutely not too hard to complete 90% of the pattern!”

Hearing Su Yun say that, the Pill King had no fear. He nodded and said: “Since that’s the case, then let me try!”

“There isn’t much time left, let’s start from this side!”

Su Yun said as he turned towards the disciples: “The process of filling up the patterns will be longer and we might use up more than half of the energy of the crystal wall, please go and get more crystals so we can use it to repair the walls. Also, do look for ‘conscientious grass’ for the Pill King and I so we can stabilize our mentality and focus better.”

(TN: i think the conscientious grass is weed ><)


All at once, everybody made a move without delaying.

“Let’s start!”

Su Yun said to the Pill King as they walked towards the array beneath the ‘Hashima cauldron’.

Once they were in the array, Gui Mo Jue took out the ‘glacial powder’ and started filling up in between the patterns of the array.

To fill up the patterns, one needed ‘spiritual Qi’. Previously, when Su Yun filled up the patterns, he used the ordinary ‘golden bird phosphorus powder’, which cost about ten thousand spirit coins per bag. The ‘glacial powder’ was more expensive than the ‘golden bird phosphorus powder’. The spiritual Qi of ‘glacial powder’ is considered cold and it is extremely valuable. It costs at least thirty thousand spirit coins or more. Gui Mo Jue had prepared six of them and the Blossom Heart Valley was probably the only sect who had the capability to possess them. Afterall, they were not lacking of money.

“Qing Er!”

As Su Yun filled up the patterns, he called out for her.

“Yes, young master!”

Seated in a daze, Qing Er ran over hurriedly.

“Stand on the right side of the Hashima cauldron!”

“Oh, okay.”

Qing er went over there without any hesitation.